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Solutions to Electromagnetic hazards

Television Producer and EMF Expert Jerry Day welcomes CEO B.D. Erickson II on EMF Help Center to learn of new ways of mitigating electromagnetic hazards in your home or office. 

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Jerry Day is an Emmy-winning Television Producer from Burbank, California and founder of Independent Video Production Company Jerry Day Productions. He recognized the problems with Smart Meters early on and produced a Youtube video warning of the health and privacy risks of installing Smart Meters. This video garnered millions of views and instantly ascended Jerry into thought leader status for thousands of people all over the world. Jerry is widely regarded as one of the most revered experts on the topic of Electromagnetic Interference. As a public service, Jerry provides resources and guidance for dealing with EMF exposure and Smart Meters at EMF Help Center.

bd erickson technology

Jerry welcomed CEO B.D. Erickson II for a featured interview on EMF Help Center. B.D. opened up about his arduous journey to providing relief to his son who suffers from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS). The profound realizations B.D. found over time after conducting thorough research was that dirty electricity is real, it is measurable, and is harmful to the biological. B.D. recognized that like the air we breathe and the water we consume, that we have the ability to filter electrical impurities and enhance the quality of lives in people’s homes. Throughout the interview, B.D. shares valuable insight for achieving protection from electromagnetic fields and dirty electricity.


Jerry Day: Hi! I’m Jerry Day with EMF Help Center and you might be familiar with a book ‘Dirty Electricity’ by Sam Milham that tracks a pandemic of cancer that correlated with the advent of electrical energy, and so we are making ourselves sick with electrical fields all around us. There are a lot of exposures all around us that we are not aware of that are correlated with our illnesses that are caused by electricity and electric fields, and I wanted to have someone on today who can really tell us what this is and what we can do about it, and we’re going to have some terrific and hard information for you about how you can take of these problems if you are electromagnetic-sensitive or if you understand the damage that electromagnetic fields can do to you, we’re going to give you some great answers today! We have an expert on that, an engineer and CEO of Satic USA, a company that makes electromagnetic mitigation products, B.D. Erickson. B.D., are you there?  


B.D. Erickson: Hi Jerry, I am!  


Jerry: Great to be with you, thank you for helping with the video! And I understand you are ready to show us some things about this! Now, let’s just start this with a very brief explanation that you had some serious issues with electromagnetic radiation in your family, your son I believe was injured, can you briefly tell us how you started on this and how you came to know so much about it?  


B.D.: That’s correct, Jerry, this was not my initial career path. I actually worked for a fund and was a performance coach, personal development coach and public speaker. My wife was killed in an auto accident widowing me and leaving me to raise our son. After her accident, we had been living in Hawaii and then we moved to Missoula, Montana in order to be closer to friends, family and the support group that we needed to be close to in that time. We shopped only briefly for a home, and reasonably unaware, we purchased a home almost directly underneath some of the largest power lines traversing Missoula, Montana where we live. Upon purchasing the home, I did not take note, we had actually been in the home for some time that we said to each other ‘Look at the size of these power lines running through the back of our home!’ Well, my son had been an excellent student, perfect attendance at school the last two years, straight A’s, and so our first year home in Missoula, Montana that same pattern had followed, perfect attendance, he had excellent grades, but Jerry, it was in the time of a year and a half that he became a little more irritable, a little more sickly, that perfect attendance record fell, and the grades began to dip. And within a couple of years, he was suffering terrible anxiety, quite sleepless until at some point leaving his room became almost physically painful for him because of his anxiety, and good sleep totally escaped him, Jerry.  


Jerry: And somehow you found.. Briefly, how did you discover the connection between the electric fields, the power lines in the back, and your son’s injuries and health problems?  


