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What is Electrical Pollution?

Environmental Toxins Health Coach seeks guidance from CEO B.D. Erickson II about achieving EMF protection and creating a non-toxic home for cancer prevention.
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Therese "Tee" Forton-Barnes is an Environmental Toxins Health Coach with the Green Living Guru's based out of Buffalo, New York. She is dedicated to promoting healthy living and non-toxic lifestyles by helping people reduce their chemical exposure and especially carcinogens in their home. She has interviewed and worked with the likes of NFL Analyst Merrill Hoge, Samantha Harris of Dancing with the Stars, and Baldwin brother Daniel. On the podcast, Tee helps navigate through the process of making healthier choices and informs her listeners of alternative products and options that are not harmful to their health and the environment.

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Therese "Tee" Forton-Barnes welcomed CEO B.D. Erickson II on Green Living With Tee, episode 55: "What is Electrical Pollution and How to Achieve EMF Protection with B.D. Erickson II". Over the course of the interview, B.D. reveals to Tee some uncomfortable truths about the toxicity of electrical pollution and how it can be detrimental to people's lives and even cause cancer. He then offers some easy and simple solutions to decreasing the levels of electrical pollution in the home and gives guidance on how to incorporate healthier habits that will ultimately help you achieve EMF protection.


Therese “Tee” Forton-Barnes: Welcome to Green Living with Tee! I’m your host, Tee Forton-Barnes and the head guru at the Green Living Gurus. You want to live a healthier life and I am here to help. I’ll be guiding you on a road to avoid toxins and cancer-causing chemicals as well as helping you navigate the process of making healthier choices ultimately increasing your odds of living a long, healthy and vital life. I’ll be interviewing inspiring guests who will share their stories and provide insight into healthier eating habits and alternative products that are friendly to our environment and also to your overall wellbeing. Let’s dive into Green Living with Tee.


I’m so grateful that everyone has joined us here today on this broadcast. Today I have a special guest, B.D. Erickson from Missoula, Montana, the owner of Satic Inc. Satic Inc’s desire is to empower people to conserve health, natural and financial resources during conservation’s most important time in human history with high-quality American made products. So B.D. is here with us today and he is on a passionate crusade to spread the dangers about living with electrical pollution. His son developed electromagnetic hypersensitivity at a young age and B.D. dedicated himself for several years to help his ailing son. So in pursuit, he realized that like the water we drink and the air that we breathe that we are the ability to filter electrical impurities. He quickly learned that in tolerating electrical impurities is detrimental to our health and could cause cancer. B.D. is here today to share with us how to shield ourselves from electrical pollution, how to create healthier environments in our homes and learn about what is electrical pollution and how to protect yourself from EMF’s. B.D., thank you for joining me!


B.D. Erickson II: Therese, I’m happy to be here, my pleasure! 


Tee: Yeah, so you have a long history! So first of all you were born and raised in Missoula. I looked up Missoula, I have to get over there someday! I saw the mountains, I saw the water, I saw trout fishing, all these great things, outdoor environments, it’s gotta be beautiful! And so you’re born and raised! Your family has a long history in the thermal industry. Let’s explain that, let’s go to the beginning and how you got into this.


B.D.: Okay yes, Missoula is beautiful, three full trout streams flow through town, we have ski resorts that have snow that fill those rivers so it’s great for rafting and fishing, it’s a wonderful place to grow up, absolutely. My family was in the renewable energy in my youth and our homes not only has solar panels on them, but they had solar panels that came from our family’s factory, small town called Belt, Montana. We manufactured thermal solar panels in the late 70’s to mid-80’s, we were one of the largest American solar panel manufacturers west of the Mississippi, so it is something that has been, you know, in my heart and mind and a part of my life, for the majority of my journey in my being.


Tee: Great! I love it! Then, so tell us a little bit, let’s go electrical pollution 101. What is it that people don’t understand that electricity can pollute us?


