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How to Protect your kids from dirty electricity and EMFs

Founder and CEO of Satic Shield, B.D. Erickson II, sits down with Andra McHugh, host of Eczema Kids, a podcast centered around different health tips and tricks that help keep our children safe. B.D. gives advice on how to protect our families from the many harms of today's technological world. 

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B.D. Erickson was asked to come back again to Eczema Kids to continue to educate how to protect our families from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. B.D. then goes into the many common culprits that surround us such as solar power, Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors, smart meters, etc. With knowing that these common things in our homes are common culprits, B.D. then provides the ultimate solution of how we need to shield and mitigate the EMFs and their subsequent radiation coming into our environments. 


Andra McHugh: “Maybe you’re already invested in something, you know, like maybe a cell phone sticker or some entry level thing, how can you tell, I mean with anything, how can you tell if a product is legit?”


B.D. Erickson: “That’s a great question! Let’s kind of defrag that a little bit and chunk it up a little bit with when you’re going to use your smart phone don’t put it by your face, for heavens sake, keep it off of your body, don’t try to have it in your hand for too long, rest it on something if you can, don’t use it or operate while it’s plugged in, just don’t. The field, like right now this field is based on the power of the battery and when you’re plugging it in you’re almost plugging it in to an unlimited source of power and you’re just going to multiply that field many times. So let me just describe a field to you a way that most people can get it. A field has two major attributes: Intensity and Frequency. Well, what’s that mean? Okay, so I’m going to hit my hand, well I can hit it lightly or I can punch it, that’s the intensity, how hard is the field hitting? What’s the energy in that field? That’s number one. Number two is frequency. Well what’s frequency? It's how frequently it hits. So I think about sitting on the beach on Flathead Lake growing up as a youth and the waves crash and I love sleeping in the boathouse because the waves hit the break water, it’s my favorite sound on the whole planet. Well I’ve also lived in Hawaii where that wave now pulls out it seems like it’s going to go a block and then this big wave comes in and crescendos. So that big wave has more amplitude, it’s got more energy, but a slower frequency. That smaller wave has less energy but more to frequency. Okay, so let’s say I’m punching you, well how hard I punch you decides if it’s going to hurt or not, right? But if I punch you in the same spot on the shoulder for a while you’re going to go ‘Ow!’ because you’ve been hit so many times. But if you’re moving around and I’m doing it all over your back, that’s a massage, that’s delightful, I’m charging your 45 an hour for it, right? It can either hurt or be wonderful! So we have to worry about two things, the energy or the amplitude or magnitude of the field, number one, is strength, how hard it’s hitting us, and number two how many times it’s hitting us. Okay, so fields usually dissipate over a space, magnetic fields especially, electric fields over space. So here's a simple meter, it’s called a TriField meter, it measures an electric fields, a magnetic field and an RF field. It’s always higher by the device, by the phone it’s higher, by the electrical wall it's higher, right? So number one when you are still and you’re close the wave is hitting you harder, it’s hitting you harder, and when I’m not moving, sleeping or working at my desk, it’s hitting me in the same place. Now we’ve got cell damage. Now it’s going to affect the biological. Now when you’re moving, it’s almost not that bad for you because I’m going to and away and from its intensity and it’s hitting me in different spots. It’s when I’m really close to it, Andra, and now I’m getting fried. So, what’s frying me? Things that send and receive a signal and run on electricity. So yes, all of it. TV absolutely, laptop, tablet, phones absolutely, smart meters are the worst ones because it’s dealing with so much power, literally all of the power moving through your house is moving through the smart meter, it has to, that’s how it works, so the intensity of that thing is huge. Okay, so how can you tell if some of these little devices are working or not? Yes, I have a sticker on my phone, is it working? I have no idea. We love it when we can put something on a bench, on a meter, on an oscilloscope, we can do the electromagnetic interference, the electromagnetic field, it’s intensity and it’s frequency, you can read it and measure it, you can feel it oftentimes. Some of these products I can’t see a different, unfortunately. I still use it, it was nine dollars, I don’t care, do I think it works? I sure hope it does! Can I testify before a subcommittee and testify on the stand? I can’t because I can’t seem to replicate it on a meter, but I really like stuff that you can see and touch and see on a meter, that’s just me, but that’s my modality. Right? I’m very visual, and so that doesn’t make me a bad person, that’s just how I get my information, that’s what builds credibility for me.”


















