1) How do I use the Pure Power Plug-In?

Plug the Satic Pure Power Plug-In into any wall outlet. The product works best in areas with inductive loads such as the laundry room (washer/dryer), kitchen (appliances/refrigerator), and living room (entertainment center).

2) What does the Pure Power Plug-In do?

The Satic Pure Power Plug-In will make your appliances and electronics run cooler, smoother, last longer and run more efficiently, thereby saving energy. No other system has this extraordinary combination of circuit board design, optimized power factor correction modules, line conditioning, voltage regulation, nano-surge filtration, electromagnetic field reduction and negative harmonics reduction with extremely robust surge protection. All this is packaged into Satic’s unique plug-in design, allowing it to be smaller, more affordable and more effective than anything else on the market today, at any price.

3) How many units do I need for my home?

The number varies based on the size of your home and your lifestyle. We recommend one for the kitchen circuit, one for the laundry area (if you wash clothes several times a week), and one for the computer/entertainment area, again depending on usage. The units work best when there is at least one unit plugged into each circuit supplied by the utility company. Satic recommends at least one unit on each bus leg in a distribution panel to provide full conditioning and protection.

4) Is there a warranty?

Yes! We offer a 3-year product replacement guarantee if the product stops working.

5) Where are these units manufactured?

All of Satic’s Energy Management Systems are manufactured in Missoula, Montana.

6) Do these units work on 120 & 240 volts?

Yes! We have units with both 120V and 240V prongs.

7) Where do I go to purchase these?

Please call 1-866-99-SATIC (1-866-997-2842) – local 406-493-1861.

8 ) Are there any other products on the market similar to yours?

Power factor correction technology is not new, but Satic products are distinctly different. Nothing else on the market today does all that is mentioned in FAQ #2 (above) in one unit. It is truly a great value!

9) What savings will I see?

There are certain factors that can affect your savings. The age and size of your home or business, the type of equipment and appliances you have, power rates in your area and your lifestyle all relate to the amount of energy you use and, ultimately, how much money our products will save you. Typically, if you place 2-3 units in the recommended locations, you will more than recoup your investment in under 12 months. In some cases, savings are high enough that you can recoup your investment several months faster. With Satic’s Energy Management Systems, you get to save money and help the environment by maximizing electrical efficiency without changing your lifestyle at all.