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Exhausted parents guide to EMF exposure and how to protect your kids

Founder and CEO of Satic Shield, B.D. Erickson II, sits down with Andra McHugh, host of Eczema Kids, a podcast centered around different health tips and tricks that help keep our children safe. B.D. gives advice on how to protect our families from the many harms of today's technological world. 

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Andra McHugh, host of the Eczema Kids podcast, sits down with Satic Shield's B.D. Erickson II to talk about the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, and how they are bombarding our children and their well-being every second. Well as concerned parents, we want to do anything to protect our children, so B.D. provides different protection solutions from EMFs and how we can make our children's environments the healthiest spaces we have in our homes. 


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Andra McHugh: "B.D. Erickson, thank you so much for coming on the show! Welcome!" 

B.D. Erickson II: "Thank you for having me!" 

Andra: "You know, your world, this world, of EMF radiation and all that comes with it is so illusive and so confusing, I mean you can't see it so you don't even know what you're up against and what you're battling, so I'm excited to have you on and just share your wisdom with us and let us know really what we can do as parents in this realm to protect our kids, but before that, can you just go into you?" 

B.D.: “Absolutely! So, you know, how do you end up in your journey in life? Like some of us go to university for a specific job path and then maybe, you know, that’s most people that I know, and while I do have science and business degrees I don’t remember learning anything about EMFs particularly, I’ve got a lot of engineering classes too and certainly dirty electricity was not in spirit, I don’t know, it’s just something that I didn’t spend time on and it’s something that just came crashing into my life, you know, as a single dad I noticed that my son’s health and, I would say mental health really, than anything had changed. Something in our environment changed and as a single parent, just as a parent, you want your child happy and healthy, it’s the most important thing in your life and when you’re a parent, your focus shifts from yourself and still wanting to be a person and wanting to have fun and having a fun life and all of that to caring for the needs of this person, right? So it really turns into doing laundry and fold the clothes and making sandwiches and all of those great things, which you do with love because you want them to have it. Well, my son’s behavior changed, he hadn’t missed a day of school in two years and we were proud of that and he was proud of that, perfect grades and he was proud of that and I was proud of that, and he was well-liked. Well he started suffering from anxiety, he started suffering from fear and doubt and, you know, when I would have nice visits with him, he would seem to me by my deduction that the things that he was fearing and was anxious about, they were real to him! They were scary to him! They weren’t real to me, they weren’t scary to me! I didn’t marginalize it, I knew they were scary to him but, you know, I remember being scared of the monster under my bed and it wasn’t real but his fears were different then that. So we had moved into a house with high-tension high power lines and, you know, people say EMFs aren’t real or they are real and they’re not that bad for you or they’re kind of bad for you but you shouldn’t worry about it, or all of this advice and pseudoscience that you get, and I’m here to tell you right now that within one year of living in this home under these high-tension high-voltage power lines, my little guy was behaving differently, he was missing school and he was sickly and he was anxious. Anxiety crushing anxiety, he didn’t want to leave his room and not being the same at school. So your heart just breaks as a person, so you try to deduce and you try to be your own doctor and one of the things that they wanted to try were pharmaceutical drugs, and that’s not a go-to immediately for me. I’m not against all of that but I’m really pro- BigPharma, I’m not, I think that for the most part if you can do something with nutrition, you should. If you can do something with better thinking, better feeling, better moving your body, better exercise, better water, the gambit, that’s where you start, right? You don’t start at the other end. And so, I didn’t want to start, we didn’t start with using pharmaceuticals, that’s not the direction that I chose as a father. Well, I pretty quickly deduced that my little guy had EHS, electrohypersensitivity. Well what’s that? He’s hyper-sensitive to electricity. And not electricity specifically but the attributes of electricity, the electro and the magnetic fields and their subsequent radiation. And it turns out that a huge part, a huge portion of our population is highly affected negatively so by dirty electricity, EMFs, high-voltage power lines, 4G, 5G, the big antennas, the devices and, you know not to rabbit trail or get too far that way too fast, but parents are letting their little kids spend a lot of time on these devices and it can be a good babysitter and it can be entertaining, but then sleeping with, near or right on these devices, and I’m here as a regular person and a healthy human being and fellow human being that it had dyer effects on my child that you don’t want on yours.



















