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How to Clean Your Electricity

Detroit Metropolitan in-demand publicist Sari Cicurel gets down to brass tacks with CEO B.D. Erickson about dirty electricity, how it is harmful to the biological, and how to clean it.
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Sari Cicurel is a prominent publicist from Metropolitan Detroit who offers 30 years of experience in the fields of public relations, communications, and marketing. She leverages this expertise for her clients to generate significant media exposure in broadcast, print, and online news outlets. She is a storyteller who cultivates a favorable public image for her clients in a variety of industries including healthcare, retail, restaurant & hospitality, automotive, publishing, politics and numerous non-profit organizations. She is also the Executive Director at the Michigan Jewish Sports Foundation.

lead made everyone sick

Sari welcomed B.D. Erickson II for a featured interview on PR Weekly with Sari Cicurel. Over the course of the interview, B.D. elaborates on what dirty electricity is and what causes it. He uses real world examples like warm refrigerators and VCR's to demonstrate to Sari how electricity pollutes the air. The pollution created by dirty electricity is not only bad for electronics, but has been proven now more than ever to be harmful to the biological. The rest of the interview covers how you can look clean your electricity and protect yourself and loved ones from this harmful pollutant.  


Sari Cicurel: “So I’m excited! I have B.D. Erickson with me today on PR Weekly. Spanning two decades in high-pressure leadership roles, B.D. has been recognized multiple times for building winning teams, creating an outstanding corporate culture and having a massive impact on company wide growth. Currently running the country’s leading clean power manufacturing facility and Montana’s most proficient solar company. B.D. possess a proven track record of sustaining high-level team buy-in, not simply surviving but thriving in the high-pressure environment of advanced American technology manufacturing. SO welcome, thanks for joining me this week on PR Weekly! I said we’re going to get to the most important, probably the most important question of the day in a minute, which is doing my research which I like to do, we’re going to talk about what is dirty electricity because it is all over your website. But first, I read this really fun brief paragraph that does not sum up your life by any means. So, who’s B.D. Erickson?”


B.D. Erickson: “You know, the older I get the more I realize the less I know. And the fewer often times things aren’t as they appear. We have our view and we have our ears, and so we see the world or even a traffic accident through their system. And as you grow, you know that other opinions or something aren’t necessarily wrong, they saw it from a different angle, that experience was different for them. So, I’m a traveler on a journey that wants to be enlightened because I want to be the best version of myself that I can, and I’m in a leadership role, and one of the things that has discouraged me in the past as a speaker for a lot of companies, I saw these amazing companies and these amazing teams, but the people at the very top, sometimes with the money, kind of lose sight of who they are or because of the attention or the glamour would lose their way, and it wasn’t long after the people that were following them saw the cracks in the armor, failed to believe in the leadership and the dream, and that was the end of the company. And so I want to take everything that I’ve learned on this journey and be grateful for the massive success that I’ve had, but my God and my family and the health of the people around me and love, those are the things that motivate me, I’m not motivated by money, I’m motivated by love, and I know that money comes and goes, I worked for a hedge fund in ’07. It comes and it goes, you know? Often times out of your control. But the people that you keep close, they don’t. And as life ebbs and flows, we want to be happy. How do you be happy? You want peace in your heart, you want to be content, you want to feel safe. So I try very hard to keep my vision boards and my goal list up-to-date and focus on those things, and then I believe if I serve, if I play big, that the money will come. It’s a result of the other. You know, you’re not going to make money to be happy, that’s going to screw you up. You got a drug problem? Throw some money at that! You’re a gambler? Throw some money at that! No, money makes it harder. So, instead, having the goals for the type of person that I want to be and the impact that I want to be, the way I want to run my company, the products that we deliver, the service that we deliver if we play full out, and the money will come. So, that’s my belief system on that and that’s how I take action.”


