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Dirty electricity Protection for your
home and electronics

CEO B.D. Erickson II sits down with Virginia Brown on her acclaimed YouTube channel to educate about the dangers of dirty electricity and how these EMFs are affecting our home and health.  

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Virginia Brown, leader of BioElectric Shield, has been one of the main original advocates voicing concern on the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Fields, or EMFs. She made BioElectric Shield into a source for people who are suffering. Virginia carries a ray of different products that protect and shield different aspects of EMFs daily attacks. SATIC Shield and Virginia Brown have had a great relationship ever since our founding. In this interview, Virginia sits down with SATIC Shield CEO, B.D. Erickson II, to walk through the award-winning PowerPerfect product line and show how each is the perfect solution to EMF and dirty electricity mitigation. You can find SATIC Shield's entire product line on Virginia's site and you can get a special discount using code 'bioelectric' for 10% off your entire cart checkout.


Virginia Brown: "Today I have with me B.D. Erickson from SATIC company outside of Missoula, Montana and I am so privileged to have you on the show with me today and I have a bunch of questions for you today! So let's just get started, give me a little bit of your background. Why did you start SATIC? What problem were you interested in solving?"

B.D. Erickson II: "You know, nobody wants to hear too much about me so it's always a little bit embarrassing when you share your story because it's personal, but, my wife was killed in an auto accident when we were living in Hawaii, my son and I wanted to be closer to home so we moved back to Missoula, Montana, and in a measure of hast and probably not our full mental capacity we bought a home nearly directly under powerlines, not ones that directly go over the roof of our house but were very near our deck. What he and I did not take note of at the time was that a week or two later we're sitting on the  


deck and we looked up and I said "Wow, look at the size of these powerlines! How did we miss these?!" and he and I had a really good laugh together, father and son, that he and I had missed something so huge because we're both so visual. Okay well fast forwarding a little bit, my son had had perfect attendance in school, he had straight-A's, and was generally well-liked by students and teachers, and the first year we moved back to Missoula, Montana that pattern repeated-excellent attendance, student of the month, he was himself. After that first year passed, he became sickly and missing some days not feeling good and not feeling himself, his grades slipped, his attitude slipped, he was still pleasant but he was anxious, a little more irritable and sensitive. So you start going down the list in your brain- is it because mom isn't here, she was such a great mom, such a great person, am I doing it well enough myself? Is he adjusting to the new school? Is it something that he's eating? It is something that he's drinking? You just go down the list as a parent trying to diffuse this. And then we took him to the doctor and they wanted to put him on pills and that was not my first go-to to drug my child with pharmaceuticals. So as I became my own physician, if you will, talking to friends and family, people in the community that had similar issues and Googling it, his symptoms really lined up with something that I did not know existed which is EHS, Electrohypersensitivity. His anxiety, his inability to get good, deep, restful sleep, feeling over anxious about things that seemed very real to him but weren't really scary to the rest of us. It soon became clear that something in his environment, Virginia, was different, and that different thing in his environment was showing up in his personal well-being.

And so, I set out to find out how you mitigate this because we were not in a position where we could immediately move out of that home, and I also suffered as a, you know, rational healthy human being saying "Well, if we move out of this house some other family is going to move into the same problem." If you have a pregnant female, if you have children that are going to suffer then same issue, I just couldn't do that in good conscience even if we moved I was going to tell them 'Hey, this is frying my kid you might not want to move here'. How the heck do you sell it when you're that honest, right? So I began to investigate products that were out there, there were few products on the market, but you have to realize that this is nearly 20 years ago now and there weren't that many people in the know so some of the products seemed a little "woo-ho" for my brain, but now we know that a lot of these things work but at the time with my limited understanding and limited experience I just set out on this journey and man I thought if I'm going to do it I'm going to have to do it by myself. And so that's when we 

went to work, I had a few dollars from my own career path, I consider myself a good leader and I just started to build the team that I needed to develop the products that we have today. And our products are in the second and third generation now because as you do something, as you finally get it done and built, I mean this is our Gen1 product this is the very first guy right here, this is my prototype, was a little guy on a cord with blinking lights and stuff like that, you know, after you make it for a couple years a couple things happen- you realize how you could've done it better and get customer feedback on how you could do it better, so our products are in GenII and GenIII right now because of our effortless pursuit is to make the finest EMF and dirty electricity filtering products on the planet today, we feel we really do at any price."  

