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B.D. Erickson Wants You To Know the Benefits of Clean Electricity

B.D. Erickson II, CEO of Satic Shield goes on the Healthier Tech podcast to talk to R Blank, head of Shield Your Body, and Cathy Cooke who is a well-known Building Biologist to talk about the basics of dirty electricity and how to properly mitigate our environments from the harmful effects of EMF. 

B.D. Erickson II, CEO of Satic Shield goes on the Healthier Tech podcast to talk to R Blank, head of Shield Your Body, and Cathy Cooke who is a well-known Building Biologist to talk about the basics of dirty electricity and how to properly mitigate our environments from the harmful effects of EMF. They talk about the harmful effects that EMFs not only have on our electronic devices that surround us daily, but the extremely harmful effects that EMFs and their subsequent radiation have on the biological and the many signs of these harms that we didn't see before.


R Blank: “So Cathy, you and I have talked about dirty electricity a lot in the three plus years that we’ve known each other, but I don’t think we’ve ever talked about it on this show, certainly not in this depth, I really like the way that B.D. defines dirty electricity, I like the way that he talks about it, I like the way that he talks about the remediation. What do you think?”


Cathy Cooke: “I agree! I was really happy to hear his explanation because I’m usually trying to explain to somebody that you have these harmonics and an altered sinewave and they look at me like what and pretend to understand but they really don’t. So his explanation, I found, was really helpful and I think your audience is really going to like that.”


R: “Excellent, so let’s get into it! He is a seasoned leader in the high-tech business world, with business and science degrees to his name, as well as certifications from Anthony Robbins Mastery University and Leadership Academy. With over two decades of experience in high-pressure leadership roles, he has been recognized for his exceptional ability to build winning teams, create outstanding corporate cultures, and drive company-wide growth. He currently runs the country's leading clean power manufacturing facility and Montana's most proficient solar company. Today, we will explore how technology can be used to promote health and well-being, and learn from experts in the field. Welcome to the Healthier Tech Podcast, B.D.!”


B.D. Erickson II: “Thank you, R! Thank you for having me!”


R: “You know, I’ve heard of SATIC before in part from Cathy and her colleagues, but I did not realize that SATIC, and I don’t know if it’s the same company or just another company that you are affiliated with actual power suppliers, yeah? So it’s all the same? The same entity or you just have a whole bunch of things going on?”


B.D.: “Yeah, so we have three licensed DBA’s, SATIC Inc., SATIC USA, SATIC American Manufacturing and Engineering, but we also have SATIC Solar which is now its own private business and it’s whole own subsidiary of SATIC USA. We’ve just been growing and that looks like several things, engineering and manufacturing products, selling the products and then working with and installing solar.”

R: “So what inspired you to pursue a career in clean renewable energy?”



B.D.: “Well one of the things that’s kind of a misnomer is that electronics aren’t made in the USA. I’m always amazed, I sit on the District Export Council on Montana’s Manufacturing Association, and all the time I see these little non-descript or in-descript buildings and when we enter them to maybe work on helping them with importing or exporting something, these amazing things that are being made around us in our community that I had no idea that business was there and existed or I’ve used that product before and had no idea that was made in my community. I was not an expert, R, in manufacturing of electronics, I simply found a market gap and then, you know, as you dive into business what are the challenges? My goodness you don’t know what you don’t know, and so you think in your mind’s eye well here’s a product that really has a niche in the market and if we can make it someone will buy it. But the monumental leap for designing and engineering a product, getting tooled up, getting all of the components sourced so that you can actually make it, getting safety testing like Underwriter’s Laboratory and UL and things like that, and then getting proof that it works, and when you launch a product especially in this space people say things like ‘maybe that’s not something you should worry about EMF, or that product is too good to be true etc., so even if I can see it working or if someone else can see it working you really need to send it to a lab or you need to hire someone like a building biologist etc. to get separate total third party to conduct their test. So now once you’re tooled up and you actually make something that works and you have proof that it works, now you’ve got to tell the world that you’re there! And Nike can tell everyone to just do it because they’re a billion dollar company! Well, what if you’re not? What if you’re small? And what if you spend all your money engineering and manufacturing? Each of those is a leap, that was a challenge unto itself!”


Cathy: “So B.D., I’m curious from a building biologist standpoint, you know, you’re talking about your focus on clean energy but you mentioned dirty electricity, so what’s the deal with both of these together?”


