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EMF Pioneer Lloyd Burrell sits down with CEO B.D. Erickson II for a featured live interview on ElectricSense to examine the best solutions for achieving protection from dirty electricity while answering questions in front of a live audience.

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Lloyd Burrell started suffering from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) all the way back in 2002. He dedicated himself to over a deade of research learning more about electromagnetic fields and finding solutions for coping with EHS. Lloyd's health made a miraculous recovery after years of suffering from massive fatigue and unexplained aches and pains. He founded ElectricSense in 2009 with the spirit of providing resources to those who also suffer from EHS. ElectricSense has a dedicated global following of over 100k subscribers. In 2019, Lloyd took the health community by storm when he published the book 'EMF Practical Guide' which is widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive books on the subject matter of Electromagnetic fields.

Lloyd Burrell welcomed CEO B.D. Erickson II for a live interview on ElectricSense. B.D. shares his harrowing experiences that led to him learning more about Electromagnetic fields and what ultimately led to the inception of SATIC. He goes into vivid detail about the science behind dirty electricity, the attributes of electricity that can cause it to be dirty in the first place, and how to be protected from it. He also gives guidance on how you can measure the amount of dirty electricity in your homes or place of business. 

*Disclaimer: All special discounts that are mentioned in this podcast has expired. However, feel free to call SATIC headquarters or visit our website to hear about our other offers. 


Lloyd Burrell: Welcome Welcome Welcome everybody! We are live, it is Thursday, the 20th of January, it’s 6pm here in France, it has been a beautiful wintery evening. I am very excited to be with you today. I know we’ve got a lot of people joining us, just some housekeeping, if you could just say hi, so we’ve got the chat-on-the-go, and we’ve got the Q&A, if you could just say hi in the chat just so we know we’re broadcasting, that would be amazing. Okay so we’re away, okay great thank you. So thanks so much for joining us, we are going to be talking dirty electricity today, so again, chat is for interaction between yourselves and the Q&A is if you want to put questions, so we’ve got questions that people have sent in, we’re going to answer some of those, not all of them because we got so many, but we are going to have a good go at those, and then we are going to take questions live, so if you have questions, if you’re listening and hear something you don’t understand, because he’s going to get a bit technical in places, so if you’re listening and there’s things you don’t understand then just put in your question on the Q&A and we will answer it when we get to the end, okay? So thanks so much, firstly for joining, I know your time is precious, but this is important and I’m sure you’re not going to be disappointed, we’ve got a really great session and my guest today is B.D. Erickson who is the CEO of SATIC USA. This is the second time we’ve talked so I know it’s going to be a great presentation because he’s a charming man and he really knows the subject inside and out. We’re going to be talking dirty electricity, so it’s the kind of everything you’ve always wanted to know about dirty electricity but we’re afraid to ask and, obviously, we’re going to be talking solutions and things you can do including free things you can do, okay? So B.D. is a specialist and he’s got all kinds of, his company has developed all kinds of devices and solutions for dirty electricity, but we are going to be giving some tips for free things you can do to deal with dirty electricity. Firstly I just want to say, just to put all of this in context, is that don’t forget the fundamentals, and actually, dirty electricity in my book is one of the fundamentals of EMF protection because it’s one of the four kinds of EMFs that we have to deal with, and so remember we’ve got the wireless, otherwise known as the frequency microwave radiation, electric fields, magnetic fields and the dirty electricity. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what that means, I can go into that further on after this session. But without further ado, I’m going to introduce my guest here, B.D. B.D., welcome!” 

Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 3.29.50 PM.png

B.D. Erickson II: Hi Lloyd! Thanks for having me! 

Lloyd: It's a great pleasure to have you on! So I know you've prepared some slides, you're going to walk us through some slides and then we're going to go onto the Q&A session afterward, so if I could invite you, please, to take the screen and share your slides which you prepared on this, I know you've prepared some amazing slides to walk us through all of this stuff, that would be fantastic. So over to you, B.D.! 

B.D.: Well, my name is B.D. Erickson, I'm grateful for the opportunity to be here. I run a manufacturing and engineering firm in Missoula, Montana called Satic USA. Satic is a silly word, it doesn't really mean anything to most people but it means a lot to us because it's an acronym, Satic stands for Sinusoidal Waveform Technology Incorporated. And why that? Because it is all about deliberate, thoughtful, engineered clean power. Why? Because it's been recently proven beyond any reasonable 

contestation that dirty electricity is indeed real, it’s measurable, it’s wasteful and inefficient, and proven harmful to the biological world, and the biological world includes you, me, plants, animals and the natural world. So that’s what really started me down this journey. We moved from Hawaii, a single dad with an 11 year-old son, and we purchased a house under some really huge powerlines. We had moved kind of in haste and didn’t recognize the lines when we bought the home, but within just a few days of occupancy, he and I both on the deck laughed, we literally laughed out loud at the size of the enormous powerlines that were directly going over our property not far from our house only thinking of it in the fact that it’s ugly, it’s, we live in Western Montana and the views are beautiful, and that view is a little less sightly, and noticed that the grass underneath these lines was dead. We’ve been there for a long time and to this day we’ve never had to mow underneath those lines. The grass is either dead completely or, you know, less healthy and brown on the edges which gives you some indication there of the health effects that it has on the biological world. I’m not grass, I can’t live outside in the cold, and outside in the summer without heat I’m more sensitive than that, so something even as robust as grass was being harmed by these electromagnetic fields. Well, living in Hawaii the last year or two my son’s health was excellent, his attitude was excellent, his grades were perfect and his attendance in school was perfect. Moving to Montana we had a really great first year, we suffered some personal tragedies, we were sad but our health was good, our spirits were good, our attitude was good. Going into the second year of school, his grades really began to suffer, teachers noted that his personality, the happy-go-lucky spirit was changing a little bit, that he was a little more melancholy, good sleep really avoided him or escaped him, and anxiety really began to be a dominant force in his life. So something really profound changed. Was it the death of his mom? Was it my not being a great parent? Was it moving to Montana? All of these factors get to count, right? You go through the list in your mind of what things could change, yet, I really began to investigate living under powerlines, I really began to investigate his symptoms, and they lined up perfectly with a prognosis or diagnosis of EHS, Electro Hyper Sensitivity. The irritability, the loss of sleep, the anxiety, the blood sugar, everything that my son was suffering was on the checklist of symptoms that people with EHS suffer. And so now as a single dad with a suffering child, I simply went to work on finding, you know, if you can get it into him you can hurt him, can you get it out? Can you heal him? Can you stop it? Can you block it? And that, Lloyd, was the beginning of my 13-year relentless pursuit of correcting, fixing, alleviating this for my own personal family and then by greater extension anyone that might come in contact with our company and our product line.”

Lloyd: Sad story. 

B.D.: It's a sad story but it's a real one! And so what is the mother of invention? It's necessity! Right?! So in this presentation, as you can read, it says what is dirty electricity and what is the solution? Um, quickly about us, we are a 13-year-old company founded in '08 in Missoula Montana right there you see our acronym, Sinusoidal Waveform Technology Incorporated, and our why, what's our why? Why do we do this? We are driven by a passionate belief that dirty electricity is real, it's measurable, inefficient and harmful and that makes it one of the most pressing issues facing mankind today. Yet we do not sell, trade or focus on fear, in fact we believe that a change is coming, a clean-power paradigm, that's our driving force. 

Lloyd: One of the most oppressing problems of today and

Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 4.04.59 PM.png

one of the most misunderstood also, ignored in fact, it's really just, even if people that consider themselves EMF aware, there are so many focusing on 5G or focusing on smart and not looking at this, so I think that's important, well, one of the reasons why it's so important to talk about it. 

B.D.: “I agree! In fact, you know, even maybe more than ignored almost disparaged a little bit in that if you’re thinking about dirty electricity, you are relegated to conspiracy theorists or pseudo-science, wear your foil hat, and I think in this slide-tech we will prove quite clearly that it is absolutely something that is real and measurable and then we will explain how it exacerbates or contributes to the electromagnetic fields and their subsequent radiation and the disease, right?, the lack of health and comfort that comes when you have something in your environment causing this discomfort or disease. So what is dirty electricity? It’s simply electricity that’s outside of an acceptable standard. So standard has a waveform, it has a frequency, it has a pressure, it has eight or nine key attributes that simply need to be within standard. Things need to be within the standard! And when they get outside of the standard they’re no longer the same, right? If you’re going to make lasagna and put in 20 times the salt, it’s not going to taste the same! If you’re going to have clean water and then you add lead to the water, you’ve ruined it! There’s got to be a standard for purity, for efficacy etc., and electricity is the same way. Electrical, dirty electricity is when some of these aspects that we’re going to talk about of electricity that should be within a standard or a frequency are out of it, and electrical pollution is so wide now that it’s so prevalent, excuse me, that it’s almost impossible to avoid it in the modern world. If you’re in the modern world and you’re navigating your home, your office, your restaurant, your library, your coffee shop, you are being exposed to dirty electricity.”

Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 4.11.04 PM.png

Lloyd: I think what we can say here, B.D., is with probably 99.9% certainty is that everybody watching this is being exposed to dirty electricity, unless they've actually taken some steps to mitigating is that fair, a fair estimation? 

B.D.: Absolutely! It is absolutely prevalent in your life. Now let's say you've taken some steps to correct it at home, is that true at your office? Maybe or maybe not. Is that true in your electric car? Is that true when you get to the coffee shop? So yes, it's in your life no matter what, there are things you can do and even if you do those things, you still, if you're sensitive have to limit time outside your safe space. So the first one here, what's volts? That's the pressure! So electricity moves a lot like water, I'll really try and explain it, I'll try to go fast and be fun and make it sumple, when you go out to water your lilies, for example, you go to the faucet and you just barely tick the faucet on, right, and don't have it blowing the petals off of your flowers, you just barely have it on, and so you take your hose

and you drip it gently around the petals of your flowers trying your best not to blow the petals off. Let’s say you see a cobb web in the corner of the eve and you want to shoot it down, what do you do? You put your thumb over the hose which raises the pressure and you can very easily raise the voltage, you can raise the pressure and you can squirt something up high. So that’s the voltage. So when you have an outlet, in the US it’s 120 volts, and that’s simply the pressure. The next is the amps you see below, what’s the amps? It’s the current or how many electrons are flowing. And be cognizant of that language there! Current and flowing, that sounds like a liquid, doesn’t it? Sure! Well let’s say now that I’ve got my hose in my hand and now I’m ready to wash my car, I go back over to faucet and I open it up, I want more flowing. That’s the amps. So they say it’s not the volts that kill you, it’s the amps because it’s actually the amps that make you wet, they’re actually the electrons or the current. So now if I want to blow the dirt off of my car or the suds off my car, put my thumb over it again, then raise the voltage again but I’ve got more current. So each of these things should be in some kind of a parameter where you get a different result. You can see on the volts on the line on top we have little red spikes, those are surges! Those are called transients. Are they wanted? They’re not. So then are transients a form of dirty electricity? They are! On the amps below, you can see on the left that the green and the red are not close together, on the right they are close together. That’s power factor or phase quality. Do we want the waves in phase? Yes we do! Next slide..”


