Who Is Satic?

At Satic we are American engineers, designers and manufacturers of energy saving products.  Each product was thoughtfully engineered to be affordable, easy to use and effective.

Compelled by our desire to power tomorrow’s economical and ecological change today, we have created a line of products designed to save money and the planet, while our commitment to local manufacturing spurs local trade and industry.

Our research has shown that at no time in American history or in popular culture have more people truly desired to save money and our planet, yet most feel they simply lack the time or tools.  Our products address that directly, allowing the consumer to create real change and be rewarded financially by measurable savings and longer lasting equipment.  We empower people to conserve natural and financial resources during conservations most important time in human history, with high quality American made products.

As engineers we love what we do, back our claims, honor our warranties and stand behind the products we’ve made with pride.