B.D.: “Yeah! That’s a great question! There’s a big disconnect there and one of the videos that we make and one of the things that we teach is just because it’s green doesn’t mean that it’s clean. Energy can be green and it’s renewable but it’s not clean by our standards. It has magnetic fields, it has inductants, it has interference, like I don’t want to bash solar, I grew up in solar, I have solar on my house, I’m the biggest solar installer in Western Montana, but we for our part never install solar without line filters, absolutely never because we know that we know that we’re creating large amounts of electromagnetic interference and what we consider to be dirty electricity. And it’s been proven to us for our persons and our business beyond any contestation that dirty electricity and EMF are damaging to the biological world that’s bee’s, that’s trees, and that’s us. So the disconnect there I think is that the communication, what are you saying exactly by clean? So is it clean in a renewable standpoint or is it clean in an EMF biologically healthy standpoint? Because they’re very different.”



















limit their independence on the utility company and maybe lower their bill, and for most families it’s a total financial decision, but we know as an engineering firm and as a solar company that the minute we add solar inverters, micro or string inverter, that we’re going to add massive amounts of EMF to this family’s home. So now we’ve got to do a couple of things, one way that we mitigate that is line filters at the panel where we land the inverter and oftentimes actually using physical shielding because maybe the two biggest culprits in the DE world are smart meters, solar inverters and inefficient lighting. Well, these are almost a package deal! Anytime when you go solar and you want a net meter well dang it you have a smart meter now! So maybe the two biggest culprits are the solar inverter and the smart meter, I just hung both of those on the family home! Now when you’re trying to cut watts the next thing you use is the energy efficient lighting. I mean, you hit the one-two-three of dirty electricity right on the head! So what do you do? Do you not go solar? Do we all move to Oregon and compost our hair? That would be awesome! Let’s just be realistic, we live in a technological world! So rather than stick your head under the pillow or in the sand, rather than deny these things to be true, face it head on! We make really good LED’s that create no dirty electricity or EMF, we get rid of the dimmers, we put a live filter on the panel and we put physical shielding called FieldShield near the breaker panel or near the smart meter! We make sure that none of the smart meter RF or radiation can penetrate our family’s home. And then our guarantee is that not only do you have solar but your living environment is safer, your energy is cleaner and renewable, moreso when we leave then when we came, that’s our written and personal guarantee. And as humans we honor and back it up because many of us are in this field because we know someone with EHS! We have someone in our life that has Electrohypersensitivity! That’s how I landed in this! So it’s exceedingly personal. So we genuinely from the heart would not want to leave a home in a worse biological situation then we found it, goes against everything that we are.”




B.D.: “So dirty electricity, one of electricity’s names when we’re talking about amperage is called current, well why is it called that? Well because it moves like water. So let’s say that I’m going to get the assignment that I’m going to now clean up a river, so my assignment is to filter a river, so I go to Montana and I hike clear up to where the snow is melting and where the river really begins its cycle of life, no no I’m not going to filter it there that doesn’t make any sense! It’s clean! It’s literally melted snow! You can drink it! But as I go farther down, dirt is getting into it, it might have microbials in it, the animals might be passing through it and bathing in it, maybe now we have a factory or some kind of pollutant going into the water. Now there’s something in the water to take out so that’s where I’m going to start filtering it once there’s something in it. When the electricity leaves the dam, let’s say these huge machines that create this huge amount, this abundant amount of electricity, how far does it go to get to your house? Well 200 miles let’s say as an example, how many car washes and beauty schools does it go by before it gets to your house? And it gets dirty along the way and in ways that you knew about you just didn’t think about it. When I was a little kid and coming home from school I would watch Carol Burnett, Gilligan’s Island, right? My mom would come in and she would vacuum and it would put lines in the TV, now as a kid I maybe thought that was the antenna but it wasn’t. Now that the clean power was going into my mom’s electrical vacuum and the degraded electricity was coming out and that degraded electricity is now landing on the neutral and the common so it was affecting the TV. My mom didn’t climb behind the TV and plug it in, she plugged it in where she had lots of cord room and some fantastic way the outlet over here was affected by the vacuum over here, well that’s interference, that’s one form of dirty electricity created by that electromagnetic field. We have DC devices, our phone, our laptop, our tablet, they have batteries so they’re DC and so I can’t just plug them in, I need to nineteen dollar adapter that they change all the time, now what does that do? That converts it from alternating current into direct current which is kind of like clapping because it strobes it which distorts it. Things coming on and off when a motor pulls from it, it’s called an inductive load. Why? It induces, it pulls, well these things have an effect on electricity just like pollutants in the water. You get less of the power that’s really useable and more of it is distorted. Also, have you heard your sister’s blow dryer on your radio? Well of course you’ve heard things like this! A lot of times we plug in our EMI meter, we get the radio! So when you have two signals passing closely together and they start to cross-talk, that’s called interference. What’s dirty electricity? It’s electricity now that’s isn’t in a really clean and useable form, it has apparent power, it has distortion, harmonics, and electromagnetic fields that do a couple of things number one it lowers its efficiency that manifests itself in heat, and number two it creates subsequent radiation. That radiation has been proven beyond contestation to be harmful to the biological. So the cleaner your power is by those standards the faster your phone is going to charge and it will charge cool and not hot, the back of your fridge is cool and not as warm, your DVR is cool and warm, your TV picture is clear, your audio sound is crisp, and the biological are more at ease because to people that are EHS, electrohypersensitive, they can describe a room that’s full of dirty electricity or interference as noisy, anxious. I’m not a person that can feel it, and when you remove those things by filtering them or turning them off the words we often hear are calm and quiet. Now as a person who can’t feel it but I certainly understand what those two words mean and so I can appreciate them. So hopefully in kind of a layman’s term when the vacuum messes up the TV or we can hear a blow dryer on your radio, that is a form of dirty electricity.”




