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How Does Electricity Pollute air?

CEO B.D. Erickson II drops the mic on Hip Hop Podcast "The Culture" and gives the lowdown  on Satic Incorporated, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, and his affinity for Cypress Hill.

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The Culture is a Hip Hop centric podcast hosted by Jeff De La Rosa and Anthony Austin which dives into hip hop culture, sports, and current events in the United States today. Jeff and Anthony have notably used their platform to raise awareness and shed light on several different issues that persist in our communities. Their gritty and audacious interviews have featured several prominent guests such as the Mayor of a New Jersey city that inherited a corrupt government, a heavy metal band member, and a real-life Ghost Hunter. Jeff and Anthony have seamlessly pushed the envelope in all of their interviews to provide unique perspectives on our culture. 

energy conditioner

Jeff and Anthony welcomed B.D. Erickson II on The Culture, Episode 39: "Certified Bomb". Over the course of the episode, B.D. discusses the increasing dangers of electrical pollution and highlights the negative impacts these dangers have on our society. He explains how Satic's dirty electricity filters shield individuals from harmful electromagnetic radiation. He then provides tips to Jeff and Anthony about mitigating their exposure to electromagnetic fields while they are in the comfort of their own home. The interview concludes with personal takes on popular conspiracy theories. 


Jeff De la Rosa: Thank you for tuning into another episode of ‘The Culture’. We have a very special guest today, this man comes all the way from Montana, he’s an expert in conspiracy theories, he’s an entrepreneur, he has been personally mentored by Tony Robbins, he is the owner of Satic Inc, S-A-T-I-C Inc. Mr. B.D. Erickson, thank you for joining us today. 


B.D. Erickson II: Thank you, Jeff, I appreciate the opportunity to be here with you guys. 


Jeff: Thank you man. Tell us a little bit about yourself if you don’t mind. 


B.D.: Yes, so you started it, I live in Western Montana, I own a manufacturing facility where we manufacture products mainly for the solar sector designed to help clean, regulate and filter electricity. So that no matter who you are, home of office, your electricity is more efficient so your bill goes down, maybe your phone charges cool and fast, a lot of health concerns have been raised about EMF and dirty electricity recently, and when you have solar panels it becomes even more important that you get the most bang for the buck out of your solar system, lower amp draws on energy hogs, so we have engineered and designed a really groovy set of products right here in the USA that help you achieve those goals.


Jeff: That sounds interesting! I mean, where can they find you? What’s the website? 


B.D.: Yeah, so our website is SATIC, S-A-T-I-C, They can find us on the web or on podcasts with gentlemen like yourselves, I really appreciate an opportunity. You know, you have a small business, how do you tell people that you exist? No matter how neat your thing is, or no matter how cool your belief is or whatever that people don’t hear your voice or see your store  they don’t know, so I’m grateful. 


Jeff: In your bio, you talked about something called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, I’m interested in finding out more about that, like, what is that exactly? 


B.D.: Yeah, so it’s weird how you end up on your live’s path, it’s weird how you end up, you know, with the career that you are, who really set out in 5th grade knowing what they’d be? So, my wife went to the University of Hawaii, so we lived out there in Hawaii and she was in an auto accident, passed away, and so my son and I moved to Montana and without even thinking about it, bought a house under the biggest power lines in Montana, like where we live in our city, the biggest power lines by some stretch and we bought a house right underneath them. We didn’t really think anything of it, right? Certainly not thinking about health, stop it, and within about a year, my son’s health and school attendance went from perfect to kind of lousy, his grades had gone from perfect to questionable, his attitude was different, so I’m thinking is it me? Is it that his mom is gone? Is it all these things? Well, as I began to investigate it and google it, I found out that EHS, Electrohypersensitivity, is real! It’s actually quite common, a lot of people suffer from it, and if you are a person where overexposure to WiFi, electromagnetic fields, alternate frequencies and electricity, if you do happen to be someone who’s affected by those, they’re real, they make you sick, they’re debilitating, there’s a list of symptoms like you can’t sleep and things like that, so I think a lot more people are suffering from it, they aren’t sleeping well, they aren’t feeling well, whatever else, but they don’t know that this is real and they don’t know that this is causing it. 


Jeff: This is the first time that I’ve actually ever heard of this so I’m fascinated. I think all of us in some capacity have all of those symptoms. I mean, I have a three-year-old and I haven’t slept in three years, I always attributed to him, you know what I’m saying? But this is making sense! 


B.D: Haha, he helps! Haha


Anthony Austin: He’s a handful! That’s for sure. 


B.D.: You know, it’s just one of those things that you wouldn’t know right away. You know, I tell people all the time look, Rome delivered water via the aqueducts which was an engineering marvel for hundreds of years, they didn’t know that lead made you crazy! For hundreds of years later everyone is so excited to have this fresh water. Asbestos was the number one building supplies in the 70’s, they didn’t know until 1976-1977 that it gave you mesothelioma, you don’t want that! If there’s a list of things that you don’t want, put mesothelioma on that list, you don’t want it! Led paint… 


Jeff: I had an uncle die of asbestos. 


B.D.: Really? Well, there you go! So the baby stands in the crib, he sucks on the crib and the paint had led in it, we gave GI’s cigarettes, you know, the list of things that happen on purpose or accidentally , you know I’m not going there with this, that later you find out that plastics, PBA, plastics in baby chew toys. Often times when technology takes a leap that we’ve been talking about, there’s a lag before you know that led is bad, cigarettes are bad, asbestos is bad, PBA plastic is bad, how do you finally know? When big enough people start getting sick that it becomes beyond contestation. 


