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How Solar Projects Produce EMF Radiation

CEO B.D. Erickson II sits down with Benoy Thanjan on his top-rated podcast to educate about solar and how it is one of the biggest culprits of dirty electricity.    

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Benoy Thanjan first came to the renewable energy sector in 2012 after helping other solar companies with projects and starting his own company Reneu Energy. He started this company to help solar companies across the country with research and analyzing the different parts of this sector. Reneu Energy's goal is to help companies reach all goals and checkpoints when starting the installation process. 


Mr. Thanjan welcomes B.D. Erickson II onto his podcast on Ep. 115 "How solar projects produce EMF radiation and how can this be cleaned and filtered?" to discuss the growing popularity of renewable energy, especially solar. There are many positives when it comes to solar energy such as decreased power bills and having your home's appliances running smoother. B.D. then continued to talk about how solar energy is one of the biggest culprits of creating dirty electricity, which is a new concept to Benoy. B.D. educates on the basics of dirty electricity, why it's dangerous to the biological and how SATIC's award-winning clean energy filtration product line is the ultimate solution for filtering and mitigating the EMF radiation that comes in from the solar panels on the roofs over our heads. 


B.D. Erickson II: "Some of the very biggest solar companies in American on the sales and EPC sides are now includin, at least as an offering, one of our Power Perfect boxes on nearly every install they do. So it goes on the same panel as your solar, as your inverter, as your smart meter, and it filters 90-95% of all this radiation and all this dirty electricity out." 

Benoy Thanjan: "Hello and welcome to the Solar Maverick podcast where solar meets entrepreneurship and experience. I'm your host, Benoy Thanjan, so let's get into it." 

"Hi! This is Benoy! Your host for the Solar Maverick podcast! I'm excited in this episode to introduce to you B.D. Erickson who is the CEO of SATIC USA and SATIC Solar. SATIC USA is a privately owned electronics manufacturer and professional engineering firm headquartered in Missoula, Montana. The company is also involved in residential solar through SATIC Solar. SATIC USA is driven by a passionate belief that dirty electricity, or EMF radiation, is inefficient, wasteful and harmful to electronics and equipment. 

They've engineered the clean power electricity filters that have been third party validated and tested. There's many interesting topics that B.D. talks about, some of them is 'What is EMF radiation or Dirty Electricity?', how solar projects produce EMF radiation and how their product has been created to lower and filter EMF. He also talks about how EMF radiation will increase overtime due to certain trends. He also talks about the solar market in Montana and I would like to thank SATIC USA for being generous in giving a 10% discount for all Solar Maverick podcast listeners if they buy anything from the SATIC USA store. It's a 10% discount on the product or products, when you're at checkout and you have to use the discount code 'Maverick', we'll also have that in the notes of the podcast as well. Thank you for listening to this episode of the Solar Maverick podcast, let's get into it."  

Hi! This is Benoy, your host for the Solar Maverick podcast! I'm excited in this episode to introduce to you B.D. Erickson II! He's the President of Satic USA and Satic Solar. B.D., welcome to thie podcast!"

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B.D.: "Benoy! Thanks for having me!" 

Benoy: "I'm excited to talk about your company and about your passion for solar, about EMF radiation, or "dirty electricity", but I think waht would be great is that we talked about company in the intro, but can you tell us more about SATIC USA and SATIC Solar?"


B.D.: "Absolutely! So there's two company names there, and SATIC Solar is our Western Montana-based solar installer company, we're the fastest growing and the largest solar installer in Western Montana and we do roof top, mostly residential solar, we're proud of that. Yet, a lot of people can do that really well. There's a lot of great solar companies across the nation, there's even a lot of great solar guys in Montana, and I tell our customers a lot 'I would love to earn your business and do a great job with our company, but if you chose somebody else, they're smart, they're competent, they're good solar guys, they're going to do a great job for you.' So, while we're so proud of our brand, we've been doing it for 13 years, we're a 5-star, that's not disruptive to our industry. Instead, we are one of many qualified solar professionals out there. So I really consider that kind of hobby, I love it! What we really feel is disruptive is we've created a component set that we call 'Power Perfect' and what this does is it cleans, filters and regulates the power. So, you know, if we're doing a solar system, if we can make your big energy hogs, your air conditioner, your freezer, your refrigerator, etc., run on less amps, let's face it, if you're buying from the utility and there's no power factor surcharge, they're only billing you on the watt, that's ice, that makes your day, but it doesn't change your life, Benoy. But, instead, if we're trying to make this electricity on our roof with panels, anything that makes that perform better, that's something now of interest. And if dirty electricity and EMF radiation, if they really are harmful, then the fact that we can filter and reduce this, this is something we feel can be disruptive to our entire sector."   

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Benoy: "It's more disruptive, as you said, like with coming up with solutions for EMF radiation. Can you talk about your own personal story and how you learned about it? I thought it was interesting to learn about that." 

B.D.: "Yeah! You know, I'm happy to! It's interesting, you know, how we arrive on our current life's path. Friends you have in high school maybe or in university or who you marry or the job you elect and maybe what you study and how you end up is for all of us a complex story of choosing left or right or what. After my wife was killed in an auto accident, my son and I moved to Missoula, Montana to be closer to family, and you know, unwisely we purchased a home right under some of the biggest power lines in our whole city, by some measure I mean, the biggest ones! And, you know, below those power lines I've never had to mow, we've been there for 12 years now and I've never had to mow the grass because it's always just been brown or yellow or depleted. First of all, we didn't really recognize the power lines until we had been there for a while, and then the first thing that I really took note of

was that was hard on the grass. And so, that was my first, kind of, introduction to EMF radiation because it happened upon me, Benoy, that I bought a house with really paying attention were right under power lines, that was my baptism by fire baby!"  

Benoy: "If you could talk about more about how your son was affected by the EMF radiation and how you realized that, and then how you worked to come up with a solution to make a difference in this world with other people who are impacted by it as well." 