B.D.: Absolutely! So one of the sneaky parts of it is that you can’t see it, you can’t hear it, you can’t smell it, you can’t taste it, right? It’s kind of like radon gas, you know that you don’t want you know, carbon monoxide and some of these other things, you know you don’t want them, we know they’re real, we know they’re measurable, we know they’re detrimental, but because they’re hard to identify, you might have a specialist or someone come to your home or something else. E-pollution, electro-smog, dirty electricity, EMF, Wi-Fi, these other things fall into that similar category. You can’t see them, smell them, taste them, but they’re real! They’re uncontestably measurable and testifiable. So, all you have to do is first become cognizant that they are a real thing and how all these pollutants get into your environment, and once you know they’re real and measurable, you can start asking some questions like ‘Do I have it?’, ‘How much do I have?’ ‘If I have some, how much is too much?’ And if I doubt if I have too much, Therese, what in the heck do I do to navigate it or mitigate it?

Tee: Right so, as you were saying you can’t smell it, you can’t taste it, you can’t hear it, we just know that it’s there. But, the good thing is that there are ways to measure it as well. Now tell me, it affects your health, it can potentially cause cancer, let’s talk about that a little since I’m always getting people’s homes detoxed from all the chemicals they have in the house, but the electrical detox is also important.

B.D.: So, let's go there! So, you see power lines and the grass under power lines, I'm careful with words like 'always' or 'never' because in reality it seems like those are rare. So let's say you see power lines, how often is the grass underneath those power lines degraded? In my case, I've never, careful with that word, seen it bushier, right? Maybe it's the same, usually it's bushiless, inventing that word, so most people just

bd erickson healthy

cognitively and naturally would say to themselves you wouldn’t want a house right under the powerlines. I mean most people would just feel, I mean, is it bad for you? I don’t know, I just don’t want my house under the powerlines, that’s a natural feeling that we have because something, you know, in our internal radar says no. Is cell phone use bad for you? Well, do you want the cell tower on your house? No! You don’t want it on your roof! Well, why not? Something in our internal dialogue says no I don’t want that on my roof. So for most people, it’s not really a question of whether or not it’s bad, it’s a question that kind of comes down to ‘How bad?’ And I tell people like ‘Do you want to smoke three packs of cigarettes a day? Well no you don’t. Why not?’ Well because they’re going to be definite health implications, even if you just want to be fit and want to have a great lung capacity, maybe you’re not afraid of getting cancer, there are other measurable things that inhaling smoke every day can do for you. Okay, so we don’t want to smoke three packs a day. But Therese, when you were in college, if you smoked one cigarette, now come on, I think you’re ok, right? Would you want to eat fast food every day? No, the saturated fats and things and the calories and its processed and you’d probably get plump, but a French fry now and then, I think you’re going to be okay.


So first of all, I want to establish that it’s very well documented; they’re real, they’re measurable, they’re carcinogens, they’re bad for you. Period. So the next evolution of that would be how do I know and where does it come from and how much? So, you know, I’m always very careful about what I say what’s bad humans because of the FDA, I don’t want to get in trouble, but we know some truths, and I’ll share them. Dairy is a huge business, we’re talking about milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, it’s delicious, yogurt, milk itself, it’s delicious, right? So the big dairies Marigold, Dairigold you know the names, they have done substantial studies on the introduction of dirty electricity, EMF and Wi-Fi on dairy cows. They don’t like it. It’s bad for their brain, they’re very sensitive to it. Like a lot of folks who don’t live in the country think an electric fence works is this animal brushes up the electric fence, it shocks them, they don’t like it and they learn. No Therese, no dairy cow has ever been shocked by an electric fence, I’m saying never, right? Not naturally. They get within a few feet of it they don’t like it they can feel it. In fact, if dairy has stray voltage, they won’t even step in a puddle, they’re very sensitive to it. Now, they’re mood is probably less important to the dairy farmer then the production, quality, volume of their milk and it’s absolutely documented negatively affected by dirty electricity. Greenhouses, indoor grows, big strawberries, I live in Montana a lot of stuff is grown seasonally indoors, right? Because we don’t have the seasons for it! So, the size of your strawberry is going to be affected by dirty electricity. They’ve got great pictures of the plant growing towards the water source, towards the light or fresh air, and away from the electricity! So, if you let nature be your guide at all, I know I’m not grass and I’m not a cow, I’m biological. So if you let nature be your guide at all then you know these things have an effect on the biological.


