Satic Technology

Satic’s line of energy saving products utilize the latest in energy management technologies. Our proprietary design, a combination of analog and digital technology, is the result of existing wave-form correction and harmonics filtration methodologies by industry leaders as well as our own testing/research and the sourcing of the latest components available, as some real advancements have been made in this field over the last decade. Several new components came with incredible expert advice from industry leaders in similar fields and 10 years of our own innovation and product development.

No other Energy Management System has this extraordinary combination of application specific circuit board design, optimized power conditioning, voltage regulation, nano-surge filtration, electromagnetic field and negative harmonics reduction and extremely robust surge protection all packaged into Satic’s unique design; allowing it to be smaller, more affordable and more effective than anything else on the market today at any price.

Satic Pure Power Plug-In Benefits

Satic’s EMF filtration and reduction is superior to any product we’ve tested and validated by 3rd party testing and evaluation.

Every Satic Energy Management System is manufactured in the U.S.A. of top quality components with meticulous build quality, guaranteed performance and warranted against failure.

SaticPulse Eco Lighting, using our Quantum Photon Technology, is also unequaled in the market today at any price. Offering the highest efficiency rating available and significant energy savings, its incredible Power Factor >.90 requires just half the amps and less watts than comparable LEDs. SaticPulse produces superior, full spectrum light and a healthier environment, while having less impact on landfill due to less lamp replacement, cool operation and guaranteed long life.

Satic is the exclusive manufacturer and worldwide distributor of this innovative product line.

Satic is the exclusive trademark holder of the entire product line, accept no substitute.