Lloyd: “Okay, just so for people joining, my name is Lloyd Burrell, this is B.D. Erickson presenting and if you do have questions then you can put your questions into the Q&A, so bottom of your screen bottom right that should be, that’s my screen anyways, I’m on a Mac, bottom right is the Q&A that’s where you put the questions if you want to interact with other people you can use the chat. Sorry B.D., go ahead.”


B.D.: “No you’re great, interrupt me anytime that you can add value please because I do tend to paddle on. Next is the watt because this is what we buy from our utility company! Now you can see on this upper left that says the measure of real working power, what does that mean? It means that some power does work and other power doesn’t. In the very bottom we’ve got real power, W, but above that we’ve got apparent power, what’s that? And to the right we have reactive power, well what’s that? Power factor is the ratio. What do you really want? Do you want apparent power? Apparent power means you can see it, it’s apparent, but I can’t use it. Reactive power is there, it’s reacting to something but I can’t use it. The measure of real working power is the amount of real power down below, and that’s called power factor. So we also want less apparent power, less reactive power and more true power. Well, what causes that? To the right! EMFs, electromagnetic fields! They have an effect on not only the biological but the quality of our power. A motor, for example, works on an electromagnetic field. People say well EMFs, you know, is that really real? Is that wearing a foil hat? Etc. As a young boy, I loved to watch the trains and since Montana has a lot of coal, we have these huge coal cars, there might be 100 of them or 110 in a row and they are full of coal so they weight 40 tons each and there’s 100 of them, now how do you get that moving? How do you get this train that’s at a dead stop maybe pointing up hill to get started? Well, you have an electric motor! It has a stater and a coil and you run electricity through this electric coil and it makes the stater inside, the magnets inside, begin to spin. Nothing touches! So if you’ve ever driven a car or maybe a stick-shift truck, in order to get it going you slip the clutch, you push on the gas and you release the truck, you slip that clutch a little bit and you get going, that wouldn’t work for a train, you would just smoke the clutch, in fact there are no physically touching parts. The electromagnetic field is strong enough to get it going. It’s absolutely amazing! So number one, they’re absolutely real, we use them every day, they are extremely powerful beyond what you have ever imagined, and they have an effect on you and I just like the grass underneath the powerline. They even have an effect on the electricity. So the more electromagnetic fields you have in a motor the less power factor you’re going to have, you’re going to have more apparent power and more reactive power and less real power. Okay, down to the left number five, total harmonic distortion. You know what this is! Everyone knows what this is, they just don’t know that they know! Here’s an example of harmonic distortion in my life. Just a little guy growing up in the USA, my mom would vacuum after school it’s 3:30 or 4 o’clock, my dad is going to be home at 5 or 6 so my mom is going to tidy the house.



















electricity, that potentiality, that power as it travels into heat, it’s just the fact of the universe, if you push electricity down a conductor some of it turns into heat. The more you move, the more heat you get. So if you want something cool, now our power triangle up in the left again, this becomes very important because we can only use the real power, why would we want apparent power turning into heat when we can’t even use it? Or reactive power turning into heat when we can’t even use it? All it does is make our bill go up! It makes our DVR hot, it makes our TV hot, it makes your phone, maybe charge fast and hot, harmonics do this to you, you’ve noticed your phone most the time you charge it, it charges pretty cool, pretty fast. Occasionally, Lloyd, not always but occasionally! You plug it in, it gets really abnormally hot, you don’t need to be an engineer you just have to be a regular clear-thinking person to say ‘that’s abnormal, that’s unusual, I don’t like it and it doesn’t seem like it’s good for the phone or not being wasteful’ and you’re exactly correct. So, number seven, frequency. So frequency is important because electricity moves in this way, again like water, and how often the wave crests in a minute, in a time period. That’s frequency! And so often I use the example of sitting at a lake where these waves hit the beach, well now go to Hawaii and sit on the beach on the North Shore of Hallieva that wave, boy, he sucks so far out it seems like the water about half a block it seems like and it builds into this monstrous wave and then it takes several seconds before BOOM the big guy crashes on the shore. The frequency of waves is faster, high frequency at the lake, slower frequency at the ocean, right? Just a very simple analogy. But what happens now when you’re sitting at the lake is that a ski boat goes by, well then he has his own waves doesn’t he? Well he’s pulling a skier and a tuber and they have their own waves don’t they? And then a jet skier goes by, and they’re all not all going by in a perfect parallel direction, they’re traveling in whatever direction they want to go, so you have all of these cris-crossing waves, that’s interference. That’s number eight to the right, it’s external noise causing unwanted signals. That’s ski boats, that’s jet skis, that’s, you know, for our analogy things that have a different wave size, a different wave speed, a different wave signature that end up landing on your wave. This can also happen from 4G, 5G, telecommunications, how does it get on there? Well when I was a kid, again I don’t mean to keep using myself it’s just my experience as a human being, we had an antenna on the hood of our car, my family’s cars always had antennas, you got FM radio when you were in town and you got AM radio when you got out of town. And those were the only two signals out there that your receiver were grabbing, right? There was walkie-talkies and CB radios, and then as your TV had UHF and VHF because you had ABC, CBS, NBC, that was it! That’s not the case anymore. You turn on your phone and you see all the signals, you see you can get on four or five networks, you see four or five printers, you see all of these other things but there’s also DirectTV, there’s DISH Network, there’s Charter, Bresnan, forget it, the list of signals now penetrating us is thousands of times what it was even 20 years ago, and if it could land on the 2-foot piece of aluminum on the hood of your car calling it an antennae, how could it possibly not land on the half mile of copper wiring in your house? It’s copper which is a better conductor, it is miles longer, it’s high grade, what happens now is that these external signals land on the super antennae, which is the wiring of your house, and exacerbates this interference, and as we talked about earlier, harmonic distortion. And this is not pseudo-science! This is very pragmatic, well known science to anybody that’s in communications, HAM radios, this is all very basic and well-known and accurate stuff, Lloyd.”

Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 4.43.59 PM.png

So she begins to vacuum, but that would drive me crazy because it would put lines in the TV, and so I’m watching Gilligan’s Island or I’m watching the Brady Bunch and for the moments that she’s vacuuming it put lines, or static, on the TV. That’s distortion! The clean electricity was going into the vacuum and it was disrupting it with the electric motor with the electromagnetic fields that we just talked about, effects the waveform which we talked about earlier, and that created harmonics. Guys with HAM radios or audio-files that want the really good crisp clear audio sound, they want their TV screen or their video screens nice and cool, they are very sensitive of harmonics and distortion. Number 6, moving to the right, resistance. Okay, a measure of how much of the electrical energy is being converted to heat, sound, light or mechanical work as electricity travels through the circuit. What does this mean? It means that if, so like if we turn our hose on, if you imagine the hose again being the current, you lose some of that

Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 1.29.55 PM.png

Lloyd: Yes, yes. And again, not very well. It's well known in certain circles but not widely known and yeah, so home electrical systems, any building we are going into, they're like giant antennas, this wiring is acting like a giant antenna and it's all adding to this issue of dirty electricity, so there's not just that they're adding to what's already there, the existing problem of dirty electricity which is being created by appliances in your home or perhaps in your neighbor's home. 

B.D.: THat's exactly correct. So we kind of identified what it is, how would we quantify it and we really said hey it's abnormalities, it's aspects that are out of a standard? How do we get these abnormalities? Well, here's number one, you can see the diagram here, how many of our rooms have smart devices? How many of our rooms have receivers or a transmitter or they're on the internet or on the Wi-Fi? We've got the cell tower, we have the electricity tower, we've got the smart meter, we've got all of our devices, even your silly garage door opener is waiting for a 

signal and your garage door clicker is waiting to give it! I mean, the list of things that contribute to and exacerbate this is huge! In our slides it says local utilities inadvertently, we’re not playing the blame game here, we’re not calling anyone nefarious or evil, they inadvertently deliver it because it’s got to travel from wherever they make it, the dam, the coal-fire plant, the nuclear plant, you name it, but they’ve got to get it to your house. So we talked about blow dryers and vacuums and all of this, well how many car washes and beauty schools does it go through before it gets to your house? How can it not be dirty along the way? Right? But other things contribute to it- solar inverters are a huge culprit of dirty electricity, and also we’re not here to smash solar, we’re not here to smash alternative energy, absolutely the opposite, SATIC is the largest solar dealer in Western Montana, we love alternative energy and renewable sources, we just want to allow people to have clear understanding of where dirty electricity comes from and when you get solar, and you might want to think about solar, you simply want to be cognizant now to add a filter because just by the sheer function of turning direct current from panels to alternating current, you create more of this dirty electricity. Now it’s also, and you touched on this a little Lloyd, exacerbated by your neighbor’s devices, by your neighbor’s solar, etc. What we do is that we are connected, we are connected on the grid, electricity moves like water, so you know if you put poison in the well over there and I drink it over here, it’s going to cross-pollinate it, it really does, so we are all connected. So the number one place that you get it is delivered to your home through your home’s distribution center. Number two- we make it! Appliances and devices..”

Lloyd: “I beg your pardon, but you’re saying that that is top of the list in terms of dirty electricity sources of pollution? It’s external for most people?”