to be okay, but if you eat it every day it’s going to affect your health. So that’s the level of dis-ease, if you will, harm on the biological, it’s not like stepping into your propeller for most of us, it’s more like the gradual effects of something that really not ideal or conducive to healthy biology, and there are more people that are more susceptible to it. So yes, EMFs are absolutely positively real, they’re absolutely positively measurable, they’re absolutely positively damaging to the biological, but it’s a couple of things, number one-how much? Again, are you smoking two packs of cigarettes a day? Or do you have a cigarette occasionally when you’ve had a couple drinks in the hot tub. We’re talking about something being harmful but the exposure to it is apart of it. So number one you’ve got to know where are the causes? Where is it coming from? What are the culprits? Because the first place to start is not buying shielding for goodness sakes, the place to start is knowing where it comes from and turning those things off or eliminating those things from your life completely if you can or at least eliminating the time or limiting the time. So one of the issues for us is leaving the Wi-Fi on at night, right? We don’t leave Wi-Fi on when we sleep, why not? Because we’re not trying to connect to anything and it’s not good for us. Decide time as a family to use your stuff, and I’m not a person who is so on one side that I don’t like technology or I won’t use a smart phone and a lot of people can’t! There’s been lots of people, I’ve met thousands over the years in my business field and they can’t be near the Wi-Fi at all, they can’t be near a smart meter, I mean they’re so hyper-sensitive that it wipes them out. I don’t suffer that so we just plan it as a family, like hey we want a game so we’re going to turn it on for an hour or maybe from 5-7, we’re going to update all of our apps, we’re going to download all of our stuff, and we’re going to game or going to do whatever we’re going to do and then we’re going to try and download this stuff or hardwire it and then we’re going to turn it off! We’re going to turn it off! And certainly turn it off at night and not keep our phones in our rooms on at night and certainly not plugged in. I wish I could do some demonstrations for you because I could show you how several really well-known meters that are real, they’re accurate, they’re functional, how you can have an RF field and an electric field and a magnetic field coming off of your phone or device when they are not plugged in and it’s measurable, it’s a level that would be damaging to the biological, plug that rascal in. You’re talking about 10 or 100x, and so I see people with their phone right by their bed, right by their head and plugged in all night and you are definitively beyond any reasonable contestation exposing your body to a toxin that is proven to be bad for you. Period. So you asked me how I got into this field and I didn’t mean to take over the conversation with this 20 minutes!”


Andra: “You’re preaching to the choir over here! I hear it!”


B.D.: “I came off the high dive! I mean, when you go down into the swimming pool, you can either go down the stairs or you can go down the ladder or you can go off of the high dive and it was total baptism by fire getting over-exposed and having it hurt my kid. So women like to say mama-bear, well there’s papa-bear too! It’s going into total defense mode for trying to sort and love and protect your family. And that’s my journey, truly.”


Andra: “I love it. We have a lot of papa bears listening and they are the exact same way. So this all was going on and you were noticing these effects on your kid and that’s when you started the company? Or you just looked into it more or were you like ‘I need to find a better answer’?”


