Now, 30 years ago, the environmental world was different like I didn’t grow up, I don’t think I’m old I feel young but, I didn’t grow up with cell phones! Like if you called you friend, you needed your friend to answer the phone, right? If you were going to meet them, you just had to be where you were going to be because you were going to meet your pal and then we had all of these cell phones. What’s a cell phone? So anything with a battery, Therese, is direct current. You can’t store alternating current, you can only store direct current. So your laptop, your phone, your tablet, your iPad, all these things are direct current. Why is that important? We live in an alternating current world. So all of the outlets in your home, everything is wired in alternating current. So, direct current by itself is fine, alternating current by itself is questionable, but when you mix these two, they don’t mix well, you get an abnormality. That abnormality is called dirty electricity. Dirty electricity is one of the attributes of this e-pollution. So e-pollution gets into your house in a few ways: Number one it comes from the utility and it’s pumped right into your house not to take its shot at the utility. When the power leaves the dam it’s clean, but by the time it passes 100 car washes and beauty schools and reaches your house, it’s dirty. Dirty electricity has electromagnetic fields, it has things that are harmful to the biological. Now we’re exacerbating that, we’re plugging in our phones and plugging in our things, plugging in our lights, and we’re exacerbating that one aspect of e-pollution which is dirty electricity. It’s real and it’s very easy to measure, and it’s bad for you.


Another one of them, and interrupt me whenever you want because I do..”


Tee: No, no, it’s very informative!


B.D.: Okay! So another part of it is the wireless communication. So we’ve all kind of agreed that, you know, even if we don’t fully understand it how cell phones work, we don’t want the cell tower on our roof. Well, why? Because that’s sending and receiving signals. Your body is a field and that’s a signal and your human tissue is susceptible to it. We’re some 80-90% water content and then we’re eating heavy metals and they’re chem chilling, and now I’ve got aluminum in me and now I’m this wonderful water aluminum mix. Great, guess what? You’re an antennae! So the idea that all these waves aren’t only going to land on your phone and not penetrate everything that they can pass through, they save to believe that. Of course they’re penetrating, of course they’re passing through you. So it’s not just your phone or your tablet, it’s everyone that lives in your home, and your Wi-Fi and their Wi-Fi, and you know when you turn on your cell phone you immediately see all these signals. That printer, their printer, their Wi-Fi, that Wi-Fi, but we’ve also got the direct communications of satellite TV, Netflix, all of that streaming content, and again by itself, one or two of these things, we’re resilient, our biology is actually incredibly robust and strong, but there becomes a level that is toxic and is beyond your body’s ability to repair and you will start to have physical effects from this e-pollution.


Tee: So how do people know? How do they know they’re living with it in their home?