B.D.: "Well, when we were in Hawaii, he had perfect attendance, he had perfect grades, great attitude, he's a happy-go-lucky guy. And when we moved to Missoula Montana, our first year wasn't very great because mom was gone and he and I suffered and we're, you know, terribly shaken by that and we had about a year, I would that I was in a little bit of a trance as dad, but his attendance at school was still good and his attitude overall was still good, and in the second year of living in that home that's when it really began to manifest sickly days, poor attendance and slipping grades, slipping attitude, and he's never been mean, he's never been a grump, but he wasn't himself. And so, you know, I started thinking am I a bad dad? Is Mom's absence really affecting him not only emotionally but was she doing a lot of great

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things that I'm not doing well? Why is this happening? Why is there this significant change in my son? By the third year, I mean, even leaving his room because painful for him, not sleeping well, bad self-talk, and just not a positive attitude. And so I began going down the list, what do you do when you're sick or you hurt your elbow, you Google it, right? You go online, you start researching, you go to, you start becoming your own physician a little bit, and then symptoms that he had were, you know, with not being able to get good restful sleep, with being anxious, fearful, anxiety, and these things, I began to go down the list, and the list didn't match up with any specific illness or disease that I could find, rather, they were the symptoms of EHS, Electrohypersensitivity. And as I went down the list of his symptoms, I was like that's my guy! That's my dude right there! That's why my son is suffering! Well, when do you get it? The first thing, I'm telling you Benoy, the first thing 'Do you live near high-voltage power lines?' And I was like 'Wow!' and you get that feeling, that check in your spirit, you 'a-ha moment' I was like no way, come on, you know, that's vudu, and began to investigate it and I quickly realized that a lot of people do suffer from it and they're not full of bologna, they're not hypochondriacs who get marginalized in our society. It's like women with fibromyalgia 20 years ago, fibromyalgia was this mysterious thing, women might have been teased or marginalized a little bit. Now we know it's overactive nerves! Now it's absolutely real and it's a combination of sometimes, things from the environment! We have toxicity, so you've got your deodorant, you've got your 5G, you've got perfumes and car exhausts and, you know, all these things, red dye #5, pick it and take your choice! There;s just so many things in our world now chemically, air-borne, etc., that for some people they have a reaction and that reaction is not positive, that reaction is detrimental to their health and their ease, and I believe in many cases what begins to cause that dis-ease and that's what happened to my son." 

Benoy: "How did you come up with the solution? Because that's complicated part, diagnosing what the issue was which was complicated in itself, but then it's even more complicated to come up with a solution." 

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B.D.: "So you say 'Well how do I fix it? How do I change it?' So immediately we start looking at just moving out of the house, and I was like 'Well that's great for us, for our family, now I'm going to sell this to somebody else? Really?! And then they're going to move their little kid in? And then their little kid is going to be sick?' and I'm sorry I'm a regular healthy human being, that was not ideal, that was certainly on the table and something I thought about, but I was like there's got to be a way if you can get it in, can you get it out? Can you block it? Can you fix it? What exists out there? And what I began to see if two things- number one it was real need. There were a lot of people suffering these similar and very real symptoms. Number two-nothing existed that was satisfactory to me in solving the problem. So we began to look at the products that were out there and there were things, there's a graphite paint from Germany called Y, it's the letter Y and it's very expensive, it's about $100 a liter, it's made in Germany but it's anti-EMF, it's absorbed and it's incredible, it's expensive but it's effective, right? There is titanium-dioxide in these blends that they use on space and aircraft to protect from different waves

and fields. There were some electrical filtering companies that were, they weren't doing it for your health, Benoy, but they want you to have a good stereo sound! So I brag on Bang & Olifson a lot, I would wonder when I was young, BestBuy or future shopper or one of these and you see this really great Yamaha receiver, 5-6,000 bucks, I'd ride Yamaha motorcycles, I'm a Yamaha guy, it's a great brand, the tuning force. And then you get to the mall and beside the Apple store with this Yang & Olifson and you're like what the heck is this and then you go in there and you're like 'That receiver is 8,000 dollars!' And you're like what could possibly be the difference between a $600 receiver that's going to do a great job for our and a $9,000 Yang & Olifson? And one of the differences is you're in your home theatre and you're watching Avatar, James Cameron has swept you away in this other world and you're gone and you're lost in your chair, right? But then the mini-fridge comes on and the speakers go 'tick', they pop, they crackle or something, or the screen just jitters for a second, and what happens is that it brings you out of James Cameron's world back into somebody's basement. Boom. Darn it, you're back right into reality, right? And that drives autofiles nuts because they want this all-inclusive captivating experience. So what Bang & Olifson does is that it cleans adn filters and regulates that power so that when that mini-fridge comes on or somebody vacuums, you don't see it on the line, you don't hear it in the sound, you get that consistent sound and that consistent is at a difference of $8,000! And so we began to buy all of these products adn just tear them open. MonsterCable, when I bought my home entertainment center, I bought an $800 surge protector from MonsterCable and it had my Wi-Fi going through it, my cable, my coacs were going through it, and all my stuff, and so when I had to open these products and see okay, what's in there? And then I learned about capacitor banks, and, you know, how they make your air conditioner run better and, you know, just the other products that were out there, and then I was like 'Why doesn't someone put all this stuff into one thing?' Right? You got your EMF filter, your got your dirty electricity filter, you got your stereo filter, you got your surge protector, your capacitor, you have all these things and they all come from different manufacturers, the average person doesn't know if they're god or bad or how they work. When you buy something you go by rice truly thinking if it's more expensive it's better, oftentimes that's true, but not always. And so I was like 'Well, I have to fix my son and not only can I help my own child, but I can help potentially with this product line, everybody and everybody's child that's suffering from this'. I had to raise some money, I had a few dollars from my old career path and I hired a really great engineering team, I've got a science and engineering background, but I knew I wasn't the guy to do it myself or alone. So one of the things that Tony Robbins taught me as a graduate of his leadership academy was how to find the skillsets you need to inspire them, get buy-in and then lead them to success or to victory adn that's my greatest skillset. So I put that skillset to work! I got one of the guys hat worked on teh Craftman's drills with that brushless motor design, it was revolutionary, in fact it was very similar design is in a larger version what powers the Tesla automobile. Well I headhunted that guy adn I got him. WHen Brian Schwitzer, our governor at the time, sent his energy team over to Japan, one of the guys that went over with him is a biomedical engineer PhD from MIT, Dr. Bradley Layton, who ran the University of Montana Alternative Energy Department, I headhunted him and I stole him, I got him. Bryan Jackson, you know, had done over 100 million in wind projects, he's a great Google, you'll see him clear up standing on one of those wind turbines, you know, on a harness clear up there in he sky and he's got an engineering degree and MBA, stole him. I just brought the best guys, Dr. Lynn Churchill teaches mathematics and physics at the University of Montana, got him! I just scored the guys that I needed, I just them my story, I cried to them and I told them that, you know, what we're doing and what we're trying to accomplish and what it's going to mean and I can't pay you what you're worth today, will you please help me? Will you please come on this journey with me? And I was able to recruit and build an all-star engineering cast, that's probably the single biggest reason, my personal drive, my ability to team-build, why we make the best products of this sort on the market today, period, by some stretch."   