Sari: And I think it’s really true. I think the most successful people, you feel that and they don’t define their success by the dollars in their bank account. And the truth of the matter is is what’s nice about that is that chances are they have that, but their success really comes from the passion they have for what they do, their belief system, their core values. It so happens, the truth is is that they have garnered success because of how they deliver their message, what their life’s work is and how they deliver it. And I told you when we were off a minute, I wanted to talk a little bit about that you worked with Tony Robbins and his organization. I’m an admirer of his messaging because I think it’s powerful, impactful and it does motivate you. And I’m sure you took a lot of those leadership messaging on to where you are today because, you know, how can you not? How have you, what have you done with those messages as you’ve built your new company?”


B.D.: “It starts with the impact that it had on me. I don’t know many people that have had the impact on my life that Tony Robbins has. In my early 20’s, my girlfriend and I got pregnant, neither or us were ready for that, I had to drop out of college and get a job, I was a rock and roll producer putting on 3-day festivals, creating a life and a name for myself. At our last three day festival, it rained all three days. So it’s really hard put your tent in your car and drive to the three day rock-and-roll festival in the rain, people can’t do it! And so at the time, not being in school and not having a job, having a pregnant woman that I love but I wasn’t mature enough for that yet and then watching my business crumble, I was literally on the verge of suicide. Now admittedly looking back, youthful, emotional, it seems silly now but boy it felt real at the time. And my dad, who’s a good dad who loved me, scooped me up and we drove about three hours to Spokane, Washington where a chiropractor was putting on a Tony Robbins event. Tony Robbins wasn’t there, it was a projector on a wall and it was a screen. We watched it and we punched through a board, and I’m telling you right now, it was the most impactful, I mean I spent a decade traveling around the world with this guy, and that was the most impactful event. And the finest compliment that I’ve ever got, I had been home for about a week and my wife said: ‘I always saw someone in you. I always saw what you could be. Who you have become in the last week is better than I had imagined for you.’ It’s a compliment that I hold, to this day I still recite it to myself. So then I began to believe and know that the situation you’re in does not define you. You can do, you can be, you can have. Is it easy? No it’s not easy! It’s hard! But it’s not impossible either! If it was easy, you wouldn’t appreciate it! Because it’s the journey you go through. It’s not being buff at the end of it, it’s getting your butt to the gym at five and it’s snowy and there’s people and their beautiful and you have a tummy and you need motivation to get you there and be brave to go inside and then you gotta run on the treadmill or do whatever. So at the end of it, sure you’re fit, but that’s not it, it’s all you had to do to get there that makes it there. So I tell my people all the time, no it’s not easy and it’s not impossible either, it’s who you become and all that it takes to get there, that’s where you become a bigger better person. So I had to use all of that. I was working at a hedge fund, I was overpaid, I lived in Hawaii, my life was great, and then it crumbled for me. So in ’05, my beautiful wife was killed in an auto accident by a drunk driver, in 2006 I broke my neck surfing North Shore of Oahu, in 2007 I was working for a hedge fund and the economy collapsed. So I took three wicked gut shots right in a row, so now I’m a single dad with a 12 year old boy, and we were in a trance for a year. We were in a trance, we had never lived without mom. I was a child when she started dating me! Sure I was 19 but I was a kid, right? But now my son is 12 and he had been our whole world. So I really had to put into practice at high level what I had learned, and yes I went through Mastery University and Leadership Academy with Tony Robbins. I was a leadership person, I traveled the world, it was a great life but my world changed. So we moved to Missoula, Montana where we could be by her parents to help with him and my parents to help with him. I needed help, you know? I needed…”


Sari: “But I love how right there what you just said, what you were mature enough to know, that’s the first stop right there. I needed help. You know, like, I do want people to hear that whatever people are going though. You know, raise your hand if you need help because no matter what, that’s always the first step in anything. So, and I didn’t mean to interrupt you, but I commend you for everything that you’re going through, but as much as you were in the trance, and I’m glad you’re telling this story because I said, you know, that I didn’t want to do that pre-canned intro to your story. You said I need help, and that’s brave, that’s honest, and you’ve got to give yourself a whole lot more credit then you just did. Because you moved to where you are today and you are doing something so incredible, and over the weekend I spent quite a bit of time doing research on your website. I’ll be honest, I don’t want to say I was confused but I thought to myself boy I don’t know a lot. This is going to be a fun podcast for me because I always say is one of the best parts of being a publicist is when I get a new client or when I meet someone, I get to learn a little bit about, you know, something new and I was just reading and I was like boy I don’t know anything about this. And so I thought, you know, this would be fun because I guarantee a lot of people will not know or understand, maybe initially, what you do. So you know, I do have to say that’s a really bad introduction because people are going to stay tuned now because I want you to talk about the name of your company, the acronym, and what it is that you do. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who does what you do.”