Virginia: "So we're talking about dirty electricity which is also electromagnetic radiation, correct? So what are the sources of dirty electricity? Can you walk us through that?" 

B.D.: "Yes! That's a great question! So it's not the dirty electricity that makes you sick, it's the subsequent radiation, you said it well! So this comes from things that distort, degrade, upset change the natural frequency and the standard parameters of the electricity. So we live in a world of alternating current and alternating current will create two fields- you get the magnetic field from the current, the amount of electricity that flows and you get the electric field from the voltage, from the pressure. So if those things are "clean" using those parameters it has less negative biological effect, it has less dirty electricity or radiation. So what happens is with the electricity, let's say, that leaves the panel and travels to an outlet in your home, that outlet now powers a device, and through the use and operation of that device it degrades, it distorts, it harms the quality of the 

electricity which now returns on the neutral which is also called the common which is unfortunate because it's common to all the circuits now and returns back to the panel. So if you have a computer or something which a switch-mode power supply, people say what's that? Well, that's actually pretty easy and you know it in real life. When you got your fax machine, your printer or whatever, it takes a special cord, and you can't lose that cord because it has a funky black box somewhere in the middle of that cord, right? So that is changing the electricity, that's why it has to have that cord. Or on your smartphone or something, you can't just plug it into the wall because you need your charger. You need that little device, that little rectifier that will change that from alternating current to direct current. LED's, for example, are light emitting diodes, what's a diode? A diode is a one-way door, why? Why one-way door? Because alternating current shifts in and out and back and forth, and direct current goes direct. So what a diode does is that it moves this way and move forward and shuts the door so it can't go back. So you have this clapping, if you will, that's not how alternating current is supposed to work! So I'm not saying the inverter of the LED was nefarious, I'm just saying by its simple operation, it distorts the waveform, it creates this dirty electricity. Why is that bad? Because of the subsequent radiation. So now we're living in an area in a space that's affected by the devices that we use and now we have dirty electricity or radiation in our space, and whether or not dirty electricity or radiation are bad for you is beyond contestation. Of course it's bad for you! You can argue how bad, I could argue how bad with you all day, right? But the fact that it's harmful has been well documented and proven on everything from dairy cows to strawberries."  

Virginia: "So I've heard you say that there are basically three sources of dirty electricity and so the first source would probably be from your power pole, or what if you had solar or wind? I mean those are theoretically clean electricity or clean power! Could you just tell us what happens with solar or wind before it gets to the breaker box?" 

B.D.: "So I realized, forgive me, that I went on a tangent and didn't answer your question! Dirty electricity really comes from three main sources, so it's going to come from the service which can be the utility, that could be a generator, that could be the solar panels or wind turbine, it's coming from whatever source is creating it, that's number one, dirty electricity is fed into our house by whatever service we're pulling from. Number two- we create dirty electricity as described with the use of our devices and our things. And number three- the wiring in your home is an antenna, like I remember as a kid driving down, I'm a little bit older, we got FM signal in town and once you got out on the

prairie you didn't get FM anymore that's scratchy, that's switching to AM, and that landed on the antenna on the hood of our car. Well that was two or three feet of aluminum copper wiring in your home is far severely conductor, it's made of that, it's copper wiring, you potentially have a mile of it in your home so that becomes a super antenna. So the 4G tower, the 5G tower, Netflix, DirectTV, and the LTE and DISH Network and all of it is sending signals. Where do those signals land? Virginia, they land on antennas, that's where signals land, so that's why the wiring in your house is an antenna. So those are the three main areas that is comes from. Which now you know that, you are empowered because at least you know, hey, where am I getting it from? So solar and wind and all of these things are lovely, I am a renewable energy person on some level, I won't get started on how they harvest batteries by the solar panel makes direct current. Direct current is not useable in its regular form in our house because your phones and your tablets and everything in your house runs on alternating current. So now we need a device! We need an inverter to create this, to use this direct current from a battery, from a solar panel, etc. and turn that into alternating current. Alternating current is very different, it shifts, it has a higher voltage, it can go farther distance etc. and just by the operation of that device, we're now going to have what we call and consider dirty electricity. So we say solar panels are clean in that they're green, they're renewable, they're not fossil fuel, but is the electricity clean? It's not. The direct current pre the inverter is clean, the alternating current past the inverter that you and I would engage in our lives is very very almost the dirtiest. So the generator power is dirty, number one, anything from an inverter to solar and wind is dirty, number two, the levels are off the chart." 