dirty electricity, the EMF that now you’re realizing later on, or at least if you’ve got somebody that is feeling it and experiencing it, you can go into action. So I started to really quickly see it was poo-poo’d by mainstream media. I couldn’t see the videos or the content that I really wanted to see, I mean, you know, who wants a lot of 5G? The most powerful companies on the planet. And I don’t want to get wiped out by listing them but we know who they are, they want you connected to your phone, they want to sell you stuff online, they don’t even want you to turn your phone off because it takes forever to turn your phone back on, they don’t want it off, they want you totally connected to sell you goods and services and I’m not saying that’s evil that might be very benign, but when corporations and people that powerful don’t want people saying bad things about some of the stuff that they offer or how their technology works it’s hard to find truth, I found it hard to separate science from pseudo-science, on the internet if you can find someone who says someone credible saying that it’s right, if you can find someone who is well-spoken saying that it’s up, if you can find someone who is well-spoken saying that it’s down, so it was hard to disseminate fact from fiction, and it was hard to find products that I could proved that worked. So there are some things in this space, in EMF, electromagnetic field, electrohypersensitivity, that seemed a little woo-hoo to me and I’m not here to judge, I’m a tech and we’ve got high grade engineers on our staff, we really wanted stuff that we could test in a controlled environment, in a lab, on a test bench to see what it was doing. Will we be able to see it on a meter? And some of the stuff you just have to have a measure of faith. I do have faith, I do not come from fear, I do not deal or trade or come from a place of fear, I come from a place of faith, for sure. I’ll add to that that sometimes you do want to see it, darn it! You do want to see it on a meter! And so one of the great things, you know, we know that radon gas it’s a real thing, you can’t see it, you can’t touch it, you can’t smell it and all of that, but there’s a whole business called, you know, Radon Mitigation, I’ve got a radon thing in my house and the guy came and he was very well-spoken and says you’ve got lots of radon, put a fan in my garage and it’s running to this day! And I could see it on a meter, right? There are lots of gases and stuff, carbon monoxide, right? Same thing! Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that it’s not true. Finding a cavoite to that was, I for myself didn’t want to go too much on faith, I come from faith but I also wanted things that I could see on a meter, that I could measure something, I could improve it, I could see the change, I could see the change in front of my eyes and I could measure that. It just felt better to me. I didn’t see a lot of stuff like that either! So answering your question the really long way, we had to make it. We had to design it, we didn’t find anything that I was ready to rest my family’s life on, I wasn’t ready to bet my life on that stuff, I guess we didn’t have that level of faith. So I had a few dollars and I put some powerful people, I feel like I’ve got one of the best engineering teams on the planet and we can take the Pepsi challenge with anybody, I really felt like my position was the leader like okay here's the outcome, what do we want? We want a line of products that can readily identify this, measure it, test it, reduce it, and show that customer that I want to make them in America, I want to make them with low warranties, I want them to be durable and last and they have to be affective, and if they’re too expensive then I’m just afraid not enough people will do it. And so we really set out with a design mandate that is relatively easy to use, relatively inexpensive so that people can do it and measurably effective. So it took a few years, it looks millions of dollars and we’ve set out to do what we’ve done and I don’t want to boast too much about my products because most of the things you can do, you can do them for free. Most of the things you should and need to do, you can do them for free, and I could teach you to make some stuff at the Home Depot that could stop some of your exposure by being aware, believing, seeing, and making some changes in your life like your exposure, like your thing with fast food, once you realize that canned food and processed food isn’t good for you and doesn’t have bio-available food, stop eating it! Once you learn that too much drugs or alcohol or cigarettes are harmful for you, what do you do? You stop! Stop exposing yourself to it! But the first is just becoming aware and the second is limiting your exposure and how do you limit your exposure? You just find out what the culprits are and you just cut the darn things off. So what happens with some of us is that we live in apartment complexes, for example, well gosh I can turn mine off but I can’t turn my neighbor’s off! You know, if I have a home and I live on my own property and I can opt out of the smart meter or the electricity meter that the utility company puts on, but if I rent I can’t because I have no say. I have no voice. I’m powerless to make that change, but not powerless in that now we can go to work and if you have to buy something that’s the only situation that, you know, ideally where you might have to spend some money is when you’ve done the things that you can do within your power for free. So again long story short, we had to make a line of products that addressed it and could stop it.”




