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The EMF epidemic: How Modern Technology is killing you

B.D. Erickson II, CEO of Satic Shield talks with Aileeah Colgan and Irene Loveta on the Under the Sun Podcast to talk about the harsh truth that EMFs are indeed harmful to human health and our devices, but there is a way to protect ourselves from their subsequent radiation, Satic Shield's Power Perfect product line. 

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B.D. Erickson, Founder & CEO of Satic Shield, was asked to be on the Under the Sun podcast to talk about EMFs, dirty electricity and how their subsequent radiation is harmful to not only our electronic devices but to our human biology. B.D. opens up about his son and how he became sick because of high voltage power lines and how B.D. had to go on multiple deep dives to find a solution for his child. B.D. then goes on to educate about how EMFs are only going to continue to destroy our biology as long as our world continues to evolve into a modern electrified era. 


B.D. Erickson II: “So one of the ways that people actually start to discover EMF for themselves really is the tingling fingers with the cell phone. A huge portion of our population suffers from something called EHS, Electrohypersensitivity Syndrome, they’re hyper sensitive to electricity. My son has that! His skin is super sensitive and it wouldn’t allow him to find ease, to find peace, it was driving him mad you guys! It was killing my little kid! So what you’ve done is you’ve put your head, your most complex biological piece of machinery that works magnetism right by the wall, right at the same height almost as the wiring inside that electromagnetic field that’s now going to hit you constantly in the same spot until it’s sore, that’s going to create cellular damage, and they’re not bringing 5G because they love you so much that they want you to be able to download Shrek faster, 5G is absolutely for surveillance and it is a bio-weapon.”  




















Aileeah: “No, he told it like, you know like on The Office when Michael is like ‘tell me like I’m a 5-year-old’? Like, he did that for us, thank you, because I don’t understand electricity, but now I feel more knowledgeable. And so, yeah, you’re going to love this, lets get into it.


Hey guys! Welcome to today’s episode! I’m very excited to talk to B.D. Erickson! B.D., would you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?”


B.D.: “Yeah! I’m a power systems engineer for a tech manufacturing firm located in Missoula, Montana called Satic and we’re driven by a passionate belief that dirty electricity is real, measurable and a real health concern facing mankind. So our problem or our solution to that end is design the best line of clean power products available anywhere on the market today at any price.”


Aileeah: “Okay, so let’s like back up a little bit. What is dirty energy? Because like, I saw a reel that’s why we got, why we saw you guys and we’re like oh we should have them on the podcast to talk about EMFs! What is dirty energy? What is EMF? Like, people think it’s a little woo woo, like, oh you’re sensitive, like, why, like, me I won’t hold my phone if it’s charging because, like, it literally makes my body tingle, they’re like oh you’re so sensitive and I’m like no there’s something wrong here and I’ve been saying it for years, but you guys have kind of figured all of this out. Tell us, what is dirty energy and what the heck EMFs are and if they’re real.”


B.D.: “You know, you don’t have to bite that off all in one chunk. I always tell people, you know, the way you’d eat an elephant would be one bite at a time, right? So one of the ways that people actually start to discover EMF for themselves really is the tingling fingers with the cell phone. You know, you said you’re scrolling, you’re gaming or you’re doing whatever and your fingers start to tingle, and so, you know, in that moment you’re like is this caused by my phone? It probably is, it seems to follow that. And so that’s where maybe the discovery a little bit comes from, and you know I do get called the woo-woo guy a lot and because I’m not woo-woo, I’m a technical person, I never got to be in university, I’m a somewhat serious person, I’ve got the best team of engineers on the planet and when you get called woo-woo it’s a little insulting, I will say I’m sensitive, there are people that say I don’t care..”


Aileeah: “We’re not saying that, people have said that, just so we’re clear!”


B.D.: “Other people, that’s right. And I would love to be one of those people that says I don’t care what people think, I totally care what people think, I don’t want to but I do, I’m vulnerable, I want to be loved, I want to be likeable and I want to be believable, especially, you know, it’s something that I’m passionate about and so I think I’d love to give you a really quick origin story, my origin story.”


Irene: “Please do!”