Virginia: So how do you get rid of this dirty electricity in the home? What technology can you share with us that will take care of this issue?" 

B.D.: "So the first part is empowering to know it, and you and I have been friends for a long time and we know that sometimes you bring this up you get relegated with the foil hate contingency a little bit and the reality is is that you have to open your eyes and your ears and your heart to accept that dirty electricity is real and the radiation is bad for you, that's number one, right, just opening your mind to this new idea. And second of all knowing where the causes are to eliminate those causes, and one easy way to eliminate the stuff that's on the electrical system which would come from a couple of those sources, what's coming into the house, how are you degrading it by using it, and what's landing on it, would be a filter. And one of our products, I know you're very familiar, I try to describe it really as a Britta filter for water, if you will, for your electricity. So what does a little water filter do? Right? I don't care what brand it is, it's got activated charcoal, it takes the things out of the water that you don't want, it takes the things out of the water that are bad for your biological being and filters them out giving you pure water.  So, the EMF and dirty electricity filters on the left of our screen here, these are just filters. What they do is they get on the electrical system and they plug in or wire into your electrical system and then they filter and harmonize the electricity in real time so that, you know, on any EMI or EMF meter you're going to have a really nice before and after, you're going to have a before number of whatever the combination of what you're getting from the utility, what you're making, and what's landing on your system before and then post-filtered it. And these products are in Generation II and have been proven by reputable third party research to juristically, you know, 80-90-95% filter and harmonize the electricity which does what? Lowers the dirty electricity which lowers then its subsequent radiation. So you have less subsequent radiation in that living space. Is it good for you? Beyond contestation! It absolutely is because you want to live in as little radiation as possible." 

Virginia: "So I noticed that one of the products, now that we're talking about just the dirty electricity that's going through the wires and coming in from solar or from your power pole on the street, you mentioned to be earlier that you have a way to measure this, so let me just show this in real time maybe you can just talk about how does somebody know if they have dirty electricity?" 

B.D.: "See, that's a great question! You know, since sometimes we are relegated to the foil hat wearing group, we don't like to foil or trade in fear and, you know, what we're really trying to sell is a safe space for you to occupy and live in, and so ideally, Virginia, you don't have a lot of dirty electricity, let's keep it real! Ideally you're living in a safe home environment, you don't need to buy any of our stuff! Why would you buy something you don't need? That's silly! And we don't want you to buy anything you don't need so I tell people a lot of times to start with a meter. Go

to Virginia's site, get a meter, buy with confidence, and if you take it home and you have no dirty electricity at all, SATIC, the manufacturer, will back Virginia up and you will get your money back because if you don't need something then we don't want you to buy something that has no benefit to you or you can't use it. So get yourself a meter and maybe a demo kit and check and see if you've got dirty electricity, and in a perfect world you don't have any!" 

Virginia: "I'm also going to show this test kit that you have that we carry where people can test to see, there's the, I'm sorry the page is, here we go, not showing very well. But, we have a test kit, or you have a test kit, that will walk people through finding out what their readings are and even if their outlets are producing, you know, in other words, tell us about the outlet tester."   

