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Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity

Radio Host Curtis "Curveball" Jackson takes counsel with CEO B.D. Erickson II to discuss Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome and the options available to diminish symptoms.
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Curtis "Curveball" Jackson is a Radio Host with Blind Cafe Radio based out of Junction City, Kansas. He has a gifted Morgan Freeman-esque sort of voice who interviews a plethora of guests who are accomplishing wonderful feats. He is the host of the podcast 'Living the Dream with Curveball' which has interviewed NFL Running Back Prince Daniels Jr, LPGA Golf Player Helyne Joseph, and TV Show Host Claudio Reilsono. Curveball's message to his adoring fans is consistently "If you believe, you can achieve".

5g virus

Curtis "Curveball" Jackson welcomed CEO B.D. Erickson II on Living The Dream With Curveball on June 17, 2021. Over the course of the interview B.D. goes into great detail about how he is living out his dream. The conversation veers into the topic of how electrical pollution and 5G are connected. B.D. goes into detail about how they cause sensitivity to electromagnetic fields for people all over the world. The interview concludes with B.D. offering a variety of solutions to mitigating the harmful effects from electrical pollution and 5G.


Curtis Jackson: “Welcome to Living the Dream with Curveball, a show where I interview guests that teach, motivate and inspire. Today, I am joined by the founder of SATIC Solar, B.D. Erickson. He has been helping people that suffer from Electrohypersensitivity, he’s also provided dozens of quality jobs in the state of Montana. So we’re going to be talking about electrical pollution and everything that he is doing. He has also been mentored by Tony Robbins, Tony Robbins! So, B.D., thank you so much for joining me today.”


B.D. Erickson: “Thank you for having me, Curtis!”


Curtis: “Why don’t you start off by giving a little background about yourself!”