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Benoy: "That's amazing to get that all-star team and as you learned it's all about taking passion to solve a problem and getting the team. It would be interesting to hear about the product and how it works. It would be great if you could talk about that and how are people learning about that, I think the big thing about that is the marketing of it, right? I don't think a lot of people are familiar with EMF radiation. Can you talk to that? Like, because a lot of what you're doing is educating to public, right?, and then getting them comfortable that this is an issue and helping people who might not know what is is and congrats to you, that's pretty amazing." 

B.D.: "It's very hard in the beginning, especially in fringe science, so we were really redigated to pseudo-science and you're marginalized, you're teased, you're said that it's not real, maybe you're dealing or trading in fear, you're wearing your tinfoil hats, and you know, there wasn't a lot of traditional science on this road because it's new, it's like, you know, so the

Romans delivered water via the aqueducts, an absolute engineering modern marvel, it was a feet of engineering at the time, we also know that a lot of that was delivered by lead, it was 100 years later when they realized that lead poisoning led to insanity and that, you know, making wine and moving water and stuff, and lead were detrimental. Rome did not do it to hurt anyone, they just didn't know about lead at the time, right? How about asbestos and the building material, it was the number one building material on the planet in '73, and in 76 they learned about mesothelioma, right? Or roughly those dates. And so what happens when you're out in front, people aren't aware of it but people are getting sick and they don't know why, and then you're in this cutting edge, almost bleeding edge almost tech in the beginning and you get marginalized and it hurts because the say you'll full of crap or whatever else and that stings, but that's when you need an angry dad, a parent with a sick child, to stay on target, to stay on course, adn my favorite movie is 'Lorenzo's Oil', it's about this young man who had a brain disorder and there was an oil that the parents found that was able to slow his decline. Sometimes it takes somebody who cares deeply and is passionate to keep pushing even when it takes a while for mainstream science to catch up, but it is catching up. So, you know, in the beginning it was hard so we had to say, 'Okay, here are the symptoms, here's the causes, here's how you re-mitigate it, and how do you test that and prove it?' So, you know, meters being able to validate and being able to demonstrate, right? 

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So you can't hear it, Benoy, you can't see it, you can't taste it, you can't smell it, you can't touch it, it's like carbon monoxide or like radon gas, well, is radon gas not real because you can't see it, touch it, smell it? It's very real, right? It's very damaging! But it's a little harder to detect! So now, you know, radon mitigation specialists exist in all of our cities to test your home for radon and then put in some kind of vent or fan or something to get it out. We're in kind of a very similar thing where you're dealing with something real and measurable, but unless you're looking for it you won't see it. But now, you know, so many things have come to light, poisons that sometimes leach from plastics or lead in paint or cigarette smoking that for a while there was kind of a lag time where new technology hits or a new product hits that fire retardant stuff that they put in couch cushions! I mean, there's been a lot of things in our history where there are really great discoveries for a while and then there's a lag time in it, Benoy, that's what we're hitting right now, we're hitting right now where it is no longer marginalized, it is no longer marginalized, it is no longer pseudo-science, it has now been proven beyond any reasonable contestation that you don't want your house

under power lines and you don't want the 5G cell tower on your personal home roof! That's not where you want it! These things do have an effect on the biological and it's harmful. So, yes, number one is educating people about the culprits, and ideally just avoid them, don't just buy my stuff, come on knock if off, the first thin you want to do is that you want to be cognizant of the culprits and avoid them, just start there, avoid them. And then when you're in a situation where your house is too close or you've got a smart meter on your house or you've got solar on your house or something that's causing it, okay, what's plan B? Let's measure it and let's mitigate it, that's where our company comes in." 


Benoy: "I guess that's the primary product that does that is that the Power Perfect wire-in? Can you talk about the products or how that works?" 

B.D.: "Yeah! I'd love to! I love how you're letting me talk about the product line! So a lot of our stuff often times suggest that you get a meter so you can see what are my levels in my home. Ideally, you don't have a lot of it, ideally you're okay. I'm regular healthy average Joe human being that just wants your family to not need anything because you don't have it. If you are suffering from it, okay great, lets identify it, what are your levels, what are your culprits and then how do we attack it? So there are some other companies that make plug-in units and we make plug-in units and they are very effective, our industry leader that's 5-star rated, has passed so many third party tesets and validations. So many different EMF companies sell and use our product line, we call it Power Perfect and it is a wire-in product that wires in at your braker panel and it cleans, filters, regulates, surges protects all the power coming through that main distribution panel to the main family home, office, bedroom, etc., it does it in real time. It's made in America, we use the best components that's the very finest component sets that we are able to source, and it comes with a 10-year warranty and a 10-year guarantee, if you're not getting the result it's money back guaranteed every time. What usually happens though is the customer doesn't want to send it back, do you know what they want? They want to be better! They want to be healthy! They don't want to send anything back, they want to fix their kiddo! Right?! 