B.D.: See, here’s some interesting points on that, some people can genuinely feel it. So, my son it affected him mentally very rapidly in a very detrimental way. Now, I live in the same home and I don’t suffer those same things. My exposure level is probably very similar, but it doesn’t manifest in me the same way. We have devices that will shield it, we have devices that will filter it. My customers are usually female, a little more sensitive to it, a female biology I think is a little more intuitive to that then male biology, we get it very right frontal-brained, where we will plug the device in and they can feel it, ahhhhh! They say it feels quiet! Now, this is not a part of the trick, you can turn her around to where she can’t see you and you can unplug it or plug it and she wouldn’t know what you’ve done and she can feel it. It’s not like we’ve done this one or two times, we have 85,000 installed customers. They can feel it! So in some cases, the rarity is that you can personally feel disease. I’m not sleeping well, I’m not getting good deep sleep where I’m having good dreams and not remembering my dreams in the morning, that’s not something I’m experiencing, I might be irritable, my blood sugar might be raised. Dirty electricity raises blood sugar. Period. Proven beyond contestation. It is what it is, we know that’s the case. So diabetes is this rapidly growing thing, we’ve got some things from when I was young, autism was exceedingly rare, right? 1 in 3,000, and now we know that it is pandemic, it is I think 1 in 38 for males right now, at some frightening number. Fibromyalgia 25 years ago we made fun of females, perhaps marginalized them because it was very hard to pinpoint. Guess what? Sulfer active nerves, we know it’s true, what’s it coming from? It’s toxicity? Who knows! Diabetes, man when I was a little kid, I remember seeing a homeless person one time in a wheelchair and they were missing a leg and it got me, I did not like that as a child, I mean, my heart bled for that human being, I didn’t like it, it scared me, and I remember being a little boy holding my dad’s hand and I said ‘well, what happened to him?’ He said ‘Son, I think that was diabetes.’ And it just panicked me as a little kid, I didn’t want to be in a wheelchair losing my leg, I wanted to help this person! So now we know that type 2 diabetes is like number four or five on the list, it’s this huge thing! So why are we in 2021 with all these things that were very on the fringe 35-40 years ago and now they’re all pandemic?! Come on, Therese, it is something! It is environmental, there is a toxicity out there, we have to identify it, we need to make people aware. So one of my passionate things is I don’t need you to believe me, I need you to be aware, and once you’re aware you can make whatever cognizant decision, change whatever behaviors, take whatever actions you want to empower yourself. My conscience is a clear at that point, I can say to people ‘hey, I have this beautiful, smart, capable, straight-A son who within one year could not leave his bedroom. So you know, maybe I’m wearing a foil hat to some, but I’ll tell you what, if it’s your kid, come on man if it’s your kid then that will change your tune. So I know what happened to me, I know what happened in my family, I know what I’ve experienced, and so if I can be a lighthouse at all to at least tell people hey this is real, look out for it and avoid it, then I think I have expanded my journey, you know, it’s a part of my being here. We all love to help people, we all love to give somebody a hand, we all love to coach people that we love when we can, this is an opportunity for me as a human, I believe, to share my experience and the fact that also I lead one of the most fabulous engineering teams in Western Montana, I have an all-star cast, we have the best meters, we have a great laboratory, we have a lot of case studies, and again, we have tens of thousands of customers who love the products, so we’re certainly onto something.”


Tee: I love your work environment there too, I did a little research, I just love how your recruit people, I love how you really treat everyone like family, just on a sidenote, it’s just like the way that everybody should have for a work environment and I commend you for that, and that’s a part of who you are and helping people, and that’s why your business is so successful too because it’s all about leaving this earth a better place in my opinion, so thank you for that too! Now, let’s talk about now everybody knows that we have electrical pollution, let’s talk about some solutions and maybe some examples of what somebody can do to decrease the electrical pollution, some simple things and easy things for them that they could do on their own?


B.D.: You got it! So, one of the things that we do here a lot is we conduct tests, and then we read meters. So let’s say that your phone is on, it’s not in airplane mode it’s in normal functioning mode, so it is constantly talking to the cell tower ‘hey is there a text message for me?’ ‘hey, is there a phone call coming for me?’ and so it puts off a certain level of reading let’s say, the minute you plug that guy in, that reading is exacerbated by about 20 times. So first of all, be cognizant of when something is charging and plugged in, the numbers are higher. So the last thing you want to do is plug it in, sit it down right beside you and sit right inside the field zone of that thing while it’s charging. Are you doing it right now? See, yep, you’re very naughty! Haha. So now you know! Now you know that you don’t charge that thing by your person!


Tee: How about a portable battery?

bd erickson dirty power

B.D.: Okay! Batteries are less because that’s at least DC to DC. So you’ll actually note that a lot of times, you phone or device will charge faster from a battery then it will from the wall, and that’s because we’re not trying to convert AC into DC, they’re both DC, that can happen more fluidly, then the voltage is much lower plugging in 120, a battery around 12 volts maybe 9 depending on your device, that voltage is lower so the fields are both going to be lower from that, okay. So, when you go into your bedroom at night, this is really a time to find peace, this is time to get out in front of your brain, to start shutting systems down, to heal, rest, repair. Get the devices out of your room... 

Tee: Even if they're in airplane mode? 

