Protect LED Lighting

LED lighting is sensitive to power surges, harmonics that result in “dirty power” and higher LED operating temperatures.  Harmonics contribute to lower power factor that results in more reactive power and heat as a result. Heat and power irregularities are contributing factors to LED lighting failure or shortened lifespan which then results in increased warranty service expense.

Safeguard your LED lighting by installing a Power Perfect Box that will provide :

  • line conditioning
  • surge protection
  • power factor correction
  • harmonics reduction
  • voltage distortion protection

This will reduce LED operating temperature, extend the life of your LED lighting and eliminate expensive warranty service!  The Power Perfect Box will do all this and save money on your electric bill!

Satic’s wire-in product line installs directly at the breaker panel to provide clean power for your LED lighting and the facility in general. This allows full protection of both indoor and outdoor LED lighting.