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And so we say okay, well what room has got it? And so a lot of times they'll say oh well they've got a smart meter and a lot of that radiation is coming into this room. Okay! So we need to shield that. So we invented a product called FieldShield and it's got that Y Paint in it that we talked about, its got that carbon ceramic titanium dioxide product from the space program that I talked about, its got conductors and resisters inside it and it plugs in adn you can put that on the wall now opposite yur smart meter or opposite your neighbor's smart meter or your solar inverter, and then you're blocking 99.9% of that EMF radiation, 99% of that harmful remittance you're stopping there at the source. And so now, okay, we can start really troubleshooting what the family, the best thing that I've got here is not my product line or our tech, it's our team. So we've got this fabulous engineering team, we have this fabulous manufacturing and assembly team, and we've got our tech support. Our tech support, we've got three people here that are EMF remediating specialists that are full-time, they're 9-6 Monday to Friday, they will take your call to take your credit card

they will help you troubleshoot, they will help you source, they will help you, first of all, identify your culprits and just turn the dumb stuff off. In a 5 minute conversation, you can start to educate yourself and come down this road a little bit with us and hopefully you don't need anything, if you do, what do you need? Where does it go? And then how do I know it's working? THat's a big thing for me, okay, I bought it now how do I know it's working> Vitamins! We all take vitamins! We take supplements, we take green drinks, everybody, everybody does it, we all do it! But it's not like you take two vitamins and then immediately feel better, right? It's the lag time and hoping that you do, well I don't know about you but I've taken a lot of supplements, I don't know if I've ever felt anything, I don't know, they were probably good for me, I don't know how you test it. The wonderful thing about these products, Benoy, is that you can see right now in real time the before and after, you don't have a wait a week a month a year to know if they're working, you'll know right then, and if not, if you're not seeing a result, well that a bigger issue, well now we've got to look at your wiring, the culprits, the causes, some other things and we don't leave you hanging! I mean, we troubleshoot them right there with you! And oftentimes it's a wiring error in your house or an outlet, you know, the reverse, the neutral, the ground are all reversed, and your outlet will still work, it doesn't care, devices will still work but it's not using that electricity effectively now and it's creating a lot of radiation from that outlet that before you put a meter in it or near it, how would you ever know that?! You plug something in and it works, it works! You don't go any farther beyond that in your mind, why would you? There's too many other things to worry about, right? So we start identifying some of these things and it's amazing when you talk to a caring staff that treats you with respect and listens to your story a little bit and that helps you mitigate this for your home, for your family, and then usually pretty quickly, so we can instantly see it on a meter, people begin to feel it. That kind of "feeling it" thing is very female biology in my experience, we've had hundreds of customers where it's usually a female and her back is to the demonstration, her back is to the outlet and we plug the unit in and she says 'I feel it!', unplug and she says 'It's back!' I hear it, I hear the noise or the it's disruptive or it's fuzzy or it's blurry or it's painful even, and you plug the unit in without them being able to see it or hear it and they can feel it. Now I'm not full of beans! People right now are going like 'B.D. is full of beans!' I'm not! I'm not! There have been too many times, we haven't been in business for two years, we've been in business for 13! We've sold thousands of these per month, we have thousands of testimonials, I have personally hundreds of people with their back turned and they can tell if it's in or it it's out. Hundreds! We have hundreds of online testimonials, so many written testimonials about their health, their sleep, their anxiety, their fear, their depression, their child. Good sleep, nobody gets good sleep anymore! I used to go down for six hours and I felt refreshed, I felt fine, yeah, you know, I hurt getting out of bed a little bit because I'm getting older, but I slept and I had these vivid dreams and I remember waking up in the morning and you're still kind of in your dream for a minute so you're like where am I? I'm in my bed, was that real? Did that happen? You're kind of groggy for a minute. Man, I didn't get good sleep like that for years! I could be in bed for eight hours but I never felt refreshed. Even in the morning, even if I got eight hours, you shouldn't need more sleep than that. I still didn't feel refreshed and I think a lot of that is, you know, your phone is on, it's by you, the 4G, the 5G, the Wi-Fi is on, your DVR and your cable thing is on, your TV and everything is in standby, you're just getting fried, Benoy, you're just getting fried, right? And the Wi-Fi and the cell tower and the dish network and the directTv, you're just living in this haze, and when you quiet that, I compare it a lot of times to camping. I live in Western Montana and a big thing here is hiking and camping. When you're camping, you're on the ground or an air bed and there's always a stick that goes right through the middle of your back that you missed when you were setting up your tent, you didn't see it. You pull your sleeping bag out and there's a rock in your hip and there's a stick in your back, but you sleep great! It hurts, you ache when you wake up because you had a stick in your back all night but you rested! Why? I'm telling you, I believe it's because you're out of it, you're out of the fuzz, you're out of that stuff, and unfortunately, I'm not calling anyone sinister we've just for a convenience of tech and smart homes and all these things, we've moved all of these disrupters into our home and it's keeping a lot of us from getting that really good deep restful sleep that we need to function at peak performance, and when you get that deep restful sleep, I don't care what it costs you, 200 or 2,000, boy a week into it, you really begin to feel a change in your life.  

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Benoy: "I've never heard of this before, that's amazing! And you know one thing that's so true with the meters to be able to read what the impact is, but for people to instantly to be able to tell when your product is plugged in or not, that's just phenomenal!" 

B.D.: "It's just like a couple things, we have a couple meters, one of them is called the Lined Meter, what does that mean? It means it plugs in, it's on the line, it's reading what's on your electrical system. Here's why this is important, so when I was a young guy in town we listened to the radio, come one, it was before a lot of, you know, XM and stuff that really kicked off, I'm sure you listened to CD's or MP3's, but my group we listened to more FM radio in town, once you get out of town you don't get any more FM, you're on AM now even in some spots it might be difficult to set satellite even. Well, what picks that up? It's an antennae on your car. So cars don't really have normal antennas anymore, they were like two or three feet long, they were just that whippy metal that you strike your buddy in the bottom with or play Zorro swords with, right? Now it's kind of 

cool and thin on the top of your car or it's a shark fin adn that's an antennae. So, when you plug our meter into your electrical system, what is your electrical system? It's wiring! Not aluminum usually, it's copper, high-quality wiring or around your house in the interior and exterior walls, and so not only is that going to radiate the dirty electricity on that system, it's also going to catch, it becomes an antennae just like the antennae on the hood of your car. But it's a super antennae! When you plug that in, you know, you're getting a reading on not only what yo're getting fro dirty electricity but the wireless tuff too and all that interference and distortion because you're plugging into an antennae. So that meter, for example. Benoy, should say under 100 ideally, man most houses that we go into you see 1,000! If they're got a smart meter or solar, then our meter only goes to 2,999 so it will either be 2,800 or 2,900 towards the max or it will just error out, the screen will just go blank. It's so high it can't even read it. So you plug the filter in, you know, a Power Perfect in and boom! You see it come down to 30, 25, that number under 100 that you're looking for. So there's two ways, you know, people can feel it like we're talking about, like we're teasing about but it's true! Some people, their body is also a meter, they can feel it. Another meter that we have is called a TriField meter and so it's going to have the electric field, the magnetic field and the RF field, and then it doesn't plug in, it takes what's coming in over the air and you can measure it. When you use our products, you will see them drop there substantially right in real time."