B.D.: “My origin story on me, right, so, and not that anybody wants to hear somebody talk about themselves, yawn, but there’s a reason that I, a very non woo-woo person, ended up in, you know, something that’s a little woo-woo, pseudo-science, right? So my son and I moved from Hawaii to Missoula Montana where we’re actually from, okay, and he and I are sitting on the deck one day and we look up, he and I almost in harmony and noticed the biggest powerlines in the whole town, in the whole Missoula Valley going right over our roof, and he and I were just like oh my goodness stricken but it because he and I are so visual, we’re male, we’re both so visual that we’ve gone all the way through the process of finding, buying, financing a home and moving into it and hadn’t noticed these lines, and so he and I just had to laugh at each other, that’s how we missed that. We also took note that hey, we’re not going to have to mow because it's a big property, we’re not going to have to mow that area because underneath the powerlines there is no grass, I mean it’s not bushy grass, it’s it’s gone, it’s dirt right? And then starts to grow on the edges. So about a year passes and he’s not himself, he’s got ringing in the ears, he’s anxious, his skin is overly sensitive, and this was important to note because this is a guy that hadn’t missed a day of school in two years, he had never gotten to be, and not because I’m this phenomenal dad, I was a loving dad but not a phenomenal one, that was just him, that was just how he operated you guys, that was just his natural being. So the teachers call me in and they want to make sure everything is okay at home, they like this guy, he was student of the month, he's holding the door for the special needs kids, he’s well-loved by all the groups , yeah you know, he’s not bringing his homework in or it’s not done or he’s struggling, is everything okay etc. Now, his mom had been killed in a car accident and that was very hard on he and I and it had been about a year and a half since it happened, so we all accounted for that, but I said no, it’s something else, I think it’s something environmental because this just isn’t him even though we suffered a great loss, he was still himself, yes, we were grief stricken to be sure, but he was still his own personality and that personality was slipping. So well-intending, what do they want to do? Big Pharma, right? Let’s put your kid on drugs, I’m like the last thing on Earth that we’re going to do is put my little boy on Big Pharma, we don’t even follow vaccine schedules, we just, we’re our own people, we live in Western Montana, we’re doing us, you know what I mean, we’re doing us so we don’t need that. So just being a dad who’s suffered a lot of loss, and now my little guy is hurting, you go into panic mode a little bit and you just start to deduce what is it, it didn’t take long before just Googling ‘living under powerlines’ a huge portion of our population suffers from something called EHS, Electrohypersensitivity Syndrome, they’re hyper-sensitive to electricity, so my son has that. Okay, so now when you’re standing in that yard and you’re directly under those power lines, you can totally hear them, you can hear them buzzing right? No doubt and you can even feel it just a little bit, it just raises the hair a little bit, I wouldn’t call it uncomfortable though for me because I can notice it. For him, being hyper-sensitive, the ringing in his ears was constant and inescapable, driving him nuts, his skim is super sensitive and it wouldn’t allow him to find ease, to find peace, it was driving him mad you guys! Killing my little kid! So my brother and I found this really cool NASA blanket, this really cool aluminum shield for shielding, literally for EMF shielding, they say they used in in space, I’m not sure about that anymore either but let’s not go down that rabbit trail..”




















you kind of had to just believe, I wanted something that you could test and measure and so I had good money from my old career path, I’m a power systems engineer, I grew up in tech manufacturing, growing up in Western Montana my family was the largest American solar panel manufacturer west of the Mississippi.”


Aileeah: “Another podcast, we’ll have you back on!”


B.D.: “We have to be quiet if we put this on here! Haha. So we get in the attic and we lay it out eve to eve, gable to gable, and grounded it and all the things and immediately he found a new level of peace. Now not what I would call perfection, but a huge weight, a large relief for him, so we knew that we were onto something and I knew there’s no way other families looking both ways on this power line aren’t suffering, and maybe they don’t know what it is, and it’s adults have it too, and so if they say, you know, 8 to 12% of the population suffer from this, is that true? I don’t know. I mean, you can Google search it like anybody, that’s kind of the number that’s out there, that’s a huge portion of the population, that’s not a subculture, I mean 12%, one in seven, one in eight people, that’s a real, that’s a serious number, right? When I began to look online for things that would help him it was too woo-woo for me, like crystals on a plate, rock stuff, like, this is not saying they don’t work, not saying the sticker on the phone doesn’t work, I got a sticker on the phone and I hope it works! My readers can’t read it but I got it, right? And I didn’t want something that you kind of had to just believe, I wanted something that you could test and measure and so I had good money from my old career path, I’m a power systems engineer, I grew up in tech manufacturing, growing up in Western Montana my family was the largest American solar panel manufacturer west of the Mississippi.”


Aileeah & Irene: “That’s awesome!”


B.D.: “Now, is that figure true? I was eight and my dad said it so it must be true, right? So anyway, you know, growing up we really did manufacture solar panels for the homes that I grew up in, as a little boy not only had solar panels on them and this is in the 80’s, this is way before solar was even popular, not only do we have panels, we had the panels that my family made. So being in a tech manufacturing background in power systems very naturally to me, one of the things that we noticed, almost wrap up in my story, one of the things that we notice is that when you go solar, and I’m the largest solar dealer in Western Montana, it says it on my shirt, two things are for sure, you’re going to get a smart meter and boy howdy if smart meters aren’t fortunately probably the number one culprit for EMF overexposure, they cause a lot of EMF. Okay, and number two you’re getting these inverters and the inverter is simply what takes the direct current from the panel and turns it into the alternating current that you use to power your home, that’s probably culprit number two. Number three, and what I realized is, you know, everyone’s going solar if you put solar on a house with someone like my son in it, you’d kill him, you’d cause him so much disease, if you will, that it would change his quality of life and there are a ton of families that say once they got their power wall, once they got their battery, once they got their solar, they’re not sleeping or they’re all waking up at specific times, 4 in the morning, they’re all waking up or whatever, and so wanting a healthy son, knowing that surely he was not the only person suffering and realizing that with the roll out of solar, 4G, 5G, smart meters, you pick it, that there was real niche, and I never started our company to make money, I swear that from the heart if you can read my soul, I started it because first of all I had to save my little kid and that when you have a sick kid that becomes the driving force in your life, obviously, and I just knew there were others like him and so that became a passion. Now, I’m one of the leading experts in the world on dirty electricity, EMFs and how you mitigate them.”


