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Who Is Satic?

About Satic, Inc.

SATIC USA is a privately-owned electronics manufacturer and professional engineering firm HQ at 1500 Clark Fork Lane, Missoula, MT 59808 incorporated on June 3rd, 2008.


The word SATIC is an acronym for sinusoidal-wave-form-technology-incorporated, which means; engineered clean power.


At Satic USA we have the dream job ~ as engineers, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to design and manufacture our own line of clean-power products that we call ~ Power Perfect.


With 7 current UL listings and ever-expanding line of cutting-edge clean power products each thoughtfully engineered to be affordable, easy to use and effective. 


Our desire is to empower people to conserve health, natural and financial resources during conservation's most important time in human history, with high-quality American made products. 


As engineers, we love what we do, back our claims, honor our warranties and stand behind the products we’ve made with pride.

What We Do

Blessed with the leadership and financial freedom the Satic Team is driven to make the most effective line of clean power products available on the market today. We source only the finest quality components available and build to the highest possible standards.


We are the exclusive manufacturers and trademark holders of our proprietary technology and product line.

Why We Do It

At Satic USA we are driven by a passionate belief ~ that dirty electricity is inefficient, wasteful, damaging to electronics and demonstrated beyond reasonable contestation to be harmful to the biological natural world including insects, plants, animals, and humans.

Do not be misled; Dirty Electricity is real, measureable and harmful. Yet rather easy to defeat when you’re educated and equipped. This profound truth has fueled a decade long passionate pursuit to create effective solutions.


In a world where natural resources dwindle, energy prices escalate, the go green buzz has transcended popular culture and every solar installation as well as DC device like phones, pads and LED’s exacerbate a global pandemic. 

Our intention is to create a universal solution to a very real, global pandemic as we strive to empower a shift in awareness that we call;


The clean-power paradigm.


This is your personal invitation to join our movement, please act today, we’re out of time.

What We Make

In 2007, Satic’s first product and patent was our ground-breaking half-bridge design for a CFL lamp with perfect power factor, very little electro-magnetic interference or harmonic distortion. Operating cool for days without a single flicker on less amps ~ it was a landmark and award-winning.

Satic’s Quantum Photon Technology was the game-changer that put us on the map. One of these lamps is still on today has entered its 13th year of operation.


Flash forward a decade to today, our product line now consists of both plug-in & wire-in Power Perfect™ filters, totally unique Power Perfect LED’s that create no distortion or dirty electricity, FieldShield™ dirty electricity and EMF, EMI(r) grounded shielding insulation.


Each Clean Power product was engineered with the specific goal in mind of being the best on the market at any price point.  We aim to create a shift in consciousness and global awareness. But what does mass appeal really mean? To our company, it means initiating real, lasting global change.

How We Do It

Manufacturing: As a result of this driving belief, our engineers were commissioned to produce the most effective line of products of this type available, to source the finest components and assemble to the highest standards of quality.


Sales: Satic is a dealer-based distribution model with a strong and ever-expanding global distribution network of associate dealers in 5 countries and growing with over 85,000 residential units manufactured to date.



What We Do


A culture of the clean-power conscious paradigm.


The Goal is distribution, community & production. 


a. The global distribution of clean-power products via our vast community of professional associate dealers.


b. Empowering each associate dealer to share clean-power products with the world, gaining community, purpose and financial abundance.


c. Premium products mass-produced with meticulous build quality by a company that provides compelling work and good pay. 


Our mission is to be a force for good, as solution-minded leaders in a world on the brink of unprecedented change.  Clean-power products that empower every human to create change, reduce negative environmental impact by protecting home and family.


Our mission to stay on the cutting edge of technology in our sector in an ever-changing world helps us to design the best products possible, make those products locally for global distribution.




Our vision is a massive, and ever-growing global network of associate dealers well equipped with products, training and community.


Annual live events will be held to celebrate, train and empower our associate dealers. Providing great products, support, training, community and personal empowerment.


The ideal outcome is a shift in awareness to the clean power paradigm, fueled by the collective success of our dealers promoting clean power. Each then making money by serving the greater good, rather than relying on it, stimulating local economies, creating empowered humans that can protect their own biological and financial health.