B.D.: “You know, from the seeds of great adversity, from great adversity comes equal or greater opportunity, right? So I broke my neck, met a man, my doctor was also an Air Force Colonel, great guy. He and I are golfing, you know, my rehab, he’s helping me get better, he introduced me to a man who’s a really great engineer and inventor but a terrible business man. He felt that I was a good business man so maybe we could help each other, and he made a really high quality lightbulb that he didn’t have a market for in the US because it was really expensive. So we started selling it in the Middle East and had great success. Well, this is during my transition time, I’ve got a broken neck and I’m healing, my son and I, you know, we need help. It is hard to be vulnerable, you’re right, it’s hard to be vulnerable, especially for a man. We have a lot of rules on vulnerability in our culture as being weak right? I needed the help! So we moved to Montana and we had been in our house for a week and I realized through our backyard are the biggest power lines you’ve ever seen! I can’t believe I missed them! I went there, I bought the house, it fit, and it’s got the biggest power lines we’ve ever seen. So my son had not missed a day of school in the last two years, he never had a B, my wife was an excellent mom. His first year in Montana was great, it was, I spoiled him a little bit, he was student of the month, didn’t miss a day of school, A-student. The next year? He’s sick, he doesn’t feel good, his grades are down, I think it’s me, I’m failing him and I’m failing my wife, she’s not here and I’m failing the family, I’m a driven rascal, I was very hard on myself, and in transition it got worse. Now he is anxious over things that are not real to us but are real to him, that’s the thing about mental illness, even though it wasn’t real to us, it was very real to him. Sleep alludes him now, he’s got terrible anxiety, terrible self-talk, and his mental health deteriorated really fast. I thought it was my parenting or the loss of mom or a combination of all of that. So I began to research why the light we sold was so good and what made it good and what made it different and special and expensive, and the effects of living near high-tension power lines. It has been proven beyond contestation that this magnetic and electromagnetic fields are damaging to the biological. You’ve got to be careful with the FDA, but here’s what I get to say: Dairy cows. Dairy is a trillion dollar industry. It’s ice cream, it’s yogurt, it’s milk, it’s butter, it’s sour cream, it’s cream cheese, Velveta, you name it! It’s a huge industry and it’s all documented that the size, quality, production, taste of the milk is all definitively effected by dirty electricity. Greenhouses, grows, strawberries, pineapples, if you grow these things, we actually have pictures of them growing towards the light or the nutrition or the water and away from the dirty electricity. So without saying bad for humans, it’s been proven beyond reasonable contestation that it’s bad for the biological. Why? I’m not a cow or grass, but I am biological! I’m tissue! So I went down this road of ‘oh my goodness, something is hurting my child’, if it’s affecting other families it’s affecting mine, I’m going to save my kid or I’m going to die trying. So I built a team of engineers, I had a couple of bucks, I was a successful young man and we set out to define what dirty electricity is, find what parts of it are harmful, and is there a way that we can still live in an electrified world and have health? Dirty electricity is electricity that has been distorted. What happens, when I was a kid I would get home from school and watch Gilligan’s Island and then I would watch Carol Burnett and then the Atlanta Braves came on because it was TBS, that was one of my channels. My mom would vacuum at around five because my father was coming home from work, my mom would vacuum and it would put lines in the TV. So I would jump up and mess with the rabbit ears because that’s how you got a clean picture in the 70’s, right, was the ears. I know now what was happening was reasonably clean power was coming in on the electrical line and the motor in my mom’s vacuum cleaner was distorting that, creating dirty electricity, and that dirty electricity was what was effecting the TV. Everyone has heard their sister’s blow dryer on their radio, it’s a real thing, I mean, we experience it all the time. Hand radio operators get what’s called interference, when two lines start to talk. Audio files, you hear that click or tick in the speakers, they don’t like that. Sometimes your phone charges hot, it hasn’t charged hot the last 12 times I’ve charged it, why is it hot now? We’ve experienced it! The back of your fridge is hot, it’s making cold but it’s hot, what’s going on?! It’s real, it’s measurable and it’s bad for you. So what we tried to do was identify the sources, identify how to clean it, and specifically, identify which parts were harmful to the biological.”