B.D.: “So I started my young life, my young career in the rock and roll business, the music industry putting on 20-30 band 3-day music festivals in Western Montana, I thought that was going to be my future. One of the interesting things that happened to me was we signed bands to a 30 band show spanning 3 days and we hired everyone! We had deals with Pizza Hut, which was a big deal to me as a young man, Mountain Dew, this was before Red Bull, you know? So we had Mountain Dew and then all of the security and fencing and the port-a-potties and the dropping sounds, the music and the electricity and all the cost that went into it, planning on paying those for the revenues of concert, we’d been to music festivals for once a year for several years and always did very well. Well, Curtis, it rained. It rained absolutely positively hard for three days, and it’s very hard for you as a music goer to put your tent in the car and go stand in the rain for three days and listen to music. So it rained down, very few people came and we owed everybody money. So what happened was that in a day, a went from being this young rock and roll producer who found himself on the up and cool, someone who had a terrible reputation, someone who owed everybody money, didn’t pay his bands, and I was exceedingly depressed, my woman told me that she was expecting our son, and I felt like I had not only failed everyone in our business but my very important immediate family and I was just struggling to find motivation and not check out. My father who loved me scooped me up and took me to a Tony Robbins event. Now Curtis, Tony Robbins wasn’t there, it was at a chiropractor shop, it was just shot on a screen, but I listened and I absorbed it and we broke a board. It impacted my life! So I spent the next 10 years roughly finishing my mastery university leadership academy with Tony Robbins and then became a part of the crew and then I traveled around the world fire walking people and I enjoyed watching people have those ‘a-ha’ moments, those transformation moments, those moments in life where maybe they believed something, something about themselves, I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, I don’t have the right education, I don’t have the right family, that’s not for me, I’ll never be like her, look like him, I’m not as fit as him, I’m not as tall as her or whatever, whatever we struggle with, whatever our story. Watching people break through that, watching people believe that that’s a belief and that thing, whatever it is, only has the power over them that they give that and they break that, instantly you see a transformation. Anything is possible! So I really felt that that would be the journey of my life. I love coaching, I love helping people, I’ve been a speaker on stage all over the world and it’s one of the funnest things you can do, I mean, Jesus said there’s more happiness in giving then receiving, and so when you coach, when you mentor, those things, that is a very high level of giving and that indeed is extremely satisfying. Well on that journey something happened, my wife was killed in an auto accident, so my son and I moved from Hawaii back to Montana. And Curtis, we bought this nice home but under huge powerlines. He and I didn’t really think about it when we bought it. In fact we had been there for a few days and they were almost down by our roof and we said ‘did you notice these?’ and we had a laugh about it because they’re ugly. Curtis, we didn’t laugh about it because we didn’t know they were harmful, we just thought they were ugly, right? So the last couple years, my son has had perfect attendance at school, has had straight A’s for grades, and then mom passes. The first year was very hard but he still was an excellent student and good spirits for the most part, we were both suffering emotionally, but, you know, he was in good spirits for the most part. He didn’t miss school, was liked by teachers and got good grades. Well that following year, our life just began to change. Sickly, missing school, suffering terrible anxiety over things that were very real to him, but didn’t seem real to me, certainly at a level, worthy of all the fear. The grades dropped, the attendance dropped, and I really thought, you know, what’s the missing factor? Is it the fact that his mom was just such a great mom? Am I not a great parent? What is it? Well, Curtis, as I really began to investigate why my son was suffering this anxiety, depression, inability to sleep, those symptoms line up with EHS, Electrohypersensitivity. And that is when you are sensitive to an overexposure of e-pollution. Dirty electricity, internet, Wi-Fi, the cell towers, and you know, people wonder is this real or is it pseudo-science? I had those same questions! I’m trying to help my child and I wondered those same things that when you go down this road, sometimes they ask you if you wear a foil hat, you know, if you’re being silly. Can you get HBO on your fillings? Well I began to recognize that if you’re talking about a human self, you have to be very careful about what you say. The AMA and the CDC and the FDA, they’re very watchful about what you say about human health, but animals not so much. I didn’t know that it was extremely well documented that dairy cows and the production of their milk, think about the size of this industry! Cheese, milk, butter, ice cream, yogurt, I mean the list goes on, it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry! They know! It’s well documented that a dairy cow’s quality and size of production of milk is in direct proportion to the limited amount of dirty electricity or alternating current that they are exposed to. When I was a kid, the way I thought an electric fence worked is that the cow would hit the electric fence, get shocked, it wouldn’t like it, he learns and he avoids it. No! No sir! Cows do not get hit by electric fences, they don’t go anywhere near it, they don’t like it, they can sense it, they avoid it, they don’t go near it. So I found that that was very well documented. Next, what does the grass look like under power lines? It’s less! It’s not bushier, it’s not healthier, it’s healthiless, right?, it’s bushiless.



