B.D.: “Yes! And so it comes from these three places. So we list them 1, 2, 3, but your situation, you might be getting it more from number 3 than number 1! You know, so it’s just about number them so that we mention them all more than rating them if that makes sense. Okay so, 25 years ago you probably didn’t need our products. 30 years ago almost for sure you just didn’t need our products and so what happens in history is something changes, something is invented, a technology changes, a pattern changes, here are some examples- Rome delivered water via the aqueducts and it was an absolute engineering marvel. Now unfortunately a lot of the transportation of that water was lead pipes. They would use lead for containers so they would make their wine, take this water in the grates and let the wine ferment in lead. Is lead healthy for you to consume? No! Lead is a toxin! But how long was it before they put those things together that delivering water via lead or making wine in lead actually caused neurologic problems and it drove you mad? It was hundreds of years! And again, nobody was to blame, it was no one nefarious, it just changed. Here’s another one for you, I remember when Blockbuster Rent-A-Video was on every major corner in every city in the US. And a rite-of-passage on weekends was to go rent a video, and for my whole high school experience renting a video was a huge part of human culture in the United States, a huge part of it! Well then Netflix came to them and said hey we have this different idea this digital delivery system, do you want to partner? Unfortunately for Blockbuster they said no, and they’re gone, there is no Blockbuster that I’ve seen in 15 years, and Netflix and Prime and all these digital deliveries absolutely took it over. Something changed in our world. Well, here’s another one- we all grew up, well people over 25 grew up with a lightbulb that just got hot, it was invented by Thomas Edison about 135 years ago, it was a little filament, just a little piece of tungsten inside a glass globe and that little unit made light and cleaned electricity. Cleaned it! According to the Department of Energy everybody had about 20 to 30 of these electricity cleaners in their life, well, the Department of Energy took that product away and replaced it with the curly-q compact fluorescent lamp, that little curly-q guy that nobody liked they didn’t last a long time, they had mercury in them, they were poisonous, and what they did was that they had very low power factor, about 50, and they added harmonics, distortion and interference, three of the main definitions of dirty electricity to the load, including electromagnetic fields. So everybody had 20 electricity cleaners now almost overnight, I mean, within a couple of years now everybody has 20 dirty electricity culprits, contributors, exacerbators. It had the largest effect on dirty electricity in the modern world. And again, is anybody to blame? Is it on purpose? Doesn’t matter! Technology changed, life changed, and now boom dirty electricity is a really big deal. And then something else happened, DC devices. The only DC devices I had in my house growing up were maybe my boombox stereo, which took four or six D-batteries, and my flashlight, which took maybe three or four big-D batteries. Everything else plugged in or operated it manually. Nowadays we have so many battery powered DC devices- laptops, tablets, phones, remote controls, baby monitors, smart meters, LED things, there are so many DC or switch-mode power supplies, that’s switch-mode power supplies like when you have your printer or your fax or something, it’s got that little black box in the cord, you know the one I’m talking about, your printer it needs its own special cord that’s got that little black box, it’s a switch-mode power supply for your computer and all these things. Those all affect the frequency and the sinewave and the signal, other parts of the electricity that we talked about that contribute to or even define dirty electricity. Now we have wireless devices, 5G, the Wi-Fi, the router, this radio communications, this wireless communication technology, now your home is acting like a super antenna. So we’ve got dirty electricity being fed to our house, we’re making it with our lighting and our tech devices inside our home and making it ourselves and exacerbating it and our home has been acting like an antenna collecting all this interference from these other waves. All of these things are unfortunately very real, they’re very true, we’re speaking about them intelligently and accurately and what’s happening is that your home now is being flooded by dirty electricity and the subsequent EMF and radiation that comes with it.”

Lloyd: "It's very, very true that we've got science behind it that we've got by the way, science which links these exposures to a number of adverse health outcomes notably cancer, depression, brain fog, adn also it's true because we can measure as you're going to explain to us, we can measure this dirty electricity, so folks it's not just, this is not just interesting, well I hope it's interesting and educational, but it's crucial information, it's crucial information and you need to know how to protect yourself and that's what we're going to get on to. 

B.D.: Exactly correct. And here's another one, not to pick on solar, that's actually our van and that's a solar install that we did, the solar inverters themselves actually create EMFs and interference and this is a growing phenomenon that's not going away, there's only going to be more of it, again not to scare anyone against solar, it's simply to make people cognizant that if

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 1.27.17 PM.png

you’re going to add solar, you added another culprit and you just simply need to filter it. Here’s another cause, wiring errors! And boy, this is one that’s often mis-diagnosed or missed, often something very simply to fix, easy to fix, often free to fix! This might be something again that nobody did intentionally or nefariously, your house might just have some wiring errors so that even if you filter, even with good filters from several good brands and manufacturers out there, you’re still going to have high numbers and you’re going to say ‘what’s going on?! I got this filter and I am still having a higher number on a Stetzer meter or a SATIC meter, Greenwave or something then I want to see, why?’ Well, probably bad wiring. If you look at the one right in the middle, it says ‘Wiring Errors in a Junction Box’, it’s very common, so the white wires are neutral and what they’ve done is that they’ve daisy-chained all the white ones together into that blue cap, so we’ve got, you starting on the top left we’ve got the black wires which are hot and they’re wired together and then the neutral wires which are the return path wired together, and then on the right on the bottom we have the two black which are the hot wires again they’re the phase, they carry the current, and they’ve joined those white ones together. Here’s what’s interesting this will work fine, this will work! Your home electrical system will operate, but what’s happening is that we’re sharing all of that dirty electricity, it’s going to exacerbate it. Here’s an example, when my mom vacuumed, clean electricity came in the wall, went into her vacuum, was degrogated by the use of that motor, that motor created electromagnetic fields, that’s how it works, the spin, that dirty electricity now went out where? It went out on the common, that’s the other name for the neutral, the common, that’s how it affected my TV! See, my mom didn’t climb behind the TV and plug her vacuum in behind the TV, she plugged it in where she had a bunch of cord room! Right? Probably a long way away from the TV where she could vacuum as much as she could without changing her position. It’s the common that now has this dirty electricity and by wiring them together they’re sharing it, you’re exacerbating it! Rather than isolating it on that one line, they’ve added it to the other. The way it should be done is the two lines, two should be together on their phase and two lines of their neutral should be together. Very simple! It’s a 5-minute fix! Your electrician could do it for you, many times homeowners can even fix it themselves, you simply turn off the braker, you don’t want to shock anybody, you turn off the braker, you switch the cap, you’re done, it was five minutes, it was free, oftentimes this will lower the dirty electricity in your home enough that you don’t need filters.”


Lloyd: “So I’m actually always recommending people to get an electrician to do this kind of thing so it might seem very simple to you. Just think of it in terms of, well, not really advisable, in my book anyways, to do this so that’s my own personal recommendation, but yeah, this is really important folks because, actually, is this not the way we should be dealing with this, B.D., like starting here before, well really the start is to measure, measure to see if you have dirty electricity, but then when we do, which is inevitably we will, then the start of the mitigation, it should be this, should it not? At the beginning, insuring that we have no wiring errors?" 

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 1.41.00 PM.png

B.D.: "Yeah! So the first thing you don't want to do is go out and order a bunch of expensive stuff! You don't need to start there! You need to start with measuring. So the investment we might suggest here is invest in a meter because that's going to help you figure out if you have it or not. And then if you do have it, where is it located? That's the fun thing about a corded meter is that you can walk around the house doing every outlet and finding where it's corded. So the advice that we give people on wiring stuff, you always have to follow code where you are. In some places it might be code for the homeowner to do this themselves and in other places it's only code for the electrician to do it. You always have to follow the code. Whatever the code is, that's what you have to follow, and we're not experts in all codes because the code is unique to where you're standing. So even in Missoula if I'm in Missoula County, if I'm in Missoula City, then the code might be different. So the first thing for safety is always follow the code and if you have an electrician or connect an electrician, we have a guide that we would be happy to send

you that you can share with your electrician and you can show him on page five or six this is exactly what we’re trying to avoid, could you please troubleshoot? And see if we’re not avoiding these few things so you can have him there the least amount of time as possible and have him really on target so that it is inexpensive for you and successful for you as possible.”


Lloyd: “Is that the EMF Protection Guide which is on your website?”


B.D.: “That’s right! We have a free EMF Protection Guide on our website and a huge portion of it is things that you can do for yourself for free or have somebody other then us like this do for you for a limited amount of money, it should be a one-time fix, it’s not an on-going stuff, like once you fix these things, you’re done! You’re good! The next one is the outlet. Look at how many ways you can wire an outlet! There’s eight different ways you can wire an outlet and make it work! These will all work! These will conduct electricity and turn on the lamp, they will all turn on the light! There’s only one way to do it where it doesn’t create dirty electricity. Now this may or may not be something you feel good about fixing yourself, but you know what you can do? You can see it! You simply unscrew the one screw in the plate cover, pull the plate cover off and just look at it. Don’t touch it, just use your eyes, don’t use your fingers, use your eyes, and with your eyes it should look like the one on the bottom far right. There should be the neutral on the upper left, the ground on the lower left, and the phase wire, the hot leg, on the upper right. If it doesn’t look exactly like that, you’re creating dirty electricity in that outlet, and no matter how many filters you plug in that outlet, it’s never going to be as low as you want it. A lot of companies say buy more filters, buy more filters, stop buying more filters! Take the cover off and look! And if it’s not exactly like that, you don’t need to buy a filter! You simply need to have an electrical professional take five minutes and read you that outlet, and if he came to your home and you simply said ‘I want to make sure that every outlet in my house looks like this’, I would think in an hour or so that it would be done! It would be in and out! But that’s another one, Lloyd, you’ve got to start there.”


Lloyd: “So this is key information here. If you’re not clear on everything or B.D. has gone a bit fast because it’s pretty technical, there will be a replay so you will be able to watch the replay on this so I will be sharing a link to the replay so don’t worry if you don’t get all of this, and again, you will be able to ask your questions very shortly, we’re going to in about five minutes going to start going through the questions. But I want B.D. to share some of the technology, some of the solution-based technology that his company has developed so before we go onto that.”