December and in all candor, I haven’t shared this, but my three-year-old has gotten significantly worse since we moved into this house and it’s got solar panels and, you know, we’re a little closer together, and I love solar panels! Of course! You know, I’m pro that, but it’s a real noticeable difference without really a lot of other change, you know, aside from moving, and we want what’s best for our kids and I would love to hear, yes, first lines of defense like what to do for it now for anybody and then for people that are thinking that this could be a really real culprit to their eczema problem that they’re experiencing, what would be the next steps after that?”


B.D.: “First thing is that I just want to tell everybody is that high-tension lines are really dangerous, but we can shield your house and pretty inexpensively and just create kind of a Faraday cage in your attic. Almost with aluminum foil. It seems really simple but’s it’s really effective and you can see it on a meter, I mean, you can see it right in front of your eyes going from a high level even to zero. You don’t want a smart meter on your house, if you own your house, if you’re blessed with the financial abundance to own your home then you have got to call the utility and you’ve got to opt out and you’ve got to get a regular meter back on your house. Let’s say you can’t do that, okay we’ve got to shield it! I mean it’s as easy as hanging a poster, you’re putting something two feet by four feet on the opposite wall. So if your smart meter is out here and it’s on the outside and it’s on this side and you hang it up, you’ve done it! When you lay in bed at night, everybody does it the same I don’t care where you live, this is something universal. You ready? You put your bed in the room, you put your bed against the wall, you don’t put your bed in the middle of the room and walk around it, no one does that, you put it up against the wall and that becomes the head of the bed and you put your head by the wall. You’ve never met anyone in your entire life that puts their feet by the wall and their head in the middle of the room. You don’t do it! You put your head by the head of the bed which is the wall. Well, that’s your wiring! That’s your electrical wiring! That’s 120 volts surging through at almost the exact level as your head! And now you’re going to put your most sensitive biological piece, your brain, right by it and lay there for eight hours? That’s not good for you! That means you’re not getting good sleep! Nobody gets good sleep anymore, and I’m going to explain a field to you. Nobody is getting good sleep anymore, they’re not! When I was a kid, you know, camping, right? You go campaign and there’s always a pine cone right in the middle of your back and a stick going right across your butt cheek and you wake almost with a bruise, but in five hours you wake up and feel more rested then you ever do than eight hours in your bed. Why? Because when you get out of it and before all of this stuff you can get into that deep theta, you can get into that REM, you can get into that good, restful, re-cooperative sleep. Don’t think that when your cell phone is on it’s communicating with the LTE tower and the 4G tower and the 5G tower that your brain can’t pick it up, yes it can! It absolutely can! Don’t think they aren’t coming out with technology that can read your mind, yes they can! How and why? They can’t put thoughts in your head, yes they can! They don’t want it to be true but it is true because your brain is a transmitter and a receptor. It is! It’s, you know, if praters real it all it’s got to be a transmitter, right? And don’t think you can’t vibe your friend through the quantum field when you haven’t seen them in five years and you think about them and then they call you! It’s true! The quantum field is true! The law of attraction, it’s all true. And so what happens is that all of these devices, your brain never really gets to shut down. So when we shield your wall, turn the stuff off, get it out of your room, the first night it’s going to be weird, you’re not going to get great sleep the first night because your body is not going to be used to it. The second night you are going to definitively know that you’re sleeping better because you’re going to have really good deep lucid dreams. And you’re going to wake up like when you were a little kid where that first 30 seconds of waking up is realizing that you’re in your room and you’re not in that dream. Remember that when your mom used to wake you up for school?

















Andra: “Well and our parents, you know, if you promised a good night’s sleep for the house, I mean, that’s all they want in the world! They want that more than one millions dollars! You know, that is just the biggest promise and the biggest carrot that you could possibly dangle!”