to you and they’re sure passionate about it, but you’re not there yet. So you love them but are they drinking their own koolaid? Are they too close to it? Or are they just wrong? We’ve all been wrong! That’s just part of being a human being. But then you hear it from somebody else and then you’re like ‘I’ve heard that before’ and it starts to, that’s called social proof that the more people you hear it from. For me, I’m a big meter guy, I want to see it, I want to see it, I’m very visual and I’m male biology and I’m an engineering mind and a tech and I want to see it on a meter! So now you see it and now it becomes true. So you can’t just get somebody to believe wholeheartedly probably on the first exposure to it. Around the first exposure to it, you’re introducing a new idea, you’re introducing a new concept on this journey, and then what you have to do is that you have to build that social proof and build the mechanical proof or whatever that personality type needs or what their modality is, are they visual, auditory or kinesthetic? What’s their love language? Right? We all receive information differently so we want to see it, we want to read it, you have to give it to them, and then ultimately they will own it. And I really love the skeptic, I love the debunker, I love the skeptic because while they’re an exhausting pain in the toushee in the beginning, once you get them, they’re a zealot, they’re a disciple because they have tried to attack it from every angle that they possibly could, they’ve said that you’re wearing a foil hat, it’s vaporware, it’s pseudoscience, I’ve heard it all, but once they get it then you own them at a lot deeper of a level. I’m an early adopter, I’m a pretty easy sale, I believe people, I love people, I think people for the most part are good and want to tell the truth, they’re imperfect but I love them, so I’m a pretty easy sale. So I can sometimes be an easy sale because I’ve fully bought in at that level because I didn’t require it. With the people that say no no no, once you prove them, and I’m being repetitive again forgive me, you can’t get them off of it because they own it for themselves. Your husband is probably like me in that he’s in the middle and then you’ve got people like our parents that sometimes are just so hard and so stuck in the mud, but once we get them come on over and join the bandwagon, tell them there’s plenty of room!”



















create massive amounts of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic interference, harmonics and distortion, I’m sorry, it’s true. It’s true it’s bad for the biological. Number two, we have to put a smart meter on because now we want as a part of this project, I mean if you’re totally off grid you wouldn’t, we’re not talking about off grid we’re talking about the average American on grid home that’s getting solar simply to supplement their energy and reduce their power bill, we have to get a smart meter because it’s a net meter. So in the summertime we’re going to overproduce, right? We’re going to spin that meter back, and then in the winter where there’s shorter days and snow on our panels, I live in Montana, and then you can get some of your watts that you invested in the summer by overproducing, you can get those back. Okay, those are terrible for dirty electricity! What happened is that we’ve got a freaking cell tower on the side of our house! We didn’t think about it! And 10 years ago, we didn’t know that this crap was bad for us! I didn’t either! Right? So now you’ve got a cell tower on your house, you don’t want that! So that’s okay, we know what to do. So we put a PowerPerfect Energy Management System, a whole home filter, right on the same panel as the inverter, and now on a good dirty electricity meter, the electricity flowing through the home after and with solar is cleaner then it ever was before, it’s pure utility grade, that’s number one. Number two, we put shielding, SaticShield, we put shielding, and this seems simple but it’s not, it’s eight layers, this is highly expensive, hard to make, well-engineered product, on the opposite side of the smart meter inside the house. Radiation doesn’t turn corners, it can’t wrap around it, so if you block it this way it can only go to infinity on this side, that way it can’t come into your house. And we will have electric field readings, magnetic field readings, dirty electricity and interference readings that are lower with solar then they when you were just on the grid before. That adds about three thousand dollars to the package, but when you advertise that over a 15 or 20 year solar


















