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Case Study: The Clean Energy Project


This report summarizes the results of a study that was done by Industria Energy, a USA-based company has this complimentary study for Haven Health. The data collection, documentation and reporting was provided in conjunction with partners at Satic USA. This study and data collection report is intended to offer insight into the potential energy savings and benefits gained from the implementation of 'Energy Management Equipment'. Specifically for this case study, Satic PowerPerfect Energy Management Systems were used. The test site was Haven Health Globe, and the electrical panel selected for the test was one Air Handler panel, which from this point on will be referred to as 'the panel'. 

As the basis of our discussion; ‘Energy Management’ can be either active and dynamic, or the static management of the electrical current in a particular system. It is this writer’s belief that it should take into account and address each of the 7 key attributes to Alternating Current. For the readers benefit we have included a Lexicon of electrical terms as the last page of this brief. For quick edification Volts = Pressure, Amps = Current, Watts = Real Power, THD = Total Harmonic Distortion, EMF = Electro Magnetic Fields, Resistance = Losses as electricity travels.

Addressing each of these attributes, on every possible electrical pathway guarantees clean electricity throughout the entire distribution system. In order to condition the energy inside of this particular building, with the outcome being the conservation of energy, we installed units to regulate voltage and filter electrical surges, eliminate negative harmonics (which create EM Radiation) and reduce amps.

A 3 Phase Satic Power Perfect Box was installed at the distribution panel.
There are non-quantifiable economic savings that may be noticed resulting from the reduction of wear and tear by reducing amps and controlling voltage for the equipment connected to “The panel”. Haven Health of Globe should purchase less replacement equipment. In addition to the economic benefits experienced via a lower utility cost, though the implementation of Satic equipment Haven Globe will also be provided with the following benefits; voltage regulation, surge protection, harmonics elimination, EMF reduction, and increased equipment longevity. 

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