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  • Where do I go to purchase your products?
    Visit: OR Please call 1-866-99-SATIC (1-866-997-2842) – local 406-493-1861.
  • What is ‘dirty electricity’ or ‘harmonic distortion’ really?
    Dirty electricity is a form of electromagnetic pollution or radiation. It is also called electromagnetic interference (EMI) or electrical “noise.” It refers to powerful, high frequency electrical energy traveling along the wiring in buildings where only standard 60-Hertz AC electricity should be. It is also frequently referred to as harmonic distortion as it interferes with and distorts the fundamental 60 Hertz sinusoidal wave form. This distortion also results in unusable energy that is usually called reactive energy.
  • Why is EMF or EMR bad for us?
    The human nervous system is in essence an electrical system that through electromagnetism governs our bodily functions. Because it is electrical, it can be influenced by outside electrical and magnetic fields which in turn can impact how effectively the nervous system and related systems communicate and function. In particular it may result in neuro-endocrine stress as a result of its impact on both the sympathetic and parasympathetic control systems. Symptoms such as high blood pressure, sleep disorders due to melatonin deficiencies, nervousness, etc. are common. Multiple studies correlate EMF exposure with diseases such as cancer, neurological disease, reproductive disorders, immune dysfunction, and electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
  • How do I use the Pure Power Plug-In?
    Plug the Satic Pure Power Plug-In into any wall outlet. The product works best in areas with inductive loads such as the laundry room (washer/dryer), kitchen (appliances/refrigerator), and living room (entertainment center).
  • What does the Pure Power Plug-In do?
    The Satic Pure Power Plug-In will help your appliances and electronics run cooler, smoother, last longer and run more efficiently, thereby ultimately saving energy. No other system has this extraordinary combination of circuit board design, optimized power factor correction modules, line conditioning, voltage regulation, nano-surge filtration, electromagnetic field reduction and negative harmonics reduction with extremely robust surge protection. All this is packaged into Satic’s unique plug-in design, allowing it to be smaller, more affordable and more effective than anything else on the market today, at any price.
  • How many units do I need for my home?
    The number varies based on the size of your home and your lifestyle. The units work best when there is at least one unit plugged into each phase supplied by the utility company. We recommend one for the kitchen circuit, one for the laundry area (if you wash clothes several times a week) and one for the computer/entertainment area, again depending on usage. Satic recommends at least one unit on each phase to provide full conditioning and protection.
  • Is there a warranty?
    Yes! We offer a 10-year product replacement guarantee on the Wire-In units and a 3-year product replacement guarantee on the Plug-In units and LED Lightbulbs.
  • Where are these units manufactured?
    All of Satic’s Energy Management Systems are manufactured in Bozeman and Missoula, Montana.
  • Do these units work on 120 & 240 volts?
    Yes! We have units with both 120V and 240V prongs.
  • Are there any other products on the market similar to yours?
    Power factor correction technology is not new, but Satic products are distinctly different. Nothing else on the market today does all that is mentioned in FAQ #2 (above) in one unit. It is truly a great value!
  • What savings will I see?
    There are certain factors that can affect your savings. The age and size of your home or business, the type of equipment and appliances you have, power rates in your area and your lifestyle all relate to the amount of energy you use and, ultimately, how much money our products will save you. Typically, if you place 2-3 units in the recommended locations, you will more than recoup your investment in under 12 months. In some cases, savings are high enough that you can recoup your investment several months faster. With Satic’s Energy Management Systems, you get to save money and help the environment by maximizing electrical efficiency without changing your lifestyle at all.
  • What’s better for surge protection? More Power Perfect Box Plug-In units or the Power Perfect Box Wire-In, and why?"
    The optimal solution in most cases is the Power Perfect Box Wire-In. It provides maximum protection for all circuits on all phases right at the breaker panel. It also provides additional protection and filtering with its Phase-to-Phase filtering capabilities. The Power Perfect Box Plug-In will definitely protect the circuit on which it is installed and other circuits on the same phase but it doesn’t protect as optimally as the Power Perfect Box Wire-In. It also only filters Phase-to-Neutral. The Power Perfect Box Plug-Ins may be better for lower EMI readings in some situations.
  • How much will these units save on the power bill?
    There is no way to accurately project how much a person will save on their power bill as every electrical system is different in terms of what kind and how many appliances, lighting, pumps, etc. are on the system. By making a system more efficient and providing cleaner energy, though, there is rarely a case without energy savings.
  • Can the installation of the Power Perfect Box do any harm to my power or appliances?
    If installed correctly, there is nothing in the Power Perfect Box product line that can harm your electrical system. They are UL (Underwriter Laboratory) listed and would not be if they could harm your electrical system.
  • I don’t have solar yet, but I expect to soon. Can I install the Power Perfect Box Wire-In now in anticipation of installing solar later? And what would be the result if I had it and never solarized?"
    Yes, the Power Perfect Box Wire-In will provide immediate benefits through its energy management and filtering capabilities. It will provide voltage regulation, surge protection, harmonics filtering and EMF reduction both before and after solar installation. This will ensure that your electrical system provides clean, efficient power and will result in your appliances and electronics running cooler and lasting longer.
  • Is this technology scientifically sound?
    Yes, the technology is actually an adaptation of that developed by NASA to be used on the space shuttle. It has also been verified as being effective through numerous third party assessments.
  • Are there some basic guidelines for deciding which Power Perfect Box energy management product is the right one for a particular residence?
    If a person is a renter, they may choose to purchase two Power Perfect Box Plug-Ins, one for each Phase, as it can be taken with them when they move or to identify and treat specific hot spots, in home or office as the Power Perfect Box Plug-In does a superior job of treating specific hot spot or problem areas of excessively high THD or EMF. However, as a Rule of Thumb, a general assessment can be done as to what is the right solution (including possibly the Power Perfect Box Wire-In HD) using the following rules: <h5 class="font_5">Square Footage of Residence</h5> Homes/Apts. with area of 500SF to 1000SF = 2 Plug-Ins Homes/Apts. with area of 1000SF to 3500SF = Wire-In or 2-4 Plug-Ins Homes/Apts. with area of 3500SF or greater = Wire-In H.D. or 4-6 Plug-Ins <h5 class="font_5">Monthly Consumption Average (Rule of Thumb)</h5> Homes consumption is less than 500 kWh per month = 2 Plug-Ins Homes consumption is between 500 and 1000kWh per month = Wire-In or 2-4 Plug-Ins Homes consumption is greater than 1000kWh per month = Wire-In H.D. or 4-6 Plug-Ins <h5 class="font_5">Utility Service Size (Rule of Thumb)</h5> Homes with less than 60 Amps service = 2 Plug-Ins Homes with 60 Amps - 200 Amps of service = Wire-In or 2-4 Plug-Ins Homes with greater than 200 Amps of service = Wire-In H.D. or 4-6 Plug-Ins
  • What does an EMI meter tell me? What is that informing me and how is the Power Perfect Box helping?