Benoy: "That's amazing to hear! I mean, this is something that I haven't been familiar about and I think this is really helpful because you're educating our listeners who are probably not as familiar with it as well, so I really appreciate you going into the detail and going into the product and going into how EMF radiation is produced and the readings and the antennas because I think people can really understand it better when you talk about specific examples. One thing that I thought was interesting you mentioned, obviously, that solar creates EMF radiation, can you talk about how solar does that and how that is being created?" 

B.D.: "So one of the things that I would like to do too is try and maybe visualize what dirty electricity and this stuff is, so there are two analogies that I like to use, so number one is these things travel in a wave, fields have waves, electricity moves in a wave, right?, in a wave pattern. So you're sitting, let's say, on the beach at a lake and you hear the waves and you see the waves build and it's such a soothing sound, right? You see them or hear them crash on the shore, how frequently they crash, how often, that's their frequency, that's what frequency is, how many times something occurs in a minute. Well, let's say you're on the beach on the North Shore of Oahu and there's these huge waves up in Alajuela and he just sucks half the beach out with him and it seems like he goes out a block and he builds this huge wave that crashes and a crescendo of white foam and you could watch it for a lifetime, right? Those waves hit a lot less frequently because they're bigger and higher and all that stuff, they have a lower frequency, they happen less frequently. So let's go back to the lake just for fun and you're sitting on the beach now and those are crashing but a boat goes by and that creates big waves but they're not in the same perfect shape or the same direction as the natural waves because the boat was going left and then he was going right and he's pulling a skier, and then there's a guy pulling a tube and then a jet skier goes by and all these waves now begin to crash, they're coming at different angles, they're coming at different speeds, different frequencies, that's really what happens to electricity with the use of our devices. I mean, you just begin to have all of these different waves and different frequencies and amplitudes and stuff happening. So that's kind of number one, that's kind of an idea of what dirty electricity looks like visually, but another part of it that has another aspect to it is intensity. So let's say I'm right beside you, Benoy, and I punch you in the arm, well the punch in the arm has two aspects to it- number one, how hard am I hitting you? Am I just tapping you or am I really blasting you so I'm going to leave a bruise? So number one is intensity, number two is that frequency that we talked about, how hard, how many times? So am I doing it really fast or really slow? So if I just tap you really lightly, even if it was in the same spot for a long time, it might start to get sore, but if I move that around your body, oh Benoy, that's a massage baby, I'm charging you $45 an hour for that, right?, because that's nice! So what happens is is that we get all of these waves coming at us when we're at rest, they affect us more when we're sleeping, sitting still, etc., because it's hitting us in the same spot. So now how does solar relate to this? Well, pretty easy! Solar makes direct current in the panels and then it's the inverter's job to turn this into alternating current with a 60 Hertz sinewave in the US and two legs of 120 volts, okay, just unfortunately just the sheer operation of that what mechanically and electricity wise has to happen to create that creates a nice electromagnetic field. It creates EMFs, it creates dirty electricity, and I'm not bashing solar, I grew up in a solar panel family, I grew up in a solar power house, like in the 70's our family's house had panels, the number one solar dealer in Western Montana, I love it, I'm a fan, I'm not being negative because I love it, I'm simply stating a reality that by the operation of phasing that direct current to 120 volts for alternating current creates that EMF radiation and so unfortunately, we begin to push to push that through the house. It requires something else, you've got to have your net meter, you've got to have your smart meter, so one of the biggest things with solar is what are you going to do? We're going to pull a permit! So we've got to engineer it and we've got to install it and the we have to have the electrician hook it up, we've got to inspect it, we've got to get a net meter, that's solar right there, right? Well you get that net meter and it's now a smart meter. Smart meters are also one of the major contributors in culpriters because it's a computer, it's a switchmode power supply, so we now have one of the known culprits, a switchmode power supply delivering all of our power and it's a cell tower! It's contacting, sending and receiving with the utility in real time! So there's two things you don't want, EMF and radiation. I'm sorry, that's almost by definition almost a solar inverter. And, that RF, that sign over the powerlines over the airways and the powerlines of that smart meters! So unfortunately when you go solar, you get the one-two punch of the two biggest culprits in the whole world of dirty electricity and EMF."


Benoy: "That's good to know, and obviously your product helps with mitigating that and it sounds like it absorbs most of the EMF radiation, is that correct? Like 99%?" 

B.D.: "You're absolutely correct! So I'm not a boastful guy, I don't drop a lot of names but many of the, you know this from the interview process, you checked me out a little bit, I love you, some of the very biggest solar companies in American on the sales and EPC sides are now including at least as an offering one of our Power Perfect boxes on every install they do. It goes on the same panel as your solar, as your inverter as your smart meter and it filters 90-95% of all this radiation and all of this dirty electricity out. And so it's actually not dirtier after, but because we filter it so effectively, it's actually cleaner then it was before you had those new devices." 

Benoy: "I'm just curious, the solar companies that are using your product, are they marketing that as an add-on or is it included in the price? Are they educating their customers about the device and how it will help them?"

Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 4.46.37 PM.png

B.D.: "That's a great question! They all don't follow the same pattern. They don't all brag about it. So let's say you're solar company A and I'm solar company B, let's face it we're both going to get a tier one panel, we're both going to get tier one racking, that's easy, and we're going to get both tier one inverters, components are getting so cheap these days, we can all source them, we're all going to have a pretty competitive offering, and like I said in the beginning, I think most solar companies do a pretty good job, right? So how do you compete? Well, price per watt, that's a yawner, that's a race to the bottom, who wants to race to the bottom, right? You have to have enough money to stay in business, you have to have enough money to build a good team and keep them, you have to have enough money to have good employers and customers get a good experience. You want your customer to have a bad experience? Send a grump! Well you don't want to send a grump, you want someone that shows up with a smile, you want someone that smells fresh and somebody when they answer the phone with a smile, and you can hear a smile! You know that you can! So how do you keep those great people so you can give a great experience? You have to make a little money. So one way these companies differentiate themselves is rather than shying away from EMF and dirty electricity and pretending it's not true and just putting this stuff on this family's house potentially and accidentally even harming them, instead they go 'hey, we have an optimizer for you. People call it an optimizer or a harmonizer, you know how people get their own vernacular that kind of sings to them, and then they sing to them, and then they say they're going to add this piece of equipment at no charge or nominal charge so that it lowers your amp draw on your energy hogs, you air conditioners, refrigerator, freezer, so solar actually does a tiny bit better. So there's a marginal gain, measurable, when you lower the amps on your big energy hogs, your solar gets more bang for the buck, it's a real measurable thing with the solar, it makes a better offering, but now we have this whole health component now, or maybe we were going to add some things to the family's house that definitely maybe would affect them, now we've taken that off the table, so it really helps them to have a better offering. And another thing it does you can install it right away. So one of the things that happens to all of us with solar is, you know, we really might be two to five weeks from putting the panels on their roof and that's a long time from them to get three other bids, that's a long time for a brand to come up and undercut you just for somebody who's thinking, you know, I don't know maybe I shouldn't do it because all that stuff that happens in any sales career path that somebody could steal your deal or something else. This is a product that you can install immediately, you can get it tomorrow, you can start saving, we're going to save about 8-12% of your bill starting immediately. So you've closed a sale, it's a little bit of a puppy dog sale, we've given them something of value, it's been installed, they're benefitting today, and so now whoever might come and try and undercut that deal, by a doll they all do it! It's a very common practice unfortunately in our industry, you've already cemented your deal. And so think about the wins, the solar works better, proven beyond contestation, we've got so many third party studies in that 8% range that it's undeniable. You have huge health effects in that taking away the potentially of accidentally doing harm to a little family, and number three we get to really have a better offering and cement our deal today with something that very other few companies have, that's why our success has become so big, that's why we've had to increase manufacturing, that's why we have to buy a new building, that's why we have to get more employees and all this stuff because once they begin to grapple with that and understand that, and it's so fun because with solar too, we're going to have a month before we can install it too and another month before your first power bill, you're two months out on seeing a result. This is something with a meter it's a fun demonstration that sizzles, you can show them right now and once we install it and have this really low number on all the meters, I'm sorry, families love it! I just want to protect our kids, that's, you know, one of the things that's just in our biology to protect our family and our kids and when they see that they're protecting them in real time, it's a fun and compelling business that I'm blessed to be where I am today." 


Benoy: "I feel like it's only the beginning, like as you mentioned, you talked about 5G and smart meters as it becomes more popular, people are going to get more educated about EMF radiation and to have the products that you have to help reduce significantly EMF radiation that's huge, so, it's exciting to hear about it. I think it's interesting too because solar is not a race to the bottom, right? But it's adding things of value that will benefit the customer in adding your product even at the same price or incremental, I think that's a way of differentiating during the sales process that's out of the box and the typical residential solar installer." 

B.D.: "Absolutely correct, you nailed it." 

Benoy: "One of the things that I was going to ask you was can you talk about the solar market in Western Montana, you know, you focus on residential solar, obviously there's a lot of, as you said, great solar installers out there and it's extremely competitive, I mean, you obviously focused on this other business that you have which you can make a bigger impact,

and I'm curious what is it like in Western Montana? How popular is solar specifically like the residential market? Just because a lot of our listeners are in solar and might not be familiar with Montana the state and how solar is growing in the state of Montana?"


B.D.: "So our main utility is about 12.3 cents per kilowatt, it's not a great solar market but it's decent. We have great net metering and, you know, we have per watt buy back net meter which is excellent for solar, our state has a 500 per homeowner, so $1,000 per couple additional tax credits that come from the state on top, and we have a lot of farmers, ranchers, etc. that want remote power supplies, so it's amazing because I thought maybe our customer would be a little more green-thinking or be an adopter, believe it or not our customers are so often ranchers, they're so often people that want to cut costs, maybe have some remote power to water animals or do something with the customer's signature doesn't look in real life that maybe I thought it would look like. But, you know, I live in Western Montana, my town of Missoula is I think has 60-70,000 in the town, you know that greater metropolitan area is about 125,000, we do not advertise. We install probably two a week, we're not a big solar company, three install crews and vans and stuff, we do two maybe three on a good week, and these customers just call or walk in the door, we don't advertise, we don't really market, we don't really do that much stuff, and our install calendar is full. We do a lot of stuff in the community like we did the food bank at just the cost of the screws and the things that went into it, we recently did Watson's Children Shelter which is a homeless shelter for displaced children, and we did a really nice $40,000 installation on that facility for free. We do a lot of things in our community, we do things for 4H and we do things for the kids and so I think people see us a lot, we do things for our local university, for our Griz football team, our home team, and so I think a lot of people just know that we're put there in the community, we're a good employer, we pay well, people like to work for us, and we'll give you a 5-star experience, and it's just a 5-star experience if everything goes right, it doesn't go right! That's not life! It's giving a 5-star experience when it goes wrong, I'm sorry, every single installer has put their screwdriver or their drill on the roof at some point and that thing has slid off and landed on the customer's car, I'm sorry, it happens to everybody! And so now it's not what's happened to you, it's what you do with it. When you knock on the door and say I wanted to tell you that my drill is on the front seat of your Lexus, unfortunately it went through the windshield, that's how it got there, right?! At some point you're having that conversation! And so it's not about when something goes wrong, it's about what you do with it when it does, how you talk to people and how you treat people and you're smile and your gracious attitude and your humble heart and how you treat people, and that's why we're a 5-star solar company, that's why people knock on our door and come in and buy from us because they know they're going to be treated with dignity and respect and love and that we're going to get 5-stars not when it goes right but when life is at its normal, it's exciting and when unexpected things happen and how you deal with them." 


Benoy: "That's a great point, it's really how you deal with life and negative things happen and really how you handle the situation when things are complicated which is great life advice. You mentioned this a little bit before about how you graduated from Tony Robbins, I forget the wording that you used for it but, you actually worked as well for Tony Robbins's company, can you talk about what you learned from that experience?" 

