How It Works

Satic’s Energy Management Systems (EMS) such as the Power Perfect Box and Pure Power Plug-In correct the electrical system in a home or office in real time as shown in the top wave form in Figure 1, reducing heat, lowering amperage and lessening the harmful effects of “electric noise” and negative harmonics that are usually found in most electrical systems as shown by the lower wave form in Figure 1. This results in decreased consumption of electricity.

Sine wave with spikes to show interference
Figure 1

Visualize the electric power coming into a home or business in the form of waves that are slightly out of phase (Reactive Power in Figure 2). The Power Perfect Box and Pure Power Plug-In utilize proprietary harmonic-resistant power factor correction modules to correct the electrical phase, causing the waves to move in synergy with each other (Real Power in Figure 2). Satic EMS also protect against power surges and increase the capacity of the electrical panel by lowering amperage and lowering temperature. The combination of the above factors creates less waste of electrical energy while increasing the life of inductive devices, resulting in a lower energy bill and lower maintenance costs for equipment.

Showing Current and Voltage waveforms in phase for real power and out of phase to demonstrate reactive power
Figure 2

Capacitors have been around for 250 years. What’s different about Satic’s Energy Management Systems is that instead of using a traditional capacitor bank design, Satic has incorporated cutting-edge technology, creating a compact, integrated energy management system with the use of new Harmonic Resistant power factor correction modules (Figure 3). This allows Satic’s EMS solutions to use smaller, higher quality components that are able to switch on and off in nanoseconds, making them more efficient and effective than traditional capacitors and increasing their accessibility for more applications, more businesses and more consumers. Because energy usage is regulated by these compact, multi-board smart capacitor banks, home and business owners achieve greater than 95% optimization.

Oil filled capacitor versus Satic circuit board
Figure 3

Normally, there is excess non-working power coming from the electric panel that electronics and motors shrug off as heat, causing them to work harder and shortening their effective life span. Satic’s EMS solutions turn this wasted excess energy into real working power, thereby reducing heat, prolonging the life of electronic devices, lowering the electric bill and providing a safer environment by reducing the electromagnetic field emitted by the motors.