Jeff: And this is the same plastic that’s in bottled waters? Like… 


B.D.: Yes! So, plastic leaches chemicals. It’s very well documented that plastic leaches chemicals into the water. So, they have been regulating over the last couple decades the kind of plastic that you can put anything that you’re going to consume in. If you have really hot water that you’re going to put it in, let’s say you’re going to microwave something, you can accelerate the leaching process you can change it. It’s something that you have to be really cognoscente of. In fact, it’s been legislated now because it’s so detrimental. 


Jeff: Wow. Alright, so going back to your son, so you attribute the issues he was having with school and his attitude to the “electrical pollution.” Is that correct?


B.D.: That’s correct, to the high tension power lines that were right outside of our home and the e-pollution that those caused. 


Jeff: So, I’m assuming that you guys moved, right? Did you see a difference in his attitude or what? 


B.D.: So immediately I was in a position to move. As a dad I was like ‘I’m going to fix it TODAY. And so I began investigating how to shield it, and it’s like a lot of things. So when I was a kid, the best drink of water was out of the hose. You’ve been outside, running around outside, kicking butt outside, you let the hose get cold and you suck right out of the hose, right? No body’s drinking out of the hose these days, everybody is drinking bottled water, right? Anthony says yes, alright! Haha. 


Anthony: I’m sorry, but it be cold! It be cold! No warm up, it be nice and cold. 


Jeff: The water I drink, it be filtered twice. We’ve got the filter from the fridge and then I take that water and I put it in one of the those pitchers. I feel like it just tastes better and it just feels better. 


B.D.: I get it! I totally get it! And if there is something in it that you did not want then you know that you’ve taken a step to filter that out. So the main line of products that we make, so our brand is SaticShield, because we shield you. So our energy conditioners are filters, man they’re a Britta filter for your electricity, that’s exactly what they are! And our shielding actually blocks it, catches it and absorbs it. So when you think of a shield, like for my mind, I think of a knight who’s going to put up this big shield that going to block a sword or arrows are going to bounce off of it. The way that this shield works, it’s more like catching a baseball in a mit, right? So rather than deflecting it or bouncing it off, it absorbs it and it has to be wired in and it sends it to the ground outside your house. So that’s a Satic product, we call it Field Shield. It’s stops these fields and it stops them 99.5%, and our filtering system will remove, you know, up to 99% of the harmonics, the distortion, the EMF on your electrical system. Think about your electrical system man, it’s a super antennae. When we were kids, I can tell you fellas are fairly close to my age, when we were kids, we got FM radio in town and if you went out of town, you got AM, right? Those are the two main radio signals, and then there was UHF and VHF for your TV and the four main channels of six channels that we got before cable with HBO, right? Okay.. So, nowadays when you turn on your phone, you’re not seeing AM/FM, you’re seeing his phone, her phone, his WiFi, her printer, their WiFi, Netflix, ugh, forgot it right? It’s just unlimited signals! So a couple things are happening, number one- that’s bombarding our physical being all day, and number two- they land on antennas. Now, the antennae on your car was maybe two feet of aluminum. The wiring in your house or in your apartment, the wiring in your spot that is maybe a mile of high quality copper. That’s a super antennae! Whether you want to believe it or acknowledge it or not, you are living in a super antennae that is being bombarded with all of these waves and living on those waves, and if there’s any chance at all that that’s bad for you, and I assure you there is, it’s affecting you. 
























you can expose a human being to, there are standards. But, the US and China pretty much have the loosest, lowest, most terrible standards on the planet. France has real standards, Sweden has real standards, Switzerland has real standards. So yes, there are absolutely are studies and there are standards for it, but all the big tech firms like Google that we just listed, those are all American companies. We love our plug-in stuff, I’m guilty, I like my phone too! But I’m not someone who A, who’s not cognoscente that these things exist and are bad for you, and B, someone who’s going to be held in a trance or powerless. That’s not who I am, I’m not going to be neither of those things. I’m neither in a trance nor powerless, I’m awake and I’m powerful. 


Jeff: That’s strong. But I mean, what do you recommend? For example, every household now has a smartphone, a router, a motor, a bunch of smart TV’s, a bunch of other devices like Roku to stream all your movies and everything and there’s a lot of WiFi signals going around the house. I was having Internet issues recently and I called my provider, he laughs because it was affecting the podcast, and Optimum is who I use, and they were telling me that ‘Oh, you have like 20 things connected to the WiFi right now.’ I’m like, I do? Haha. You know, you have this TV and that TV in everybody’s room, you have everybody’s phone, you know? And I’m like okay.. 


B.D.: Jeff, you just gave my pitch! Haha


Jeff: So what do we do exactly? I mean, do I just start turning stuff off or turn to the modem and be like ‘I don’t want WIFI anymore?’ Or like.. 


B.D.” So, you just nailed it. What I always tell people is ‘Did you need my product in 1980? No. Did you need my product in 1990? No.’ It wasn’t even a thing, it didn’t even matter, it wasn’t the same. And we actually use the incandescent lightbulb, the lightbulb that Edison invented, what, 140 years ago now? That little lightbulb? That little lightbulb actually cleans electricity. It would turn abnormalities into heat. You know what they did? They took that away. You know what they gave you? A CFL, compound fluorescent, curly-q lightbulb. That thing just screams poison! You don’t even have to be an engineer to look at that thing and say that thing is not for health, right? And the mercuries and the things that are in it, right? Then they went to LED. Well, LED uses a lot less electricity, but it strobes. LED- light emitting diode. A diode is direct current, a diode is like a one-way door, you can go in one way and can’t come out. Once you come in you can’t come out. It’s strobing! So, we used to have 50, 25, whatever number of energy cleaners, we took those out, and now we have 25 or 50 energy dirtiers, and you just said it, we used to have one phone, well now a family has four phones. You’ve got your tablets, you’ve got your WiFi, and so do you neighbors and everybody else. So we are being bombarded, that’s number one, but you asked the question- what do we do? Well, we’re powerful, we’re smart. First thing we do is become aware, the second thing we do is take action. Yes, start turning off all the stuff that you’re not using, if you want to use it, light it up! But if you’re not, don’t just have 50 things frying you and your little kid, turn them off, shut them down, get WiFi that turns off at night. So you want to stream? You want to be online? Turn them on! Stream! Be online! But when you’re not, don’t just live in it! It’s like sitting next to someone who used to smoke and blow it in your face all day! You only want to hang out with them for a minute! Go hang out with them for a minute and then send them home! 