When I think about a shield I think about a combatant and the 300 Spartans of Thermopoly or whatever put up their shields and then an axe or a blade or a spear is going to bounce off of it, right? That’s not how this works. Imagine more like catching a softball in a mitt, this catches it, it grabs it, it has to be plugged in, it’s got to be grounded. It’s got to be grounded and it takes it all to ground. So, it’s a grounding matt for your bed. I’m telling you right now I’m not being a sales guy, you will sleep better then you’ve ever slept because you’re going to sleep like you’re camping. You’re going to go from absolutely being fried in your bed, and I know I’m being dramatic but it’s true, you know, if you’ve got a smart meter and solar and your head is right by the wall, you didn’t turn the electricity off to your house, no you didn’t, your head is right by it, and your phone is on and your Wi-Fi and your smart meter and the neighbor’s smart meter and your neighbor’s smart meter and Wi-Fi. Turn on your phone and you’ll see 50! This printer and that printer and their Wi-Fi and then FBI van and you’ll see 100 networks out there, right? And if they’re hitting your phone they’re passing through you. So that’s something else we can do, I mean we could teach you how to make them because you’ve got to stop it and you’ve got to get one in your little kids’ bed, you’ve got to get one on the wall of your smart meter, slide one in your little kids’ bed and then plug in a couple of SATIC units, and there’s other manufacturers that make them too, and then you’re set! You did it! That’s one thing you can check off your flipping list of things that are bad for us in our natural environment that are damaging our biological and hurting our families, you can check it off the list!”


Andra: “A quick list! Go back through it! Just an exhausted parent’s guide to reducing their child’s EMF exposure.”


B.D.: “So the first thing we’ve got to do is we have to realize what a field is and its properties, right? So don’t be too close to what it is. Remember when you were a little kid and mom said don’t sit too close to the TV? She knew! Mama Bear instinct knew that you sitting too close to that TV is not good for you. Well guess what? She was right! So you don't want


















send and receive a signal, we want to limit our exposure to them, we want to limit our time, how close we are to them, and we don’t ever want to mess with them when they’re plugged in. So you have to charge your phone, you sure do, so put it in the kitchen or the living room or somewhere away from your person and plug it in and keep people away from it for the hour or two that it takes to charge and then unplug it and use it well while it’s not plugged in. Turning things off, is it inconvenient? I mean we have 6,00 years of recoded human history where we didn’t have any of it and now we pretend that we can’t live five seconds without it, and then truth is when you turn it off and start living without it, it’s going to improve your life in nearly every aspect. You’re going to be unplugged, you’re going to be away from the bluelight, you’re going to be away from the positive and negative comments that are coming in over and the whole social media gambit, and you’re going to be away from the radiation coming in from these darn fields. Following this advice follows you and benefits you in nearly every conceivable way because of the reasons we just mentioned, it’s just not good for the mind, body or soul. It’s not.”


Andra: “Yeah! I mean all I can say is Word because I try and say these things and I do my best in the world that we are and it’s a real uphill battle, and I’m just so thankful that there’s people like you trudging along with me and all my listeners too, we’re just doing our best. Tell me, what is the difference, I mean you hear these words, I know they’re not interchangeable, but dirty electricity versus EMF, tell us the difference of those two things.”





frequency, right? You get some of those positively charged ions that they went outside and picked up for you and brought them back to you. Isn't that beautiful?!" 

Andra: “Aw, I’ll start carrying our dogs a little more! I feel bad because with our four kids, they’re at the bottom of the totem pole!”


B.D.: “Right?! You know, people are convalescing. People are in their bed, they can’t get outside, they can’t get grounded. It’s well proven that bringing them a pet is so good for them! Emotionally, spiritually, and a lof of it, people don’t know, is because they’re bringing in that frequency, they’re bringing in those Schumann ions from walking in nature and from walking around barefoot, and they bring it to you and they interchange it, there’s a true interchange of energy, it’s brilliant.”


Andra: “Wow, that’s lovely.”