B.D.: It was not an immediate discovery! I suffered quite a bit of guilt in that I had failed both my wife and my son, but when you have consistent symptoms, you begin to ask friends and family, you begin to ask doctors and educators, you begin to do your own research online. And it was quite quickly when I began my deep dive investigations that his symptoms to those suffering from EHS, from Electro-hypersensitivity. And often times EHS and those symptoms are exacerbated by Wi-Fi, dirty electricity, and indeed by high voltage power lines.  






















that we engineer and manufacture right here in Missoula, Montana are designed to do one of several things. You know, first of all, Jerry, I’ll tell you that this e-pollution that we’re talking about, because you’re right it has several attributes. It has a magnetic field, it has an electrical field, it has RF, really comes from three main places. First of all, it’s being delivered via your electrical system through your breaker panel which can mean the grid, right? It can mean solar panels, right? It could mean wind generation, it could mean generators, you name it! The first is that it’s being delivered to our home via our main distribution panel on our electrical system, that’s number one. Number two, Jerry, we make it! We live in a world of technology and all these devices! I’ll tell you right now, Jerry, that living in a home under power lines is ill-advised, I do not suggest it for anyone! But that is something that is pretty easy to avoid, but what is a little harder to avoid, Jerry, is all the technical stuff. See, 30 years ago dirty electricity was really not an issue. Changes in use of our devices in our popular culture and in our technological age have rapidly increased the amount of dirty electricity. What do I mean by that? Well, we used incandescent lightbulbs invented by Thomas Edison some odd 130 years ago, they are actually a resister and they clean electricity. Well, what happened, Jerry, according to the Department of Energy, we all have 20 or 30 lightbulbs in our life and we remove these devices that clean electricity and we replace them for a time with that thing that has the curly-1 bulb, the CFL- Compact Fluorescent Light, and those actually dirty electricity. So, we all went from 20 cleaners to 20 dirtiers, then we added all of these DC devices.  


Jerry: Right, right!  


B.D.: Our phones, our tablets, our pads, switch mode power supplies, fax machines, printers, computers, you know, Jerry, things that have that black box in the cord! Right?  


Jerry: The little wall port, the little transformer at the plug, yeah.  


B.D.: Yes, exactly! Those exacerbated our dirty electricity over our electrical system with our lighting and devices. And then finally, you know when I was a kid you got FM radio in town which was stereo, and then you got AM radio out of town. Well, those were the two main signals with TV, VHS or VHF and UHF. If you turn on your phone right now, Jerry, you see your printer and your neighbor’s printer, your Wi-Fi and your neighbor’s Wi-Fi, and then there’s Dish Network and DirectTV and there’s cell phones and satellites, there’s all this communication. Well, that communication in our automobiles was picked up by that two-foot antennae on the hood of our car. Well, cars haven’t had an antennae of that sort for 20 years. We are no longer getting hit with four or five waves, we are getting hit with a plethora of waves. 























we’re hitting the threshold of where we’re really going to start feeling it. So I understand that about 20% of the population are now EMF-sensitive, is that something you understand or? What do you see on that?  


B.D.: You know the reports vary, but here’s what I know: Rome delivered water in an engineering marvel via lead. They didn’t even know that lead was harmful. In the 70’s, asbestos was a fabulous building material, inexpensive, but in the 70’s we realized that it causes lung concerns. PBA plastic in baby chew toys, and lead in paint. It is uncommon for technology to change, and then on a 20 or 30 year lag, Jerry, for humans to find out that change in technology was indeed harmful to the biological. In fact, it would be hard to imagine that not being the case.  


Jerry: Right. So you have a wide spread of technology that you use everywhere and nobody knows that it’s harmful, and then 20 or 30 years later, you pay the price. And that’s, in the case of electricity, that’s 100 years later. And now we’re compounding all the electric fields with all the RF and wireless and all this, and I think we’re really reaching a threshold of that we just don’t have biological tolerance for this anymore, and you know. We want to get right to your webpage and right to some of these products and how do we clean up our environment?  