Aileeah: “Yeah, wow. And don’t, we appreciate you sharing your story because that, like, that having a why in this culture right now where everybody’s kind of hopefully shifting and voting with their dollar you want to help, not help but you want to, you want to buy from people who are good people and you want to, like, you want to help each other out and not give it to the big corporations so we appreciate you sharing your story. And also, what a great discernment you had as a dad to not just be like ‘oh, guess he’s going to be on riddling for the rest of his life, that stinks, I guess that’s just what happens’ because that unfortunately is the tale that happens, or you know, whatever the prescription is on Pharma, like, that is, I know so many people who are like ‘yeah I’m now 30 getting off of it and turns out I never needed it in the first place’ and it’s like it’s, yeah, what great discernment you had for your for your son.”


B.D.: “I always, I always said you know well intending just misinformed. Nobody was evil, that’s just what we’re taught, you know, give people a pill and so no one was evil in my experience, they were simply well-intending but misinformed.”


Aileeah: “Yeah, and if you’re brought up in a system that like oh this is the only remedy like nothing natural ever works, you know, that’s. Okay, smart meters outside of your house are the number one culprit, and then what was the second culprit?”


B.D.: “Oftentimes, so, the kind of list culprits is the term that we use, I love that you caught on to that, things that cause higher levels of dirty electricity and EMF, and the electromagnetic field is the result of the electrified world and it itself isn’t sinister too, right? Just you know having electricity in your house is probably not very good for you biologically, but I don’t know that that was necessarily sinister. Nikolai Tesla is one of my favorite guys, we all love an electrified world, but there are things in the electrified world that create way too much and we don’t have good standards for it. I need to answer some of your questions too like what is an EMF? What causes them? An EMF is an electromagnetic field, they often say electromagnetic frequencies, that’s not necessarily the right term, it’s a field but those fields do have a frequency so it’s not incorrect either. Fields have two major components to them, one is their power or their intensity, and the other is their frequency, and while that sounds fancy I’m going to be able to explain it to you perfectly and everybody that’s listening is going to get it. When I’m sitting on the beach here at the lake, we love to go to the lake, the waves come in and they crash, and my best sleep in the whole world is when I sleep in the boat house, I don’t like to be in the big house I like to be in the boat house because I hear the waves hitting the rocks and it is bliss to me, right? So these waves are about a foot tall, they crash on the rocks, so the height of the wave, how much water is in the wave, that’s really the energy or the power, right? And then how many times they’re crashing on the beach in one minute is how frequently they crash, that’s frequency. So now, we lived in Hawaii for many years, we lived on Oahu and on the big island of Naholowa’a, those waves are monsters, like, they pull clear out it seems like a block, they build this 20 foot huge wave, that has to be so much power, it will pound you into the sand and it crashes, so it has more energy, it has more power, but it hits less frequently. So that’s a wave, and that wave in water is just like a wave of electricity, magnetism, anything else, it’s got two things, how hard it’s going to hit you and then how many times it’s going to hit you. Okay, so is being hit good for your biology? Well, if you’re being hit hard, no! You don’t have to be a super genius, if you’re being hit a lot no! Now an AM radio, when I was a kid, you know, every car had an antenna for AM and FM, cars haven’t had antennas in 20 years, they got a shark fin right? Um, an AM radio wave from the top of it, for the peak they call it to the trough, the bottom, is a block long so that only hits you so many times in a minute. FM radio is about 6 feet so that hits you quite a bit more, that’s why when you get out of town you have AM radio still but not FM. Okay, the waves we’re talking about are about a millimeter long so they’re hitting you constantly, that is high frequency. Okay, now let’s pretend that, you know, I’m punching you in the arm, if I punch you in the arm in the same spot after a while, even if it’s not hard, it’s going to start to get sore, you’re going to get tired of it, but what if I’m moving it around? That’s a massage, that’s $100 an hour, that’s nice, right? Okay, so when I am moving around, that wave is hitting me constantly but in different spots, not enough to really start to build up some kind of damage, but if I sit in my chair or hold my phone in my hand or lay in my bed, now I’m going to get constantly hit in the same place. Now, let’s add the power of the wave, the size, the energy of that wave will usually dissipate over distance. Well, here’s something that humans do in common, we put our bed against the wall, I don’t care where you live on earth, nobody puts their feet by the wall and their head in the middle of the room, it’s stupid, it’s the head of the bed and the foot of the bed, right? So what you’ve done is you’ve put your head, your most complex biological piece of machinery that works on magnetism right by the wall, right at the same height almost as the wiring inside that electromagnetic field that’s now going to hit you constantly in the same spot until it’s sore, that’s going to create cellular damage. That is proven beyond any contestation, let’s face it, the grass under powerlines isn’t bushier, it’s bushiless, but because the FDA we’ve got to be very careful about what we say is harmful and damaging to human beings, right? Okay, here’s my workaround, you ready? Here’s my hack. It’s well-documented how it affects dairy cows. Tons has been written on Dairygold, Merrigold, the difference between the Hutterites who use electricity and the Amish who don’t, the quality, taste, production of milk is drastically reduced and negatively affected by dirty electricity, that’s how an electric fence works. So an electric fence is just that one wire and why doesn’t he just go under it? So I always thought as a little boy that he would bump it, it would bite him, he wouldn’t like it..”



















wants the power lines going through their house and that’s what is effectively happening. So the question after that is that is it intentional and nefarious or is it just part of their functionality? And that’s maybe if you ever ever have me back we could get into that one.”