Sari: “Okay, so I’m going to be the consumer. I am, like, fascinated, I hope everyone is fascinated, but if not, it’s you and I talking. So you have named a couple things that have happened in my own house so now I’m freaked out like everybody should be. The back of my phone has been hot, and I’m going to tell you right now that I’m freaked out because of the back of my refrigerator is hot!”


B.D.: “Yep! Yahtzee!”

Sari: "Yes no, for sure! Like I'll say to my husband 'Why the hell is the back of my refrigerator hot?!' So I'm stopping you right here, what do I do? What's going on? Why is this happening? Who do I call? Because that's what everyone is thinking right now, like, and okay now I have all these questions, what harm have I done? What harm can I undo? And go! I knew this was

electromagnetic standards

going to be fascinating! ”


B.D.: “So, we’re in America, right? We’ve got the cleanest and cheapest power on the planet. So we’ve all used the lightbulb that Thomas Edison invented 130 years ago, right? The incandescent lightbulb, it’s just tungsten filament between a mix of 95% heat and it makes 5% light. It actually cleans electricity by its operation. It turns that distortion into heat! So about 20 years ago, the Department of Energy in all its wisdom took away that lightbulb and introduced the CFL, the curly-q compact fluorescent lamp. Okay, now it does take less energy in that it creates 50% heat and 50% light. The Edison lightbulb, 95% heat, 5% light. Now we’ve gone to 50% heat and 50% light, but it no longer cleans electricity, it distorts it simply by its operation, it changes voltages, it’s self-balasting, it distorts it. So every American had 30 electricity cleaners and they replaced them with 30 electricity dirtiers if you will, culprits. So that began to change electricity in our world. You’re connected to all of your neighbors, that how alternating current works…”


Sari: “And did that become an industry standard or did that become a consumer…”


B.D.: “So there are tipping points in our life. So, growing up in the 90’s, there was a Blockbuster Video on every corner or every major city. It was a right of passage on a Friday night, you’d go down to the video store and you’d spend an hour looking because looking is fun, right?, and you’d get your videos. And what would your friends say? What are you doing this weekend? Oh, we’re going to rent some videos! I’m in my 40’s, that’s what we did! We rented videos right?..”


Sari: “Well, I’m a little older so I guess I started a little earlier..”