Jeff: I’ll actually have to look into this, I never heard that you could turn off Internet, you know what I mean? Like, a program where you could turn it off at a certain time and what not.. 


Anthony: Come on man, you’ve been up since two o’clock in the morning, that’s not going to work. You’re going to be walking around like turning the WiFi off and I’m going to be watching my Netflix shows man! Oh, I’ve got that thing! Haha


Jeff: But this is something that I’m definitely going to look in to,, correct? Cause I have a three-year-old, and they always want to be on the phone, they want to be on YouTube all day, and at bedtime I’m like ‘C’mon dude, give me the phone.’ And he’s like ‘No, no!’ And I see all my friend’s kids and anyone else I know, that’s all they do. They just consume via electronics! 


B.D.: And they’re the most effected by it! They’re still growing! They are more suseptible to it!


Anthony: I told you man, read a book! 


Jeff: But who reads a book anymore? Reading a book these days is through a tablet! 


Anthony: ME! 


Jeff: Okay, but you’re the rare breed. 


B.D.: It’s either a tablet or an Audible. 


Jeff: Exactly! People are going to open up their tablets and order a book on the Kindle or whatever and read it through the device, you know what I’m saying? 


B.D.: So in that situation, download it to the device, turn off the device and turn it to Airplane mode, and then read it or play it or whatever without being connected! There are a lot of things you can do once you’ve downloaded them you don’t have to be connected to them. I’ll tell you, dirty electricity and EMF and all this stuff, they are not a conspiracy, they are not theory, they are real, they are proven, they are measurable beyond contestation. The question really is how bad it is for you. So it goes like this, would you think it would be a good idea to fast food and fries for every meal? No! It’s not healthy! One fry now and then a’int going to hurt you, right? Would you like to smoke four packs of cigarettes a day? No, but if you smoked one cigarette in college, I think you’re going to be okay, right? You know, is it bad or not? It’s bad. It’s about how much. So, you know, you and I just kind of went down that level of how much, 80 devices all on at the same time is too much! So, you know, you don’t have to run screaming but you do have to be cognoscente and start turning some things down, or maybe getting some filters or some shields or something like that. We have a shield that goes right in your bed. You put it right in between your mattress, you just lift up the mattress, slide it between your box spring and your mattress, shut it down, and plug it in. Yeah because, so electricity will choose the path of least resistance, right? We all learn that in 4th or 5th grade. Electricity is not going to go through rubber if it can have copper if it can pick copper on its own, right? So you are a big meat sack where you’re about 80-90% water, but you know, stuff is spraying outside, we’re breathing it in, we’re breathing in aluminum, we’re breathing in these metals, and now you are water and aluminum, and you are an antennae. When you’re laying in that bed, who’s the path of least resistance? You! You just became the antennae in that bed. So, by putting something in there, a lightning rod or a SaticShield, something, then at least you don’t have all of that current moving through you, it’s moving through something else. And people say that they sleep remarkably better as soon as they put it in, you know, is it psychosomatic? A little bit, sure, I’m not a fool. Yeah, maybe sometimes it is in their brain, is it every time? Probably not! 


Jeff: Would that explain why it’s so hard to get up in the morning? Like my brain usually gets up at about 5-5:30. My body is not ready to get up though. My brain will be up, but my body will take about another hour or another half hour to get up. Like it’s just not prepared.. 

People know what it is, and they know that it's real. -B.D. Erickson II.jpg

Jeff: Are there any tests of any studies, or you know, a test to this that has somehow proven that this affects your mood or your brain, everything? 

B.D.: There are! So, you have to realize who benefits from lots of WiFi and lots of activity. We're talking about Apple, we're talking about Google, we're talking about Microsoft, we're talking about the biggest most powerful companies on God's planet. Okay, so in the 60's we knew that smoking two packs a day was not good for you. But Philip Morris and all these guys had so much money that we knew that they were able to suppress legislators, they were able to suppress doctors, they hired their own studies, so it's like tilting a pool table so all the balls go in one pocket. So, if you want to know how the study is going to find out, right? Unfortunately, the standards, so there are standards for the amounts of exposure that 

bd erickson kid

B.D.: And you almost want to roll out, huh? 


Jeff: Yeah! 


B.D.: You don’t just bounce out, you just roll, be cool about getting out, right? Haha 


Jeff: Yeah, it’s kind of like this.. (does an interpretation) 

Anthony: I don't know what all y'all are talking about, I just roll right on that floor

I just keep rolling like ‘Now I’m awake, Now I’m awake..’


Jeff: Now going back to the Satic field shield, are we allowed to talk price on here? Like what are we looking at here. Is this on the website? 


B.D.: Yeah, they’re on the website,, and they’re about $200. They’re two feet by four feet. And so you need one for most beds, two for some. They ship in kind of a pizza box folded in half, you open it up, plug it in, and with a meter, I wish I had a meter here for our show, you can see it right now! You don’t have to wonder if it’s working, hope that it’s working, there’s a meter too on our website for electromagnetic fields and interference, electric fields, magnetic fields, and you can hold it up and say ‘Okay, I want none,’ but that’s not realistic in the modern world. So, usually two or three is bad, but when you turn it on you see a number that’s way higher then anybody suggests is good for you. But, the minute you hold up the shield, boom it’s gone baby, zero, zip, zen, nada. 