Aileeah: “I would love to get into that because absolutely to me, like, I used to never think, and feel free to interrupt me, but this is something I nerd out about a lot is that, like, I never used to think anything nefarious was going on but I think 2020 woke up a lot of people and I was just like ‘oh no, everything’s fine, no one ever tried to hurt us, like, food is fine’, whatever, but like, there are too many coincidences happening that are all impacting our health, there’s another trip in the bucket, and the bucket is eventually going to overflow and cause, you know, a drastic illness we won’t say any names, but like a drastic illness that is going to either take your life or ruin it for the rest of your existence, like, and there’s just too many coincidences and I had never made the connection with dairy cows because there’s, that is interesting, that is very interesting, and thank you for sharing that. Okay, we got to go back though, so where is your bed? Where is your bed?”


Irene: “Yeah, where is your bed? Where do we put our bed in a free float? Do you have to chase your pillow off the front end?”


Aileeah: “Do you have to have a little adult crib? Like, what’s happening?”


B.D.: “So I still sleep in my bed, I still sleep with my head against the wall, I do not have any of my electronics charging in my sleeping area. So in our family we use our Wi-Fi and our electronics very intentionally so it’s not like I’m giving away my iPhone, it’s not like, you know, I’m not going to be connected, we’ll say okay let’s Wi-Fi, we have a Wi-Fi that you can simply turn on and off, we turn it on and we update, we download, we game, we do whatever we want and then we turn it off, and then at night in our rooms with our power strips, TV’s, DVR’s, you know, sensy things and I’ve got all the crap that all my female pals give me and these essential oils and all the crap I got, we actually turn off the power strip so those things are no longer powered, and then we have a piece of equipment, a technology called FieldShield, and I’ve gotten great videos, it’s two feet wide and four feet tall, imagine a big poster that slides right behind your headboard, you won’t even see it, that slides right behind your headboard and that become the barrier between your wall and the electrical wiring, and your physiology, your biology, it doesn’t need to be plugged in, it needs to be grounded, and the way FieldShield works, when I imagine a shield in my mind’s eye, immediately I have a knight or a combatant and he holds up a shield and then an axe or a blade or an arrow is going to be stopped or bounce off that, right? The way FieldShield works is imagine a softball mitt catching a softball, it grabs it, it takes it, and then pushes it to ground and it has to be connected, it’s got to be grounded for it to work and puts it on the ground. So another nice thing too you’re no longer the path of least resistance in that bed, you’re no longer the conductor, and you are 100% blocked from those fields, and when I say that I don’t mean 99%, I mean 100%. As I dig through my bag of toys and meters, and yes I’m a nerd but I own it.”


Irene: “I love it.”


Aileeah: “I love it, I love it. Now you’re going to have to, this is a later conversation, give us an EMF reader recommendation and a link on Amazon so that we can..”


B.D.: “So this is one, this is our meter, this is an EMI meter, electromagnetic interference. Okay, right, and you just plug this guy in in the wall and you’ll get a reading this meter goes to 2,999, and you really want to see under 100. Yes, you know, two the number two would be ideal because you’ve got a voltage wave and you have an amperage wave you’ve got these two waves that travel hopefully in synergy, any more than that it’s bad, well, you know, how much anything over 100 you probably need to add filters. Unfortunately in the modern world, your home’s not 100 darn it, your home is in the thousands and just by the use of your devices or lighting, you probably already have a smart meter, and then we live in a world of alternating current, AC, anything with the battery you guys is DC. So your phone, your tablet, your iPad, any of those things are DC devices, that’s why you have to have that special little plugger. Well, that’s changing the type of electricity and that by itself affects everything in the house. So just by the nature of our use of electricity, LED lights, LEDs their DC they strobe I don’t know if you know this LEDs 60 times per second, it’s just faster than the human eye, the incandescent light bulb that Edison invented 130 years ago they’ve taken the off the market, why? They were all made in America, why? Now it’s all LEDs and CFLs made in Japan or China, why? I mean I try not to get on the nefarious train but they took something that did two things, it created light and it actually cleaned electricity. So believe it or not an Old Edison lightbulb is nearly as effective as this and we had everybody you know depends on which Department of Energy Google search you choose to believe, we all have 20 or 30 of these dumb things in our house. So every family went from actively filtering and cleaning power 20 or 30 of them to 20 or 30 dirtiers, causes of distortion culprits yeah and so it’s bad on our electrical system and it is ultimately bad on our physiology and biology. It is one of the many things the chemtrails, aluminum falling from the skies, the glyphosate on the crops, the steroids and the hormones and the food and the animals, it’s all part it’s just one more part. So I tell people all the time you’re doing your best to drink unfluoridated, unchlorinated, unleaded water, you’re doing your very best to eat food that doesn’t have appeal, real or any of those things on it as little glyphosate as possible, we’re all doing the heavy metal detox, now it’s all parasites right so we’re just going down this river as a team hitting all these rapids finding out all these things trying to do it all, you can’t do it and not have an EMF filter..”