B.D.: "Yeah! So, we really talked about the three main sources, you know, delivering from the utility, you're making it yourself, and it's landing on your wiring. One of the most common ways we make it ourselves are with wiring errors. There are, I believe, seven or eight combinations of a way that an electrician can wire your power, and about four of those will actually work, they will work to power your device but not wired correctly. So wiring errors are another main source of dirty electricity that falls into the category of we're making it ourselves but that's an area where you may not know, where you're not paying attention or if I know that my lighting or dimmer is a huge source of dirty electricity that I make in my home, if I know that I can simply remove that dimmer or not use it, right? So the best way to remove dirty electricity is not buying products, it's turning off, it's getting rid of the things we call culprits that create it. But once you've, you know, turn things off or unplug things or change your behavior, you might still have a lot of dirty electricity. A major culprit or reason for that is wiring errors, especially the 

reversal or bonding of the ground and the neutral, reversing them or bonding them to the outlet will create huge amounts of dirty electricity where if you don't need to buy anything and simply have that outlet re-wired! It just takes five minutes! And so you need an outlet tester! So with our test kit, in that is the equipment to know: Do I have dirty electricity?, What is the amount?, Am I able to filter it or lower it?, Which of it am I making?, and Which of it is because of a wiring error? So on the clipboard it tells you about the causes of dirty electricity, where it comes from, it comes with sheets of paper that explains to you what you're seeing, why you might be seeing it, how you fix it, how you correct it, you take your levels, you take you tests in the morning, in the afternoon and at night. Why? Because what your neighbor does affects you, you might have more lights on in the evening than you would in the day, that makes sense right because we all prefer natural light. Is solar power on in your house or your neighborhood? Is your air conditioner on? The whole gambit! So we really want to equip you with the knowledge because it's fun, Virginia! You walk around with your meter and your clipboard and your pen and you take your readings, before and after, and you'll deduce it! And in the demo kit, ideally, is what you also need to not just test it and find it, but fix it and remediate it..." 

Virginia: "Right! Because there they are!" 

B.D.: "Right! Because there they are! You're set! And if you don't like it and you don't need it and you think it's full of beans, send it back! Send it back! But we think you're going to love it, you know, because we've sold thousands of these and people love them! Right? They love them!" 

Virginia: "Well, you know, knowledge is power and that's what your test kit provides for people. So we're going to continue here to show what you have. So we talked about the whole home or the plug-in, um, if you live in an apartment, you know, would you need the big, this big box here, the whole home one or can you just put the plugs in?" 

B.D.: "Great question! So one of the things we have is a little quiz, you know, where do you live? In an apartment or home or

townhome? Do you have solar? Do you have a smart meter? Etc., that will help you identify the product that you need. The wire-in is great if you own, you live there, you're going to be living there for a while, etc. The plug-in if you're mobile and you can take them with you like hey you're going to go stay at a friend's house, take your plug-in for your room like you're going to be in a hotel. Hotels are the worst because every room has an air conditioner, and a little mini-fridge, and Wi-Fi and routers are just a nightmare to people that are sensitive do not sleep well in a hotel, take a plugger with you. Or in your home you have a particular hotspot, you have an area and as you test you'll see that somehow they're much higher than the others, you can put that right directly into that hotspot and quiet the electricity where you have the biggest need. So I could give a really great argument for each product depending on your personal situation, and everyone's situation is different that's why when you have, you know, a blend of products and getting good information on, you know, how you apply them and which one is best for you." 


Virginia: "So I wanted to ask you a little bit more about, so we've gone over, you know, the power supply and your wiring carrying all of this dirty electricity. Talk to us about how the electronics create the dirty electricity and then once you've done that I'm going to share with you where using one of those individual plug-ins." 