Jeff: Now, you did mention before that having a drink or two isn’t going to kill you, or a smoke or two isn’t going to kill you, your body fights it, your body has defense mechanisms, your liver, your lungs, you know, they’re going to filter these things out. Does your body have any type of defense for these, you know, electric currents, electric pollution? 


B.D.: Yeah, that’s a great question! So because of the FDA and things, we have to be very careful about what we say what’s good for you and what’s bad for me, I can’t really say that, but here’s what I can say, you ready? COWS! Dairy cows! Dairy is a trillion dollar industry. I’m not just talking about milk, butter is delicious, cheese is delicious, sour cream, ice cream, right? Pick it! So, from the very biggest companies, Marigold to Dairygold all the way down to the Amish and the Huderites, they have done studies that show or prove that the quality of the milk, the quantity, the production and all that is affected by dirty electricity and electromagnetic fields. One of the first things you do in a dairy is you clean the power. See, the way that electric fences work, a lot of people think that the cow gets shocked by the electric fence, he’s smart, he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t do that again. No, no dairy cow has ever been shocked by an electric fence, they don’t even go near it! They don’t even go near it, they can sense it, they can smell it, whatever, they don’t like it. In fact, if there’s stray voltage at a dairy, a dairy cow, and I’m from Montana, they won’t even step in a puddle. I’m not teasing! They know! It affects them and this is well documented. Indoor grows: strawberries, tomatoes, ganja, when you’re growing stuff it’s well documented that those plants will grow towards the light, towards the nutrients in the water, they will grow away from dirty electricity. So you know, am I a cow or a plant? No, but I’m biological! So if it’s bad for them beyond contestation, does it not follow that it’s bad for me? Yeah! So, it doesn’t kill you the next day like smoking or drinking, it’s got to have a compounding effect, but we have gone from 1980 to, you know, in 1990 you got one fax machine, right? And then in ’95 you got printer, right? And into the proliferation we have now, we are all flying into the smoking section guys. 


Anthony: Jesus.. 


Jeff: Now, again going back to your son, what difference did you actually see in him after, you know, you got yourself away from all the electricity? 






















she knows. Guys, it’s not like we have five or six customers, we have 85,000 units installed. Like, our customers know! And once again, are some of the psychosomatic? Sure! Are some of them wanting to feel good because they want to feel good? Sure man, of course, and God love ‘em, that’s okay too! If that’s how it works for you, that’s okay! But with 85,000 installed, surely that’s the great minority certainly not the majority. 


Jeff: And this is 85,000 installed in the country, in the US? Across the whole US? 


B.D.: All over the world! All over the world. The US presently is our best customer because, you know, we speak English and we’re here, we’re in the US, but it’s a growing concern. You know? 


Jeff: You said we speak English! You gotta be careful about what you say in 2021! Haha. Somebody might take that as a type of offense! Haha


B.D.: Haha, that’s right! I certainly don’t mean that to offensive and I will say this, I think most of us, if given the opportunity, would love to speak multiple languages. I know that’s something on a to-do list of mine that I would love to communicate freely with more humans. But for my factory and for me, I speak English, and so my brochures and my websites and things are in English, so that’s the majority of our customers right now. But we want to grow that! I mean, that’s something, and I would love to reach every person of the world and not just as a business case, I’m blessed possibly beyond what I deserve now and I’m grateful for every drop of it. But I want to reach people because if it’s your kid, I’m telling you right now, it matters. So I want people to know that there is something out there, it’s not expensive, it’s easy to do, it’ll work today, and if it will help you, it’s available to you. 


Anthony: I appreciate the positive energy! 


Jeff: Yeah, and I’m definitely going to put your link in our show notes so people can go to the website. You know, so you mentioned that you’re blessed to have all the success you have, you say that you’ve been personally mentored by Tony Robbins! Now can you tell us a little bit about that and also do you attribute some of your success to that experience? 


B.D.: Yeah, and the peer group! So I graduated from Tony Robbins Mastery University and then I graduated from Tony Robbins Leadership Academy, then I was a CREW with Tony Robbins and a leadership person for his live events for nearly a decade and went around the world nearly three times, helped tens of thousands of people to fire walk and you get a lot from the technology that Tony teaches, you get more if you put it into action, right? That’s such a huge leap for more people then you’d believe. But you also meet the peer group, and I got to be around absolutely beautiful human beings inside and out that taught me so much. I remember one time I was watching somebody fire walk and it was a starting running back from Vanderbilt, and this gentleman was a human specimen, right? Cool moss, cool moss, he comes across and I grab him, ‘stop! Wipe your feet and celebrate!’ He was so happy! And the next person was this tiny little grandma so old you could see right through her skin, right? And she comes up next, could not be different, more different biologically. This huge robust male piece of steel that looks like a He-Man doll, right? You know what I’m talking about! These athletes, they’re just a beautiful specimen, right? And then up next I have a tiny 90 year old Jewish grandma that maybe weighs 82 pounds and she comes across, ‘Cool moss, cool moss, cool moss’, man it changed my world because I knew in that moment that that little spark that God gives you, peace in your soul, whatever He gives you, however in the fantastic way that that works, that’s just as powerful in any one of us in that moment that you need it, you know? So being around people and seeing people of every shape, color and size have the power and the ability to change their life and affect other people, that’s something that I cherish that has impacted me and that I will keep forever. 


Jeff: Man, I feel really ignorant because today is the first time that I’ve heard of electric pollution, and to me, Tony Robbins is just like a motivational speaker. You know, ‘Follow your Dreams’, you know this and that, but that’s it! You know, I had no idea that, you know, he was pushing any type of technological advances or, you know what I’m saying? 