B.D.: You’re correct, and it makes sense that you don’t want to pile on your immune system, especially if it’s compromised a little bit. You want fresh air, we all do, you need fresh air, and that’s air that is free of pollutants, and one way to do that is with an air purifier or an air filter. You want fresh water, we all do, we all need fresh water to live! And what’s fresh clean water? It’s water free of toxins, pollutants. Plastic has a tendency to leach into water, we don’t want lead or a contaminant. So, Jerry, just the way that you would filter air, just the way you would filter water, you can indeed filter your electricity. So, one of our main product lines are indeed electricity filters. And often times I describe them as an air purifier or a water cleanser. It simply removes the impurities and delivers to your home or office clean regulated, harmonic and EMF-free electricity.  


Jerry: And you can usually tell when your water or air has some pollution, but you cannot tell when you’re electrically assaulted by electric fields, right? So, how many homes would you say, or office or living spaces, should have electric filtration? 


B.D.: Well, you’re exactly correct. They say about 15% of our population are sensitive enough to notice it. I don’t want to be disingenuous, Jerry, I don’t know if I can feel it. I don’t want to be someone that trades honor for deals either, but the simple reality is that homes nowadays have 100 or 200 times the dirty electricity and maybe 1,000 times the RF and the bombardment of the waves some 20 or 30 years ago. You know, maybe you’re someone who is used to it, so the effects of it become readily to you, just because you may not be very sensitive to it doesn’t mean that it’s less bad for you or healthy for you.  


Jerry: In the long run, yeah, there’s definitely health repercussions in the long run for everyone even if you don’t feel the symptoms immediately like the sensitives do.  


B.D.: That’s exactly correct.  


Jerry: So, again, how do we clean it up? Are you going to walk us through your webpage because this is where many of these answers are and I’m anxious to get to that. I’ve got your screen up in front of me, I’ve got the Satic Shield webpage up and we’re ready to go if you want to explain your way through some of these products and so we understand what we can do.  


B.D.: Yes! I’m happy to! So if you remember earlier in our presentation, we talked about it coming from the grid, so one of the main tools you want to use is a dirty electricity filter. So on my screen here that I’m sharing, we have a plug-in electricity filter that you simply plug into an outlet it has a convenience outlet…

People know what it is, and they know that it's real. -B.D. Erickson II copy 3.jpg

Jerry: So both radio frequencies and electric fields are a similar problem but two different causes and two different sources you might say I guess, right? 

B.D.: That's correct. 

Jerry: Right, so let's move right through that and the short story of how you saved your son's life or, you know, what you did about that!

B.D.: Yeah, so the product line that we carry now and the things that we engineer and manufacture are truly the result of a father's decade long relentless pursuit to help his ailing son. So, this is not my intended career path, but we found out quite quickly that dirty electricity, Jerry, it's indeed real. It is measurable, it's been proven beyond reasonable contestation to be harmful to the biological, but you can filter it! You can shield electric fields, you can shield RF waves, and you can indeed filter dirty electricity. So our product line

People know what it is, and they know that it's real. -B.D. Erickson II.jpg

Jerry: I've heard that our exposures to wireless radiation, I mean I've heard that it's trillions of times higher than baseline radiation from the sun. And as you say that's been mostly accrued in the last 10, 20, 30 years. 

B.D.: That's exactly correct. And waves love to land in on antennas. Now, the antennae on your car was maybe two feet of some, you know, aluminum alloyed blend, but the wiring in your home might be a half a mile of high quality copper wiring. And so, you further exacerbate that by living in what is now called, Jerry, a super antennae. So it's coming in from the grid, we're making it with our stuff, we're being bombarded by all these waves and all these signals and then we are exacerbating that by literally living in an antenna, Jerry." 

Jerry: "So, it's like a silent killer and it's been there the whole and we just can't see it. But now, it's just getting to point where it's so intense, there's so much energy, so much fields, so much saturation, so much wireless technology that

Jerry: Now let me back you up here, I’ve got, S-A-T-I-C, I’ve got Shop, Satic Technology, Products, where do I want to go to see this?  


B.D.: So right now, Jerry, I’m on the Products page.  


Jerry: Products, okay, Products are open! Yeah, and the first thing that I see is this plug-in filter.  


B.D.: Yeah, that’s correct.  