not really a matter of whether or not it’s harmful, it is, that’s proven and not really argued. The question then became ‘How bad is it?’ How much is too much? And I say this, would you suggest that someone eat fast food every day for every meal? No! Well why not? It’s not healthy, it’s processed, and it’s got a lot of calories and fat. But if you and some French fries occasionally, well that wouldn’t hurt you, right? Would you tell a person to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day? Not if you love them, but if they had a couple of cigarettes in college, I think they’re going to be okay, right? So it’s not that fatty processed foods aren’t the healthiest choice or that cigarettes aren’t the healthiest choice, that’s not the discussion. The discussion is whether or not you consume them too much, too often, every day, etc. Now we’ve got a problem, okay. So if you’re tracking with my logic there, how much is too much? Are you putting your head right by the wall at night where you sleep and that’s where your electric lines are? Would you want a cell tower on your house? Would you want power lines going directly over your house? Most people, without being educated or without being an engineer or any of these things would naturally say, well no, Curtis, I don’t want to power lines right over my house, I don’t want the cell tower right on my house. But unfortunately with the electric devices that we use today, the internet of things, the TV being smart, your phone being smart, your electrical meter being a smart meter, the cell towers and the 5G that’s coming, that’s actually what’s happened to us. We are actually living in many cases around this enormous amount of e-pollution and the effects of that are now becoming known. It’s like in the 20’s and World War I, they put cigarettes in the GI’s kit, right? And I’ve seen TV commercials from the 50’s where the doctors say it’s okay for the pregnant mother to smoke, right? Like we knew that that wasn’t good advice. Rome delivered water via the aqueducts in a marvel of engineering for hundreds of years. They didn’t know that lead and lead pipes caused led poisoning and drove you mad! 1975, asbestos was the biggest number one building material and then in 1978 we were familiar is mesothelioma. How about plastic, the chemicals in plastic PBA that leech from the plastic water bottle into your drinking? So, they’ve made law now about plastics you can build baby toys out of them, baby’s chew toys and the led in paint! I mean, come on, the list is so long of something that changes technology or changes in the modern world, and after some lag time we begin to realize that it’s harming people, and then after some lag time we know that it becomes harmful and the rules change. And we’re about 25 years into the really technological devices- pads, tablets, phones of this. And guess what, Curtis? It’s making people sick. People like my son, not everyone is affected the same way, not everyone that smokes gets lung cancer, right? Not everybody! You know, not everybody that eats something right away puts on weight, our bodies and metabolisms and things are different, so people are affected by it differently at different levels, so know we’re saying it. And this big rise of things like, you know, autism and fibromyalgia that weren’t big issues 30 years ago are now have reached epidemic and pandemic levels, we know something in our world has changed.”

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 11.39.42 AM.png

In our yard, we never have to mow underneath those power lines because there's very little grass because on the edge it's yellow. Greenhouses, indoor grows-strawberries, tomatoes, ganja, you name it, these greenhouses and grows know that the plant life does not like the dirty electricity. In fact I've seen pictures of the plant growing towards the water, toward the light and away from the current. I thought okay I'm getting somewhere but I'm not grass, I'm not a strawberry, but I'm biological. The shear fact, the incontestable fact that it's bad for cows, bad for plants, bad for vegetation. Wouldn't it follow that it would also have to be bad for me? Bad for my child? So I started on this path, I quickly realized that it's not really a matter of whether or not it's bad, it is, it's

what is dirty electricity

Curtis: “Speaking of that, let’s talk about something like 5G. You kind of hear things like it could cause viruses or they could cause all kinds of health issues. Talk about some of the health issues that e-pollution causes and as well as, do you believe that 5G can help viruses grow or do you think that’s just some kind of conspiracy theory?”

B.D.: "Well let's talk about some things that we do know. I love to take some of the conspiracy theory stuff out of it because there are things as humans that we do know. So when I was a kid, you got FM and AM radio, right? And when you are in town, you get FM. Now when you got out of town, the FM no longer worked and you had to listen to AM. Well why? Okay, so it's the size of that wave. The AM wave from the top of it right down to the bottom of the trough is block slow. Block slow! This is a really big wave! So it can travel a long ways and through