B.D.: Get them out of your room or turn them off completely! Do not charge them in your sleeping

area. So these fields have a radius, a distance, around them where they are most detrimental, and most of these fields will start to drop off a little after three feet. So inside your three or four foot safety zone around your person is definitely where you’re going to have the biggest impact or where the fields are going to have their biggest magnitudes and effect you the most, right? So, a lot of times when something is turned off, it’s not really off, it’s in standby! The minute you point the remote at it, it comes back to life. The minute you request something of it or speak to it nowadays, it’s back to life, so it was never off, it just didn’t have its screen on or something. Number two, turn off your Wi-Fi at night! Do not leave your Wi-Fi on at night! So nowadays you can get routers and boosters that have an on/off button and you can turn them off, so when you want connectivity and you want to have all that stuff, great, connect out! I do! Go nuts, turn on your Wi-Fi, hardwire if you can whenever you can, connect to the ethernet via hardline, when you need to go wireless do it, but live in it, don’t just bath in this stuff. When you’re using your device, have it on all these things, when you’re not using Wi-Fi or these things specifically, turn them off, power them down, maybe consider unplugging them, I know it’s very inconvenient, being healthy isn’t convenient, so I could run three miles a day and eat green and do all the stuff that we do, health is inconvenient, sorry, right? Haha.


Tee: You could put them on a timer!


B.D.: You could put them on a timer! You can put them on a timer, you can turn them off and then you will start sleeping better. So what happens to some people is that they get the devices out of the room, they turn off the Wi-Fi, the first two nights aren’t better, they’re actually detoxing a little bit because their body has been used to this sort of state and it might be night three of night four, here’s how you know, you’re going to have really lucid dreams, you’re going to remember them in the morning! It’s odd, it seems like a lot of us used to remember dreams a lot but maybe haven’t had a good dream that we’ve remembered for some time, that’s one aspect of it. Another thing is these signals, let’s say, so we just talked about the ones I can control: I can control my phone, I can control my TV, I can control my Wi-Fi, those are inside my control so I take that action, it didn’t cost me anything and was really not that inconvenient because if you’re googling at 2am in the morning, you’re not sleeping that well anyway, God love you if you’re on a normal work schedule, right? These I can control. What about my neighbors? What about maybe I have a smart meter or electrical meter on my home, maybe I’m not that far from a cell tower. So, there are some things that we can start to do now maybe with some shielding that will block or catch those waves so that each one of them is not penetrating my body. And we make some stuff, spend 100 bucks, kind of expensive, is that expensive or cheap? It’s relative, but you can put that where the signal is coming in and block it. You can also watch our YouTube videos, we show you how to make them, man, with aluminum foil and they’re actually pretty darn effective, right? And what’s interesting about these is like for a shield in my mind, when I envision a shield, I envision some kind of warrior and he holds his shield up and then a sword bounces off or arrows bounce off of it and block something. That’s not really how this shielding works. This shielding works more like imagine wearing a baseball mit and catching a ball, it’s less reflective and more absorptive. It takes these fields and these waves and these frequencies and blocks them by catching them and then puts them on the electrical system, they have to be plugged in, they have to be grounded to really be effective. One of the ones that we sell you put it in your bed. And again, you can make this stuff at home! 20 bucks at the Home Depot you can make it! So you lift up your mattress, put it in between your box spring and your mattress and plug it in, and now you’re not the antennae laying in your bed, you’re not the path of least resistance, you’re not the e-pollution and EMF sponge now, something else can be, that’s not biological and certainly more robust to fields and things. So I think the first part is, you know, hey this stuff isn’t really good for me so then how do I navigate that in my everyday world by managing are devices on or off? Are they charging and how close to me? Are they in my sleeping area? And so imagine, a field has two main attributes, a frequency has two main things: number one is how intense it is. So I’m going to punch you in the arm, how hard am I punching you and how light? That’s the intensity. And the second is the frequency. How often is it happening? So frequency is how often an event occurs. Imagine sitting on the shore of a lake, the waves are coming in and they’re crashing consistently, right? Now you’re in Hawaii and this beautiful wave seems to suck the water out for half a block and it builds this big huge wave and then it crashes, the wave is bigger so it has more intensity and its frequency is slower because it happens less frequently, right? So the waves on the water are a perfect illustration because they have a size or an intensity (how hard they crash), and how frequently they crash. So, you know, if I’m going to hit my hand like this it’s two things: how hard am I going to hit it and how often do I do it? Now if you do it in the same spot even for a couple of seconds, that spot on your body that’s going to start to get sore. But now let’s say, Therese, I’m moving it around, well that’s a massage, that feels lovely, I’m charging you 45 dollars an hour now, right? So when I’m stationary, that field begins to hit me in that exact same spot. So where you work, where you relax, when you watch the YouTube or whatever, where you do your reading and where you do your sleeping, these are the most important places to combat and lessen e-pollution because as you are a stationary human, you’re more susceptible to the negative effects of them. So okay, we’ve learned that they’re real, we want to shut down and turn off our things, especially now in those areas where our bodies are at rest, and then ultimately if, maybe, we’ve got a smart meter, or the cell tower is pointing right at our house, maybe now we actually have to do something in creating some kind of field shield to lessen the effects of the penetration of our biological, and those things right there, if you believe anything I just said, and I guarantee you this I sure believe it, you know whether it’s true or not, I sure believe it! I’m not a phony-bologna, it will juristically lessen the effect on your biology, and as a result you should have superior health.