B.D.: “We’re probably really close, but I’m not saying.. haha. So Netflix said ‘hey, we’ve got this mailing system, we’re gonna go digital, blah blah blah, you’ve got the name, we’ve got the platform, let’s partner up, it’s the single biggest gaf, it’s like when the drummer left the Beatles and gave Ringo his spot to pursue his art. Bad call, right? Within one year, Blockbuster was gone, the name was gone, and within two years Netflix had a 4 billion market cap or whatever, that would’ve been a marriage made in heaven. But something in our world changed, we no longer rent videos and we get digital delivery, okay. So that’s one of these tipping points. So first of all is the compact fluorescent light. But then we all had a fax machine and we had a printer, and they had black box with the cord, that black box and the cord distorts electricity, and then all these DC devices, we live in a world of alternating current, this is direct current. What you have to do is you have to strobe it, they strobe, and then LED’s, LED’s strobe, so it’s nobody’s fault, I’m not blaming the government, it is what it is. Our electrical lives changed. And then we have crypto-miners and we have server farms and we have computers and switch mode power supplies, and now all the indoor marijuana growing. Things just change through the natural progression of history which changed the quality of electricity. So in 1980, did you need my product? No. No, you didn’t need it! People didn’t have the autism and the fibromyalgia, ADHD and the restless leg syndrome and the anxiety and the lack of sleep and all the things that have appeared, I mean appeared in the last 20 years. I watched a beautiful doctor from Michigan, she was brilliant to listen to, she said you can’t say that we didn’t know that RF, radio frequency which is dirty electricity, gave you diabetes. She’s like I work for BigPharma, if we want to create a new diabetes drug, we don’t feed a mouse twinkies for a month and then hope the little guy gets diabetes, we exposure him to RF, and then within a month or two he has diabetes, then we can test our drugs on these rats. So, it’s known, right? It’s not a secret, it’s known! And what happened through the progression of technology, we all now live in dirty electricity traveling through our homes, this distorted, this out of phase electricity traveling through our homes, and I was young when you were young, you got AM radio when you were out of town, you know, cars haven’t had antennas in 20 years, our cars had an antenna and you got FM in town and AM out of town, and then you had UHF and VHF for TV, that was it! Those were the days! Now you light up your phone and I see your printer, my printer, his Wi-Fi, the FBI van, we’ve got them all, right? Well, that antenna on your car was two feet of aluminum. The copper wiring in your house is a mile, maybe, of high quality copper. You’re living in a super antenna now! You’ve got all this dirty electricity flowing through our house and all of these waves have landed and you’re living in it. So, all of these different sickness, you know, even not being able to sleep well are affecting Americans in mass. So what do you do? You’ve gotta clean it. Our product is like a Brita filter if you will for your electricity. When I was a kid, you drank water right out of the hose, on a hot summer day, that’s the best drink of water on Earth, right? And you think rhubarb is going to be delicious and so every year you wait for it and then you one bite and you’re like ‘Eh, that’s okay’, okay right. So our product you can plug in your outlets, a couple of them in your house, are wired at your panel and it stops the electricity, it’s like a shield, it filters all the electricity in real time, it never sleeps, in real time. So immediately the back of your fridge cools down, your phone charges hot and fast, these are things that you will notice with your senses, and then people say they immediately feel a calming, I can’t feel it, I’m not a disingenuous person, I don’t get sick, I feel great all the time, I could eat a half-eaten corndog that I found in the garbage can at the fair, I could eat it, I wouldn’t get sick, it wouldn’t make my tummy bubbly, I’m not going to get a cold, I just don’t. I don’t want to pretend that I feel it, but we have thousands of customers, thousands, that say the minute they engaged it, it got quiet, it got calm. We’ve had panels, we’ve had five, usually females, they’re informed to it because of their biology, they’re backs are turned and they plug it into the wall, they feel it, they know when it’s plugged in and when it’s not. And that’s an easy test to do that we’ve done hundreds of times!”


Sari: “So, I’m a visual person. So again looking at your website, you know, visually, and I was looking at the products, these are things that you need more then one in your house. Like, how many do you need? Does it go by square footage?”


B.D.: “Great question!”


Sari: “I hope I’m asking everybody’s great question!”


B.D.: “So there’s a lot of confusion. So, people always say is your house wired 120 or 240? All houses are the same. You have two legs of 120. You have A and B and they’re both 120. So breakers go A-B-A-B, sometimes there’s a breaker that’s big, it’s got two, right? So..”


Sari: “Right! So that’s your dryer, your oven…”


B.D.: “That’s right! That’s right! So we can either wire it at the panel and you’re done, or we can plug it in, but we want to make sure that we get at least one on the A circuit and one on the B circuit. The instructions come in the box, it’s super easy. If you put one of each in two different rooms, there’s a 50% chance that you got it right right there. 50/50, you can’t blow it, right? So you look at your breakers, you put one on an A and one on a B, you’ve effected it. Now, will it be enough? Not necessarily. If you’ve got solar, no you’re going to need more! If you have a smart meter, you’re going to need more. If you’ve just got a lot of techy stuff and high-tech lighting, you’re going to need more. So we also sell meters so you can see which outlets are the highest and where you need to put them. So, most people need four..”

energy conditioner

Sari: “And let me ask you, it seems to me that the other part of this is not just homes, it should be in businesses! I mean to me, I mean let’s just say pre-COVID because many people are working from home now, but that won’t always be the case, but it seems to me that we are spending 8-10 hours a day in our business, before, but we were living our lives in our offices, and it seems to me, not to do your marketing but you know my marketing brain, but I mean I would like to have this in offices because, you know, that is where people are breathing the air and living their lives.”