trees and things and trees don’t easily interrupt it. The FM wave from the top of the peak to the bottom of this trough of this wave is, imagine it like a wave on the ocean, that is about six feet. There’s a big difference, right?, between six feet and two blocks. So the FM wave is much more easily blocked by trees or whatever else. The 5G wave is a millimeter wave. And so now we’ve gone from six feet down to a millimeter or two, this wave is very easily blocked. So the tower has to be much closer to you. So, we’ve talked a little bit about this too, do you want the cell tower on your house? Well no, but unfortunately the way that the 5G wave works, the way the wave scientifically operates, it has to be a lot closer to you. Okay, that’s number one. Now a wave has two major attributes to it- one is the frequency. The frequency is how often that wave crests. So think about being at a lake, the waves come in at a steady pace. Now think about being on the beach in Hawaii, man that big wave just sucks out, it goes clear down the beach, it seems like it goes a block out it just sucks all the water off the beach and it builds this big wave and then boom crash, he comes in. Frequency is how often that wave hits the beach. So at the lake, you have higher frequency than in Hawaii. Imagine the Hawaii beach wave being an AM radio and then the beach wave being FM radio, now imagine something was just hitting like this, that’s the 5G wave, that’s this millimeter wave. So a wave has two parts- number one is frequency, how many times is it hitting you? Number two is intensity, how hard is it hitting you? Now Curtis I want you to pretend that I’m punching you in the arm, so that punch as two aspects to it, number one how hard am I hitting you? Am I lightly tapping you or am I really slugging you? And number two, how many times am I hitting you in a moment? Okay, so those two things. Now let’s say that I’m punching your arm and it’s not super hard but it’s in the same spot. In a minute that’s going to get sore, right? But instead, I’m moving it around. Moving it up and down your arm, I’m moving it around your back, oh that’s actually kind of nice, that’s called a massage and now I’m charging you $100 an hour. Okay, so what happens is these waves coming at us have an intensity, how hard are they hitting me? How many times are they hitting me? And am I at rest of am I moving around? When you’re moving around, those waves hitting you in different spots, again it’s kind of like getting punched in different spots, it can’t turn into a massage because I’m moving around, and if I’m in one spot, it’ll start hitting that same spot and now I’m starting to get sore. Well guess what? These waves are real big at your desk. All this computer stuff, what are you doing? You’re sitting still! These waves get you at night laying down, laying in bed. This is a time where your body should be recovering, resting, repairing, your brain organizes, your body does its thing, if you’re constantly getting interrupted by these waves, are you sleeping your best? I’ll tell you right now you’re not sleeping your best! When we were young, or at least I’m an older guy, 20 years ago, it seemed like I needed about five or six hours of sleep, I would go down like I’d been shot with a tranquilizer dart and I’d wake up, for the most part, feeling pretty good. Now I’m a fit guy, I run triathlons, I work out every day, I run Spartan races, I’m a very fit dude. But I often times even after eight hours do not feel rested. Some of that my age potentially, of course, but it also seems like most people I know used to need six hours, now they’re not feeling great after eight. Here’s another aspect, and this isn’t conspiracy theory this is just asking other humans, when I was a kid I would have these vivid dreams and the first part of waking up every day was ‘Oh was I dreaming? Was that real? Did that really happen? Is this really happening? Oh I’m in bed it’s a dream.’ A lot of people I know haven’t had a really good vivid dream in years. Not when where they wake up is this confused real-or-not, but when they were a kid, they did. So one of the things that is happening by this bombardment of waves is that your brain can hear them. Your brain can pick them up, so it has trouble of getting into that deep theta or that good REM sleep you need, so matter how long you’re in bed, you won’t feel as rested as you would. I tell a lot of people, I sleep the best camping! Now it’s not very comfortable, it’s too hot or too cold, there’s always a stick somehow in your back, but when you wake up you feel the best. And maybe content because in nature, when you’re on the ground you’re in that good Schumann frequency, that 7.3 hertz, that’s the Earth’s residence frequency, and you’re not being bombarded by all these waves. So, is it conspiracy theory or not? It seems to me that anything that has kept you from resting well would be bad for your health, anything that kept you from repairing well is bad for your health, anything that has made you emotionally feel at disease is bad for your health, so does it exacerbate virus? I don’t think we have to make that leap to say you’re going to be better equipped to fend off anything if you’re in a good physical state. And if you’re in a diminished physical state, doesn’t it naturally follow that you’re going to be more susceptible to these things? That’s how I’d answer that.”


Curtis: “Now talk about your company and how you are helping other people that are trying to deal with Electrohypersensitivity? And what made you start this company to come with the solution?”


