GOAL:  The goal ultimately, is to be successful. For us, success is to have compelling work that we enjoy while producing products that serve the greater good.  We look to sustain our success by getting our products to well trained distributors. The bi-product of our success creates financial abundance, lives that we love and products that reflect our efforts.

MISSION STATEMENT:  Our mission is to be leaders in a world on the brink of unprecedented change.  As leaders we desire to help usher in this new global awareness of ourselves as humans and the symbiotic relationship we share with our earth.  We started by creating a line of products that empower every human to actively create global change, reduce their negative impact on our planet and benefit from this change financially.

As leaders it is also our commitment to staying on the cutting edge of appropriate technology in our sector.  As huge strides are being made in the field daily in an ever-changing world, we use that technology to help design the very best products possible.  We follow that up by then making those products in the U.S., creating jobs and stimulating the economy.

VISION:  Our vision is that we have no competition. As absolute leaders in the field we provide our distributors with the finest line of products available on the planet today, at any price, and then follow through by providing the very best support and training. Our vision is that the best product and the best support give the customer the best experience.

OUTCOME:  Our outcome is that our products create an economic stimulus!  We make money by saving people money, stimulating local economies, creating U.S. jobs and building products for global export. When you buy our products, you participate by stimulating the economy and creating jobs.

We have also created the Satic Giveaway and Recycle Program.  Whenever we do an upgrade or refit, unused Satic products are recycled and donated to those who desire to lower their power bill and carbon footprint.

We love what we do, back our claims, honor our warranties and stand behind the products we’ve made with pride.