Product Line


Satic’s Power Perfect Box is its flagship Energy Management System product for filtering and conditioning your power to provide clean energy to your home or business. As a wire-in solution at the electrical distribution panel, it provides robust surge protection, voltage regulation, line conditioning, EMF reduction, harmonics reduction, energy savings through reduced energy consumption and equipment longevity due to cleaner, more efficient power.


The Pure Power Plug-In is a simple Plug-In solution manufactured by Satic that plugs into a standard outlet and filters out harmonics in your electrical circuit to provide cleaner power and reducing electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation significantly. Two Pure Power Plug-Ins appropriately installed can produce a healthier and more efficient electrical system for those renting apartments, homes and small businesses.


Satic offers the finest line of energy conscious lighting on the market today. We have applied our forward thinking wave-form technology to high quality lighting and produced an incredibly beautiful, full spectrum, flicker free light that uses very little electricity and lasts for years, saving landfills, replacement lamps and money.

Our proprietary design and quantum photon technology is unequaled in the market. Delivering incredible light and a healthier environment on fewer watts while having less impact on landfill and guaranteed long life.


Satic Shield is a radiant barrier insulation that is light weight, easy to install and manufactured using a polyethylene foam core with reinforced double sided aluminum facings. It’s reflective insulation qualities outperform standard fiberglass insulation to keep things warm in winter and cool in summer.

All of Satic’s products are easy to install, have consistent track records and are proven by 3rd party testing to reduce consumption while making devices run smoother, cooler and last longer. We have products for home as well as commercial applications and are very proud of the fact that we make the line right here in the U.S.A. for international distribution