B.D.: Yeah, no, and so he is not a part of this or my company, he has his beliefs on diet and nutrition and exercise and all that stuff, but this is a single dad’s pursuit in a confusing world to help his kid. You know? And what someone like Tony Robbins does is helps you remember that you are powerful, it’s just helps remember that you can, do, have what you want. And I always tell people no it’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either! It’s somewhere in the middle of that, you know? It’s somewhere in the middle of easy and impossible. So just get to work, get to work! Make your goals, think it, see it, dream it, start today! And you will be amazed at what you can drag into reality if you just start today, you know? 


Jeff: You know, you sound like a better speaker than Tony Robbins! Haha. Start charging with some lessons or some classes! Haha. Now, you said you were an expert in conspiracy theories. What exactly does that mean and what conspiracies do you subscribe to? Cause we had a couple of guys on here that were just going on and on about a flat earth. Please don’t talk about flat earth! Haha. I don’t want to hear any more of that. Haha. 


B.D.: Okay, okay. 


Jeff: Do you believe that the earth is flat? 


B.D.: So first of all, I did not say ever that I was expert! I have been called an expert! Somebody calling you an expert is different then you saying that you’re an expert. I am an voracious reader, I do have a high IQ, I read a lot of books, I hope that I am coachable. Here’s what I’ve learned at my age, every time I think I know something, I find out that I knew less, right? And each time you add another layer on it’s like man I’m more or less confused then when I started. So, I’ve just learned from myself that a lot of things that I was taught in 5th grade as gospel, and I remember 5th grade science, I remember 5th grade geography, I remember so many things that I was taught and that I was just told that this is how it is, and now as an adult, I’m telling you, that’s not real! That’s not the truth! And so, there are just a lot of things in our world that we are told every single day that they are true and they are not! 


Jeff: Well, we’re being taught by teachers who were taught by another teacher, you know, and it’s just on and on, and I think everything is theories. You know, everything that we’ve been told in our lives is theories. Most things cannot be proven, you know, Christopher Columbus discovered this, Christopher Columbus discovered that, did he really, you know, when there was already people at the place he supposedly discovered? 


B.D.: There were already people there! Yeah! 


Jeff: This is what we’re told, teachers were just told to pass the information on and so forth, and it’s just a cycle. You know what I mean? People believe in the Bible, I happen to be Agnostic, I speak about this openly in all the episodes, but we’re going by a book, we’re going by the Bible. And there’s over 4,000 religions in the world and they don’t all believe in the same Bible! You know, some people believe in the Christian Bible, some people believe in the Book of Mormon, you know, Muslims have the Koran.. 

People know what it is, and they know that it's real. -B.D. Erickson II copy.jpg

B.D.: So, a lot of people, not just my son, a lot of people actually have like a detox where for almost a day they actually feel worse because their body is now used to this or maybe just for a day or two, you're just off. And then you start to come out of it and your body can react now to having less, having less of something I don't care what it is, if your body gets used to it, you know, then might feel off for a day or two coming out of it, and I'm not a person that can really feel it, I don't want to be phony-balogna, people can see right through that, but we have a lot of customers, usually female biology is more sensitive, she turns her back and you plug the filter in she know, she feels it. You unplug it, she can feel it. And how many times do you have to play that game before you know that she's not guessing? You'll only have to do that five or six times and you know that

bd erickson reality

B.D.: The Torah! 


Jeff: …you know what I’m saying? These were all books written.. 


B.D.: Yeah, sure I do! 

Jeff: You know, unverifiable, and everything is a theory.

B.D.: So, the educators, you

nailed it, are educated, right? And so there is a curriculum. So, there’s a school board, so the community owns the school board helps decide the curriculum, and then the curriculum has a series of approved books that were written by somebody, and you know, when somebody wins the war, who writes the story, you know? The victor! The victor spoils and he tells how everybody how it went! So, you’re exactly correct, you go to grade school and what are you taught? Man, be on time, and don’t sleep and don’t doodle and pay attention and get good marks, and remember 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue! You know, 1776, these things are ingrained in us and we just take them as fact because we are taught to believe people and trust them, and we want to believe people and trust them! Man, people’s natural autopilot is not to disbelieve someone, your natural autopilot is to love people and to be friends. Your natural autopilot is to not want to hang out with them, it’s not how babies are man, that’s not our natural thing. We want to fit in, we want to high-five, we want to be apart of it, we want to be your pal, and I want to believe you. And so they prey on our natural goodness of wanting to believe these things, and when your mom tells you to listen and they teach your ass authority, man, I’m sorry, until they show you really something else, that is going to be what you believe! How can it not be? 


Jeff: Alright, so I feel like you’re tippy-toeing.. 


B.D.: I am! Haha 


Jeff: Be as controversial as you need to be, man, tell us exactly what conspiracies you’re subscribing to, man. You know what I’m saying? Haha. Are you not believing in COVID? I just a gist while you were just talking. 


B.D.: Well, I do believe that there’s something like a flu and a pathogen, absolutely. When you look at the states, North Dakota, South Dakota, that didn’t shut down or the states that didn’t make, Florida, Texas, Montana that have less mask regulation, are the death rates significantly different? You know, the numbers, this isn’t a conspiracy, the number often say that they are less, so, that’s just math! So, let’s say we looked back at, you know, 1425 and 1426 and 1427 in history, and we’re looking at the death rates, and during one of those years it said it was a pandemic or a food shortage or something happened to the water or something else, and so what was important to the people at that time, Potato Famine, you pick it, right? But if you looked at the number of people that died that year, looking back 100 or 500 years later, if it wasn’t markedly different, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to you historically speaking looking back. In 500 years when people look back on 2020 and the number of people that passed away versus the year before, would somebody of 500 years be looking back and say ‘that was the year of a great pandemic.’ I don’t know that historically speaking you would. I think historically speaking it was about the same as everything else. Does that mean that COVID does not exist? I didn’t say that, I said the number of people that have died, looking back, is not an extraordinary event, period. 