B.D.: “Okay, so let’s keep going. These are some of the well-known health risks. So I saw a very interesting interview where a doctor was testifying at a sub-committee in Michigan where she stated about the release of 5G and EMF, and she said ‘well we can’t say we really didn’t know that dirty electricity and RF caused diabetes, I actually work for a drug company for some years and the medications that we were working on were diabetic medications. So we would test them on rats, now we can’t just feed the little rat twinkies for a year and hope that the little guy gets diabetes so that we can treat him. Rather, we exposed him to RF, we exposed him to dirty electricity and within a month this rat exhibits and gets bad blood sugar and becomes diabetic and they can treat him with the diabetic medications and test it.’ Now, is any of that true? I watched it on YouTube, it was absolutely in front of a sub-committee, she was testifying under oath, she was a doctor, it was in Michigan, it’s a great YouTube video, it is a great resource to watch, to do your own background check and do diligence, I only share it in the fact that I found it interesting, I found it very compelling, I for myself found her very credible, the list of things we know about are well documented that we at SATIC didn’t invent these, we find them on PubMed, on locations where it’s available to anybody, sleep disturbance is one of the most common! It’s a neurological effect, people these days are saying that they don’t sleep as well as they used to. I, for myself, got six hours of good deep sleep, I felt great! There are many times now that I can sleep for eight hours and I don’t feel as rested. Another sign they say that is, you know, I remember for myself when I was a kid nearly every morning when I woke up I was in a dream. I was dreaming about something, I was with my pals, I was running, and for a second you kind of have to say ‘wow, was that real? Am I in a dream? No ok, 

I'm awake now I'm going to go eat my breakfast. I hadn't had that good long colorful dreams in years but didn't notice it, didn't realize it as it wasn't happening until we fully shielded our home. ANd now I'm back to having really vivid dreams every night, seven nights a week, and I'm back to only really needing five or six hours of good quality sleep because I'm getting that good REM sleep. Is it a cause of dirty electricity? Boy, it's sure mentioned by a lot of people! It's sure a concern not getting good sleep is mentioned by enough people that it seems to follow, it seems to track. Infertility. Infertility is something that we know now that human beings are experiencing. Now there are a lot of things that lead up to this, I'm not going to go into the list of all of them or conspiracy theory or any of that, but birth rate is down. Period. The number of abortions are very, that's kind of an odd number to look at but the number of abortions goes down. Is that because, you know, younger people have a better situation that they feel more capable to raise a child or have 

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 2.22.20 PM.png

their things together? Certainly possible or becoming more moral, certainly possibly! But the numbers are going down each year which is probably a pretty clear indicator of infertility. There were less abortions last year then any other year in history since Roe vs. Wade, about one third. So while a lot of things can contribute to that, probably the largest indicator, according to PubMed and some of those websites, is infertility. What’s causing it? It certainly has to be mentioned, it certainly has to be put on the list. Some of the lower ones that we experience all the time, toasted skin! When I play my phone game, I do have a little phone game, I do have an iPhone, I don’t live in a vacuum, when I play it, it makes my hands sting! It makes my hands tingle! And I’ve got to change where in my hand I hold it and that’s, for a lot of people, really I think, they’re initial fore or initial step into being able to feel technology in the physical world that you can feel with your hands the effect of the signal passing to and from your device and your Wi-Fi through your hands. And then, you know, the sensitivity, not everybody is sensitive. I have a lot of customers that when we plug the unit in, our SATIC unit to the wall, with our back turned to us and they feel it, and then you unplug it and they feel the noise, the distress, the lack of ease, and I’m not talking about one or two people doing it one or two times, we have 85,000 of these installed, we’ve been doing this for 13 years, we’re experts in the field, we have conducted hundreds if not thousands of tests, where we’re double blind, we’ve got somebody in another room and their back turned to us and it’s amazing how many people, I’m not one of them I can’t feel it, I’m not phony-bologna, but how many people can? And that is that electromagnetic sensitivity. If you’re sensitive to it, you can feel it!”

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 2.25.55 PM.png

Lloyd: "So I'd like to, that's it, I'd like to move onto the solutions if we can, and then I'd like to move on quickly if we can, move onto the Q&A. So yeah, if you'd like to, I know you've got some amazing technologies, particularly in regard to measuring, obviously it's important to measure these frequencies, so if you could start there." 

B.D.: "Let's go! So what's the solution? SATIC is certainly one of them! That's why we exist, to help people, that's why we invented this stuff. So you've got to start with knowing how much you have and where is it emanating from? You know, we've really listed that it's real, I think we've proven that to everybody, it's not good for you I think we've proven that to everybody, it's not good for you I think we've proven that, but how much? And I correlate it maybe to fast food. Would you eat fast food and french fries and milkshakes for every meal? No! It wouldn't be healthy to have if for every meal! But if you a french fry occasionally, you're going to be okay. Even if you smoked a  

cigarette in college, I think you’re going to be okay. You wouldn’t want to consume it in mass over a long time. So we’re not saying if you get a little bit of EMF you’re going to die, but if you’re getting a lot, that’s like eating fast food or smoking cigarettes every day in big quantities. So, you need to know how much you’re living with, and the only way to do that is to meter it. And so this is our meter here, we spent several years developing this meter, I believe it’s the best in the industry, because it shows you the peak number on top, what is your natural raw real time number and your voltage on the bottom in real time and real time information. Now when you plug the filter in, you’ll see two things- the swoosh on top will go back based on the efficacy of the filter and then your real time number below should also lower. Now if you put in a filter and it doesn’t lower it, then you know it’s probably a wiring error which is probably good news because that’s something that you can probably fix relatively quickly with no additional costs. But which outlet is it? The only way you know is with a meter. So those are an investment that can serve you or you can lend it to a friend, etc. Now what do we do? So lets say that…”

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 2.34.09 PM.png

Lloyd: "And by the way, that meter to my knowledge is the most complete meter, in terms of the information it gives you, it's the most complete on the market." 

B.D.: "That's correct. And we also weighted it a little but to what's harmful to the biological, like is AM radio harmful to the biological? It's not! That wave is a block long. So we don't want that to give too much reading on this meter, we really wanted thos meter for the millimeter wave, for the 5G wave, for the high-frequency stuff that's probably going to be more damaging to the biological, so maybe it's not a meter that's best for the guy trying to get a good radio signal, this is really best for the person saying hey do I have levels in my home that would be harmful to my person, my pets, my children, my plants, etc.? That's why we believe it's got the most data and it's focused in on what this discussion here really is about and a lot of stuff that you might just buy in the store wouldn't be, we have nothing 

against that we just are really concerned about the effects and the negative biological effects of dirty electricity. So we believe that you’re correct in that this meter stands out. So here’s a simple solution, I’ll read the slide, it says the Pure Power Plug-In is a simple effective solution that filters harmonics and interference from your electrical circuit providing clean power and reduced electromagnetic fields and its subsequent radiation. It plugs right into the outlet. Now, you don’t need one of these for every outlet, half of the outlets in your home in the US, we’re talking about the US specifically in this moment, you have A phase which is half of your outlets and B phase which is the other half of your outlets. One of these on A is going to have an effect on all of your outlets on A, a positive effect on all of them. One of these on B is going to have a positive effect on all of those. You may only need two filters, one on A and one on B. If you’re not getting too much Wi-Fi type signal and you don’t have wiring errors, you might be done very inexpensively, very conveniently, you were able to measure it, you were able to troubleshoot it, you were able to solve it, all yourself! Now if you have a lot of devices up in your house, it’s pretty easy to simply get a couple more, get the hotspots, get them equal on A and B and get your numbers down low.”


Lloyd: “How do you determine where the A and B is? Is there an easy way of doing that?”


B.D.: “So there is an easy way of doing it, instructions come in the unit when you get the unit, here’s how I know it’s an A and here’s how I know it’s a B and there’s a couple ways you can look at your braker panel and by using the meter it will help show you. So it sounds kind of complex but it’s really not, and once you’re taught it that’s one of the fun things that you keep for a lifetime.”


Lloyd: “Okay, so the info is on the, in the instructions that come with it in the unit?”


B.D.: “Yes it comes with an users guide on how to plug it in, how to conduct a test, how to know it’s working, and how to know if you’re on an A or a B. The next unit is a wired-in unit, so this is the same technology but it wires in at your panel. All of our units are very robustly made, the enclosure has a composite called polycarbonite, polycarbonite is what every jet windshield is made from. Very jet windshield is made from polycarbonate, it is not made inexpensively, this was made very robust, it’s got a 10-year warranty, it’s a very robust surge protector and this will filter dirty electricity and harmonics from the entire home. It will also help you then identify a wiring error. So what happens is that you get your meter first and then you get this unit and then you find that one outlet is still hot by pulling the cover you’ll almost always identify that in haste the electricians simply wired that one wrong, you change that and you’ve got whole-home health. This particular unit is one of the small ones so this is for a house that has pretty clean electricity or a fairly small physical size. As your home gets bigger, we do have bigger products if you have more dirty electricity, if you have solar, if you’ve just been blessed and have a big house, good for you but you might need a bigger product. So here they are, here are the three products- standard on the left, Heavy Duty in the middle, and Super Duty on the right, and on our website we help you choose the size of the unit you want. So on the website there’s a live chat with a person right here in our office, not somewhere else, they are in our office, they’re in the rooms just beside me, no pressure to buy, you will simply ask your questions and feel you out, well how big is your home? How big is your power bill? How many DC devices? How many people live there? Do you have solar? Does your neighbor have solar? Here’s the one that you need. The parameters are usually pretty clear- smaller homes with no solar the small unit should be fine, medium and larger homes with no solar middle unit should be fine, larger homes or very larges homes or any home with solar needs the Super Duty on the far right, and those are two or three questions where you can do a self-test and know the unit that you need for you, satisfaction is always guaranteed, we have a 30-day return policy, if you accidently get the wrong one that’s okay, send it back and we will send you the one that you need. If you’re not satisfied, if it stops working, whatever, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed, we only have five-star ratings on our site, that’s not because it always goes perfectly well, that’s because you always get someone that will listen to you, hear you, treat you with love and dignity and respect and help you get what you need, we don’t exist here to make money, we exist here to help people reduce EMF. And if we can successfully help people reduce EMF, then the money will come. It’s a result of one not the other.”

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 2.37.24 PM.png

Lloyd: "Yeah, very noble outlook. One thing that someone is just making a comment on is that the signs are the wrong way around on your slides just so you know for next time. It says that for homes greater than and the other ones should be less than. Just so you know for next time. It's good that people are paying attention! Haha. So please carry on." 

B.D.: "No great catch! So we talked about one of the main culprits being what? Lighting! So we had to invent a bulb! We've been making lightbulbs for 12 years. This is an LED, it comes in two temperatures, it stays nice and cool to the touch, no flickers or strobes and adds virtually no EMF or distortion to the load center. What does that mean? It means that once you've got your Satic plug-in meter, you plug in in and turn on lights, oh boy wait till you see it! It will go to maybe 2,000 or 3,000 LED lighting is really a major culprit. When you turn on this light it shouldn't affect the meter at all. And this is just the main size of lightbulb that pretty much

everybody is used to, E-29. We also have them in the can lights, people have can or recessed lights, we also make that size, same goes, they come in a nice warm, you know, kind of glowing yellow or if you like the really blue full spectrum light if you want to grow or whatever else, we have both, we have them in two sizes. We’re working on making more sizes right now but for the most part these aren’t specialty lights, these are just everyday lights fitting most of the outlets in your home where you can get good, clean, strobe and flicker free lights that add no EMF to the home.”


