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pure power plug-in


The Satic Pure Power Plug-In is for those in homes or offices with high levels of EMF and EMI, commonly called "dirty electricity". 

The Pure Power Plug-In plugs into any standard 120V outlet to reduce negative harmonics and EMF radiation while increasing efficiency and reducing power costs for common appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners. One Pure Power Plug-In will filter and condition the power on the circuits on a single phase.This product is also known as the EMF Eliminator. 

power perfect wire-in


Satic's Power Perfect Energy Management System comes in three sizes and is the latest advancement in whole-home energy management, surge and EMF protection with EMP-shielding technology and smart meter privacy protection. It filters all incoming EMFs and dirty electricity, lowering electrical consumption and increasing equipment longevity. The Power Perfect Wire-In also just got voted the #1 Solar Adder for 2023. 

saticshield emi meter

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The Satic EMI Meter measures electromagnetic interference that is commonly referred to as "dirty electricity" on AC power lines. 

Once plugged in, the monitor immediately displays total line interference, also referred to as line noise, rated in millivolts as measured from peak-to-peak, ranging from 0-2999mV. 

The unit records peak mV while also displaying real-time mV numbers. The LCD displays adds a second visual indicator in the form of a visual swoosh-shaped line diagram indicating peak interference before and after filtering as well as displaying voltage. 

A speaker adds an audio indication proportionate to the real-time line interference. 

field shield


Satic's Field Shield consists of 8 layers of protection. It provides protection against EMF, EMR(i), WiFi, 4G and 5G. A grounded Field Shield comes in a standard size of 24" x 48" and is placed on the wall directly behind a smart meter or breaker panel to reduce EMF emissions. This size of Field Shield also can fit under a standard baby crib mattress as well. Special construction utilizing NASA-grade radiation coating between layered scrimless aluminum foil laminated to polyethylene foam to reflect and ground negative RF radiation. The grounding cord connects to screw on a standard 120V outlet with a 6-foot cord. 

The layers include: 

1. 99.9% Aluminum (a conductor) 

2. Closed-cell polyethylene foam (a resistor)

3. 99.9% Aluminum (a conductor)

4. A proprietary invisi-shield reflective blend of titanium dioxide, zinc, silver and ceramic

5. YShield EMR Protection HSF54 paint

6. 99.9% Aluminum (a conductor)

7. Closed-cell polyethylene foam (a resistor)

8. 99.9% Aluminum (a conductor) bonded together, having a grommet (creating continuity between all layers) and a cord for grounding.

saticpulse lightbulbs


Our proprietary 'quantum photon' Power Perfect LED driver design is unequaled in the market with the highest efficiency rated LED driver design available. Its incredible >.90 power factor and distortion-free operation causes significantly less interference than comparable LEDs. 

The SaticPulse light bulbs are twelve highly efficient LED bulbs with ultra-low total harmonic distortion (THD) resulting in reduced EMF commonly associated with other LEDs and CFLs, making your home or business a healthier place. 

These bulbs come in 2700K warm white light and 4000K cool white light. They also come in 12W Spotlight Lightbulbs or 9W LED Lightbulbs. 

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