Satic Products

Satic Inc. has designed, developed and manufactures an innovative line of high quality energy saving products that are UL Listed as well as FCC and CE certified. Each designed to reduce electrical consumption while increasing performance and extending the life of your expensive equipment and sensitive electronics. 

Satic Energy Management Systems:

We are confident that you will find Satic’s Energy Management Systems (EMS) are a great way to save energy and extend the life of all your expensive products that use and consume electricity.  We have three product lines that include both plug-in and wire-in models designed to make your entire electrical service more efficient and save money.

The Saver Line – This line of products provides real-time amp reducing phase correction, voltage regulation and robust surge protection.

The Eliminator Line – Using harmonic rectifiers in this line of products reduces the total harmonic distortion in your electrical service and reduces EMF radiation to provide a cleaner electrical system for a healthier environment.

The Power Perfect Line – Combining the design and attributes of the Saver Line and the Eliminator Line results in a comprehensive electrical system solution that not only provides robust surge protection, voltage regulating line conditioning and real-time amp reducing phase correction but also reduces negative harmonics and provides EMF filtration.

Satic EMS products are easy to install, have consistent track records and are proven by 3rd party testing to reduce consumption while making devices run smoother, often cooler and last longer. We have products for home as well as commercial applications and are very proud of the fact that we make the line right here in the U.S.A. for international distribution.

SaticPulse Quantum Photon Lighting Technology:

Blue Planet offers the finest line of LED lighting on the market today. We have applied our forward thinking wave-form technology to high quality lighting and produced an incredibly beautiful, full spectrum, flicker free light that uses very little electricity and lasts for years, saving landfills, replacement lamps and money.

Our proprietary design and quantum photon technology is unequaled in the market. Delivering incredible light and a healthier environment on fewer watts while having less impact on landfill and guaranteed long life.

They look better, operate cooler, and last for years.

Satic Shield:

Satic Shield is a multi-layer insulation designed and manufactured based on space age thermal protection. It blocks 97% radian heat transfer making heating and cooling ultra-efficient.

Satic Solar:

If you are considering installing solar panels on your home or business, consider talking to Satic about our solar products and services.

Satic Product Demos:

Satic has produced a series of measured demonstrations using third-party electrical meters to illustrate the effectiveness of its products. Watch these demonstrations to understand better what Satic products can do to save you money and ensure a healthier living environment. Visit Satic’s YouTube Channel and watch our informational videos.