Lloyd: “So just to tell a story here really quickly, this is very important, and I was aware of dirty electricity and tested it and everything in my own home and I was shooting a video way back when I used to do videos on YouTube before I got banned and we were in the bathroom, our bathroom, with my son and he was switching things on and off and I was holding the meter and it’s the Stetzer meter, and he put the light on above the shower and boom, 1600 GS units! So just for the people who don’t know it should be like below 50, that’s the recommendation, 1600! Just by switching on this light! So you can have one light which is just plain havoc with the electrical system in your home and therefore havoc on your health with long term. That was just a shower light so it’s not like it’s going to be on all night, but can you imagine there’s a light in your living room or your office or somewhere, big problem. So this is important.”


B.D.: “That’s exactly correct, and lighting is something that we all have, and so you made your neighbor’s dirty electricity go up a little bit in that moment too unsuspecting, and I’m not, we’re not blaming anybody, we’re not calling anyone nefarious, how would you know?! You didn’t know until you had the opportunity to stand there with a meter when your son turned on the light! So a lot of what we’re trying to do today you guys is educate you so that you can start being your own watchdog a little bit and protect yourself and just know, you know, what’s what. So this is an actual shield. This is what we call FieldShield, and this is eight layers of frequency absorbing, catching technology. When I think of a shield, I think of a person in battle and they hold up this big protective shield and then a sword bounces off of it, perhaps arrows bounce off of it. That’s not really how this works. This works more like a baseball mitt catching a baseball. This becomes more of a magnet for it so that it penetrates it, it absorbs it, it’s not passing through it. Absorbing it and then you see at the bottom it’s got a grounding cable, it’s got to be grounded or it doesn’t work, and then you simply attach that to one of the outlets and this will stop it. So maybe you’ve got a smart meter on the side of your house and that smart meter is sending this high intensity communication signal constantly out, if you put this inside of your home on the wall opposite your smart meter, your smart meter can still then talk to the utility but it cannot penetrate the home. This by itself we’ve seen lower the negative causes or effects of smart meters by 99%. Right?! It’s incredible technology! It absolutely works!”


Lloyd: “So here we’re talking about protection from primarily wireless, we’re talking protection from dirty electricity?”


B.D.: “That’s exactly correct, we’re really talking about 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, the internet, etc. Now we talked about the dirty electricity too, where does it live? It lives on your wiring. Well you lay on your bed, where do you put your head? You put your head right by the wall! You put your head right by the wall and it’s got this antennae in it and you’re getting fried. So we use these at our house, we like to put these in two spots, behind our headboard against the wall. So you’ve got the wall that’s got all the electricity in it and then the shield between that and your bed. You will sleep better if you are somebody that’s EHS, and not all of us are, if you’re somebody that’s EHS, we get more reports on good sleep from this device then any other thing that we make.”


Lloyd: “So this is just hanging on the wall, is that what you’re saying?”


B.D.: “Yes! In fact we just put it on its side on the floor and slide it behind your headboard! You’ll never see it, you’ll never…”


Lloyd: “Is it not better to just deactivate the bedroom circuit?”

B.D.: "Boy, so that's a great question! When you deactivate the bedroom circuit you are stopping the current that's flowing through it. It still has a little bit of an antenna effect and you're still getting the wireless, you're still getting the Wi-Fi, the 4G, the 5G. If you're really going to have an EMF safety zone, then at night not only do you want to turn off the power to your bedroom or your sleeping area, you don't want any waves penetrating that area as well. Turn the Wi-Fi off! Turn the telecommunications and the wireless devices off! And if you've got a smart meter or your neighbor's smart meter pointing in that area, then shielding it is a great idea. This can go anywhere! Ut can go on any wall, and if you've got like a TriField meter that shows the wireless, 4G and 5G and EMF and electric fields and magnetic fields, then you'll identify spots where hey, there's a cell tower and this is where it's hitting my house. And radiation doesn't turn corners, it always goes straight, it can't bend around something. So you can put this, potentially, anywhere in your home where you're getting it and stop it. It catches it and it's no longer penetrating your house. Some people put it in between their bedspring and their mattress and have it in their bed so that they're no longer the conductor in the bed, you're water, you're a conductor. This will now become the path of least resistance too."

Lloyd: "Great! I want to move onto questions quickly, I know you've got a special offer to share with people." 

B.D.: "I do! Guys this is the last one, it's an outlet detector, if you want help detecting your outlets we also make that, it will help you detect wiring errors, And the free EMF Protection Guide to help you do things at home, but we want to help empower people to take action, to visit the store, when you visit our store you get the EMF Guide for free, we've got some specials going on right now, and for listening to this podcast and for, you know, being a member of our community, we're offering a 15% discount on all things in the store. It is all inclusive to anything that's right for you, anything that you shop for. There's a code called coupon code or dealer code on the checkout and in that you'll put 'electricsense'. That's who we are here, that's what we're going, you'll put in 'electricsense' and it will immediately take 15% off of your

Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 10.01.21 AM.png

entire shopping cart, and if you engage on the site, you have some questions for the chat room, if there's any other specials, if there's any other sales or whatever else, they'll let you know that and you'll get an additional 15% off of that! So if there's something that's already on sale you could potentially double up by using the discount code 'electricsense', it's a really great time if you are interested to at least visit the store." 

Lloyd: "Do you have a slide that says that so people can see?" 

B.D.: “We do! So here’s some testing kits, I forgot about this one, these are testing kits that are on the website to test all of the things that we’ve talked about. And here is the code!”


Lloyd: “Okay, fantastic! So just to be clear folks this is limited time only, I think it’s until next Tuesday that this 15%, so it’s an additional 15% so if there’s already a discount showing on the SATIC website then this is over and above that discount. Just one thing that I noticed is that you actually have to get to the very last page so there’s lots of steps to go through and it’s on the very last page to where you can enter that coupon, so that’s how that works. So I want to take questions, it’s important to answer people’s questions because that’s what I promised, so I’ve got questions that people have sent in and we’re going to address some of those if that’s okay, B.D., and then we’re going to take questions that people are on the call here that want to ask. So if you have questions then now is the time to put them in the Q&A, we’ll get to those in a minute, okay? So if you’ve got questions, you listened to what B.D. said, I know some of this was technical and there’s maybe things that you don’t understand, just whatever that question is, you know, don’t be afraid now is the time to ask your question! So some questions here that people have sent in, and I’ve printed them out here so it’s easier, so a question here from Rebecca so says- Can there still be problems if switching off electricity to only the bedrooms? She says I don’t notice tinnitus but the only time I did was when there was a village power cut. So can there still be problems when switching off electricity to only the bedrooms? So I think you’ve kind of answered that one because the problem is is that we’ve still got this antenna effect with the electrical wiring, yeah?”


B.D.: “Yeah that’s correct! You still got two culprits, you’ve got the antenna effect and you’ve got the wireless stuff. If what you’re feeling is causing the tinnitus is your smart meter, then unfortunately that’s coming wirelessly through the walls and you haven’t addressed it.”


Lloyd: “Okay! Question from Jodi- Is it the shared neutral on many older residences that cause the dirty electricity? So when the black and the red of a 12x3 or 14x3 romex is used for two circuits? She says I’ve been where both these are on the same phase or on different phases but does that even matter?”


B.D.: “Yeah! That was one of our slides where in the middle we showed that there were two different hot legs coming in and they were sharing the neutral. That is absolutely a great question and yes it’s simple to fix but if they are bonded or connected then you’re going to exacerbate dirty electricity and that was on that very slide that we discussed, and that’s in the guide too about how to fix that.”

Lloyd: “It’s in the guide, yes so that’s a good thing to do, go to and get that guide, I have that guide and I printed out the guide it’s very good and it’s an excellent representation of the problem which you don’t understand, an electrician will, it’s not that complicated but if you’re clueless about electricity then show that to an electrician and it’s very clear on there, and you can always call SATIC’s team as well when you’ve got the electrician and get them to speak to the electrician if you’re not capable of explaining it. Question from Brooke here who says- How much of dirty electricity in the house is from radio frequency radiation in the air that has jumped on powerlines and the idea that even clean electricity creates electrical fields that can emanate six feet on the walls of our houses is new for most of us in the public, how does dirty electricity change those electrical fields? Is there a way to image those chaotic fields spatially and their dirty chaotic quality versus a clear more ordered quality? So there’s a few questions there.”


B.D.: “Yeah! So the electric field is the result of the voltage and if you remember when we talked about our hose and whether or not your thumb is over it, right? So when your thumb is over it you will have more of the electric field. The magnetic field is the result of the current, how much water, how much electricity is actually flowing. So if you remember our slides, if you clean the electricity, you lower the current. You don’t have that reactive current, you don’t have that apparent current, you lower it, so you will lower both of those fields. You can lower the magnetic field dramatically by simply lowering the current. So yes it’s a good question, they’re always going to be present so we want as little of them as possible. So do you make them go away completely? You don’t! But you certainly lessen them.”


Lloyd: “Yes, okay! Question from Bill says- I have solar panels to supplement my electrical needs and I’ve heard that solar panels contribute significantly to the creation of dirty electricity, if that is true, are there ways to reduce or eliminate ones that one’s exposure to this problem? So I think you have the solution, that’s what your technology is designed to do, is to filter this, is it not?”


B.D.: “Exactly correct! Yes you are correct! Yes it does exacerbate it! Yes we have a product line specifically designed for it! The Power Perfect Super Duty or the Power Perfect Solar Power Perfect, they will eliminate it.”


Lloyd: “Question from Linda who says-Does one ever need more than one whole house dirty electricity filter? If so, how is this determined? So we need the AMB in theory, we need minimum too, that’s what you were saying, yeah?”


B.D.: “Yeah, and when you go the whole home wired in, do you need more of that or more of those? It depends on how many braker panels you have in your house. The average house only has one main distribution panel and so one should do it. A larger home might have two or even three, if that’s the situation for you then yes you might need more. Something that might trick you into thinking you need more is you have one but you’re still having some outlets that have higher numbers, that’s when we start to go back and look for wiring errors because what you’ll probably find out is if your one wired-in unit is not performing completely, we’re exacerbating it somewhere else that we need to identify.”