B.D.: “You know when I really started to believe for myself that this e-pollution was harmful, very little existed to counteract it and I was made fun of. No, you’re dealing and trading in fear, this is pseudo-science, again put on the tinfoil hat, but I’ll tell you what, man, if it’s your kid you will put up with a lot, you will overcome a lot if it’s your child. So we just started with ‘Hey, what are the things that cause it?’ Your smartphone, your tablet, your iPad, your computer, your Wi-Fi router, cell phone towers. Number one, let’s turn some of this stuff at night! Curtis I’m helping you right now because you’re a new friend, at night don’t have your phone and these other things plugged in your room, don’t do it. Turn them all the way off…”


Curtis: “Oh don’t worry, I keep them downstairs.”


B.D.: “Haha, okay, me too, I keep them on a different floor than what I sleep on as well. That’s absolutely brilliant advice. So number one, let’s turn off some of the things, like one thing ‘Oh, B.D. just wants to sell you something’, nope, nope, nope, I don’t want to, I’m willing to and I’ve got great stuff, but if a person can, it’s like do you smoke cigarettes? Oh it’s okay I put a filter on it. Okay, putting a filter on it is better but you should really not smoke. Okay, so our products are filters, you’re really better served as fellow humans if you just turn this stuff off, get some time away from it, get some time in nature, try to be cognizant of these causes, turn your Wi-Fi off at night. But, maybe you can’t because, you know, you live in an apartment complex or maybe the utility has already put a smart meter on your house that’s outside your control! So number one, we take action. We’re smart capable people we take action and control and turn some of these things off, use them less, turn off the TV at night, get the stuff out of our room at night, that’s number one. Now number two, we have designed, we engineer and manufacture in Montana the finest line of e-pollution filters, dirty electricity filters, EMF shields for the dirty electricity and the Wi-Fi that’s trying to bombard our homes and potentially steal our family’s health. And so our website,, you can see our patents, you can see our whitepapers, our engineering, I have an all-star cast of engineers from MIT and University of Washington, and we have designed a line of products that enable any human being to take their power back, to protect themselves and the people that they care about, lower the exposure to dirty electricity, and hopefully improve personal health and wellbeing.”


Curtis: “So go into some of the products because I know they have things for the phone like privacy pouches, so tell us about the line of products that you have.”