B.D.: "Yeah! Boy, it's hard to put a decade into a quick interview but, you know, I attended my first Tony Robbins event when I was very blue and my dad kind of kidnapped me, if you will, and he took me. Tony Robbins wasn't there, it wasn't some big fancy thing, it was in Spokane Washington in a chiropractors office, Tony wasn't there, he was simply on a projector on a while wall and we did what's called 'Breakthrough' and you write your limiting beliefs on a board and you punch the board, and it's about four hours long and I'm going to tell you right now, it changed my life. It took me from, you know people say things

like you can do, be, have, whatever you want and you go yeah, yeah, yeah, no probably, but when you're a little kid, you're six, you can be the president, you can be an astronaut, you can be a sea boat captain, you can be these things and then, you know, somewhere over our voyage you get let down, you get disappointed, you didn't make the team, you didn't make the choir, you didn't make the school, you didn't get the grade, you're not good enough, you're not smart enough, handsome enough, tall enough, pretty enough, whatever, and that stuff just grinds on you for a while and so it's like you're this river rock and now you're sand and now you're chalk, life just has a tendency to do that to you, you know, so it really reminds you, those events remind you that potentiality is still there and that really a lot of the bad things that happened, they're made you better and they have not made you worse. Oh they hurt but you are not less because of them, you're more. And a lot of times when you look back if the opportunity, Benoy, to change some of the bad things that happened to you, I would argue that upon real reflection that you would say I don't want to, I've already experienced it, the pain is gone now, so what I learned from that, the person it made me be, the lessons that it taught me, the resilience that I gained, the character that was revealed, I wouldn't undo them. So, one of the main things it taught me was to remind myself that it's pure potentiality in front of me, so mind what I say, mind what I do, mind what I draw to myself, and so I went to several UPU's, unleash the power within as a participant, I paid a lot of money and went through mastery university, I graduated from his mastery university and then I went on to leadership academy and I completed his leadership academy and then I would go on to spend a lot of time with the crew and leadership team at events all over the world really helping other people have a great experience and fire walk and hopefully gain the transformation and the insight and the wisdom and the self-belief that I got for myself. So that's helped me immensely in building my team keeping high buy-in, keeping my team feeling engaged and loved and appreciated and on-the-goal, seeing themselves and seeing how they have a part in it as much as me. The last thing you want to do is, you know, 'Hey Benoy here's what I want to do, I want you to get up at 6, strap on your work boots and put your work gloves on and then come and build my dream', that just sounds awful, right? That sounds awful. Now for enough wages you can hire someone to do it, but now we're a horse trader, I'm trading the hours of your life for money, but what if instead, you know, we got up together, we put on our work boots and we go build our dream? You can see how you benefit in that and you're invested and you're a stakeholder and you're going to share in it, and we need you, and so you've got this crucial role and we've got this big project that we're going to do and we can't do it without you, we wouldn't want to do it without you. And we're going to celebrate the win together and share the money together and we're going to celebrate the experience together and then we're going to have parties and get-together's with our husbands and our wives and our kids are going to come and, you know, we're going to barbeque and celebrate the wins and we're going to travel. You know, we do company events, we do company retreats, we do team-building exercises, we have gold tournaments, we have craps tournaments, we have all kinds of things that we do, like we went white-water rafting last Wednesday to keep everyone engaged in remembering that in, you know, your job is not your life, your job is a way to create income so that you can have a life, you life is your god, your family, your fun, your music, the things that inspire and motivate you. And so let's keep you here at little hours of the day as we have to for the most pay possible that the least pain and the most pleasure so that we can all have lives we're proud of and compelling futures to look forward to."


Benoy: "Yeah that is amazing because you're really talking about how you took the concepts from Tony Robbins and then implemented them into your own company and then taking your own personal beliefs and ideologies and that's pretty great suggestions on how to run a successful company and having everyone engaged for a mutual goal and dream which I think you have to have to be successful and also to be short-term leading, so that's great perspective. It's interesting because, just to kind of change the topic a little bit, we're seeing increased use of electricity, we talked about, obviously, the proliferation of solar, 5G, smart meters, just even if we talk about electrification of the car fleet and then people are talking about the increasing usage of electricity and renewable energy when you talk about cannabis and crypto-mining, you know, can you talk about all of these different things that everyone's trying to understand and kind of your perspective on it?" 

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 3.24.23 PM.png

B.D.: "I think, you know, as far as EMF and solar, some of the stuff that gets missed or overlooked unintentionally are the changes that are happening right now in the electrification of our world, right? You touched on some really important ones, so what happened maybe over the last decade was wanting to decommission these coal plants, you have these very expensive coal burning plants nationally and we're like 'hey, we've got to get off fossil fuels and onto renewable, and I think we all, every person alive, you don't have to be a greeney or a hippe, you've just got to be a living breathing person that's healthy to say we've got to be good stewards. Polar bears need to live where it's cold and have a safe place, and tigers in India we've got to stop hunting these guys, we've got to let them, you know, proliferate a little bit, and the big African elephants being taken, you don't have to be a greeney to say hey you can still be good stewards, don't litter in the lake! Don't throw your beer can in the river, knock it off! You know? You don't have to be that, so, one way, you know, I think this is showing up is decommissioning these coal plants. So what happened at the same time? Well, several things, and let's just bite a couple of these things off, indoor marijuana growing, marijuana