Lloyd: “Okay! So typically the whole house unit, the idea is that you only need one ideally, but sometimes you might need two. So just the one would cover the AMB?”


B.D.: “Correct.”


Lloyd: “Question from Mario who says- Can you explain how the SATIC filter reduces your electric bill? Which SATIC filter is best for at least a 2,000 square feet home?”


B.D.: “You bet! Two good answers, one way it raises the power factor and reduces the total current, right?, it gets rid of reactive power and apparent power so you only have far less of those mostly the real power, so having mostly real power should lower your bill a little bit on its own but you’re also going to have heat, so your DVR isn’t going to be as hot, your TV is not going to be as hot, heat is not free! That heat is just wasted power, so most of us don’t want to waste our bill making our stuff hot, right? Well if you live somewhere warm, think of that being exacerbated by your air conditioning system. So now your air conditioner is trying to blow cold air but you have all of these little space heaters, it would be like if your little kid brought out a little space heater to keep their feet toasty when you’ve got the air conditioner on because it’s too chilly for them! You’d say no honey you don’t spend money making heat you spend money making cold when it actuality with dirty electricity, you’re doing it all over your house. The back of your fridge should not be that warm, the back of your freezer should not be that warm, these are things that are trying to make cold! That is as wasteful as it gets! So while it might not cut your bill in half, it might not be life changing, it almost can’t help but lower your bill a little bit and it almost can’t help it, right? And the best one for 2,000 square feet would either be two or four plug-in units depending on your level of dirty electricity or one of the small wire-in units would be best for that outfit.”


Lloyd: “Okay, perfect. Question from Mary who says-How dirty are tablets are phones and should there be an acceptable using time for children, that’s a good one, a difficult one, but yeah, how dirty are tablets and phones?”


B.D.: “Filthy! She’s right! Great question! They work on direct current, so the little box in the cord, you can’t just use any cord you have to use their cord, has a diode in it, so it takes the alternating current from the outlet and strobes it and clips it and turns it into direct current, so it’s actually clapping now which is bad for everything else because it effects the dirty electricity and now if that tablet is in non-transmitting Wi-Fi free mode, airplane mode then you can have more play time safely because it’s not also adding the wireless back and forth. If it’s adding the wireless back and forth then that playtime should really be limited to probably about 15 minutes, small chunks of playtime not by the child’s head, not in bed with them, not by their lap, not by their face, instead on a table where it’s grounded where the child could actuate the device without being its grounding, and again, in the safest mode possible for some enjoyable time. I enjoy mine too! I hate to totally take it away, but use it cognizantly and time limits and Wi-Fi limits will really help keep that a safe space.”


Lloyd: “Yes, yes. Avoid giving to small children. Shelly asked- What are some low-cost solutions that can be used to negate the effects of dirty electricity as well as what if you’re not allowed to make modifications to the residence such as apartments and renting and the like?”


B.D.: “Great question! In an ideal world you should be able to do this stuff yourself and it should cost you only your time, and maybe an electrician, it really shouldn’t cost you much money. Looking at the braker panel, knowing if the neutral and the ground are bonded in that panel if there’s white which is the neutral and bare-ground wires on the neutral or the ground, they’re co-mingled, seeing if they’re co-mingled is a really easy way to spot culprits for dirty electricity, and electrician can come over I think in an hour or two and could separate the two, put the copper on the ground, put the white on the neutral and effect that, and then you simply go through, and don’t touch anything, just looking at the outlet you can look at it with your eyes not touching it, seeing that they’re wired properly you’re probably going to find a handful that aren’t, that’s a great start! Then, since you know that you’re going to cause it with tablets and devices be cognizant of the time, don’t just leave plugged in to be plugged in, plug them in to charge and then unplug them, don’t just leave things plugged in to be plugged in! And then turn on the Wi-Fi when you want to use it and then turn it off when you’re not, and I know that this drives people crazy but you can buy great Wi-Fi routers that has a button! And we tell our family ‘hey, we’re going to game out, we’re going to go download or if you want to go get your games updates or whatever else, we’re going to turn it on, we’re going to have an hour and a half of family time where we’re just going to live in an EMF buzz zone.’ And then after that time, we’re going to turn it off, and we turn things off, we put them in airplane mode, we calm them down, and I’m telling you, you can feel it in the house even if you’re not a sensitive person, when you start unplugging things and turning off 30 things that are sending signals, it is a calming effect that the whole family will appreciate.”


Lloyd: “Yeah, absolutely. And last question here which has been sent in here and then we’re going to start answering these questions, there’s a ton of questions that are in the Q&A, so question here from Sherri who says- an evaluation of Stetzer and Greenwave dirty electricity filters has shown that they shunt the transient frequencies onto the neutral wire. SATIC, Stetzer and Greenwave filters have been shown to increase RF on the wires in certain frequency ranges. She says please explain the dirty electricity filter technology that you think is the most effective and why. Well, I’m giggling here for obvious reasons because I know what you’re going to say! But I think it’s a valid question because the comparison, I think this is what we’re asking, the comparison between the three.”


B.D.: “Yeah! And so if you have a wiring error, for example, especially the ground and the neutral being reversed on the outlet, that outlet will still work, it will still move and induct electricity. Adding a filter will often exacerbate it, it will oftentimes make it worse. Now ideally is it shunting its move from phase to neutral, but as it moves from phase to neutral, Stetzer and Greenwave should be reducing a lot of the fields and the harmonics and the distortion from that, they really should do a pretty good job, I’m certainly not here to disparage anybody else’s products, I love everybody, they’re kindred spirits, we’re all trying to do the right thing, some technologies simply do just work better at certain things. It should clean it, and as long as the neutral isn’t bound to ground there or somewhere else, it should be okay, but the problem is, what was your name?, Sherri, in almost every home you’re just going to find a spot where it is unfortunately bonded, you are potentially going to make it worse. The idea that every outlet is going to be perfect and the braker panel is going to be perfect is kind of a zanado, you can make it perfect, it’s not that hard, is it right now? It’s probably not, so you’re right, you might accidently make it worse. One of the fun things about the SATIC unit, or just a design change, is rather than having one big filter, SATIC has eight tiny filters. And where the Stetzer and the Greenwave have one big filter only for the current, SATIC has seven small filters for the current and one for the volt. They don’t do anything to treat the voltage wave, there’s two waves. And on our very first slide, if you remember, it was volts and it was red on top and kind of fuzzy and blue on bottom, those filters unfortunately don’t put anything in their technology to effect that transient, it’s kind of like taking a train to New York but getting off in Chicago, they’re doing something, it’s creating an effect, but there’s more. SATIC is the only unit that we know of that has components that do both the voltage wave and the amperage wave making it, in our belief, far superior. The fact that we have different size components allows us to treat a broader frequency range, and that’s a lot of it too, but you want to focus on the frequency range that’s damaging to the biological. So it’s complex and simple at the same time, it’s really about getting the best result on what the customer is trying to achieve.”


Lloyd: “Which is what, two kilohertz? To 100?”


B.D.: “Yeah, and 90 is kind of known, I think, for having a more dramatic effect on the biological, some great studies to read were actually done by Dave Stetzer. I think our product is superior because he hasn’t changed his in 30 years and we’re about the launch Gen III, we continually change ours, but we stand on shoulders of men like that because he was one of the first guys in the pool like Graham and Stetzer saying this is a real thing, and some of the fun studies that I enjoy have to do with the dairy cows and the greenhouses and the grows because you have to be very careful about what you say about harmful to humans because of the FDA and the AMA and all that stuff, but you can speak freely about animals and plant life, and so I think that’s a fun place to start on getting accurate information on how these waves at what frequencies do negatively affect the biological, and again, I’m not a cow or a strawberry but I’m not that far away either, so if it’s bad for them it can really follow that it would be really bad for me.”


Lloyd: “Okay, yeah. And just to remind people that none of this, I perhaps should’ve said this at the beginning, none of this is intended as medical advice, should not be construed as medical advice, and if you are seeking medical advice you need to consult with a qualified healthcare professional. This is not medical advice in any way, shape, or form that neither me not B.D. are giving out here. So we’ve got some questions, and I’m just going to flip through them, so question from Kathy who’s saying- Can you address the latest 5G rollout issue? So we’re not going to address, that’s a little beyond the scope of what we’re talking about here, Kathy, 5G, there’s a lot of information on my website about this, there is a lot of huy-paloy about 5G, but there is a lot of information on my website, I wrote about it in my book but anyway, free information on my website certainly, and it’s actually on the homepage it’s not very easy to get information because, again, you can’t Google it even from my website, that’s what I recommend you do on that. Somebody else is saying- Can these graphs be made available later? So there is going to be a replay and you will be able to look at the replay, but the graphs and all that are in the free report so if you go to the SATIC Shield website you can get that free report, that’s the place to start. Question from Sandra who says- How is this effected by solar panels? I think we’ve addressed that unless you have a specific question in regards to the solar panels, so we’ve addressed that solar panels can be an issue and, again, you always want to be measuring with a dirty electricity meter and these devices in which B.D.’s company sells are designed to deal with the dirty electricity from solar panels and similar sources. And please correct me, B.D., if anything I’m saying here is incorrect or you have something else you want to add to this. Question from Elena who says- Please tell me if, and I’m going to put this question to you if you’ve got the answer, maybe you haven’t- Please tell me if it’s safe to install a mini-split calling system, I live in New York City and we have metal-clad wiring, would this current the high transient frequencies that I am told these unit emit? So I don’t think they would correct these frequencies, would it?”


B.D.: “That machine is going to operate how that machine is going to operate, but it would keep it from sending that transient down the line, it would lessen the impact on the living space for sure. That thing is going to operate however it’s going to operate, but if it’s doing something that’s negative, you don’t want to exacerbate that by moving it around the powerlines, and so it certainly would help centralize.”


Lloyd: “Yeah, so the problem is still there but we’re now exposed to that problem through the electrical wiring as we would be otherwise if we had that metal-clad wiring, so it’s just shielding, it’s another kind of shielding of the wires, that’s what metal-clad means. Question from Sandra, my question has been answered. Question from Stewart- How long will this presentation be available? Well I think the email is going to go out with the replay ASAP and it’s going to be available until at least Tuesday, that’s my understanding. And yeah, he’s asking until Monday. So we’ve got a question from Eleanor that’s basically the same. Question from Oddie- Are the point-to-point smart meters safer than regular smart meters and how do they operate? I don’t know if you can speak to that or what they are, point-to-point smart meters?”