B.D.: “It’s just that more and more things are starting to come out that not only are they, you know, true or not true, it’s the exact opposite of what we thought and that information wants to be suppressed and sometimes you just have to do your own thing. Like, for me, a lot of people now, we’ve got chickens, everyone has chickens, right? And you try to grow your own vegetables and, you know, we get our beef and our cows from the Hutterites. You know, we care that they’re treated like a pet, we really care about their mindset and what they ate and how they were treated, how they were fed, no hormones, no steroids, no anti-biotics, none of it, and you actually actively have to do that yourself, right? Because the autopilot is to watch TV and then walk into a big box store and then buy something in a box or a can, right? So for us following down that same road, we had to become the company doing it because it didn’t seem like there was anybody doing what we were doing, we had to be the company that was going to go lead this rotten charge and do it. And I say rotten charge because the exposures are getting exacerbated more and more, they’re getting to the point where these cities are almost inescapable and now they’re talking smart city. Well, darn it, forget everything else about smart city that they could say that they’re keeping an eye on you or something, if you have someone in your house that’s EHS and they’re hyper-sensitive, they’re not going to make it. They’re not going to make it. It is that debilitating to them. And so, the 4G, the 5G, the Wi-Fi, all of it, the smart meters, and I’m not a dooms-dayer, I come from faith and not fear, there are solutions and we just have to teach everybody, we’ve got to band together, we have to speak and own the truth, we’ve got to be brave, people like you have got to be brave. I just know that for my personal self that a ton of things that I was taught in school that the exact opposite is true. And I don’t mean to keep beating that to death, it’s just that more and more of those things are being discovered, you know, the older that I get and the more information that I gather and we are solar panel dealers. I grew up in an engineering and manufacturing household and my family manufactured solar panels in Belt, Montana. My family was one of the biggest solar panel manufacturers in America, and now we manufacture electronics, you know, we’re three generations here. My dad works here, my son works here, my brother works here, we’ve got a great engineering team and we have a big background in this, so when I say that I’m not anti-solar, I am not anti-solar. The reality unfortunately is simply the way an inverter operates just by its sheer functionality, it creates huge levels of EMF. It has to! It’s taking direct current and phasing that into two phases of alternating current at 120 volts and 60 Hertz, it’s the sheer functionality. It creates massive amounts of electromagnetic fields, so do you want to know what? That’s okay! Go solar! Just get a filter! For goodness sakes just go onto my website and get a filter and have the best of both worlds. But don’t do one without the other. It’s like I want you to have a car but don’t put it into the garage and shut the door and go breathe it, don’t go suck on the tailpipe! You can still have one but just be wise, just navigate it and manage it. And the great thing about our products is that when the electricity is more usable, not only is it good for you and your biology, it’s good for your stuff, and if it’s good for your stuff it’s good for your wallet. Right? It makes your things run better, run cooler which saves money, and they last longer. And so, you know, this stuff is kind of expensive and sometimes electronics are darn it but especially when they’re made in America. But, the cumulative effect of saving money is that in a few years is that you’ll get all the money back, you’ll get all the money back and then the savings go on, like, I tell people I spend a lot of money on nutritional, I try to eat as healthy as I can, we all know that’s expensive and kind of a pain in the tooshie sometimes, like it’s a lot easier to get something quick and in a box when there’s no food value for it or because it’s poisonous right? It’s got, you know, glycophytic or something terrible like that, and so going to the right place and the right store and turning it into juice is expensive and it’s a pain but that’s what we do! That’s the reality that we’re in! And so suck it up buttercup because it’s what you do! So our products absolutely fit in that genre.”
