B.D.: “You bet! So we talked about these waves, right? Where do waves land? They land on an antennae! Man when I was a kid, cars had antennas, cars haven’t had antennas in 20 years, they have like a shark fin now, right? When I was a kid it was just a piece of aluminum for the antennae and the waves would just land. Well, we live in homes with wiring and my antennae on my car growing up was going to be two feet long and it was aluminum. Well we know that copper is a better conductor and the wiring in our home is maybe a quarter mile long if all stretched out, maybe longer, of high quality copper wiring. So what’s happened? I am now living in a super antennae! So 4G and the 5G for the cell and the satellite and dish and cell towers, all this communication stuff is now permeating my home and landing on that antennae. The electricity coming in from the grid or from solar or wherever is coming in on the grid and circling my house, constantly circling through the wires of my house! That’s bad! So the main product that we make it’s called Power Perfect. We make plug-in filters where you just plug it into the wall and it immediately cleans, filters, removes the EMF interference and distortion from that whole leg of power in your home. Now your home has two legs of power, they’re each 120, that’s why people say 120-240 for each house is 120-240 because each house has two arms of 120, and any time you put those together you get 240, so that’s really the only difference. So you need two of them, Curtis, you need to put one of them on you’re A phase and the other on B, and by plugging those in, you have removed all of that distortion and all of that EMF that’s landing on your super antennae. Many people can feel it the minute they plug them in. So you say well how do I know? The instructions are very clear, you can’t mess it up, you get your product and you see exactly where you need to plug them in. One of the other things that we sell are our meters! We make one of the finest meters, an EMI meter, electromagnetic interference distortion meter, it’s a wired meter and you plug it into an outlet and it tells you right then how much distortion you have, how much dirty electricity you have. Maybe you don’t need our stuff! Maybe if you plug this in and turn things off you’d be okay, and that’s really ideal. If not, if you have higher levels then desirable of dirty electricity, you plug these units and it they will instantly drop it 90-95% right in front of your eyes right on the meter. Now we also make one that wires in at your breaker panel. This will clean and filter all of the electricity coming in for the whole home. It is a robust surge protector, usually with our products people’s power bill goes down 8-12%, so it’s not huge, it doesn’t change your life, you know I tell people all the time, it doesn’t make your life but it sure makes your day because your bill goes down, and now, see some of things that people have noticed is that sometimes when you plug your phone into charge it, it gets really hot! Like really hot, like unusual! You don’t have to be a PhD engineer to just know that’s not right. Something is abnormal and something unique in this moment is happening. Your phone is really hot, you have a lot of dirty electricity and so your DVR is hot, your TV is hot, the back of your fridge is hot, these things are hotter than they ever have before in history because our electricity is so dirty. So when you clean that electricity, your phone charges fast and it charges cool, your TV and your DVR they’re cooler, back of your fridge is cooler, your power bill has to go down, it has to because they’re being warmed by the electricity that is not efficiently being used. It’s reactive power, right? It’s total power, VA, gets turned into heat, so do you really want to pay your power bill to make your stuff hot? No! You don’t! It’s probably not good for your stuff! And in the summer months, your air conditioner is trying to fight it. So your air conditioner is running like crazy but the back of your fridge is so warm that they’re cancelling each other out, so it’s a huge waste of electricity. So, buy the plug-in units and the wire-in units your power bill goes down. Now one of the big culprits of dirty electricity is our lighting. CFL, compact fluorescent lamp, and LED, lamp emitting diode, by the operation of each of these light sources they create dirty electricity. So we have the only clean light that we’re aware of. Surely someone else may have invented it somewhere else, they’re not online or on market that we can find. Our LED’s use very few watts, 12 watts, they operate cooler with a touch, they never get hot! They’ve been on for an hour and you can reach up and take it out, they do not add to the dirty electricity, they’re beautiful and last for years and don’t go into landfill. And the last thing that we make is our FieldShield. This is a piece of, you know, like stiff cardboard feeling poster, aluminum, 99% polished aluminum, which is a conductor, a closed-cell polyethylene foam, we then have a proprietary blend of mic-titanium oxide that we get from a NASA supplier that does paint coating for NASA, and EMF Y paint, that’s a black carbon paint that absorbs EMF. And so you can put this on the wall if that’s where your electricity meter is, you can put it on the wall by the head of your bed, shield you between the electricity in the wall, or put it in between your mattress and box spring because there’s all of these waves penetrating, you’re no longer the path of least resistance, being water, which you are, you are electrically conductant. So with these products, you cannot create the dirty electricity in your own house, filter what’s coming in the electricity, filter what’s on the super antennae that’s your wiring, and then shield you where you sit or where you rest.”

Curtis: “So in some places they have the power lines underground, do you feel like that’s better to prevent e-pollution or the same as the overhead power lines?”


B.D.: “Yes! Actually certainly better for e-pollution for the most part. Again, you wouldn’t want them going directly under your home, right? But you’re going to have a lot more resistance and then shielding that naturally provided by the Earth. So that is superior for e-pollution.”

Curtis: "Okay! So let's talk about do you have any upcoming products that you're developing or anything that you're working on? Any courses or any books? Tell us about some projects that Satic Solar is working on. 