    EMI Meter's measures the relative amount of dirty electricity, or electromagnetic interference (EMI), on wiring in buildings. It measures the amount of EMI in millivolts (mV). The amount of EMI correlates to the amount of sound emitted by the EMI meter which also relates to the amount of EMF on the wiring. The Power Perfect Box Plug-In acts as an EMI filter and reduces the amount of EMI. Using the EMI Meter to measure before and after plugging in a Power Perfect Box Plug-In will demonstrate how it can reduce the amount of EMI and related EMF radiation.
  • Why are the EMI Meter readings different in other areas of the house where I test?
    The EMI Meter will measure what the reading is on any particular phase and circuit at a particular time. Although your entire electrical system is interconnected at the distribution panel, the proximity of devices on a particular circuit will have a greater influence on the EMI meter than a more distant place in the house, on a different circuit or on a different phase.
  • Why is my reading so high? Other Satic members are reporting much lower numbers.
    Readings will vary greatly depending on what is connected to the electrical system. If they already have a solar system then the inverter will likely have a significant impact on the reading. Other factors such as CFL lighting, switching power supplies for electronics and older appliances may also have significant impact on the readings both before and after. In fact, in some situations you may not be able to get readings under 100 for these reasons.
  • We’ve installed the Power Perfect Box Wire-In, why aren’t my readings now as low as it was with the Greenwave when I tested it before we installed the Power Perfect Box Wire-In?"
    Readings tend to be a snapshot in time. It will depend on a number of factors including what devices are running or powered on at that time. Conditions vary and can be impacted by power fluctuations as well as what the neighbors have running on their systems as electrical systems are actually interconnected. To test its effectiveness, try measuring it with the breaker off and with the breaker on. On rare occasions, the Power Perfect Box Wire-In may have been installed incorrectly. A common problem has been that the Neutral wire from the box was installed on the Ground bar rather than the Neutral bar in the distribution panel.
  • When my solar kicks on the readings are just higher than I expected, why isn’t that lower?"
    When your solar energy system is “on” it has a component called an inverter that changes the DC electricity produced by the solar panels into AC electricity. Virtually every inverter we have tested increases the level of harmonics and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) in your electrical system when it is on. The Outback inverter is a common offender and has been shown to be almost uncorrectable in terms of THD by third party assessments.
  • What does the Clamp Amp meter measure?
    The Clamp Amp meter will measure the amount of electrical current flowing through a circuit in a measurement unit called an Amp. In essence, it is the rate of flow of electricity through a wire or circuit. Motors are frequently rated by the amount of Amps that they draw. Power consumption is measured in Watts which is equal to the voltage times the amount of Amps that it is drawing. (Watts = Volts x Amps) the Power Perfect Box product line will clean and filter your power making it more efficient. Reducing the Amps will reduce your power consumption and reduce your power bill.
  • What does the OWL meter measure?
    The OWL meter reads total power. The meter is configured with the local cost of electricity. It will read and calculate the amount of total current flowing through the wire feeding electricity to a device and calculate the “cost” in dollars and cents of running the connected device for a day or month. This is usually used with a Large Demo Kit to illustrate the potential for cost savings when one has a Power Perfect Box Wire-In installed.
  • Some people say that they can feel the difference when they installed the Power Perfect Box Wire-In, why can’t I?"
    All of us have different capabilities to sense or feel in different ways. There are those that are considered to be electrohypersensitive (EHS). These individuals are very sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and the related radiation. Since the Power Perfect Box Wire-In and Plug-In products filter out harmonics and reduce EMF, these individuals can sometimes “feel” the difference.
  • Is there really such a thing as EMF hypersensitivity?
    Yes, there is something called electrohypersensitivity (EHS) that some individuals have who are physically affected by the presence of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and the related electromagnetic radiation (EMR). This sensitivity varies by individuals and symptoms vary but it has become a well-known fact that EMF and EMR can manifest as physiological and neurological symptoms in those who have EHS.
  • Are there any health professionals using this technology that have endorsed it?
    Building biologists, medical researchers and academics have run third party assessments and found the technology effective.
  • I am sensitive to EMF, and if I install a wire-in, would it help to have a plugger to use in my bedroom when I sleep and move it to my computer area where I work?"
    Yes, however the decision to do that would be based on your sensitivity level and your readings after the installation of the Power Perfect Box Wire-In. There is a potential to “over correct” and that can result in less energy savings. So measurement is critical in that situation.
  • How does the Power Perfect Box Wire-In protect someone from the negative effects of smart meters?
    Smart meters are well-known for introducing harmonics into the electrical system by nature as well as a means of monitoring and potentially controlling usage of electronic devices and appliances. These harmonics create electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) that produce increased electromagnetic radiation (EMR). So those with EHS may be impacted by and affected by smart meters. In addition, with increased harmonics and related dirty energy, it would seem that smart meters are actually making electrical systems less efficient. Many report much higher electrical bills after smart meters are installed. The Power Perfect Box Wire-In will effectively filter and clean the electricity coming in from your utility or smart meter as well as the harmonics that are created within your electrical system. This filtering of harmonics also protects your privacy as smart meters use various harmonics across the electrical wires to query information from smart appliances and then communicates that information to the power company. The Power Perfect Box Wire-In also filters out these harmonics and as a result protects your privacy.
  • Does the Power Perfect Box Wire-In stop radio frequency waves from Wi-Fi, cell towers and smart meters?"
    No, it doesn’t directly stop radio frequency waves. It’s important to realize, though, that the electrical wiring in your home acts like a large antenna that receives those waves and propagates them as harmonics throughout your home on via the electrical wiring. The Power Perfect Box Wire-In will filter out those harmonics and keep them from spreading throughout your system, thus reducing your exposure to EMF and EMR.
  • My electrician said this is a scam, that the Power Perfect Box Wire-In won’t do anything to save money and is just hype. Why does he say that?"
    Your electrician has probably never seen or tested this unit and is referring to older capacitor based systems that are not digital in nature. The Power Perfect Box Wire-In does not use oil filled capacitors but rather harmonic rectifiers developed by NASA to filter electricity, improve efficiency and protect electronics on the space shuttle. This technology has been adapted to create a modern energy management system that can regulate voltage, filter out potential negative harmonics and provide phase correction, making your electricity more efficient. Greater efficiency and less electrical consumption usually results in cost savings.