Jerry: Pure Power Plug-In 

B.D.: "Pure Power Plug-In, this will plug into any 120 standard outlet and will filter everything that is on that electrical circuit and will treat everything on that electrical phase. Now what does that mean? It means that you don't need one of these for every outlet, Jerry. It means to treat a normal small hole, you would need two of these filters, maybe four of them in a slightly larger home. There's a convenience outlet on the front,

bd erickson filter electricity

that doesn’t mean that you have to plug anything through it for it to be effective. That’s simply because we didn’t want to take your outlet. It actually works the back way, once you plug this into an outlet, it’s treating everything on that circuit. Now scrolling down a little bit, Jerry, if you will, you’ll see…  


Jerry: I want to make it very clear on what you mean by circuit because some people are not up on the lingo. When you plug in this plug-in filter, you can plug it into a power strip and all the other plugs in the power strip would be filtered, plus all the other plugs on the wall would be in that same household circuit braker, is that correct? Am I speaking correctly there?  


B.D.: Yes that’s correct.  


Jerry: So this is a very convenient thing to clean up especially a circuit of your house that has some motors or some junky appliances or a big plasma screen TV or something, that’s how you could start is with the plug-in. Now you were scrolling us down to the next thing to something that is called a Power Perfect Wire-In. Is that where you were going?  


B.D.: Yes that’s correct. Now it’s just a little bit farther down on the screen, yeah so this just shows the wire-in variant of products, the technology inside is the same, the efficacy is the same, one model plugs in and you might need several of those throughout the house..  


Jerry: This wires into the service panel so an electrician will do this, is that correct?  

B.D.: So this model wires in at your electrical panel, will be installed by an electrician, will land on its own breaker, and this will clean, filter and treat all of the electricity flowing through that panel into your home or office.  


Jerry: Right, so this goes to all of the circuits, this is whole house line conditioner, correct? The plug-in will do one of your house breaker circuits, but this does all of them.. ok. So, I believe that this is a fairly easy installation by an electrician in a half hour depending on if they have to install a little bit of conduit, so it’s not an expensive installation. Set it and forget it! And then were you going to take us down to the next one down there? I see a bigger one.  


B.D.: Yeah, so that’s, so we don’t all live in the same sized home, we don’t all work in the same sized office, so it’s going to come in a couple of sizes. We’ve got the Standard then the Super Duty. The Super Duty is physically larger and he has about twice the amount of filtering capability as the Standard Power Perfect.  


Jerry: And this is also what you recommend for someone who has a solar installation, is that correct?  


B.D.: Yeah that’s correct. So, we are the largest solar dealer in Western Montana and I’ve grown up in a solar household, I will admit quite candidly that the operation of a solar inverter converting that alternating current to that direct current from the solar panel into alternating current, you do get high levels of harmonics distortion and EMF. So, if you’re in a home or you have a smart meter, you want a Super Duty. If you have solar or your neighbors have solar, you want a Super Duty. If you have a lot of tech devices or simply live really close to a cell tower or something else, Jerry, you’re probably going to want to go with this model, a Super Duty.  


Jerry: And that’s again, wired in the same way right at the breaker panel and then you have clean, pure sine wave electricity, you’re not damaging your appliances, you’re not getting cancer in the long run, you’re not getting electromagnetic sensitivities in the short run.  


B.D.: You’re exactly correct, a lot of these symptoms electronically, people have noticed it. You notice that your refrigerator is making cold but the back of your fridge is warm. It shouldn’t be! A little bit of heat is acceptable when a device is running, but you’ll find often times it’s exceedingly warm. Your phone should not get hot when it’s charges, your phone should be charging if operating as manufactured cool and fast. But often times your phone will charge slow and get very hot. See, people have recognized these things before in their life, but they weren’t necessarily sure what was causing them. So, when you add the Power Perfect, you’re going to get some inside benefits with clean, regulated power, several things are going to happen: The back of your fridge, VCR and DVR are going to cool down, your phone is going to charge cool and fast. Your power bill will almost surely go down, it’s a very robust surge protector and now all of your devices can live a longer, cooler, happier life. It has multiple benefits. If it’s good for the biological, it can also be good for the technological, Jerry.  