sides and you can turn off your own Wi-Fi, you can’t turn off theirs. So let’s just start with someone’s personal home environment, first of all, just being cognizant that dirty electricity is real, that dirty electricity creates the EMF, the EMF radiation so we’re really talking about radiation, and this radiation is the subsequent effect of living in a modernized world and using some devices, some devices are worse than others. So number one, time you use when you are in physical contact, physically contacting these devices. Don’t put your laptop on your lap, knock it off, put it on the table or put a piece of FieldShield down, don’t engage it when it’s plugged in, charge it in another room and when it’s charged bring it and engage it. Well why? Well the thing about this is it’s going to have a field’s going to have two things remember, it’s going to be how hard it’s going to punch you and how many times it’s going to punch you in a minute, when it’s powering on battery, that field’s energy is limited to battery energy. When you plug it in, you’ve plugged it into infinitive energy, it’s got an unlimited amount of energy now to fry you with, okay. Wi-Fi, you need to use it either plug in hard hardwire wire-in and don’t use wireless or just use wireless for a time you can be exposed to some of it, we’re tough, but you don’t want to just be bathing in it, unnecessarily turn it off at night, don’t charge anything in your room at night when you’re trying to rest because that field was so exasperated by these devices while they’re charging, and then when you turn things off you have to realize they’re not really off,  they’re not off point the remote control at it comes back to life it’s waiting for the remote control, it’s not in maybe full go phase, but it’s not off, and so being mindful, turning things off, not using riostats which are dimmers, dimmers, dimmers are the devil and then they make such great mood lighting, who doesn’t like dinner mood lighting, so get your bowl of rocks, get your sea salt rocks with some pretty lights and get your sensy and your stuff in it because there’s other wats to make, you know, romantic or comfortable lighting without a dimmer. And then if you can, avoid having a smart meter on your home, and if you have solar panels then you really need a wired version of one of our filters…”


Irene: “So I have a selfish selfish question whenever..”


B.D.: “..he wires in at the electrical panel, he’s made in the USA, 10 year warranty, you will have clean, filtered, regulated power throughout your whole home, it’s a very robust surge protector, it’s an EMP shield, and it will clean, filter, harmonize, right?”

Aileeah: “I like that, yeah, like, are we like best friends? Because…”


B.D.: “I’m on here for a reason, my marketing team is like we no we found these people you’re going to love them, they’re like you.”


Aileeah: “I love it yeah, they’ve heard, we’ve been canceled many times..”


Irene: “Yeah, Instagram doesn’t like us, YouTube doesn’t like us.”


Aileeah: “We’re in Instagram jail right now, who knows how long it’s going to last, every reel, I mean we’ve posted, this is a tangent, but again that’s who we are, we used to post reels and it would get like 10 million, 9 million, 5 million, 2 million, 1 million, like it was all up in the millions,  500,000 , 300,000, and then we did one that they disagreed with and we have been in jail for probably two months, three months, so it’s hard but like that’s not going to deter us right, because like, yeah, it sucks and it’s a little defeating but like I am not going we’re not going to waiver, like great, like that’s great that you’re going to cancel us but we have people who still listen and share it and it’s fine.”


B.D.: “Absolutely, and I think for most of us now the minute it’s fact checked that’s how we know it’s true.”  


Irene: “Exactly!”  


Aileeah: “Like you’re just telling me this is real, what are you doing?!”


Irene: “I have a selfish question if I can pick your brain. We’re, my husband and I are flipping an RV, it’s a big class A, 41ft thing that the plan is to possibly live in it, it’s debatable, when we started this we didn’t have kids now we have two I still think we can live in it with two and just have less stuff, but all that to say, the plan is to put solar so we can be off-grid if we need to be off grid, but then we’re sleeping in a 41 foot metal box with solar. So what are your thoughts on keeping us still safe in that process?”

B.D.: “No problem! You have to be thoughtful about it but no problem! So you’ll need a FieldShield so that the power coming from the inverters and stuff isn’t coming into the living area…”


Irene: “Okay..”


B.D.: “…and then you’ll just need one maybe two plug-in units, one at the as close to the electrical system as possible and the one as far away as possible and you can mitigate it and with use of meters that I can’t seem to find, once we get you in your RV, there’s two meters that you need to have you need have, one of these now this is ours, two other companies make them, Stetzer and Greenwave, and they’re good. I like mine because it’s mine, but those other ones work, they’re totally acceptable and then a company called TriField makes a meter and TriField, so it’s the electric field, the magnetic field, and the RF field and with that meter it’s it doesn’t plug in you can just wave it around and make sure that a, the area where you’re going to be sitting for a long time if you’re on the road driving, at that place has got a low number, where the kids are going to be doing their activities for a long time, and the bedding area, and as long as those numbers are low, you can still have a life, I mean, you can still have solar, you can still have a phone, there’s a lot of things that you can do. Some people are so sensitive that they really can’t do a lot of that, I think for the most part if you’re mindful and do it small doses you can, it’s like you wouldn’t want to live on fast food, it’s pure processed sugar, right? It kills you, but if you had, you know, one McDonald’s fries on a road trip because you’re lazy and you’re driving through the middle of nowhere and they are tasty, I think you’ll live, you know, would you want to smoke two packs a day? No! If you smoked one cigarette in college I think you’re okay, you know, you got to be, you know, don’t go too over the top be mindful of it, right? But once you know it is akin to fast food, once you know it is akin to smoking and stuff, avoid it, you know, do your best to be a mindful person.”