Jeff: Okay, so you’re saying that the death tolls are about the same but more deaths are being attributed to COVID? Whether somebody died or cancer or somebody got hit by a car, they’re going to say it was COVID? 


B.D.: Well, nobody died of the flu! This is the first year in like recorded human history that no one died of the flu! Everybody that died of the flu died of COVID. So, the COVID numbers are up, but if the flu numbers are down, then that still equals about the same thing. I’ve haven’t looked at the numbers recently, but it was, what, within like 5% of the same numbers or something. Is 5% astronomical to you? You get to decide that! It’s not astronomical to me, but you know, I have my own set of parameters and rules that I go by. I think, you know, COVID is such a touchy subject and you can’t make everybody happy, I’ll tell you some easier ones., I’ll give you some layups, right? Ready for some layups? The Federal Reserve is not federal and there is no reserve. Right? Let’s just make sure that everybody knows that on an island called Jekyl Island in like 1913, the bankers set out to establish a currency, and that was enacted and the Federal Reserve is neither federal, there’s no reserve, it is fiat currency owned by a handful of extremely wealthy families that have controlled the monetary system that have controlled the system for the last 170 years. 


Jeff: Like the Rockafellers! 


B.D.: Right? There’s a great book, The Creature from Jekyl Island, it’s very clear, I think there’s some people, most of us don’t know that the IRS is not a part of the government, it’s a Puerto Rican sea corporation, it’s not even a part of the government, it’s Puerto Rican man! It’s a Puerto Rican sea corporation! Google it! It’s easy! And they just got the job, they got the bid if you will, for collecting our revenue and who owns that? The same cats! Well, who owns the FDA? The same cats! Who owns the CDC? Same cats! So the CDC, people want to believe, that it is this, you know, non-biased government agency that is all of these wonderful people working for your betterment. Well, how much did they make last year in vaccines? That’s a fun Google, right? So it’s not like I’m this unique conspiracy person saying these things, I was taught like everybody else, I was taught a youth to believe something different. And it takes a minute when you make that shift from believing your 5th grade schoolteacher to knowing that it’s not true at all, in fact quite the opposite is true, you know, we just did a couple of layups right here, there are so many things like this in our lives that aren’t what we’re told, and that’s criminal, that’s actually quite hard to take initially. But once, you know it’s like you blow up a balloon, right? The balloon is this big and you get it in the bag and blew it up and it gets this big and then you let the air out of it and it goes back into here, it never goes back, like once you expand your brain, once some of the scales fall off of your eyes you don’t see anything the same way anymore, you see everything with a level of cynicism, especially if it’s told you, if anything has been told to you more then 100 times in that last whatever, it’s wrong. Someone is trying way too hard to convince you of something if it’s been told too many times. If you’ve been told that many times, then you know. 


Jeff: I had a doctor and a nurse actually tell me that hospitals, I forget, receive a certain amount of money every time they place somebody on a ventilator. You know what I’m saying? And things like that make me think, hmmm right, okay. 


B.D.: Right, so if anything is as it appears to be, do you have to inflate it? Do you have to supercharge it? Do you have to blow on it? Do you have to do something else? No! It speaks for itself, right? If anything, if you’ll turn off the TV, your life will be different because TV is telling you something, and what you should trust is your eyes and your ears and your nose and your skin, and you know what when I go out and feel the sun on my face and I hear the birds, it was so beautiful today and the birds are just loosing their minds they were so happy, and there were no body bags, right? There were no riots, what I heard was just birds chirping and little kids outside on their bikes, and that’s the real world. That’s not one that’s piped into me, I’m telling you, I promise you, I felt that sun on my face, I smelled the fresh air, I heard the birds with my own ears, I saw little kids on their bikes with my own eyes. That’s my real world. 


Jeff: And I’ve always questioned everything, even as a child, that’s why I’m agnostic because I’ve always questioned everything, as far as my mom taking me to church and my dad taking me to Kingdom Hall, and I would always question everything. But if my questions weren’t answered, you know what I mean? Then, you would lose credibility with me. It’s like the old saying, you know, if you tie up a pastor or a priest and, you know, he’s scared, then you can’t trust what he’s telling you about the life after. You know what I mean? 


Anthony: Where’d you hear that from?! 


Jeff: Joe Buddy said it in one of his raps. But I would always believe conspiracies, for example, like the 9/11, I was always fascinated with that, I watched all the DVD’s. As I got older, you know, I still am asking questions but I feel like I want to believe what’s being told, you know what I mean? What they’re telling me on CNN, Fox News..


B.D.: Yeah, of course! 


Jeff: …but then I always ask the question: Okay, but what do they get out of this? What is the purpose? You know what I mean? If they’re really going to lie to us about whether the moon landing or 9/11 or COVID or, you know, the monetary system or whatever it is, what’s the end goal? Like, is it money? I mean, they’re printing money! So what do they need money for? You know, so what really is the point of all these lies, you know? 


Anthony: Control, control! It’s the most powerful thing they’ve ever had! 


B.D.: So, you just threw a lot out there. So, things should be able to stand on their own. Anything should be able to stand on its own and it doesn’t matter what it is, you know, the quality of water or the quality of electricity or, you know, religion, it’s something that should be able to be fact-checked, it’s something that should be able to be questioned. And first of all, if you’re not allowed to question it, wow, that’s a hint right there, right? Because if you’re not allowed to question it, anything should be able to stand up to it and control those who want control and they’re afraid of losing control. And why has mankind ruled mankind to its own detriment for 6,000 years? You know, we could spend two hours on that, but you know, how often has the ruling class really benefitted the people and how many times has the ruling really subjugated and harmed the people? That’s international, that covers race, age, time, dates, everything! For some reason, right, historically speaking when you look back, those in charge subjugated. Did they like the power? Did they like the wealth? Did they like the fame? Did they like the glamour? The sex? Pick it, you know, pick it, all of the above. It’s just been the reality. So we want to believe that we are in the one place where no, they don’t like the power, they don’t want to do anything for the power, they do it because they love us, they want to protect us, Jeff I would love to tell you that everyone out there in charge of us they just love you baby and they just want to protect you. That’s all they want is to just love you and protect you! You’re special to them! 