B.D.: “And the EMFs that are bad for you, there are certain frequencies that are worse for you too, worse for the biological. Okay, so when we talked about frequency, frequency is how often that waves crashes because fields travel in a big wave, so the top of the wave to the bottom of the wave and it crests at the top, every time it crests, how many times in a minute? That’s its frequency. Well, AM radio is not bad for you! It’s not bad for you because the top of the wave to the bottom of the wave is like a city block! It’s huge! So that wave is not hitting you very many times in a second. FM, FM is about five or six feet. So now FM radio is hitting you more times, FM radio, it’s like when I was a kid you got FM stereo in town but out on the highway you’d only get AM. Why? Because that field is shorter or the wave is shorter so it’s easier to block. Well now we went to 4G, now we’re at 5G, that’s a millimeter wave, it is a microwave oven, period, beyond contestation, undeniable, bad for your health, microwave oven. So because that wave is so small it’s easily disrupted because they have the towers everywhere. So they’re moving the towers closer and closer to homes and it’s just getting us, it’s bombarding us. And again, that is just unfortunately something that a majority of us can’t control. You can’t up and move to the country tomorrow, you’d love to! You’d love to go get an off-grid place and you can’t, it’s not practical and it’s not in your means. So what do you do? First of all identify it, and then second of all start to do some of these techniques to lower your exposure, and I’m being repetitive, the number one thing to lower your exposure is the stuff that you control and it’s the stuff that you’re touching because it’s most close to you. And the most dangerous stuff in your house is actually you and you’re causing it with our lifestyles that we’re all guilty of.”




Andra: “Well, that’s all good news! I was just trying to save some brain cells and yay! I really appreciate you and your company and what you’ve set out to do. Once we get past those free immediate things, the things you start doing tonight, when we go and start to invest at SATIC, what do we do first?”


B.D.: “You got it. Great. So one of the first things I would have everybody do is go to YouTube, our channel is still up, and watch our channel, and our channel is Satic, S-A-T-I-C Shield, and that’s our channel and watch our videos, and I’ve done a couple of cartoons, we’ve got a two and a half minute cartoon, we’ve got a seven minute cartoon that tries to explain some of this stuff that I’ve just described in how it works and free things that you can do in your home. Then, you know, do everything in the home that we just talked about that’s within your control. And then after that you might have to add some filters. We have filters that are either plug-in or wire-in if you’re moving or renting or whatever else, plug-ins are fine. And one of the fun things about a plug-in too is it’s really easy to see if working and you can put it wherever you want. I would suggest you get a meter and one of our best-selling kits is one of our meters and two plug-ins units or four plug-in units and in the instructions, it shows you exactly how to conduct the test. It comes with a clipboard and a reading chart and what you should be seeing and what happens if you’re not seeing that, it’s kind of a fun game and you’ll go through your house and you’ll record the readings on several of your outlets, all of them if you have the time, just do it, and then find your hot spots and plug your meter in and you’ll watch it come down on the whole house, and then if you have a smart meter, if you’ve got solar or something, then you’ll need at least one piece of FieldShield. And that one piece of FieldShield is going to go by your smart meter, it’s going to go on the opposite wall. And then, you know, if you’ve got the dough or the time, either buy a piece of FieldShield for the bed or make one. And yes on our website we teach you how to make them, it’s not that hard. With some manpower and some focus and some ingenuity, it might not be as good as ours because ours is an eight-layer dip designed by engineers, but it will still work. It will still greatly reduce it. And like we’ve been talking about, this is not like stepping into a propeller, this is something like eating something, it’s more cumulative, so if you can reduce it by 80%, that’s a win man! You don’t need to put money in my store! I’m blessed! Anything you can do for free, I will help you, I will teach you, I will guide you through it, we’ve got the best customer care on the planet, like the thing that I’m most proud about in our whole company is culture, that we’re driven to protect, we’re driven by love, we’re driven by faith, and if you serve enough people, you’ll get your needs met too, you will. You will. If you have people get what they want, you’ll get what you want and they’ll be enough for you. I’m also not money-motivated, I’m love and connection based and I know that money doesn’t buy happiness. If you have all the money in the world and your child is sick, it sucks. If you have all of the money in the world and you don’t feel loved or connected or appreciated, your life sucks! You know, to heck with that, right? I want to loved and appreciated way more then I want to have some dough in the bank, right?”