Jerry: Okay, what’s next on the website?  


B.D.: Okay, so scrolling down is our EMF-free lighting. We have to have light, you don’t want to kick around in the dark..  


Jerry: Satic Pulse.  


B.D.: Satic Pulse, yep. So, this is a superior LED that adds 95% less harmonics, distortion, interference. LED and today’s technological lighting may be the single biggest contributor to dirty electricity.  


Jerry: So it’s not just CFL’s or fluorescents, but it’s also other LED’s that generate dirty electricity and you have a light bulb that doesn’t, or 95% less, is that..  


B.D.: That’s exactly correct. In fact, when we are at trade shows and we are demonstrating our lights on most of the, you know, dirty electricity of EMF meters, adding our light not only doesn’t add distortion, Jerry, we have hundreds of demonstrations where adding our lights actually lowers the EMF harmonics and distortion on the load. Lowers it.  


Jerry: So you’re clearing it like you are with your filters. Is that correct?  


B.D.: That’s correct, Jerry.  


Jerry: And you sell these by the dozen packs, 12 packs I believe?  

B.D.: Yes, that’s correct. So, we have several variations, some of us like the daylight light color temperature, and some of us like that cozier light color temperature, and then we have the standard lightbulb that we all grew up with which is called the A-19. But, we also have can lights for living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.  


Jerry: Yeah, so the cool light I recommend for photography, the warm light I recommend for evening living. People find the cool light a little bit harsh for evening light sometimes, but you’ve got both! Good deal!  


B.D: Yes, that’s exactly correct! I like the lighter one in closets so I can match colors, so I can match my socks, my belts and my ties, but I too like the warmer color..  


Jerry: Right, yeah, you get better color visibility with the cooler light, yeah.  


B.D.: Yeah.  


Jerry: So are you scrolling down, so it looks like we got something that looks like a flood light. So this is another Satic Pulse light form I guess?  

bd erickson warm device

B.D.: Yeah, so that’s just a can light for your kitchen.  


Jerry: Oh! So that’s what you call can light, alright.  


B.D.: Yep!  


Jerry: Yeah, so that’s a little more directional light and you can do a top light, directional light with that or maybe some flood light in the yard or some deal like that?  


B.D.: Yes, that’s correct.  


Jerry: So let’s move on down to Field Shield. I’m scrolling down on this page and here’s our Field Shield. Now this is something I need to know a little bit more about, um, what do I do with this thing? How big is this thing? I don't see dimensions here, what's the size of this thing?

B.D.: So they're two feet by four feet, and we call it 8-layer dip. So, when the astronauts leave this beautiful gem that we're on, the Earth, we have an o-zone and an

atmosphere that protect us from fields. Once the astronauts get into space, they are no longer protected by the o-zone of the atmosphere. So this is 99.9% polished aluminum, which is a conductor, is closed cell polyethylene foam which is a resister, aluminum again…  


Jerry: Okay, so we’re not astronauts, so why do we need this?  


B.D.: Haha, so then we paint it with that very famous paint that’s called Y-Paint from Germany, YF Shielding paint, it’s about $100 a liter, we paint it with that. And then we also paint it with a titanium dioxide ceramic adhesive coating just like goes on the International Space Station, and then another layer of aluminum. The reason we need this, Jerry, is to start blocking some of these fields. So we know that our houses are working as an antennae and that we can get it off of the electrical system, but if you have a smart meter, if your neighbor has a smart meter, if you’re living by a cell tower, then actually blocking some of what’s entering the home with a shield can greatly reduce the level of RF and dirty electricity or EHS that you experience in your home.  


Jerry: So we want to put this between our living spaces and the source of the radiation. So this would go on the wall behind the smart meter, for instance?  


