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April, 2018

"Satic has found new markets in energy-hungry industries like cryptocurrency mining and indoor farming, which can benefit from using clean, more efficient energy. Erickson said the company anticipates growing into additional markets around the U.S. and Canada."


By Christina Henderson and Katy Spence


December, 2017

Missoula’s Satic Technologies sees growth opportunities in solar

"A technology company based in a nondescript building west of Missoula has found itself on the forefront of a green energy future, manufacturing a line of “Power Perfect” products suited for both home and industrial settings."


By Martin Kidston


September, 2017

Could Electromagnetic-Field Sensitivity be the New Tobacco?

"Now a new debate that bears a striking resemblance has emerged and experts worry that modern nations have not yet awakened to the pervasive biological damage that may be caused by electromagnetic-field (EMF) toxicity."


By Douglas Glenn Clark


February, 2016

Solar dealers boost revenue with power conditioning 

"To sell truly clean, green solar power that increases the energy savings, longevity and effectiveness of solar and other home equipment, proactive dealers are now adding a power conditioning and protection component to typical solar panels, racking and inverters."


By Del Williams


October, 2015

Five Top Benefits of Selling "Clean" with Green

"By providing a more complete electrical solution that handles household dirty power such as surges, spikes, interference and harmonic distortion to increase overall electrical efficiency in the home, solar dealers are distinguishing themselves from the competition and adding an additional profit center."


By Del Williams


January 14, 2017

Five Top Benefits of Selling ‘Clean’ with Solar Power

"While solar dealers sell green, many are not aware that solar electricity is not actually clean. Solar is green in that it is renewable. It is clean in that it does not burn coal or fossil fuels. But solar electricity itself is rarely clean due to the solar inverter conversion process."


By Del Williams

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