staff that are going to love you up and give you the best coaching that they can. It’s amazing because more often the female biology feels it first. Little kids and women feel it way before most of the fellas, right? In fact, with our plug-in unit, what a lot of our techs do in the field when they’re with families is have families sit in the living room, get the family calm, have them relax, and then with the family’s eyes closed not looking or backs to them, will plug the unit in or unplug it and play the game on who can feel it. And you can feel it, I’m talking thousands. We’ve been here for 14 years, we have over 100,000 installed, you can feel it, and people who can feel it can do it 100 times, they can plug it in and unplug it, they can feel it. I can’t, darn it, it’s my own company and I’m not one of the ones that can feel it, I just can’t. They describe it as calmer, quieter, are the two most common descriptors on how it feels. So anyways, we give you a full 30 days of that, and if you’re not 100% in getting the feeling, the experience, the value, you can send it back for 100% money-back guarantee, there will be no argument from our staff. All our staff will feel is the measure of heartbreak because we weren’t able to help save you. It will not be about a couple hundred dollars with our company, I guarantee you, you don’t need something that isn’t benefitting you, you wouldn’t pay for it and we wouldn’t let you. We want you to feel it, we want your life to be proved, that is the vision and mission of us coming to work every day is improving the lives of fellow human beings, and we started with our own families.”


Andra: “Ugh, B.D., my parents just really need to hear this because we are on your side! We’re learning more and more through our kids’ condition most often that this is the way that we’re living is frankly not working, unfortunately, it’s just not, and our kids are showing us that in the way that they are acting and the way that their skin looks, in our case, and for this huge environmental tweak, I would just love for you to go back through and touch on first steps, like definitely turn your stuff off at night, call the utility company and tell them to switch out your smart meter, I didn’t know you could do that, I didn’t know that was a thing if you first built a house, but that’s fantastic that you can call them and opt out because I haven’t lived in a home with a smart meter for quite some time! Then, oh my goodness, sleeping a new ways, that’s brilliant, that’s genius because maybe having hearing this my husband will be up for these types of changes and to present these ideas to him and he will eventually be on board with these change because, you know, it seems a little far-fetched.”

B.D.: "And you have to own it for yourself, too. So somebody says something 


Andra: "For every single step in this path, bless his soul, but I was like 'you know maybe not coffee for you' and now he drinks green tea and he sings its praises just to anyone that will listen, it's hilarious!" 

B.D.: “We talked about something else too, you just moved into a house with solar, and I know I’m rabbit-trailing but it’s an important conversation. We are the biggest solar dealer in Western Montana, and when we go solar we have to be really diligent about family because I had somebody in my life who was my only child, my wife was in an auto accident, it was just he and I, my existence and my reason for being human was to protect and love and care for this person, and my choice in home hurt him. And you know that you can’t go back in time, you can’t beat yourself up, but you’re going to have sleepless nights! You can’t help it! And you can’t undo those things, and as parents we navigate the best we can, we make the best decisions we can with the information that we have at the time. And so going forward you can’t repeat them but you can’t go back in time. So when we put solar on a house we’re doing two things: we’re putting an inverter on that home and that’s, by their sheer functionality, 

Screen Shot 2023-03-23 at 9.31.36 AM.png

loan, it’s not even a dollar a month. It’s pennies, it’s just pennies, and you get the tax credit on it because it’s all part of the package so you get the 30% tax credit on it anyway. Okay, so there we go. So one of the things you can do for your bed is that this shield is not super expensive, you put this shield, there’s two places for this, you put it behind your headboard separating you from the wall, you’re going to be at zero for EMF, you’re going to be at zero for both electric and magnetic, you’re going to be at zero, you’re going to sleep the best you’ve ever slept, or slide it in between your bed between your bed and your box spring because some beds are higher. So first of all you’re up on the bed or up on the box spring, you can put it right in between the box spring and the mattress, you’ll never know it was there, and now you’re not the conductor in the bed. So we know that the human body is mostly water, it depends on what Google thing you read, but we’re 70 or 80 percent water. Well, water is conductive. So when you’re laying in bed, you’re the conductor, you’re on the path of least resistance in your bed, and you don’t want to be. So when you put the FieldShield in your bed, it becomes the inductor, it’s going to pass through this, and this shield doesn’t work like a traditional shield.