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April, 2018

"Satic has found new markets in energy-hungry industries like cryptocurrency mining and indoor farming, which can benefit from using clean, more efficient energy. Erickson said the company anticipates growing into additional markets around the U.S. and Canada."


By Christina Henderson and Katy Spence


December, 2017

Missoula’s Satic Technologies sees growth opportunities in solar

"A technology company based in a nondescript building west of Missoula has found itself on the forefront of a green energy future, manufacturing a line of “Power Perfect” products suited for both home and industrial settings."


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September, 2017

Could Electromagnetic-Field Sensitivity be the New Tobacco?

"Now a new debate that bears a striking resemblance has emerged and experts worry that modern nations have not yet awakened to the pervasive biological damage that may be caused by electromagnetic-field (EMF) toxicity."


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February, 2016

Solar dealers boost revenue with power conditioning 

"To sell truly clean, green solar power that increases the energy savings, longevity and effectiveness of solar and other home equipment, proactive dealers are now adding a power conditioning and protection component to typical solar panels, racking and inverters."


By Del Williams


October, 2015

Five Top Benefits of Selling "Clean" with Green

"By providing a more complete electrical solution that handles household dirty power such as surges, spikes, interference and harmonic distortion to increase overall electrical efficiency in the home, solar dealers are distinguishing themselves from the competition and adding an additional profit center."


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January 14, 2017

Five Top Benefits of Selling ‘Clean’ with Solar Power

"While solar dealers sell green, many are not aware that solar electricity is not actually clean. Solar is green in that it is renewable. It is clean in that it does not burn coal or fossil fuels. But solar electricity itself is rarely clean due to the solar inverter conversion process."


By Del Williams

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