B.D.: "So part of it, as we've talked about, is the difference between alternating current and direct current, and anything with a battery is direct current- your phone, your laptop, your tablet, your iPad, you name it, these are direct current devices. And your lights, probably LED, those are also a direct current devices, and you know, I grew up in a world where I didn't have any of those things. And now, every family has multiple! I personally, unfortunately, have two phones- one business and one personal, I have three iPads, my laptop, I am a filthy dirty electricity creator and I'm not that terribly unique, right? And so if you've got four or five family members, you're just accidentally making a ton of it. But you also have inductive loads, what is that? It's something with a motor, so your washer and dryer, your dishwasher, your fridge, your freezer, your blender, your coffee grinder, you know, you name it and the way they use electricity also distorts it. And again I try to tell people, you know, is it all nefarious or not? It doesn't make any difference it's just some things by their operation create dirty electricity, 

dirty electricity create the radiation, radiation spans then to the biological, it just is what it is. So you got to do some things, you've got to be very managing of how you operate and when you use those devices and also filtering it when you can't. So in our family we do like by sparingly, you know, because we do want to download stuff and we do want to stay up-to-date, we do want the latest games and movies and stuff, but then we say like okay from 5pm-8pm Wi-Fi is going to be on, so you know, where your wearables, and then get everything up-to-date get everything downloaded and all that stuff because we want to have some fun but now it's time to get quiet to get restful, we want that off we want that house as quiet and calm as it can be, so we turn the router off we just simply push a button or unplug depending on which of the devices we're speaking of and quiet the house down. And then we do not leave any of these devices plugged in in our living space. The field that something creates when it's plugged in is far greater so people want to keep their phone by their bed, do not keep your phone by your bed, you're so naughty! Turn that thing off and if you want to charge it at night, charge it completely turned off in another room where there's no biological in that room. So it takes a little bit of getting used to of getting yourself a little clock radio that runs on a couple of C batteries, or AA batteries rather, and charting these things you will notice it, I would argue, the first or second night will notice how much quieter and calmer the room is, and one of the way you'll know is with your dreams. What's that mean? Well, I remember as a kid growing up in a land where we didn't all of these tech devices, right? And it seemed like every morning when I woke up for school there was a five or ten second routine where you're dreaming and so as you wake up you say where is this, where am I? I'm at home in bed, okay, I'm not running through a field or whatever okay, and then you come to. And then on the occasion you remember that dream later in the day and it's usually only been a couple of minutes and you remember it and then you're off in the day. I would argue that most people have not woken up in that state of dreaming in days, weeks, or years. Or the amount of times that they experience that is monthly, yearly, or never because we're not getting into that deep, you know, theta REM sleep where you really deframe your mind and you get that good rest and unfortunately with the lighting and the phones and the LTE and all of it, your brain doesn't receive it, your brain hears it, you brain somehow feels it, I don't know how I'm not a biological neurosurgeon, but your sleep is different, your sleep is less deep and dreaming is a way that you will know. So once you get your room, your sleep area really quiet, really filtered, really shielded you will wake up with the most lucid dreams and that is a way that you will know for yourself that you're having deeper more restful sleep. I don't mean to be on this tangent! I could also remember when I could get six hours, if I could get six hours of good sleep, I may have wanted more because I'm naughty but I felt rested, I felt ready for the day, I could do something after five hours of sleep, and now even if I get eight or nine in an environment with a lot of radiation. I don't feel rested. Sure I got the few hours in bed, sure I don't feel rested but I think a lot of people are suffering this but it's happening to them so gradually that they don't know that they're suffering."        

Virginia: "So when I was speaking with you a little bit earlier before we started talking to everyone, I mentioned to you that when we put in the whole home unit, we live out in the country so, you know, but that doesn't mean that our home isn't fully wired, so when we put in the unit, the next morning the house felt really different to me, it felt calm and more like nature was inside our home, and I asked my husband if he had noticed anything and, you know, I didn't want to prejudice him in any way, and he said 'you know, the house feels calmer and nicer' and I said you know that's exactly how I feel too, and then the next thing that we did was we took one of the individual plug-in units and we put it into one of the main plug that we then attached all the power strips for our home theatre and our living room felt even better, that was great! I mean, the home felt good but then when we added that, so that's just something for folks to know is that you can out in a whole home unit that you have hot spots, as you were saying like home theaters that's just 

another place to put it. We also have downstairs because we have solar, we have a battery situation so we have one in that room as well. So there's a variety of options of where you can use both the plug-in units, and I've spoken to customers who are in a condo and I just followed your instructions by saving find where your A circuit is and put one there in one room and find where your B circuit is since all homes have those two circuits that go around, and every time the electricity goes through it gets cleaned, right? Every time it goes through that plug?" 