it on your person to the most that you can avoid it and don’t keep it too close to you and then limit the time to it, and then when you’re not using it turn it off. Off! Well I have to keep it on it’s my son’s favorite, no it’s not! You’ll be fine! For 6,000 years we didn’t have phones, if you turn it off for a minute you’re not going to die, it’s not going to be the time that the President calls you, you’re going to be fine, right? Power things down, turn the gosh darn Wi-Fi off, any time that you’re really deliberately using the Wi-Fi, turn it off! You’re laying in bed smoking four packs of Camel filters, knock it off! Turn that crap off! If you’re going to put your head right by the wall, put some kind of insulator or conductor in between you and the wall so that you’re not the path of least resistance. Get the crap that emits these fields out of your sleeping area because remember the field too while you’re moving around, while you’re not too close to it, it’s not that bad for you, we are strong, we are robust, we’re made in a fantastic way! But when you’re too close to it or too long, you are getting cellular damage. Now you are hurting your body. So the phones, the tablets, the pads, the games, the TVs, the things that transmits, the things that 


B.D.: "Great question! So there's a larger electromagnetic field from dirty electricity then there is clean electricity. That's a great question. So, I'm going to get techie but you don't have to know all of this stuff. The voltage, the fact that wires have enough pressure to move water down the hose, if you will, creates the electric field and then. the actual electricity itself moves and makes the magnetic field. So when you have dirty electricity you have more current with more electric field send bad phase quality and fluctuating voltage so you have more electric field. So what dirty electricity does is that it creates more of the EMF. And EMFs aren't always bad for you, there's electromagnetic fields coming naturally in nature, some of them are very healing like the Schumann frequency of the earth it's incredibly healing, you should your darn rubber shoes off and get your feet in the grass! I mean, grounding is well-documented, it's good for you. Petting an animal, you know an animal goes outside and it goes barefoot and they get naturally grounded and they pick upp all of those beautiful ions and come inside and sit on your lap and give them to you. There's actually a proven interchange of energy. It's one of the reasons why pets are so darn wonderful is because you actually get their


Andra: “Yeah! Oh I did want to ask, so if you’re phone is plugged in but off and far away from you, is that okay? Or?”


B.D.: “Okay, great question! You’re good! So if your phone is plugged in and on, worst, plugged in and off is not as bad. Plugged in and off and away from you is fine. I would even say, with a meter, you’re probably going to say three or four feet has no effect on you, no measurable effect.”


Andra: “Ahh, phew, good! Okay, well that’s one sigh of relief, I can hang my head on that, okay.”

B.D.: "Yep, you still get to charge your phone. We usually do ours in the living room or the kitchen. And with it off it charges so fast! Like, people leave their phone on all the time so it's constantly processing and doing all of this stuff, it takes longer to charge. You power it off and charge it, it charges much faster too. It's actually better for the battery." 


Andra: “Wow, that is just so so generous of you, and that’s exactly why you’re successful and will continue to be successful because what you put out there is like what you receive back tenfold from our experience, and again, we appreciate you. So tell our listeners where to find you, where to find your stuff and where to get started.”

B.D.: “You got it. So our website is our company name, Satic, S-A-T-I-C, Shield, S-H-I-E-L-D, regular spelling, dot com. And go and look on the site, but what you really want to do once you start doing your investigation is do your homework, watch the YouTube videos, we have a lot of great YouTube videos, watch the content, go online, check the stuff, you can never go wrong with some plug-in units and a meter, but if you want, call! Call our office, you know, everyone has their own unique story, got their unique biology, we all have a unique situation. Do you have solar? Do you have a smart meter? Do you not know? Do you not know what kind of meter you have? Feel free to call because we are here 9 to 6 and there’s no charge for the calls and we’ve got this great


Andra: “Oh, B.D., you’re the best, that’s what we’re after, right? A quieter and more calm experience, so thank you, bless you, thank you for your time.”


B.D.: “Thank you, it was really fun visiting with you.”

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