We have also created the Satic Giveaway and Recycle Program.  For every 100 units that we sell we donate one to a deserving applicant.  Whenever we do an upgrade or refit, unused Satic products are recycled and donated to those who also desire to lower their power bill and carbon footprint.


We love what we do, back all claims, honor all warranties and stand behind the products we’ve made with pride ~ in Big Sky Country.



I started with the Power Perfect Box and my landlord wouldn't allow me to modify the panel box so Val gladly offered an alternate solution - the Pure Power Plugs.  I tested every plug to see where best to place the power plugs. Once in place and I felt satisfied with the results I tested again to see how the numbers fluctuate at different times.  I am amazed at how much better we sleep with the filters in place. Val gave me the personal touch and answered any and all questions I had, stayed on the phone while I tested and shared in how drastically the numbers dropped. I LOVE this product and the staff. When I get a home I will be investing in the Power Perfect Box. These products are amazing, you don't "see" what they you, you "feel" it with better sleep and a better attitude. 

Leslie G.

“We at High-Noon Petroleum are pleased to have joined forces with Satic, Inc. They have supplied us with a mechanism to “go green” to reduce our carbon footprint, thus helping the environment we live and breathe in. We would highly recommend the Satic staff as well as the Satic product line to any customer, both commercial and residential, who is interested in “doing the right thing” for our planet Earth and saving money.”

Bill Nooney, Sr., Owner, High-Noon Petroleum 

“Just a note to tell you that another year has passed and I am still saving money on my power bills. In this economy all savings count, and I still love my Satic Energy Savers… We installed them on our home and business and both are amazing! I wouldn’t be without them EVER!”

Lynn Startin, President, Modern Beauty School 

“Last spring I got a little black box from your company, Satic, Inc. It was affordable, and I was told it would help reduce my power bill, which is a big thing these days, so I plugged it into the circuit that my entertainment center and computer are on… My new Budget Bill amount is $73.00. That is DOWN from $105!!! This is a monthly savings of $32.00 per month for me, $384.00 per year! …If savings like this were duplicated throughout the state and country, it would be very significant in terms of being “Green”, as well as helping so many people during this economic crunch.”

Tanya Stout, CST, NLP 

“In February 2011, we installed Satic Energy Management products on our two breaker panels… After the installation of Satic products, our average energy bills are… approximately 17% less. It is also our impression that the equipment is running cooler, thus we are anticipating less maintenance requirements as well as replacement cost of our appliances and TVs. The sound guys even commented on the improved audio quality. Most importantly to us, the install was actually quite inexpensive and will show a less than one year return on our investment."

Jed E. Tinder, Owner, Harry David’s Bar and Grill 

“I have installed in my office as well as my personal residence the SATIC Global Energy Saver and the SATIC full spectrum lights. I am extremely pleased with the performance of these products. My office equipment runs smoother. The lights make the atmosphere much more comfortable. I have seen a marked difference in my day to day activities because of these products. I fully endorse the SATIC product line & strongly recommend the installation of these products for anyone interested in saving energy while enhancing their personal attitude.”

Milt Datsopoulos, Trial Attorney, Datsoupolos MacDonald and Lind 

“…Satic is committed to creating green manufacturing jobs here in Missoula and to keeping dollars circulating locally by working with other Missoula businesses. In addition, the product itself is great for Missoulians. Whenever we can save energy and save money, everyone wins. I’m happy to endorse Satic’s efforts here in Missoula…”

Mayor John Engen, Missoula, MT 

“I’ve been a licensed electrician for 15 years… I went ahead and installed one of the Satic units at my own home… and I have noticed some pretty significant changes as a result of the installation… The unit pays for itself every 3-4 months while saving energy. I’m happy to recommend the unit. I suggest anyone wanting to lower their power bill contact Satic and get started.”

Tim Drinville, Owner, CRD Electric 

“I’ll begin by stating that I found the Satic team to be professional, well informed and enjoyable to work with… I have installed the Satic Saver in both commercial and residential applications… The Satic Saver controls and conditions the amount and quality of amperage flowing through a circuit… Almost all the amperage used by the loads is used effectively, making the components work better, run cooler, last longer and use less energy.”


Todd Byland, Electrical Technician 

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