B.D.: That’s exactly correct! So in our home, my bedroom has the meter and has the solar right on the other side of my bedroom. So I painted one of my walls with the YF shielding paint and I put this exact piece of shielding right on the other side of the electrical meter and the solar system, and then it must be grounded, it has a grounding wire.  


Jerry: I see there’s a wire on that, so that’s what that is for to take it to the ground plug or some kind of ground connection?  


B.D.: In your outlet, that’s exactly correct. And with a Gauz meter, with a TriField meter, with a Coranet meter, I am absolutely at 0 with this on the other side of the wall. So, fields are something that are invisible to the eye, and yet we know that they are real. For example, I have a couple of magnets here, and when I push them pull to pull they repel, but as soon as I turn them, they snap together, that’s quite strong, I can’t see it, but yet, Jerry, I know that it’s real and I know that it’s happening. So when I’m sitting at my workspace, I’m at rest a lot, meaning I’m not moving, so the intensity and frequency that these fields hit me is exacerbated. When you move, it’s lessened, when you sit at work or rest it’s increased. So behind my screen here, this is a lot of technology here and on the other side of this wall here at our office, again, is our breaker panel and our solar system because our building is powered by solar. So I’m going to show you by turning my screen, that’s the FieldShield. I work on a totally fielded area every single day and it has a lot of impact on my health and productivity and mood. So, we don’t just manufacture the products, we use them every day. 


Jerry: Sure  


B.D.: And one of the ways you can measure this is by navigating on the website, Jerry, in the upper left you’ll see ‘Shop’ 


Jerry: So we scroll back to the top of that screen we were on, and there’s the shop link on the left, okay, and what are we looking for there? Testing there at the bottom of the box. So we got these, it looks like quite the arrangement of maybe some kits here, right? It looks like three different groups of products.  


B.D.: Yeah so, click on the first kit if you would Jerry, on the left.  


Jerry: Okay, on the left where it say EMF Shield Test Kit. And I got the six-item, or it looks like seven or eight items, a little ball point pen and a little plug adapter thing. But I got the six main items which looks like the meter, the light bulb, a clipboard, a plug-in filter, and a line-ground tester and a carrying bag, have I got all that right? 

B.D.: That’s right. And it also comes with some paperwork that allows you to test each of your outlets with filtering and without filtering, and then several times a day. Because in the morning, rather than having your lights on, you may have the windows open or the shades open. During the day, you or your neighbors solar might be operating. At night, the solar is not operating but your lights are on, so we like to show people how their dirty electricity changes during the day by time of day, how you can measure that, and also check for wiring errors because wiring errors are also another notorious cause of dirty electricity.  


Jerry: And that’s what that little ground tester in the middle on the bottom is, that little plug tester unit.  


B.D.: That’s exactly correct.  


Jerry: So, let’s get clear with people what this thing in the upper left is actually an online meter. There’s a cable attached to that and you plug it into a socket and it tell you how much dirty electricity is on that line, that’s your real key. That’s your real information source right there for the dirty electricity on the wiring, is that correct?  


B.D.: That’s correct.  


Jerry: And so then people aren’t confused, that little center thing on the bottom is an outlet tester and so it’s actually telling you specifically what kind of wiring errors there might be, is that correct?  


B.D.: That’s correct.  


Jerry: Cause you got two things you’re plugging into the same socket to tell you different information both kind of giving you information. Do you have some explanation that comes with this kit about how to use these things and how to read them and what the numbers mean on the meters and all that?  


B.D.: Absolutely. So you’ll see on the clipboard, the clipboard actually has printing on it, so you can never be without that guy, that explains what you’re looking for, and then it comes with some printed sheets that you’re allowed to make copies of as many as you like, which explain to you how to use the meters, what you’re seeing, what is means, and you can actually record it. And that will help you, Jerry, know now which products from the SaticShield store you need and where to put them.  


Jerry: And just a little disclaimer, we don’t know how long this video will be up online, the prices may change just slightly over time. So, go back to this website and check for that. And I think we’re going to tell you how to navigate over to the buy or your shopping cart area and get it all done. And I have a dealer code for you that will get you a 10% discount on everywhere so we’ll want to tell you how to do that too. Is there anything else that we want to tell them about the Satic test kit before we go?  