B.D.: "Yeah, Satic Solar. That's wonderful! So I tell

satic products

people all the time that, you know, we are a large solar dealer in Montana, but the solar in our name is really not because we install solar. Solar unfortunately makes very dirty electricity and I’m a huge solar proponent, I love alternative fuels, I love renewable energy, again we are the largest solar dealer in the state of Montana, potentially the biggest in our state, so I am a proponent for solar. However, solar panels make direct current, you need an inverter to create a sinewave to feed your home alternating current. Okay, the process of that creates dirty electricity, so what happens is now the family home now has excited levels of interference, distortion and EMF. And those are what dirty electricity is. Well people ask ‘What is Dirty Electricity? How does electricity get dirty?’ Well it’s electricity that is not within a standardized parameter. Well, what does that mean? Well, you’ve heard 120 and 240, the voltage should be 120, the sinewave should be 60 hertz, the wave should hit the beach 60 times a second. There should only be one wave, there shouldn’t be multiple waves. So imagine you’re at the lake now and the natural waves are coming in and then a ski boat goes by then there’s the big V and it makes waves and then a jet ski goes by, oh, and the boat was pulling a skier and those created waves, and then you have all these boats criss-crossing and now you’ve got all these waves. Well, in nature that would only be one set of waves, the lake’s natural waves, right? Caused by the wind or whatever else, right? That would be the only one. All the boat waves and the jet ski waves, those would be extra. Those are dirty waves if you will on the lake! So, that’s what happens to your electricity, you get all these other waves, all these other frequencies, and those become dirty electricity. Solar is notorious for this. You also have power coming from the grid, coming from your panels, so we make the solar Power Perfect Box and the solar Power Perfect Box was designed to work well with solar so that you can still go solar, you can still lower your bill, you can still use renewable energy, but also clean, filter and reduce the dirty electricity in your home. And so we are launching right now our own training series and our new EMF Guide. SATIC’s practical guide to reducing EMF and e-pollution in today’s modern world. So many of the things that we’ve talked about today, Curtis, like what are the definitions and where do they come from, what devices in my world cause them, can I turn them off or avoid them, and then how do I block it, stop it and shield it and how to take practical measures to hopefully, you know, lessen your amount of e-pollution that you’re being exposed to and to hopefully improve health and attitude and that’s why we’re here, I believe that a meaning to life is to be happy, that we were designed to be happy, and most of us instead suffer a heck of a lot of stress and worry then we do love and smiles. That’s a shame. We’re exposed to a lot of things that cause us anxiety, often times grieve our hearts, our cause of disease. And then we can’t pull and maybe be the big beautiful giving person that we were designed to be, so if you could have better sleep, if you could have better help, if you could have a better attitude, suffer less anxiety or disease, then the quality of your life is markedly and measurably improved. So your interaction with other humans will be better, and so I think that’s something we all look for as humans, that’s something that we all owe to ourselves and to others as fellow creatures on this planet.”


Curtis: “Well let’s go ahead and give out your contact information, give them your website and your social media links so people can connect with you and learn more about e-pollution and everything that you’re doing to help the community!”


B.D.: “Well I really appreciate that! Our main website is SATIC, that’s our main company name, S-A-T-I-C, and people say ‘where did you get that name?’ That’s an acronym that stands for Sinusoidal Wave Form Technology Incorporated. We had to make it into a word and that’s where SATIC comes from, S-A-T-I-C. Our main company website is, and our store is, and anybody that visits SATIC Shield and puts in the customer code "CJ" for Curtis Jackson, we’re going to give every single listener 10% off the entire store for loving us enough to listen and to visit our store. And if you go to the store because you heard it on this podcast, we’re going to give you 10% off anything you have, anything you have at the checkout, you’re going to save that money. So we really appreciate you having us on, Curtis, we love telling people what we do and letting people know that this is real, and if they’re suffering some of these things that there’s hope, even if it’s free, free help because you can do a lot yourself, we want people to have it.”


Curtis: “Well I definitely appreciate you coming on! It’s been an enlightening conversation! Guys, make sure to put in that code ‘CJ’. Go deal with your e-pollution problems and feel better. B.D., I want to thank you so much for joining me today and it’s been a pleasure.”


B.D.: “It’s been a pleasure as well, thank you so much!”


Curtis: “And listeners, please be sure to follow and write a review after listening, and if you are an Android user, go to the Google Playstore and download the Living the Dream with Curveball podcast app.”

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