Irene: “Right.”  


Aileeah: “I just want to make note that I cleared out our local Ace Hardware, I don’t know if you have Ace Hardware out there, but of all the incandescent bulbs that they had I spent like $420 on light bulbs, and for the most part all of our house has incandescent right now but obviously that’s going to run out at some point we’re have to do LED’s, but like, that is just going the best what you with what you’ve got.”


B.D.: “I love that, I love that mindful stuff so that’s one of the things that we talked about mindful things that you can do. Those are so inexpensive to manufacture it’s simply a piece of tungsten, so it’s called an anode and a cathode, that just means power in power out with a little piece of tungsten glass, they can literally last a 100 years and they clean you electricity, and the fact that they took those away to give us something that damages our health, I’m sorry, go conspiracy theory, it’s nefarious, it’s a nefarious way to constantly make our living areas sickly.”


Aileeah: “Have you seen, this is a tangent but kind of along the same lines, have you seen that, I think it was a TED talk, of a guy saying that LEDs can eventually, like, somehow it can, and again I’m not an energy person I don’t understand the proper verbiage, but, with LEDs and the Wi-Fi, like, they’ll be able to tell like who’s in a house, oh yeah, like thermal imaging, can you, okay, I just like butchered that explanation is that real? Can you help me understand that?”


B.D.: “It is real and they can communicate and they can communicate a couple ways, so if you’re going to communicate you need a transmitter which sends a signal and you need a receiver which receives the signal. Okay, and with a receiver in there, they can be communicated with and then there’s ways they can communicate back. Since an LED is always flickering, light emitting diode, LED, light emitting diode, what’s a diode? It’s a one-way door, so I’m going to teach you guys really fast you guys are going to be engineers before you know it, okay. So when alternating current, I don’t know how it works in real life, I can explain it, I got an A, but I it sill it’s mind numbing, it moves, it alternates, so it goes in and out in and out in and out, how you cover distance going in and out and out fries my brain, but that’s how it works. DC it just goes, so it’s almost like, imagine five of me in a row, and I’ve got a basketball and I just turn a hand to this guy, this guy takes it from me and had to this guy, that’s more like AC. DC, the guy’s got the ball and he just walks with it, okay? So with the alternating current, something’s moving back and forth, what a diode does is when the guy goes in it shuts the door he can’t get out and then it opens the next guy, comes in he shuts the door, it can’t get out so it’s shutting the door, it’s strobing. Okay, well our electricity is at 60 Hertz, so it has to strobe at 60 Hertz, so all those lights are strobing at 60 Hz, that’s just the diode that stays lit so that we can’t perceive it but cameras can. Well, it can send, it can talk morse code, it can communicate with a receiver in there, they can literally talk to each other and they can read what’s absorbing the light or reflecting the light. So of course it’s going to know how many bodies are in the room, and a lot of them nowadays, unfortunately, a lot of smoke detectors in apartment complexes have microphones and cameras in them..”

Aileeah: “Wow…”


B.D.: “…so it just looks like a smoke detector and is a smoke detector but it also has a camera and a microphone. I mean, I don’t want to get us cancelled. George Orwell’s 1984, big brother it’s coming, in fact it’s here. There are so many, you know, closed network cameras, and, you know, so many listening and watching devices that that’s part of it , and LEDs do part of that. So we sell an LED that we manufacture, we call it quantum photon and it doesn’t have that, it also has the dirty electricity filter in it, they’re kind of expensive they’re like $5 each rather than three but they last a long time, they don’t flicker, strobe, pulse, they do they’re still an LED, but they can’t communicate there’s no receiver or transmitter in them and there is actually a privacy blocking filter in each lightbulb.”


Aileeah: “Amazing, what a wonderful alternative!”


Irene: “Yeah man!”


Aileeah: “I’m so glad we had you on!”


Irene: “Me too!”


Aileeah: “This is awesome! Well we like I think so many people are opting out I feel like I’m talking so much tell me to shut up..”


Irene: “No, talk!”


Aileeah: “..because you’re more knowledgeable in this, I’m a nerd, like, this is what, like, my husband like come in and be like what’s going on like you look like you’re deep diving, I’m like you heard HH Harper, it’s fine, I’m fine, it’s but like you know once you start pulling those layers back you’re like oh my gosh, same thing like with our kids, like, with my kid and her kids, like, thank God like our eyes were open, like, they a little bit before they were born because it’s like okay now we’re going to hopefully stand in the gap for you..”