B.D.: “I am not a professional on that..”


Lloyd: “I actually have no idea what that is either, sorry Oddie, so that’s beyond us and the scope of what we’re talking about here. Susan is asking-Are the LED lights as dirty as the compact fluorescent lights?”


B.D.: “That’s a good question! That’s fun! Different dirty. So the compact fluorescent has a lot of distortion, humming, buzzing and low power factor. The LED is a light-emitting diode. Diode really means one-way door. So the way electricity works is alternating current goes in and out and direct current just goes in, so a diode just lets it go in and then kind of shuts the door, and then the next one comes in and then it kind of shuts the door. So it’s clapping! So I would say the compact fluorescent is worse because it adds more layers of dirty electricity, the LED is less bad but is still a culprit. CFL is worse, LED is still a culprit.”


Lloyd: “And so really the key is to measure it, isn’t it? It’s to get one of your meters and to measure it, that’s the best way of dealing with that. We’ve got a question here which, anyways I’m going to read it, as per Professor D. Michael Pom, PhD, MRNA cause injury to comparison to radiation damage via positively charged lipid delivery system, hypothetically speaking can dirty electricity influence this delivery system? So I don’t think we’re going to answer that, that’s a very good idea because that would give the impression that we’re giving medical advice which we’re not, but I’ll tell you what you should be doing here, anonymous attendee, is I actually interviewed a lady called Dr. Beverley Rubik who’s got a PhD out of Berkeley that knows a lot about this particular subject, she’s done a study paper on it which actually never got published for, well isn’t that strange, a brilliant study paper which never got accepted by a journal because it’s a little topic on 5G and vaccines, so that’s what I recommend, that interview is actually on BitChute. I put it on BitChute because YouTube wouldn’t like that because I’m not allowed to put those kind of things, if you go onto BitChute put in my name or Dr. Beverley Rubik, R-U-B-I-K, and that interview is actually free on there and it’s a great interview and it talks about the science, she really knows this subject very well. Katie says- When you say outlet, do you mean the socket where we have to take the wall plate off or also to plug the device to? So outlets, we mean sockets because we call it socket in the UK, so that’s what we’re talking about, yeah. What’s actually in the wall where the plug goes into, so the dirty electricity meter you would plug into the socket to get dirty electricity readings, yeah? It’s not the other kinds of meters which are hand-held that you can just walk around with them, a dirty electricity meter that you actually plug into the electrical wiring via the socket or outlet. Question from Dolores that says- Do these get mounted inside or outside on the smart meter? So I’m not sure what, so that question to my mind is not relevant, so we’re not talking about smart meters here or mounting them on smart meters, that’s entirely different, a smart meter is this device that is on your home, or on many homes which gives a reading, gives the data back to the utility company so that’s really quite different to what we’re talking about here. Question from Susan, okay yeah that’s correct with the regards to the plus/minus on the slide which we noted. So here’s a question from Sandra that says- What about dimmer switches and remotes?”


B.D.: “Okay! So dimmer switches by their main function vary something, oftentimes they vary frequency or they vary voltage or whatever and we want electricity inside of a constant not a vary. So dimmers are top five, top six biggest culprits that you’re going to have on your electrical system. So the whole thing with dimmers is that there’s two schools of thought for the really purists, you get rid of them completely, you get rid of the dimmer completely. For the person that maybe zigs sometimes but occasionally wants to zag, you would only use the dimmer for a few minutes if you really needed a certain amount of lighting for setting a mood or something like that, and in that moment know that you are causing and bathing in dirty electricity. Your physiology and biology are tough, right? A moment or two in it is not going to melt your skin off but know, be cognizant, be a taught one and know that when that dimmer switch is not in the off position, if it’s doing its job of creating a horrendous amount of dirty electricity.”


Lloyd: “And remotes? Remote control units? It depends on the remote doesn’t it? If it’s like infrared or something? If infrared is pretty safe, if it’s RF then it’s RF which is possibly, probably, contributing to the whole dirty electricity. But in the grand scheme of things, this is a lot lower down than using a dimmer switch every night, you know, or every day.”


B.D.: “Yes.”


Lloyd: “Question from Oddie that says- Are these lights available and acceptable in Canada? I think they’re referring to the lights that you sell.”


B.D.: “Yes, our lights are acceptable and usable in Canada.”


Lloyd: “Okay, another question here- I bought a Power Perfect Box for $1500 which an electrician installed after whole-house EMF mitigation but it caused an RF power spike when installed. We aren’t able to tolerate the PPB box and asked for authorization to return it within 30 days guarantee return slot but return was denied. This is unfair so please help me follow up on this. Sorry I’m not, it’s not funny at all but, this is from Darlene, and this is within the guarantee period, so maybe that’s something that you want to ask your team, B.D., to follow up on.”


B.D.: “All you have to do is call. It shouldn’t cause any RF spike but even if you didn’t like the color, if you didn’t like the sticker, you can return it there’s the 30-day return policy, if you don’t like the way it smells. I don’t know what happened, you know, I don’t know every customer every time but while it shouldn’t cause an RF spike, you don’t need it to to be able to return it. Truly. If you’re not happy, send it back.”


Lloyd: “Okay, perfect. Next question here- How large of an area does the shield, the FieldShield, protect?”


B.D.: “That’s a great question! Radiation is an interesting thing! So the shield is two feet wide by four feet tall, so the immediate footprint of it is two feet by four feet but let’s say there’s a smart meter on the other side, so on the exterior of our house here’s our smart meter and we put the FieldShield behind it, it would shield it infinitely this way and this way, you know, far beyond the dissipation of the force of the field, it can’t come around it. Radiation is a very interesting thing, like when they send probs to the sun and stuff, all they need is a little bit of a shield in front of it because the heat doesn’t come around, it’s interesting. It’s like if you make a nuclear fallout center you only need the door to make a couple of turns and then you actually don’t need a door on it so it doesn’t turn. So the short answer is the footprint is two feet by four feet but if something was going to be penetrating the house that way it can’t in both directions for a mile.”


Lloyd: “Okay. So just to be clear, are you still okay answering these questions, B.D.? There’s a few more still.”


B.D.: “Yeah no I love it! Let’s do it until they’re bored of us!”


Lloyd: “So if you have questions, please put them in the Q&A, I’m taking them off the Q&A not the chat, put them in the Q&A because that’s where I’m taking them off of. So question from Brooks who’s saying- Some folks, like Dr. Sam Milham, suggests informally testing for dirty electricity by checking for increased static on a transition radio on an AM setting. Does such testing correlate with your meter testing?”


B.D.: “Yeah! So if you see the line on the TV when your mom vacuums, are you testing and correlating? Yeah you really are! I mean if you’re a HAM radio guy and you’re heating interference, are you testing for it? Yes you are! You’re picking up other signals and transients that you don’t want, they’re all pieces of the same story, they’re all ingredients in the same pie, absolutely.”


Lloyd: “Yes. But the slight subtle, well it’s not really a subtlety, there’s a difference between testing and measuring. So you might be able to test whether a transistor radio is, you can’t measure in any way, shape or form, for to measure you need to have a meter. You need to have a meter. Yeah, why not test with that? Question from Joan who says- Is there one meter that works for all types of electricity or different meters depending on what you are measuring? Well it depends on what you’re measuring doesn’t it, B.D.? So if you’re measuring dirty electricity we need a dirty electricity meter but if we’re trying to measure electric fields, magnetic fields and we need a meter that can measure those, yeah?”


B.D.: “That’s correct!”


Lloyd: “Another question here- Does your shield reflect the frequencies or does it absorb it? It seems to do both from what you were saying.”


B.D.: “Yeah it really absorbs it! It really kind of catches it. Yeah, it’s interesting.”


Lloyd: “Another question here- Will relocating a smart meter further away from the house as opposed to having it on the house help or will it EMFs still travel on the wiring? So my understanding, well that’s, what’s your take on that one?”


B.D.: “Yeah, so distance helps! Darn right! Distance helps! Do you want your face on your braker panel? Or do you want your braker panel in the other room? Distance helps but you’re still going to get two things, the smart meter causes harm in two major ways, number one-the wireless communication that its always sending, and there’s rules that its only supposed to send this information one or two times a day and it says that right in the agreement. Unfortunately anyone that can buy a meter can test it and in most home studies, it’s sending this information every couple of minutes. Which is actually in violation to the agreement, it’s not good for you either because now it’s like the cell tower is on your house. So you’d want the FieldShield for that, the other part of it is that it’s also a switch-mode power supply in that it’s putting that on the electrical system so it’s also exacerbating it. So to really defeat a smart meter, you’d need a SATIC unit and the FieldShield, the FieldShield for the wireless and the SATIC unit for the dirty electricity.”


Lloyd: “Right. So question from Lisa here it says- How is your meter from other Gauss meters that I’ve seen? This is actually not a Gauss meter, Lisa. So Gauss meters are actually for magnetic fields but what we call magnetic fields which are lower frequencies, and what we’re talking about is dirty electricity which are these intermediate frequencies, so there’s lots of different frequencies out there and it’s kind of horses with courses, you need meters that can measure, each meter is calibrated to measure specific frequencies, that’s why we’ve got an RF meter, we’ve got a dirty electricity meter, and then we’ve got like a low or extra low ELF meter, extra low frequency meter, can measure these electric fields and magnetic fields, yeah? You agree with me on that, B.D.?”


B.D.: “I do, fully.”


Lloyd: “Question here from Jess, it says- Is unplugging any many appliances and devices a good idea to mitigate dirty electricity?”


B.D.: “Absolutely! Eliminate culprits!”


Lloyd: “In fact that’s really, if you can do that, but the problem is that if you find that your computer is giving off a humongous amount of dirty electricity, then you can or that’s a choice not to use your computer again, and if you find your refrigerator is giving off humongous amounts of dirty electricity, then you can’t really unplug it unfortunately and that’s why we’ve got this technological solutions like B.D.’s company is proposing here because we can’t, some devices, well we’re making a choice whether we can or can’t ultimately, but living in the modern world and we do on certain conveniences. Question from Allete that says- Does the Himalayan lamp help to clean dirty electricity?”


B.D.: “I have no idea.”


Lloyd: “It’s more about ions and it’s ions electrically charged particles in the room and I have not seen any studies on this, whether it’s actually helping harmonizing these dirty electricity frequencies, that’s possible, I don’t know of any science on it. Richard says- Where is the free manual on your website?”