it’s on airplane mode that’s great, if it’s by your physical person, let’s shut it all the down and for God’s sake let’s not have it charging, and you know that’s really the most important thing, how close to my physical being and whether or not it’s charging. So if you really need to leave it on in airplane because you’re waiting for something, it’s your alarm clock or whatever else, first of all let’s get yourself a digital alarm clock that runs on two-C batteries and does not plug in, that’s one of the best things you can do for your room. But secondly, if you really have to have it on, you’re waiting for something important, it’s your alarm clock, then just get it away from your person! Don’t have it be where you can just put your paw on it because that field is affecting you damagingly so.


Tee: So, I’m still concerned with all these kids with cell phone and sleeping with them underneath their pillows and charging them because I’ve spoken to a few people before and believe me, I charge mine next to my bed, I’m not going to anymore but, maybe I’ll put it in airplane mode and maybe I’ll get a better night’s sleep! But the children and their developing organs, I can’t even imagine because we don’t even know what the effects are, I mean, cell phones on children’s brain development, so I don’t know if you can speak to that at all or is that pretty much in the same line with what you were just saying?


B.D.: So a Swedish study done on EMF recorded the radiation from cell towers, phones, says that it penetrates the brain of a child more easily and more thoroughly then that of an adult. So that is a direct quote from an EMF study done by a Swedish firm, and why exactly? I don’t remember but they are more susceptible to it and of course anything that’s developing is naturally going to be more potentially affected by something that is not developing, right? While it’s developing, it’s more crucial! So we have kids, they love their device, they’re a great babysitter unfortunately, so I end a little person laying right in their bed so it’s right by them, they don’t turn it off, they don’t Wi-Fi, they’re smart, they want it charged, they want all these things and it is really damaging, and potentially has really terrible health effects on little kids. And again, we’re only half a decade into little kids sleeping with devices, we’re really not that far! So there’s always this lack, I tell people, you know, in 1914 GI’s got cigarettes in their kit, I’ve seen TV commercials from even the 50’s where the doctor suggests the pregnant mom smokes, or where every building is made of asbestos or was the number one building supply until like 1975! It was an incredible worldwide building use, it was later in the 70’s that we knew about asbestos and mesothelioma, right? These things are beyond contestation. How about the PBA plastic and the water leech and the contaminants that get in from the plastic? Did they fix that? I don’t think so! You know, the ruling on the new stuff and what it does to hormones is incredible. Rome delivered water through an architectural engineering marvel but it was lead, they didn’t know right away. There’s these lags where, you know, did the Roman engineers want to give everyone lead poisoning? They did not! It was not sinister! They didn’t know, right? Did the plastic in baby’s chew toys, did they want to poison babies? I believe they did not! The lead on the baby’s crib or the baby loves to suck and they put everything in their mouth and they suck the paint off of the crib, was that designed to kill children? I don’t believe so! I believe that we just race into things as human beings like the technological era and we just race in because we love it or it’s just cheap or it’s effective or whatever else, but we’ve got this lag and then guess what, it’s killing people. So it’ll be interesting, horrific potentially, to see in the next 15 to 20 years what sleeping with devices has done to all of these beautiful little human creatures.