Irene: “Yeah it’s not as much backpedaling as it is okay how do we move forward as the world keeps changing?”


Aileeah: “Yeah and protect you, protect your, you know, what we can, but all that being said like we bought a homestead, we like sold our 4,000 square foot house in the middle of town and bought a homestead on four, three, three or four acres and we now have 89 birds outside where we get eggs from and half of them are meat birds that we’re going to harvest here in a couple weeks, and I have a huge garden now, we do have a huge cell tower, so I want to talk to you about that, but there are a bunch of trees that’s why I justified moving here because, like, there are a whole bunch of trees blocking it at least and like, they talk about the dome that comes off of, I think we’re is that right? There’s a there’s a, the energy that happens from a tower there’s like a, it kind of I think it would hit past us, like isn’t there like a radius am I?”


B.D.: “Yeah, so it’s alright..”


Aileeah: “So it’s God bless you..”


B.D.: “What it is is that it’s a donut and trees help, I don’t know about the dome thing, where are my meters, but trees help, nature helps, that’s one of the things like in towns in England, they’re wiping out they’re taking all the trees off the streets because the trees interrupt the 5G communications, and they’re not bringing 5G because they love you so much that they want you to be able to download Shrek faster..”


Aileeah: “Fastest gamer in town, haha”  


B.D.: “Right? That’s, that is that is not it, 5G is absolutely for surveillance and it is a bioweapon, and this is just a small piece of FieldShield and the FieldShield will catch the 5G, it will catch the RF and the 5G etc. This is just a little demonstration piece but you put it behind your bed. So this is a TriField meter, right now it’s on electric and as I move it towards the electricity you can hear it, can you hear that? That’s my mic! As I take it away, it calms, as I take it towards it, it gets really loud, it’s pinging it, it’s frying me, put on weighted..”


Aileeah: “Sorry, I know, we’ll reimburse you for your cellular damage haha”


B.D.: “..goes near zero, right now it is literally on zero.”


Aileeah: “Okay, so can we build, can we just build a house that has all of it in the walls, and just be in a little safe house?”


B.D.: “So, the first thing you do is, first thing you do is just be really mindful to turn things off, plug some, unplug some things live without some things, or live intentionally, always start there right? Then number two, you can use plug in or wire in filters wired at the panel that are going to clean, filter, regulate all the power, remove the EMFs, switch over to our lightbulbs and again, while they are expensive at $5 these things don’t put you in the poor house, you know what I mean and then you need just a couple of pieces of FieldShield. radiation does not turn corners, it can’t bend around something. so if I’ve got this here it can’t come around back, I stop it to infinity this way, isn’t that interesting? That’s why it doesn’t have to be too huge. So somewhere on your wall is your smart meter, you put that on the interior wall of the opposite, so if your smart meter is right here on your house go inside the house and put it right there and you block it. Then we like one behind the beds because behind the bed, again, not to be repetitive, you are sticking your head right in the business, you’re just sticking your head right in the noise within a couple feet so you’re still inside that big field zone, the danger zone out, put your head inside the danger zone and you’re not going to ideally move it for eight hours. And who sleeps anymore? Nobody sleeps! It’s like yeah I was in bed was I really rested do I really feel rejuvenated when we go camping you you’re camping outside so it’s either too hot or too cold, don’t lie, there’s always a pine cone right under your lower back and you don’t know you missed it and there it is and the birds are noisy and it’s kind of spooky because I live in Western Montana and everything that can eat you is there, and somehow with all that, you wake up five or six hours later the most rested that you felt in months, and I really believe for my own person that it’s just getting out of all this electric noise, getting out of all this e-pollution, the 4G, 5G, LTE, smart meter, DISH Network, Direct TV, you name it you guys, they’re just flooding us.





















and then an hour later my buddy will text me he’ll say walk outside and it’s just covered they just white it out. So I’m water, right? We’re biology, but we’re mostly water, well that’s aluminum, so you’re breathing all this aluminum, it’s landing on our food, it’s landing on our cars, sometimes my car has so much white aluminum on I can actually scrape it wow and get some like snow and then a couple times we put it in the microwave to watch it spark, it’s metal, it’s white metal on my car, okay, so you’re breathing this and you’re eating this now, what are you now? You’re water and metal now, you’re an antenna. So now 4G, 5G and all that can really affect you, and they’ve released the patents, I mean Snowden and all the guys they’ve released the patents, I saw it on a little cat, there’s a little cat in a cage and he had a little thing in his head, poor little guy, and the guy had a real little stat dial right and he goes watch this and he goes this way me cat’s nice and he licks his hand and gives his buddy a couple nice licks right, and he’s fine, and he winds it up and the cat starts to get irritable, ears back, you know, the cat changes turns it up and the cat just starts striking his buddy in the face, that’s how they can affect it, they can do that to us, and when I was reading the patent stuff and patents are so hard to read because it’s just yeah pages of hard stuff to read they can make you definitely more docile, definitely more anxious, irritable, angry, and sexually aroused. Why do they want to make us horny? Leave us alone! Leave us alone, right? And so since we’ve gone down this trail, our products help with that completely as well, so when you sleep, you’re going to get better sleep I believe it as I say it because you’re less affected by all these waves and what are they’re trying to do..”