And so a lot of the products that we promote, we start with awareness. We start with our EMF Protection Guide because the first thing you have to know is that it’s even real. Is it real? Well it is. Is it measurable? Well it is. Is it harmful? Well yeah! Darn it, it is! And it’s one of those things that is immediately harmful. What do I mean? Well you step in front of a bus and that becomes really harmful really fast. If you step into a propeller, that becomes really harmful really fast. Well what about something like smoking? I don’t think anyone would contest that smoking is not ideal for your health, I think if you had two cigarettes in college, I think you’re going to be okay, but would you like to smoke four packs a day? Probably not. Well why? Because you’ve deduced as a human being that inhaling that thick hot black smoke into your lungs is not good for you. Fast food, I’m not going to pick on any of the fast food giants, but we know that processed food has less nutritional value than off of the hook and off of the vine, off the tree, right? We just know that natural food has more absorbable and bio-available nutrients in it. So if you eat a hamburger one time or go on a road trip, I think you’re going 


B.D.: “That was the total progression, yes. We moved from Hawaii and I had a couple dollars, had a career path that I was happy with, we experienced some tragedy and we moved to Montana really in some haste, and I started a business here that I liked but I wasn’t terribly passionate about it, but when I started saying ‘okay, how am I going to fix this? How am I going to protect him? How am I going to protect us?’ and then I looked down my street and there’s literally 30 homes that I could see from my deck and I thought, are they suffering the same thing? How can they not be? And, you know, it’s almost better in some ways if you have somebody that’s hyper-sensitive, yes they hurt but it puts you on high alert. And now you snap into action, right? Or if you don’t have somebody who is sensitive you might poo-poo it and not protect yourself, and then a year or two down the road it has this cumulative effect and you realize that you’re not sleeping, you’ve got high blood sugar, you’ve got the litany of pretty well-known side effects of over-exposure to 


Andra: “Yeah, and it’s just so congruent with mine and, you know, everyone who’s listening story, like we are on the exact same journey. Like me, we went to be pediatrician, of course that’s what you do, and they were like ‘well it’s eczema’ and this is what you do you put steroids on it and then put them in a bleach bath and they’ll be fine. And they are just so susceptible and as a parent you can see it that they’re so susceptible to everything and, you know, I see eczema really as this toxin exposure that you can see that you can’t ignore, it’s your kids! And there’s different severity ranges, and mine was very very very severe with two of my kids and it just popped up out of no where and, you know, I know that it’s a health threat and that’s where our listeners are at too is that of course you hear these things, of course you worry about them, you can’t see them, I one thousand percent agree to do the easy stuff first like open your windows and turn off the stuff at night, like do the easy free stuff and one thousand percent that will save you way quicker than anything else. But, you know, personally, we just moved into a new house in 

Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 12.23.30 PM.png

Those first 30 seconds were you coming out of that dream and realizing huh that was a dream and then you think about your dream for a minute and then you realize you’re awake and up you go. People very rarely wake up and remember they’re not in that good dream state anymore and the reason is for the most part is because they aren’t getting that deep sleep. Well what’s the reason? Well there’s a lot of them. What are the causes? Well there’s lots of causes. But some of them are EMF and dirty electricity and Wi-Fi and all of this stuff, and so if you’re not getting good sleep then you’re not going to have peak health or peak performance. I mean, little kids are growing! They need to stretch and grow! They need that good, deep, recuperative sleep, and when they’re sleeping with all that crap in their beds and it’s turned on or plugged in, they’re not getting it. They can’t.”


Andra: “And that is what we do, right? Day in and day out because we are the type of parents that are committed to create the most healing environment possible for our sweet little kids. B.D. is so thoughtful, he is giving all of you guys 15% off your entire cart with the code ‘eczemakids’, anything you get at Satic Shield Technology, S-A-T-I-C Shield Technology, I’ll have a link in the shownotes. Join our free Facebook group Eczema Solutions for Kids Natural Healing and Comfort and I’d love to talk to you more about it there, or if you’re ready to create the healing environment that your kids need head over to the website, go to the ‘Work With Me’ tab and get immediate access to the eczema free framework and an implementation call with me and you will have the bandwidth to really really heal your child from within., I’ll talk to you soon friends. Take care!    

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