Anthony: The government loves me! 


B.D.: And unfortunately, right? They love you and they want to protect you and keep you healthy and keep you safe, right? And the people that make billions of dollars off selling you medicine, they want you healthy! That doesn’t make sense! 


Anthony: Haha! 


Jeff: Right! Because there’s no money in the cure! There’s no money in the cure! 


B.D.: Jeff, you said that baby, not me. 


Jeff: You know, why cure cancer, why cure AIDS, you know, when we’re going to keep feeding you these pills that you need every day of your life, you know? What’s the guy? Michael something, who was selling the AIDS pills for like $1,000 a pill or something like that, remember that? I mean, he’s locked up now but, he was making bank off of that! Yeah, he bought that Woo-Tang album for $2 million and no body ever heard it because he kept it to himself. 


Anthony: Alright, so this is what we’re going to do. I got some conspiracy theories, we’re going to do a fast round. I mean yes or no or no explanation, whatever works for y’all. Did the government kill Kennedy, yes or no? 

Jeff: Oof.. 


B.D.: The government? 


Jeff: A government hired hit-man? Perhaps… 


B.D.: So, Kennedy said two pretty famous things in his speech right before he was killed. Number one- I’m going to take the CIA and I’m going to spinner it into 1,000 pieces and scatter it into the wind. We’re going to take back the monetary system from the Federal Reserve, we’re going to turn it to the gold standard. Next question.


Jeff: Hold up hold up, didn't he say that he was going to disclose any information that we had about, you, UFO's and alien contact? 

B.D.: I don't remember that specifically, the speech I'm referring to specifically before he was killed referred to the Federal Reserve and the CIA. 

bd erickson impossible

Jeff: So in other words, he knew too much information that they didn’t want out there? 


B.D.: Well, and he was about to, I mean, his words were “I will splinter the CIA into 1,000 pieces and shatter it into the wind and we will take back our monetary system.” And then he was shot in the face, and everyone was told that he was shot in the back of the head. You realize that right? That the building where he was shot from was behind him. Now you see the video, you don’t have to be a super genius to know that he was shot in the forehead, he was not shot in the back of the head. 


Anthony: His neck rocks backwards, not forwards. 


Jeff: Right. We’ve never had a convertible presidential vehicle since then! Haha. 


Anthony: I like we learned our lesson. Properly so. Moon landing, yes or no? 


B.D.: Man, I hate doing this one.. And I’m on here as a conspiracy theory witness, I get called that because I’m a good reader! I love space stuff, so I love the Smithsonian, I call it rocket porn, I’m surrounded by engineers, I lead a great team of engineers, I love this stuff. So, here’s something that you have to ask yourself: IF you’re standing in a field in Montana right now and you’re 500, 600 miles away from somebody, how many bars do you have on your phone? You’ve got none. So you’re telling me that.. 


Jeff: I’ve got Verizon so I might have one bar.. 


B.D.: … that that dude had five bars on his phone on the moon? A quarter-million miles away? In 1969? He had five bars? I don’t have five bars in Montana! 


Anthony: I don’t have five bars and I’m sitting inside my house! Haha 


Jeff: I mean the only conspiracy was the part about how the flag was waving, that’s what everybody would always point to. Why is the flag waving? 


B.D.: Well, so, and I just love rocket stuff, you’re just cutting me deep right now. So think about the size of the Saturn 5 rocket. So the Saturn 5 rocket, which took the command module and the lunar excursion up into space, that thing was stories tall, it was so much energy, right? And then think about the little thing that was on the moon that they were in. How did that thing get back off the moon? 


Anthony: Fair enough… 


Jeff: Woah.. 


Anthony: See, it’s not me, so you’ve got him thinking, his mind is racing! 


Jeff: It’s because I question everything! See, once we get off of here he’s going to question everything! 


B.D.: So, if you jump out of a plane.. 


Anthony: Why? 


B.D.: .. you’re parachute opens and the parachute slows you down, right? Now, if there’s no air, does a parachute deploy? No, it just streams! Those guys just go super high and you can’t go super high, people tell you you can’t go super high, you can go super high. Guy goes super high and he just out of that thing, he’s in his Red Bull suit, he’s got his ‘chute going, his ‘chute doesn’t deploy for a long time because there’s no air to fill it! Right? So the closer you get, the denser the air gets, he gets far enough where it’s dense and it fills the ‘chute and then it slows him down. So, we see the Mars stuff and what lands it? That big parachute pops out! Mars doesn’t have atmosphere! It’s 3/10’s of 1% the atmosphere of Earth! So how would a parachute open? What’s filling it? 


Jeff: So you’re saying that we’ve never been to Mars? 


B.D.: I’m saying that parachutes don’t work. Parachutes don’t work without air. Parachutes grab air. 


Jeff: This is fact, that’s a fact. 


Anthony: Last question, are we in a simulation? 


B.D.: What’s that?


Anthony: Last question, are we in a simulation? 


B.D.: Of sorts. Of sorts, yeah. So, is it the matrix where we are all asleep being batteries to feed something else? That’s different then are we asleep? Have we all been so socially conditioned that we are experiencing a false reality about us? Anthony, beyond reasonable contestation we are my friend. 


Jeff: Alright, Mr. Erickson, before you go, my final question is: UFO’s, are they alien entities? Are they alien vehicles from another life, life form? Or are they just crafts that the government is testing out every so often? 