B.D.: "Yes!" 

Virginia: "Okay. So obviously all of these electronics are creating an atmosphere where we're probably not sleeping as well, that's one of the most common complaints that I hear from people particularly if they're electromagnetically sensitive that they're just not sleeping well, and so this is something that can help them restore their sleep most definitely along with keeping all their electronics off and out of the bedroom. What about the lighting in our homes is that an issue?" 

B.D.: "It's a major culprit, it's really a major culprit and the lightbulb that we grew up with, 130 years of the incandescent lightbulb, Thomas Edison, right? That electricity by its functionality, we talked about how some devices by their mere functionality create dirty electricity. The Edison lightbulb by its mere functionality clean electricity, it's a beautiful electric C-filter, truly so. So, the Department of Energy says, you know, the average American home two bedroom two bathroom rancher style has, you know, 25 to 32 lightbulbs in it. Is that true? I didn't fact check it. Sounds like it, it resonates. But the point is is that you've got this number of lighting. So before we had 20 or 30 electricity cleaners in our home, you didn't need our products, you didn't need mine, Virginia, you did not need it because you had a way to do it yourself. Well, those were taken away weren't they and they introduced the CFL, compact fluorescent lamp, the curly-q guy which is a notorious culprit, oh the dirty electricity and the harmonics and the distortion created by those is astronomical. The argument for this new product is that they use less watts, and that's true, they use less 

total real power, but in exchange for that now instead of every home had 20 filters, cleaners, whatever you want to call that, I mean they don't really filter they turn into heat, now they add dirty electricity culprits, exacerbaters, and I've read a lot of stuff like in Europe where they had changed entire countries from one source of lighting to the other, they mandated it and how the watts have gone down, harmonics, EMF, distortion had risen so exponentially they weren't really sure overall that they didn't save you electricity or not, they didn't really know! Now the back of your fridge is really warm, well it's always going to be kinda warm because it's got a motor back there, the back of your freezer is really warm, your tablet charges really slow and really hot, and your laptop is warm and your computer is warm and your DVR is warm, why?! All of this reactive power, all of these harmonics and distortion, was anything really saved net-net? One could argue either way, but now the impact of the biological is exacerbated times 1000, and now we're switched

from that lighting product for the most part of an LED, a light-emitting diode which is yet again a direct current thing probably a tiny bit less than a CFL, boy, only marginally. Again, we have accidentally, not necessarily nefariously, surrounded ourselves with things that create dirty electricity and subsequent radiation. So yes, lighting is terrible." 

Virginia: "Now I'm going to share your solution that you can talk about a little bit!" 

B.D.: "Yeah! So you know, we don't on our hands around here, we've got an excellent engineering team. You know our early lead engineer for many years, Brian Havlovick, an engineer of some note in Montana, Dr. Bradley Layton, PhD., PE Engineer, Dr. Lynn Churchill a PhD in Mathematics and Physics, we go to work solving it. And so our light does two color temperatures, the warm-27 if you like that for living rooms and kitchens, a brighter 4000 for bathrooms or your closets to match colors, and they do not create EMF, they do not create dirty electricity or EMI, it's just simply the driver. And we're actually working on GenIII lamps right now and so all of our lighting is on half price and it's on half price and it's on half price not because they're broken or they don't work, we're simply making a new product now. These work great, it's great time if you're interested in having really health-conscious lighting so they work on very few watts, 9-12 watts of actual power, they don't get hot, they last a long time, and they create beautiful light, they don't flicker, strobe or pulse, and they don't create dirty electricity.." 


Virginia: "That's awesome! That's great! So, on our website that I just took off of the screen, sending people to your site because your ability to ship these bulbs safely makes way more sense and we have a dealer code 'bioelectric' that they can use when they get there. There's one more product that I wanted you to speak about..."  

B.D.: "And yes, please use that code you guys because when you go to the store and use 'bioelectric', you get 10% off your whole cart! So don't get forgetful on that, save your dough and use 'bioelectric', it will say coupon code somewhere, your coupon code is 'bioelectric'. 