B.D.: "Yes, and also more stationary..." 

Sari: "And I mean when you talk about, it's one thing in your home, and I'm in my home office and there's the computer, the lights, all these things, that is my home, that's my home office, but then

yo go into my husband’s office where there’s three fax machines and lots of copiers and lots of lights and so on and so on, it seems to me that the bigger the space, the more the more. So, it seems like that’s another area where we need to clean.”


B.D.: “Yeah, where you spend the time when you’re at rest and you’re stationary. When you’re moving around, the way a field works, so a field has two primary attributes, number one it’s intensity, so if I punch you, it’s how hard I punch you, that the intensity. Number two is the frequency, how many time. So if I punch you really light in the shoulder, that’s going to start to get a bruise. If I move it around, that’s called a massage and I’m charging you $100 for it, right? So if I’m sitting still and that thing is just hitting me in the same spot, so your desk and your bed, where you stop, you’re right, that’s where you need to. So there’s a whole new line of study called Building Biology and there are scientists called building biologists and they make the workspace safe, and a big part of the workspace safety now is dirty electricity or what they call EMFs or electromagnetic fields. And the EMF, the electromagnetic field, is the field that, you know, can travel a distance as a result of this dirty electricity that actually negatively impacts your biology. And a lot of countries have standards on it. Our standards on it are literally the lowest, like only Africa and China have lower standards on this stuff then we do.”


Sari: “I guess I’m not surprised but, let me ask you this, which probably follows nicely, so when you’re out there and you’re talking about this, what’s the pushback that you get? So anybody listening right now who might be rolling their eyes or, you know, this is a bunch or crap, or what’s this guy talking about, what do you say, you know, what do you say to them? And I say that with the follow up, what does your son feel? How is he doing? Because to me, you know, one I’m trying not to cry, you got me, because I’m a mom too, but, you know, the proof is in the pudding.”


B.D.: “So, there’s a few answers to that. One answer is, you know, Rome delivered water in a miracle of engineering through lead and it made everyone sick. But it was hundreds of years before they put the two together. We used to send cigarettes to GI’s and doctors in the 60’s were saying smoking was good for you, and then the Department of Energy said let’s blow asbestos in every school and every workman’s building, and how about the PBA plastics they put in baby’s chew toys, I mean, stop it! Things come along in history that you don’t know that are bad for you until there’s 20 years of data! That’s all it takes! There’s some lag time. You know it wasn’t until like 1978 when they really started associated asbestos with terminal lung conditions. So you know..”


Sari: “And it’s interesting that you say that because over the last month or so I was telling my adult children that how on an airplane you used to be able to smoke. I mean, you and I are of that age but you used to get on a Delta flight and there was a smoking section and if you talk to your own kids, they’ll be like what the hell are you talking about? Yeah! And so you’re right, I mean, you don’t know until research comes about and you do, people like you, stop and say oh my god this is happening to my kid and I’m going to figure it out.”


B.D.: “Women who’s children stand on the size of the crib and suck that led paint out, they would watch their child deteriorate. That’s how we found out! No one had tested led paint! Moms said ‘hey! There’s something wrong with my child!’ So the examples are very wide. Number two I always tell people do your own research, and number three, google dirty electricity and dairy cows and plants. Is the grass under powerlines bushier or bushiless? The grass under powerlines is bushiless, even if there’s any grass. Why? Do you know how tough grass is? You can mow it, you can drive your car on it, it can be in 100 degree heat without getting water for four days, and it can be under two feet of snow! It’s way more resilient then you are! And powerlines have killed it? What would it do to you? You know, how could it not be? Satisfaction is guaranteed, so if someone doesn’t like it, send it back. We are a very gentle-spirited company,…”


Sari: “Are there a lot of people doing, I mean I really hate asking a question I don’t know the answer to but, are there a lot of people who do what you do?”