Tee: Right! It really scares me, so this is a great lesson and I will push it out there about what you taught us about here today. I’m curious, one last question unless there’s more you want to add, you do have a device, and I have devices where I go into people’s homes and measure the air quality and it can show you the formaldehyde, the VOC’s and other particle matters and I love because it is amazing what it can show because, you know, obviously you can’t smell poisons and toxic chemicals, similar, you know, something similar too right that can measure the EMF’s, am I right on that?


B.D.: You are! So just like you have a meter for the VOC’s or the NOC’s, we don’t want that and you can’t see it, but boy when you see it on a meter you know that you want to take action. We have line meters that you plug in and they will read the amount of dirty electricity and interference that you have on your electrical system, and what happens, your electrical system is an antennae. So, when you and I were young, we’re probably around the same age, you’re kicking butt down the road, you’re listening to radio, you get FM in town and when you get out in the woods you got to switch to AM, right? And then ultimately you lose that, right? So that was a two or three foot piece of aluminum on the hood of your car as an antennae. The wiring in your home is half a mile of high quality copper, that’s not aluminum, it’s high quality copper, you’re living in a super antennae! So all these things that are pointing at you and everything that you’re doing, one place to get a reading from that is your wiring so it gives you a macro look into a micro thing, you’re outlet, right? So a plug-in line meter, yeah we make them, other people make them, you don’t have to buy ours, ours is great, several people make them, they’ll do the job, I don’t care who you buy unless it’s, for the most part, top four or five brands that you will see are going to do a great job, I don’t want to just plug my own stuff because the other ones work. And we have EMF meters that are handheld for the electric field and the magnetic field so you can see sure enough that my device is putting off this field, sure my computer is doing this, when I plug them in, wow old B.D. was right, and here, I can see where the cell tower is coming in. So yes, just like the VOC’s and NOC’s meters are very similar, just looking for something different, and maybe you’ll luck out and maybe yours is like low and you have the meter and yours is low and you spent 200 dollars on meters, what a friggin blessing! God bless! Give them to a friend, you have absolutely won the lottery on that one, good for you. If your numbers are high, well great, now at least you’ve been made aware, you’re smart, you can start doing the things that we’ve talked about. Often times, by simply changing your lighting, turning off some devices and things like that, you can get the numbers down to a reasonable level. And if not, if you still can’t, that’s when you go to, that’s when you start spending some time…


Tee:! Isn’t it?


B.D.: So we have both! is educational, so nothing to buy, it’s educational, we’ve got great videos, we’ve got PhD’s, professors, you can watch the great videos. If you choose to take some action and needing some kind of filtering device, then is our store.


Tee: Okay perfect, thank you! I was wanting to plug that! I mean definitely it’s a good resource for anybody to have and I’ll put it in the show notes as well. Did we miss anything?


B.D.: You know I don’t think so! It’s a great subject matter, I appreciate being on here. I think that was a great level one introductory course for the average person becoming more cognizant to the biological world!


Tee: Well you changed my ways of me charging my phone, believe me, I’ve always worried about it being by the bed and I thought it was okay in airplane mode, but it’s not so it will be in the bathroom at least three feet away behind another wall, and I’ll let you know how my sleep goes because usually I’m a little restless and that’s probably why! So, that might change some things! So, B.D., thanks so much! Okay, what does B.D. stand for?


B.D.: I never tell on the first date, Therese!


Tee: Alright, I’ll get that out of you on the second one then. Thanks so much


B.D.: Have me back! Thank you! 

People know what it is, and they know that it's real. -B.D. Erickson II copy 2.jpg

Tee: I love it, I agree with all of it and I love how you explained it all! I'm curious about one things, I know you said turn your phone off at night, I know people who want to ask, but if airplane mode different then turning it off because it's still on yet its still getting the signal? Do you know if that...?

B.D.: I do know! And airplane mode is a great step! Yay! Whoever told you to put it in airplane mode was being a friend and it's a step. Any device that is still on, it's still active, it's still going to have an electromagnetic field. So let's say you're going to put it in the bed with you, do not let little kids put devices in their bed, or you're going to put it by your head, airplane mode is not enough, if it's in the other room and

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