Virginia: "Great. So this is another really important product. I had a customer call me up and he said my daughter's bedroom is just, the electric panel is on the other side of her bedroom wall, and I just kind of rolled my eyes and said you have got to be kidding me. So I'd like for you to tell people about why this was created and what it would do if you have concerns and where people would use it." 

B.D.: "So we really invented this product because of our house living under powerlines. So when we invented this product we would put it up in our attic and we ran this product from eve to

eve. gable to gable, and then we grounded it, it's got to be grounded And then we went up there with our TriField meter, and our bedrooms, we have a baby in the house, his room, Bodie's room, is at zero, zero electric fields, zero magnetic field, dirty electricity on our meters are all under 25 at every outlet at all times. So when I think of a knight going into battle, right, they're going to hold up this big shield and then a sword or a spear or an axe or something that is going to bounce off of that shield. That's not how FieldShield works, imagine rather than a shield imagine a softball imagine a softball mitt and you're going to catch a softball in the pocket of that glove. What this really does is it catches that field and then sends it to neutral or ground, excuse me, that's why we can see it has that little grounding cable. And this is a 9-layer dip- so this 99.9% pure Alcoa aluminum, it is a closed cell polyethylene foam which is a resistor, and then its painted inside very liberally with that famous Y-paint that we're all familiar with, right? It comes from Germany, it's $100 a liter, it's exceedingly expensive, and then it's another layer of resistance and shield, and the shield really is just surface area, could act like an antenna and it can catch those EMFs, it can catch those fields and then send them into the ground. So you want to use this in a localized area or what we would call a hotspot. So what's a hot spot? Your electricity meter! Your smart meter! Your battery area or your breaker panel and so you would use this, like I have two in my room, I have one behind my bed because, you know, when you lay in your bed where do you put your head? By the wall! And you could win $100 in a bar contest anytime, nobody that I've ever met puts their head in the middle of the room and puts their feet towards the wall! That's silly! Right? If you put your feet in the middle of the room and put your head by the wall, putting your head by the wall you're doing a couple things: you're putting your head near the wiring and your head is your most complex biological area, it's where your brain functionality is. And so talking about a field, this is a FieldShield. What is a field? A field has two primary aspects- one is the intensity, how strong the field is, and the second is the frequency, here's how I describe it, so let's say I am going to punch my fist, there's two things- how hard I punch it, that's the intensity, and then how rapidly or how often I punch it. Now if you're punching a friend and you punch them in the same spot for a long time, ow take it easy you're going to give me a bruise, but if you move that around, well that's a massage that feels wonderful that's $45 an hour right? So when I'm at rest now I am really in danger of this field. When I'm moving, I could argue that I'm getting a massage, right? But as you're moving, it's not hitting you in the same place it's hitting you in a different space, it's not building up, it's not getting that cumulative effect. When you lay down, you're not moving, yeah you're rolling around and you change your coverage a little bit but really, ideally, not moving and so now you're being negatively affected by those fields because they're hitting you in the same spot and unfortunately they've stuck their head by the wall by the wiring. So here's two really great places for this- behind your headboard so the wiring now is shielded between you and the bed and you plug it in. That had the single largest effect on my sleep second only to just turning everything off and getting everything out of the room. Not to sell you our stuff, the best way to do it is to unplug and get the stuff out of your room, that's number one, and that's free to do. Number two, since you're wiring is still on unless you turn your breaker off to your room which many people do, I don't go that far, I have that shield there. And another fun place for this is in between your box spring and your mattress. Just slide it in between the box spring and the mattress and you'll never see it, you'll never know that it's there, the cord is tiny, it goes over the middle screw. So when you have an outlet you have an outlet cover, that screw in the middle is grounded, so you just pull that screw out, put the islet in, put it back on and it's not in your way, you'll never see it, it's behind the bed, and now you're not the antenna laying in the bed because you are water, you're 80-some percent water until they chem trail you, of course, and you're breathing all of this aluminum and now you're water mixed with aluminum and what are you now? You're a walking antenna! Right? So when you're the walking antenna laying in your bed, you're the path of least resistance. You become the antenna, you become the conductor. By putting this on or near your bed, it comes the inductor." 