B.D.: “When you first engage our website it should ask you if you would like to give your email address and get a free copy of the guide. It should be the first thing that you see..”


Lloyd: “And if that doesn’t load is there somewhere else we can get this free report?”


B.D.: “Yes! On SATICShield there is a chat box, if you just went into the chat box and said ‘Can I please get a free copy of the guide?’ then you would give your email address and one would be sent to you immediately.”


Lloyd: “Perfect. Okay, another question here- What is your, that’s the harmony pendants, that’s really off topic also. And another question here- What products will be Generation III?”


B.D.: “Great question! So one of the things that I’ve spoken with Gene at Greenwave about and Dave Stetzer at Stetzer before is how technology keeps changing. When the first meters came out, it was CFL and it wasn’t LED. There were some tech devices, there weren’t as many tech devices as there are now, and then two other things really came on the scene, crypto-currency mining. Crypto-currency mining has had a big impact on electrical usage in the US especially and they’re all switch-mode power supplies. Also, indoor grows. Marijuana growing has become legal in many states and these are huge energy hogs and they use it with lighting. These are two huge culprits of dirty electricity. So the Gen III products are going to have a couple more components on the board to address today’s very specific dirty electricity issues and they’re going to look a little bit more attractive. The grey polycarbonate enclosure is very durable, it’s very functional, I don’t think it’s very pretty, I’m very highly visual as a human being so they’re going to be a little bit more attractive on the outside as well.”


Lloyd: “Yeah, excellent! Question from Sally- Can the FieldShield be used on a bed where I use a grounding sheet? Does the FieldShield actually stick on the wall or can you place it on the floor by the wall behind the bed?”


B.D.: “All of the above.”


Lloyd: “So we can use it with a grounding sheet, no problem.”


B.D.: “No problem.”


Lloyd: “Question from Oddie- The point-to-point P-2 meters are only supposed to transmit twice a day rather than constantly. It is offered by Ontario to those who have an MD that are stating that one has electrical sensitivities. I think that is more of a statement rather than a question, sorry I don’t see a question on that one. Question here from Elena- Please tell me if I would be safe to sleep in a room with a mini-split cooling system with a metal-clad wiring, how much transient frequencies are emitted, is it safe to sleep in that room? Did we not already answer that question about the metal-clad wiring?”


B.D.: “Yeah, you’d want a meter! I would get a meter and I would go to where one of those things are and see what it’s putting out. It’s impossible for Lloyd and I to know every brand and every model and all that stuff to see which brand, each model, its size, would be different, so it would be impossible to be experts in all of it, but you can be your own expert. Get a meter and get by one of those things and see what’s coming off of it and decide if that’s an acceptable number for you or not.”


Lloyd: “Question here from Sinov who says- What is the difference in the kind of EMF protection provided by your products and those large free standing units that form a donut over the building or maybe the floor? So are we talking about EMF harmonizers I guess there, so this is completely different. Yeah, so I don’t know if you want to answer to that, B.D.”


B.D.: “I don’t know, maybe a big towride or something, I don’t know exactly what it is.”


Lloyd: “So we don’t really know what it is, we don’t really know what you’re talking about but I think you’re talking about harmonizing, so it’s really completely different and so the difference is, there’s really hard science behind what we’re talking about here with B.D., and those devices, we’re not going to say they don’t work, but in terms of the science we’re in a completely different arena. So question from W- What are the difference between your LED bulbs and other quality LED bulbs?”


B.D.: “Great question! If it’s really a quality LED bulb there shouldn’t be that much difference. So there’s a handful of components in them called the driver and one is called the diode, and so if you get a really high quality driver that has good power factor and a high-quality diode that should really reduce the EMF and stuff a lot. So I won’t say that there’s no makers out there that don’t do it, the problem is is that it costs about a dollar more on the manufacturing side to make it really well and these are obsolescence items, these are items that they don’t actually want to last very long, I hate it say it like that but it’s true, they sell them for three or four bucks, they come back and buy more, so there won’t be very many companies that say hey we’re going to literally double manufacturing costs on this thing to make it last longer and add less EMF. They do exist, they’re just rare. And then to ours, we add a very small X2 harmonic rectifier too, it’s a very small version of the technology that you’ll find in most EMF filters, we put a very small component in that as well. So just a really quality driver, a really quality diode and a small filter right in the unit.”


Lloyd: “Excellent. Question from Delores that says- Do you mount the whole house system inside the home?”


B.D.: “Great question! It depends on what code is and it depends on where your braker panel is. In California and Arizona, those states are outside of the house, it’s on the exterior of the home. So the unit is rated for outdoor weather, its got a gasket and a seal, nemo-3 is what it’s called, it can live it’s whole life happily outside. In Montana where we live, your braker panel is inside of the house probably in your laundry room or your mechanical room and so in that situation it would live indoors. It’s really going to live closest to your distribution panel and he is rated to live indoor or outdoor and it does not affect the 10-year warranty.”


Lloyd: “Okay excellent. Question from Joan, and this is following up on what she was asking before- Unfortunately the smart meter is on the other side of the shower stall, how can I use a shield when I can’t put it direct behind the smart meter? I can’t see how you can do that without actually re-decorating, yeah?”


B.D.: “You’re in a pickle!”


Lloyd: “Question from Karen-How do you clean the shield?”


B.D.: “I’ve never been asked that! It really shouldn’t need any, when it gets dusty I would wipe it with a soft damp cloth! I wouldn’t use any kind of spray or anything, just water and cloth.”


Lloyd: “Okay. Another question- Please speak to having a steel roof with regards to this question on dirty electricity. Any ramifications on that?”


B.D.: “Yeah! Good grounding! Good grounding, you’ve just created another antenna, you’ve just created another super antenna, that’s okay, it’s not hard to defeat, just make sure that it’s well grounded, and code for any home is to have a good quality grounding rod. So in the guide as well, you see how you don’t want to cross paths with grounding rods, you don’t want any of your grounding stuff accidently hitting your pipes or your water, your plumbing system because what happens accidently is that your plumbing system gets a charge and that becomes a part of your ground. That’s something I want to avoid, but a metal roof and a well grounded, well run electrical system should be no problem.”


Lloyd: Okay, so we’re going to try and stop at the top of the hour here or else I’m going to be here all night, but question here from Sig who says-I’ve gotten electricians to come and check my connections, what do you have a tool that measures dirty electricity or is it true you sell an exclusive device? I’m suppose you could consider this an exclusive device but it’s unlikely that he would have it because electricians don’t have this, most electricians don’t have this, question hence why it’s important to invest in this yourself. Question from Arthur who says- Do the Power Perfect Box have a determined service life or do they last indefinitely?”


B.D.: “So that’s a great question, that’s another reason why we don’t have one component, we have multiple. Let’s say that you have one component and you get a surge or a spike or it’s just poorly made, you have one component and one goes down you’re at nothing. SATIC, actually the wire-in unit has 18 different filters in it, so let’s say at year 10 one of them has had a hard life, you’ve had some surges and you’ve had some spikes and that one unit isn’t working, well 17 of 18 are, we suspect that at year 10 most of our customers are at a 97% efficacy even at that late date. So it’s not like a year 10 it explodes or stops functioning, we really believe that at year 10 it’s either going to be still cranking just like it was at new or maybe it’s only degraded to only 97%. So it should last well beyond 20 years at an acceptable efficacy.”


Lloyd: “We’re going to have to finish off because my computer is about to die! Let me plug it in, so that will no longer be an excuse. So just a few very pertinent questions, I’m going to be a little bit picky, and I’ve been trying to answer them all because as you can see I don’t want to give people even like an awkward one about a 30-year guarantee and a 30-day warranty because I know you’re very open and it’s important that people ask questions and then we try and answer them, and if we don’t know them then we just say we don’t know them, which is fine by everybody. So we’ve got a question here- I’m a little bit overwhelmed about where to start, a lot overwhelmed, we have a large new home with a smart meter with lots of lights and wiring, simply where do I start? Should I talk with somebody on your website? Buy a meter first and communicate readings with a rep on your site?”


B.D.: “Yeah, start with expert help from somebody that can be a friend to you. Jump on the SATIC Shield site, immediately get on the chat, talk to Al Val or Avery, they’re experts in the field, start with the meter, you can also return it if you’re not happy, start becoming your own expert, and by plugging it in and doing your testing, it comes with a form, it comes with a worksheet, it comes with several times a day that we want you to test these outlets to start getting a signature, and then with this information that you’ve gathered you’re going to have a better conversation with our tech team at that point because you’ve began to answer some of those questions for you. Then you’ll begin to know which product you need, where it goes, and how well it’s working. And like the question from the other person, you are safe with us, you are safe to ask questions, you’re safe to be unsure, you’re safe to return the dumb thing, if you’re not certain I mean you’re safe to just be a healthy, normal person that’s trying to protect their home, trying to become an expert in something new, be vulnerable, ask your questions, and we really want to treat you with love and respect, truly.”


Lloyd: “Perfect. If you’d like to switch off your screen share, B.D., that would be fantastic. So we’re going to wrap up here, there are more questions and there’s more questions coming in but we’re going to be here all night, see it’s night time for me here, and there is, as B.D. has said quite a few times now, there is a chat service on the SATIC website so you can actually ask your questions there so it won’t necessarily be B.D. answering them but, as he just said, there’s a competent team of people. So I just want to thank you and I want to thank everybody who sent in their questions, thank everybody who has participated here on the live, so a lot of questions and obviously people are wanting to understand this topic. I want to thank you, B.D., for being here, for sharing, for doing great work. I really like your approach to this, your honesty and your philosophy about the way you do business, clearly you’re here to serve, I like that very much, and how you’re working with other leaders, you know, so there are other companies out there and there’s plenty for everybody and, you know, if we can all work together we can make the world a better place, so I really like that philosophy. So is there any closing comments you want to make before we finish off?”


B.D.: “So the chat box is on our website,, we do have, but if you want to interact, go to It has been a pleasure, man, thank you guys for the interest, thank you for the great questions, I had a lot of fun today being on your show, Lloyd.”


Lloyd: “Thank you, B.D. I had a lot of fun too! I hope everybody enjoyed it, I hope it was informative, I hope you got your question answered, I hope you’ve understood more about dirty electricity. Now from this, my name is Lloyd Burrell from Thanks so much, have a great day, take care, thank you, good bye.”

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