B.D.: Well, I remember in the 80’s living in Seattle, they were working on something in Boeing and we didn’t know. And then out cam that stealth-fighter and it was that oddly shaped rascal in 1990 if you remember that and then they went over to Desert Storm, Desert Shield. And so they were working on something behind closed doors that was beyond what any of us had dared to imagine. So, the idea that the government is not working on something that’s beyond our imagination, that’s full hearty, of course they are, and number two- I think a lot of us, agnostic or not whatever, have experienced times that seemed surreal where, you know, are there angels and demons? Have you been thinking about your wife and she called you right that minute? Have you been thinking about an old pal that you haven’t seen and he called you that moment? To say you’ve lived your life and you haven’t experienced those is not real. 


Jeff: Yeah, like that ‘ooohhhhhh’ type stuff. 


B.D.: There simply are things that we cannot describe with the math that we were taught in 5th grade or the belief that we were taught some fantastic way. There’s absolutely more happening around us than we’re able to see and smell, beyond contestation.


Jeff: Yeah, we had. Christian scientist on a few months back and battle on Christian scientists to me was like an oxymoron or something that was contradictory to each other, but you know, he argued that left and right that there are millions of planets but there are no life forms on any of them except for this one. And that is just something that I cannot wrap my mind around. Like, no one is ever going to convince me that we are the only intelligent lifeforms that exists and are in our universe, our galaxy, our solar system, it’s just, that’s unfathomable to me. Like that’s very arrogant and naive and egotistical of the human race to even think of something like that. That’s my opinion, you know? There’s a million planets, they discover new planets every day and there’s no lifeforms anywhere else!? You know its, come on! One or the other! There’s either no plants but this one or there’s other planets and there’s other lifeforms out there. 


B.D.: Yeah, and why do they have to be, you know, shaped like us or physical like us or dimensional like us or whatever else, we’re still our own little planet finding, you know, so most things want some sunlight or some water, and then in these caverns of the ocean we find these vents where ammonia and all these toxic gases and stuff are coming out, and there’s some little fish, some little dude that lives in it and he lives on ammonia at 200 degrees, and anything else that lived there would be cooked there or couldn’t breathe there or couldn’t live there, and he does! That little thing does! And so, it would be, and even the Bible, if we’re going to go there just for fun in the Koran and the Torah, they talk about being created by a personage, a personage that also created angelic beings or creatures of another dimension before so I don’t know how you would even say that we’re the only creatures. 


Jeff: Exactly! I mean, if you believe in God, he is the personification of what an alien is. It’s something that is not from this world. 


B.D.: He’s not terrestrial! 


Jeff: And if you say that God is all knowing and all good, to me, you can’t be both. You have to be one or the other. You gotta pick one! Because if He’s all good, and He’s all knowing, then He allows all the evil, then He’s not all good, you know what I mean? Because He also created evil. So you got to pick one, that’s when people, you know, people lose me there when they say He’s all good and all knowing, like no, which one is He? He can’t be both. Cause otherwise, He’s really f’ed up. You know what I’m saying? 


B.D.: You know, free will, free will is an interesting thing. So lets say Jeff, you create a creature with free will and it behaves poorly, you’ve got some choices now. Do you immediately kill this creature and start over because you’re good or do you make a statement maybe that this won’t play out well for you that this won’t work out as x, y and z? Do you give an event to play out? So, let’s say you’re in a classroom and a teacher writes a problem, a math problem or something on the board, and one of the students says ‘you did that wrong’ or ‘there’s a better way to do that’. Should the teacher just erase the board? Or should the teacher say ‘come show me, let’s see it’.? 


Jeff: Probably the last one.. 


B.D.: The last one! Right! So, is there any possibility at all that God is that teacher and He’s saying ‘Okay, let’s see what you got!’ It’s interesting at least to ponder, right Jeff? 


Jeff: Mr. B.D. Erickson! Are you going to tell us what the B.D. stands for? 


B.D.: Not on the first date, Jeff. 


Anthony: Come one man, you can’t have people handing the government that kind of information, come on now.. Haha. 


Jeff: Okay, so we’re going to have to have you back on for that one, huh? Haha. 


Anthony: Go check it out on the website, it’s going to be on the website, he don’t need to be telling everyone his business, calm down. Haha. 


Jeff: Mr. Erickson, thank you so much for coming on we really appreciate it. Very fascinating stuff. I’m definitely going to go to the website to look more into these bed shields and some of the other gadgets you have on there because, like I said, I was ignorant and I was completely oblivious to this whole electrical pollution thing, this is the first time that I ever even heard about it. So I’m definitely going to research that a little further. 


B.D.: Well, I love your guys’ show, it’s very cool, I’m genuinely grateful and honored that you guys had me, I really appreciate it. Thanks. 


Jeff: Just so you know, just so you know, we name all our episodes after a hip-hop song, so we’re going to pick one unless you have any suggestions or any rap songs that you like? 


B.D.: *sings* The showstopper, the hip hop legacy, primacy I’ve break you off, boy you got a memory.. Yeah man! When Sindog just starts to flow, that might be my favorite flow of any rap tune of any time when Sindog just goes. 


Jeff: What’s the name of that song, do you remember? 


Anthony: He knows what it is.. 


Jeff: Cause that’s going to be the name of this episode.. 


B.D.: Yeah of course I do, it’s on.. 


Jeff: What is it? Haha 


B.D.: Hip-hop superstar, wanna be a superstar.. 


Anthony: You wanna be a hip-hop superstar, live large, big house.. 


B.D.: Big cars, you in charge, 


Jeff: There’s a superstar and a rap superstar… 


B.D.: Yeah, rap superstar, that’s it. 


Anthony: Rap Superstar, yep. Sindog. 


Jeff: Erickson came in here today with all types of knowledge, man! 


Anthony: He’s here to teach the people, we appreciate you! 


Jeff: We appreciate you, man. Thank you for coming on. 


B.D.: Same to you guys. 


Jeff: Have a good night man. 


B.D.: Thank you.  

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