Irene: “That concludes part, part two, part one that concludes part one! Next week we will be posting part two, you are going to love the second half of this conversation just as much as you loved this one.”


Aileeah: “Yeah, it’s it’s so good, you’re going to love it we can’t wait for you guys to hear it.”


Irene: “Thanks for being with us today, follow us on Instagram at Under the Sun Podcast. We’d love to meet you.


Aileeah: “Please help us out by subscribing on YouTube and leaving a review on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. We’ll see you next time. Please remember this information is made available to you for informational and educational purposes only. It is in no way a substitute for medical advice.”   

Aileeah Colgan: “Welcome to the Under the Sun Podcast! I’m Aileeah..”


Irene Loveta: “And I’m Irene! Grab a cup of coffee and your comfiest sweats and join us every Monday as two best friends discuss everything from raising free-range gremlins to business and really everything under the sun. Thanks for being here and let’s get started!


Hey everyone this is part one of our awesome interview with B.D., the owner of Satic Shield, you are going to love this conversation, it was so helpful.”


Aileeah: “It was like, I always say this, but it was like one of my favorite conversations because we nerded out about a whole bunch of stuff that, like, is happening in the world. He has a company that he founded for EMF protection, and I know you’re like ‘Oh I’ve heard of EMFs this sounds weird, it’s not, it’s real, and once you hear his explanation, he’s so intelligent..”


Irene: “And it’s not overwhelming..”

Aileeah: “Another podcast, we’ll have you back on!”


B.D.: “We have to be quiet if we put this on here! Haha. So we get in the attic and we lay it out eve to eve, gable to gable, and grounded it and all the things and immediately he found a new level of peace. Now not what I would call perfection, but a huge weight, a large relief for him, so we knew that we were onto something and I knew there’s no way other families looking both ways on this power line aren’t suffering, and maybe they don’t know what it is, and it’s adults have it too, and so if they say, you know, 8 to 12% of the population suffer from this, is that true? I don’t know. I mean, you can Google search it like anybody, that’s kind of the number that’s out there, that’s a huge portion of the population, that’s not a subculture, I mean 12%, one in seven, one in eight people, that’s a real, that’s a serious number, right? When I began to look online for things that would help him it was too woo-woo for me, like crystals on a plate, rock stuff, like, this is not saying they don’t work, not saying the sticker on the phone doesn’t work, I got a sticker on the phone and I hope it works! My readers can’t read it but I got it, right? And I didn’t want something that 

Irene: “Yeah, that’s what I thought too!”


B.D.: “..why no dairy cow had never been by an electric fence ever, they won’t even go near it. They won’t step in a puddle within 6 feet of an electric fence, they’re so sensitive to it, they don’t go near it. Greenhouses and grows, we’ve got tons of pictures of strawberries, let’s say, moving towards the light and towards the water or food source and away from dirty electricity and leaves even being brown and falling off because of the electromagnetic field. So the idea that it's bad for you is beyond reasonable concept, it’s beyond reasonable contestation, you cannot intelligently argue that it’s bad for you. So now the question becomes well, how bad it is? Well, it's not as bad as walking into a whirling propeller, you know, that’s really bad right this second, it's more like smoking cigarettes and each food with glyphosate and drinking water with fluoride and just doing all the dumb stuff that they’ve compelled upon us. And so the last part, I know I just keep ranting, with the smart meter this is an RF frequency tower, it’s constantly talking with the mother ship, nobody wants the cell phone tower on their house, no one 

Aileeah: "Okay!" 

B.D.: "It's the next, it's just one more thing, and I'm not trying to sell people stuff, there's a lot of things that you can do that are free and we have a free guide for people that just are tight on dough, 80% of what you need you can do for free." 

Aileeah: “Okay, well then can you can you give us just like a real quick synopsis of like what people can do for free and then also like put of your products where would where should people start to help protect themselves in their home and their family, like, free and then also like if people want to go to your website.”

B.D.: "Got it. So free can be really east if you live out of town a little bit, if you have a utility that will let you opt out at certain meters land if you can control your own electrical environment. It's a lot harder for people that live in the city, it's a lot harder for people that live in the city, it's a lot harder for people who rent, and impossible almost for renters and apartments because you're just getting it from all

Aileeah: “I just got a notification from my weather app that said smokey sky is from Canada’s fire and I’m like no it’s not, it’s because y’all were spraying all day yesterday, you were like oh they’re having too nice of a day we’re going to screw this up for them and just fill your body with heavy metals.”


B.D.: “They start the fires because they want to say climate change comes from all these dry trees and that’s climate change and they go out and they start the fire and then spend hundreds of millions of dollars putting it out, no it’s, it's so sad because yeah I was taught as a little boy..”


Aileeah: “How are the skies like a Montana real quick?”

B.D.: "Oh, Big Sky Country until they come, until the jets come, they are beautiful and blue and clear until it starts, and then they shoot across sometimes they do hexagrams over us and sick stuff, we've got pictures, a lot like, you know, me and my friends will go out, you know, I'm not a super early bird but 7:30 or something, be outside and it's just gorgeous

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