About Satic

Satic Incorporated main headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Missoula, Montana.  The company prides itself on purchasing its components from American suppliers that sell American electrical components.

As a UL listed manufacturer, Satic adheres to strict manufacturing protocols that meet UL standards. Quality energy management products made from quality UL approved components.

The initial design, development and production of Satic’s energy management product line is All American. The company supports U.S. job creation and the employment of local people in the community.

Satic is committed to the design, development and manufacturing of energy saving products designed to be inexpensive, easy to use and truly effective. We are absolutely committed to getting our products to the masses and create the change our world and economy needs. In doing so, we help everyone effectively “Go Green,” saving money and the planet. Research has shown that most people truly want to do something that will help our planet but don’t feel they have the extra time or money they fear the change will take. Our products address that, allowing the consumer to feel good about quickly and inexpensively creating real measurable change while quickly earning back their investment through significant savings on their monthly electric bills. Everyone will be able to make a difference by using less electricity and conserving natural resources while lowering bills.

To learn more about Satic, watch the short company overview produced by University of Montana Journalism Students called “Made in Montana“.

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