B.D.: “No.”


Sari: “Yeah okay.. I mean I didn’t think so but..”


B.D.: “No no, in fact we were accused of wearing foil hats for years. And I said I’m not doing it to impress you, you know, I care what you think, I do, I shouldn’t but I do care, but my kid is sick and from my investigation it’s real, there’s great engineers and people in the electronics won’t deny that it’s real, you can’t tell a ham radio guy that there’s no such thing as interference. You can’t tell an audio file guy that when the fridge motor comes on the speakers don’t tick. You can’t tell these people that! You can’t tell people that sometimes their phone charges really hot when it’s not supposed to, it’s not good for it, and it doesn’t do that all the time. Oh, it doesn’t do it all the time, that lends to me saying that something is different! So argue with me if you want but..”


Sari: “Cause we walk around and go ‘man, the back of my phone is really hot today’ and then we move on! On to the next thing..”


B.D.: “That’s right. But when you become cognizant of it, it’s like yes!”


Sari: “Oh I’m going to freak out every time it happens now!”


B.D.: “Oh we’re going to send you some gifts so you don’t have to worry about it.”


Sari: “B.D., I want to know because as you know I waved the white flag early in this podcast to say that I was going to learn something today and I’ve learned a lot, I don’t think I even tipped the iceberg on this but, what didn’t I cover? Because our time is coming to an end, what didn’t I cover and I wanted to ask you what people need to know other than, we definitely need to let people know where to find you, that’s the most important thing, and that is at, I’m going to spell it, you want to go ahead and give out your contact info?”


B.D.: “Yep! So, our company name is SATIC. S-A-T-I-C. Our website is Satic Shield, regular spelling, S-A-T-I-C is an acronym, SATIC is how we say it, which stands for sinusoidal waveform technology incorporated. And what does it mean? It means engineered clean power. So you can find us at or if you want to hear our story, how we arrived at this stuff, our 10 years or research and development and the millions of dollars we have spent developing these products and all of our test studies. I’ll tell people it always makes your bill go down, your power bill, not always, but always and never are very rare in life, right? It usually makes your power bill go down. For commercial buildings, it makes their bill go down a lot, often times, depending on how they’re billed. If you have solar, if you have a smart meter, you are living in a 10-100x dirty electricity more then the rest of us. So if you have solar, if you have a smart meter, if you have dirty electricity, you honestly need to do your home, you need to do your research, you need to get yourself a meter, and you need to test and prove it for yourself. Don’t listen to anything I say, maybe it resonates with you a little bit, get a meter and plug it into the wall and you’ll know! Why not? And if you’ve got it, you’ve got the high numbers, then you can go online or you can call our offices and we will help you find the model that you need, where it needs to go, and then your meter should go to the normal level. If it doesn’t, then we help you troubleshoot or your money back.”


Sari: “I think it’s fascinating. I do end all of my podcasts this way as a storyteller, and you have a fascinating personal story and business story, what would you like the introduction to your story to be one day?”


B.D.: “That I showed up authentically, that I showed up as myself and came from the heart and that I was motivated by love.”


Sari: “I think that’s really true. I have found this time together such a pleasure and meeting you, and especially when I get to learn something, like I said, knew nothing about, I think people listening today can’t help but be engaged, they’ll want to go to your website, they’ll want to learn more, and learn more also about you and your story. Your family is very blessed to have you, and the people that you touch every day by what you’re doing, because to me, you’re not just selling some device, you’re actually really making, you’re letting people live a cleaner healthier life and I think that is actually really beautiful. So I’m excited, I think this will air down the road, I’ll just date it to say that we are at the beginning of 2021, and for me it feels really special to kick off the new year to meet you. So thank you for spending this time with me on PR Weekly with me.”


B.D.: “That was really gracious, thank you for having me.”


Sari: “Thank you”

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