Virginia: "Now I understand why you sell them in pairs as well because if you have a double or a queen or king sized bed you're going to want to get a couple of those." 


B.D.: "Yes! And, you know, one for you and one for your kid! You know, put this in your kid's room, put this either against the wall or in the mattress and box spring! And stuff is kind of expensive and I'm sorry and it stinks, they're a pain to make, they're handmade, that paint is $100 a liter, we buy it online in Germany just like everybody else does and that's just the cost of the stuff going into it and the time to have someone do it really well with love, that's just what it takes. But what is your health worth? What is good sleep worth? It's worth $100! It is! Good sleep is worth $100! Yeah!"     

Virginia: "So I was going to ask you as we kind of wrap this up if there are any stories that you can share with us or one story that you can share with us of some of your customers who have used either the in-line home conditioner or anything that you would like to share with our folks about why it's so important and what people tell you when they get your products?" 

B.D.: "So you and I have been friends and colleagues in this space for a really long time and you are brave, you were barely a doctor, you were just somebody who was brace enough, you know, your husband being a doctor and a chiropractor and you being caudosacral and you already knew about alternative medicine and you've been brave in owning and speaking your truth, and I love brave, brave is one of the most admirable qualities to me. I wasn't as brave in the beginning, I was really afraid sometimes of speaking and owning my truth because I didn't want to be put in the woo-hoo category, I had these great 

engineers and paying them a lot of money, there's real science, but the minute you said EMF and stuff people would relegate us to that EMF tinfoil hat-wearing contingency and, I'll admit it it was hard on my psyche. So what we began doing is just doing in-home demonstrations, maybe just have people sit on the carpet in their living room, backs turned to an outlet and then plugging the unit in and seeing the reaction on the family's face and see if the family can actually feel it in real time because that is something that becomes self-evident, right, you don't have to prove it anymore to them, for that family it is self-evident. And, you know, it's not like we've got 85,000 installed but my CFO said no we have over 100,000 installed now, and when you see us we only have 5-star ratings, people like it. With backs turned, usually the female biology, you know, some men can feel it but I personally can't play the game and turn my back and I don't know if it's plugged in or not and I'd love to fib but I'm not going to, but this huge number of human beings can literally tell with their backs turned if it's plugged in or not because they can feel it, and they describe it as calmer or quieter are the two words that are most commonly used to describe the product, and after 15 years we have done this test hundreds of times, we've done it thousands of times, and if you know my heart you know I'm being authentic here, thousands of customers can literally feel it and feel the presence in their homes. Our testimonial pages are hundreds deep where people just weren't sleeping well or being anxious or just feeling, you know, a little bit clamped or just hot or anxious or stressed, and when you quiet the space a lot of people see their physiology change and their biology changes and they get, they feel more restful and more calm in their heart. To put a value on that, to put a price on that, you can't because anxious just feels awful, anxious is just one of the most terrible darn feelings and stressed and fear and all of those things, and when you quiet that down in a real time, I've grown to really appreciate my life's course, to appreciate my life's path more and the products that we sell, and if it really helps me to be brae and to speak and own my truth because I've seen it a thousand times in real life and it's real."   

Virginia: "Wow! What a great explanation and just the experience of trusting your heart and going for helping people feel better and this si something that you and I have in common and I so respect and am so delighted, I mean we literally carry every product that you have because we know that you've got great engineers who have done the research and some of our products, just for folks to know, just buy it now. You may get it from us or we may take you over to SATIC's site because of shipping issues like the lightbulbs and these FieldShield's, and you'll put in 'bioelectric' and get your 10% off. But I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending the time with us today, I'm sure our customers will really appreciate the in-depth information that you shared with us. So thank you and until our next talk!" 

B.D.: "Thank you so much for what you do and thank you for everyone that listened. We know that your time is valuable and 

thank you for giving us a few minutes of your time, we really appreciate it." 

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