B.D.: No, I think the SaticShield test kit is an excellent way for you to get live numbers, you’re not guessing. You get real live numbers in your situation, it will let you know what you need to buy and where you need to put it.  


Jerry: That’s a great tool that you can not only use to get your house read, understood and cleaned up and get you to know where to do the mitigation, and there’s your plug in filter that goes right with it, but you can use this kit to help your neighbors or your family or your sons and daughters if they have their own homes, or your parents, you know, this is a tool that you can almost become a professional screener for electromagnetic problems or in living spaces, is that right?  


B.D: That’s exactly correct. We first equip you to take your personal power back and then this enables you to help anyone that you meet! If you’ve got a friend who has a child who is suffering like mine was, or someone is not sleeping, this helps you to immediately be able to identify if indeed dirty electricity is the culprit.  


Jerry: So let’s go ahead and tell them how to buy this, so we click on ‘add to cart’ here or something?  


B.D.: Yeah! So there’s two ways to go. You can either, on the left ‘My Account’, you can choose to go ahead and open an account and, you know, create a username and password. Or, simply, click the ‘Buy Now’, ‘Add to Cart’  


Jerry: Okay, just for the purpose of demonstration, let’s just click the ‘Add to Cart’ can we do that?  


B.D.: Absolutely!  


Jerry: And now I’ve got a PayPal thing in front of me, so here we go, I think anyone knows how to do this kind of thing. I want to make sure that they know how to get their 10% discount, the dealer code that I can give them to get that. So, we go to ‘Proceed Checkout’ or?  


B.D: Yes, ‘Proceed to Checkout’.  


Jerry: Oh, okay there we are. So I want to guide them to this, so this is pretty straight forward online purchasing, everyone knows how to do that, especially since we just had our big pandemic and that’s the only way we could get anything is that to order online. But, over here on the right side of the screen you see the box that says ‘Order Summary’ and in that box down towards the bottom, there’s a little link that says ‘Coupons/Gift Certificate, if you have a dealer code and you put that in there, you get 10% right off the top right here right now. And I’m going to give you my dealer code, you see it right there on the screen, it’s if you put that text in there,, you get 10% off right now curtesy of So anything else about this process or this screen that we want to tell them, B.D.? 


B.D.: You know, I think that’s it. They can continue as a guest or set up an account, but Jerry, since you’re doing this as a public service, any time they order if they come back and order again if they start with a test kit etc., each time they put in, they will save that 10% on every order.  


Jerry: When you find out how useful this stuff is, you will be back, and you will find this website and this company Satic USA to be a great resource to help you get control of your electromagnetic problems and all of the EMF issues that we face today and we’re going to be learning more about this as the years go on, we’re going to find out more and more about why this is so important I think. There are tremendous researchers among us and saying ‘Holy cow we’ve got to stop exposing ourselves to electromagnetic frequencies, we’ve got to mitigate this.’ And you’re way ahead of the curve, B.D., and I want to commend you. These products and the company that you’ve started is so ahead of the curve and I’m really grateful that I’ve found you and that I’ve been able to work with you on this stuff too.  


B.D. You’re welcome, Jerry. We appreciate the time, and we appreciate the interview. You’re a kindred spirit and it’s an important topic so we appreciate you doing this.  


Jerry: Well, thanks B.D. and great to talk to you! I think we’re good for now, that will be our video!  


B.D.: My pleasure, thank you Jerry! Bye-bye.  


Jerry: Any further questions you can contact me, Jerry Day, at or give me an email at And of course Satic is there in Montana at with their contacts if you have any desire to contact them. They have very knowledgeable people there that can help you there too. I’m here to help you out as the front man, as one of their affiliate representatives and so feel free to get in contact with me. Thank you B.D., I appreciate the time, you’ve been very helpful and I think this will be helpful and useful for people. We’ll probably have a series going here and see you again in the near future I hope!

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