for the majority of my life has been a prison sentence to grow or even possession of marijuana, there's thousands of people in prison all over our country now for having possession of marijuana when it was illegal and now you can grow it. Okay, so these legal, very legal, well-run marijuana facilities use massive amounts of electricity, so we're talking about on the one hand decommissioning cheap power and on the other hand changing legislation that has this huge demand now for cheap power, so marijuana growing in some cases takes a megawatt of power, we've seen incredible energy hogs for this market, and I'm not against this market at all! I think it's an important market! I think, you know, CBD and some things have revolutionized some other industries and so that demand simply has to be met, Benoy, no matter how we meet it, it must be met. Something else that wasn't a thing in my world or anything in our world like 15 years ago is crypto-currency and so crypto-currency mines, our company SATIC USA is actually the electrical engineering firm in the power systems engineers to some huge crypto facilities in Montana. The reason Montana is so appealing to crypto-miners is because these machines get very hot, so if you have these machines in Texas where it's already hot, the biggest part of your bill is going to be HVAC now to cool these machines to keep them cool. In Montana, you know what you do if you want cool? You open a window! You get plenty of cool! Right?! So they put them in these huge facilities with doors facing east and west and they open the doors adn the wind blows right through and the cool so you don't have HVAC costs. They naturally stay warm from the computers and you just cool them with just water adn air, it's very inexpensive. Number two we have very cheap electricity and it can get as cheap as four cents electricity if you use enough of it so it's very appealing. Well, some of these take four, five, I've heard 15 megawatts of power! So on one hand, we want to use less power, we want to decommission some of these things, on the other hand we have these new emerging technologies, love them or hate them, doesn't matter, doesn't make any different about how you feel about them, feelings don't matter here, they're here. They use energy and they need energy and they consume energy and something's got to be done about them. Number three, electric cars! That's another fossil fuel! You used to put in gasoline, now you're putting in watts, right? You're putting in kilowatt hours, you're putting in energy from electricity instead, this is a new demand coming baby! And what's interesting too is these all create dirty electricity as well! Indoor grows, what is it? It's lights and HVAC! Come on now, lights, it goes you know, smart meters number one dirty electricity, inverter number two, lighting number three, so these high-intensity discharge lights and, you know, all these fancy lights create a lot of heat and they create a lot of dirty electricity. So two things have happened now, we need a lot of power and we're going to make it really dirty. So now crypto-mining, what is that? It's computers, what are computers? Switchmode power supplies, they're number four for dirty electricity! So it goes smart meters, solar inverters, lighting, computers! Switch mode power supply! And so we're doing the same thing, we need to a ton of power and boy are we going to use it poorly! We're really going to make it dirty, right? And then what's the last one? Automobiles! They want DC! Cars don't charge on AC, I mean they do but the battery requires DC and so you need a converter now to turn this into DC and unfortunately that very process is almost the definition of dirty electricity because you're changing frequency and wave and removing waves or adding them depending on which way you're going etc. So I love the points that you brought up because it's real, it's measurable, it's coming for you baby! And it's coming for you because the way we use technology today, laptops, tablets, all these DC devices in our world naturally distorts the waveform, they naturally change frequency, they naturally increase dirty electricity and therefore it's subsequent EMF radiation, it's a real thing, it's here and it's only going one way, it's only getting worse." 

Benoy: "Yeah that's a great summary of a lot of different concepts in how really the increased use of electricity is going to relay increase exponentially as well in EMF radiation. I guess it's extremely challenging to think about, I mean, it's a great problem but how your company is going to handle the increase in demand that you'll have in future years because one people get educated and as this grows exponentially, the use of electricity and obviously EMF radiation, people will understand what your product is and buy it. I'm pretty sure you think about it but...

B.D.: "I lose sleep over it! So once we were the power systems engineer to the biggest, we were  told at the time it was the biggest crypto-mine in America, is that true? I don't know, these guys are very secretive, I don't even know how you fact check that, and I'm under NDA, but it was multiple megawatts of power. So they brought us in to clean up that power to cool down their machines because they're not using HVAC, they're using air and water, and so a cooler machine is going to run faster, it's going to last longer, and they're going to get more bang for the buck, so then we had


these crypto-currency companies flying us all over the country, well not all over the country, basically the northwest where those stats align of cool weather and cheap electricity, so Utah, Idaho, Washington state primarily, these huge crypto-currency companies are coming in and helping us design their facility with our systems to clean that power. They weren't doing it to save the universe, god love them they're not bad people, it just wasn't their focus, their focus was to lower energy costs because that's the primary, after the capital expense of a computer and a place to put it, and then the next big expense is electricity. So our ability to lower the bills by, you know it wasn't huge, 6-8%, for these facilities for them that was life-changing, when you're using megawatts that was a huge, you know, factor for them. And then for the indoor grows, because you also want these lights to last a long time, so it's like your first major capital investment is the facility and the plants and the soil and then lights. So what do you want? You want these lights to last as long as possible. Hello! Power Perfect! And you want the energy bill to be as low as possible because that's probably your main on-going source of overhead right now. And the difference between profit and overhead is revenue baby! And revenue and expenses is profit! So that really has been great for our company, as you know we've been expanding, building new facilities, hiring more people, adding to our team and now since


so many solar companies are beginning to add our products, it's really been hard here lately getting a lot of components, getting and sourcing a lot of the components now because we're expanding so rapidly has created new and exciting challenges for my team, but you know we're up to it, I'm so grateful that these things are happening for our company right now and my team members are the people that have loved me and bought in to help me get here and they deserve the big win, we want to help all the customers we can because we, for our part, believe and know that it's harmful, it's measurable, and we're all searching for happiness and quality of life. So if our company can be built on delivering even a tiny improvement to happiness and quality of life then our time is well spent and our life is of value." 

Benoy: "And I appreciate what you and your company are doing and making a different in this world, like this has been a really interesting interview, B.D., I really appreciate your time today. If our listeners are interested in learning more about Satic, what's the best way for them to do that?"

B.D.: "Our main website is our company name SATIC, S-A-T-I-C USA. So is our main company website, and we do have a store, our store is called SATICShield, regular spelling, S-A-T-I-C shield, and that's our store. And you know I wanted to talk to you, Benoy, about thanking our listeners and doing a promo-code that everyone that listened to this podcast, if you have time, if you believe, if you're feeling it, if this is resonating with your heart, go to and don't buy anything, just look! Look at our tech reports, look at our technology, look at our testimonials and stuff, and if that vibrates with you, we have some offerings, we will send you a meter to borrow to see, we would potentially let you try some of our products and do some things to see, and when you go to our store,, if you'll put the promo-code 'Maverick', regular spelling just like Benoy's show here, you will receive a 10% discount on your entire store at checkout as our personal thank you, from us, for listening, for enjoying the podcast, and for being a like-minded doer of good." 


Benoy: "I really appreciate you doing that for our listeners, we'll obviously have that in the notes of the podcast, as well everything you said so it will be easier for people to follow, and thank you again! And our listeners who we call Mavericks, remember to use the promotion code 'Maverick' when you're at at checkout to get a 10% discount on basically anything that you purchase on the website. It's been really educational for me, I've really learned a lot and I'm sure our listeners as well as our listeners, thank you B.D.!" 

B.D.: "You have a great podcast, you have a great following, you have a great listenership, thank you for having me!" 

Benoy: "Oh anytime!" 

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