into a propeller, then it’s immediately damaging to the biological. If you’re smoking cigarettes, if you’re eating unhealthy, if you’re not getting fresh air, or even working in a coal mine, that’s not as immediately pressing, that’s something that’s cumulative and takes a long time. Well you can see a cheeseburger and you can smell cigarettes, again, this is something more like radon gas that you can’t see, touch or smell but has been proven to be damaging. And so the first couple things is A they’re real and measurable, and B they’re damaging. How damaging? Well a couple things about that, one person I was watching TV one night and I don’t watch a lot of television, but there was a commercial for a lawsuit and someone got emphysema from secondhand smoking, well we all know people that can smoke two packs a day and die at 100, why?! It effects different biology differently. We’ve all agreed it’s harmful but it doesn’t affect everyone the same way. It’s also cumulative. Are you smoking one cigarette one time in college, I think you’re okay, or are you smoking three packs a day? So now we need someone like a building biologist here who comes in and says okay let’s see what you’re living in. Let’s see if you’re eating one cheeseburger a week or four a day, let’s see if you’re smoking one cigarette a day or four packs a day. And so the next part of that, I’m sorry to be long-winded, is that people maybe want to say you’re trading in fear or dealing in fear, you’re trying to make money off of scaring people, and that one really hurts because if your person or your individual body or someone that you love or care about like your child is being hurt by this, it’s exceedingly real. And so when someone says it’s not real it’s insulting at the highest level and who wants to go on YouTube and have a discussion where you’re marginalized, where you’re told that you’re some kind of liar, it’s very challenging, it’s a very hard thing, and one of the things that I love about a lot of brave humans is that they’re willing to stand in the hail and speak and own their truth even if it’s an uncomfortable message. And so that is something that we’ve had to do too is just stand in the hail and being able to speak and own our truth while some of the biggest corporations in the world make a lot of money from you being connected and are necessarily trying to hear a message of you being disconnected.”


Cathy: “So, B.D., you know as a building biologist I’m using or coming into contact with a lot of different companies that filter, a lot of different brands, capacitive filters and line filters etc. etc., what is the difference between the SATIC filters and other companies, or other brands?”


B.D.: “So that’s a great question. So Sam Milham’s book was one that changed my life. Dr. Graham affected my life. I’ve tested the Stetzer filters and the Greenwave filters, Gene at Greenwave is a personal friend, I want everyone to know that while I say my products are superior, I’m humble enough to know that I’m standing on these men’s shoulders, Cathy, you know the work that Graham-Stetzer did with dairy cows really showing that these really have a measurable effect on the biological world, the studies they did on indoor grows and strawberries proving beyond any intelligent conversation that the biological world is affected by that. These products are fine, they’re about 20 or 30 microfarad, X-2 series capacitor in line with the phase and the neutral, and they will remove a lot of harmonic distortion. The issue is is that we started our company in 2008 and those products were old when we started our company. And I’ve talked to both of those companies several times and I love them and I love the men and I love and respect them, and again, I’m standing on their shoulders, Cathy, I’m where I am today because of the years in our industry, they just haven’t updated the product line. When we’re talking about alternating current we’re talking about two waves that we need in-phase it’s a voltage wave and an amperage wave and a capacitor works on what? The amperage wave. Well, what about the voltage wave? They have no filter on the other wave completely. Number one that have one component set, that was one component, well what happens when that one goes bad? Well you’re at none, they’re made in China. Well we don’t make things in China we make things in the USA. Let’s say you bought a million of one thing in China, what are the chances that one or two of them are bad? It would be impossible or highly improbable that they wouldn’t be. Also with the capacitor building to a certain level and it’s releasing, it’s like a battery. It’s kind of like when you have a leaky faucet and the droplet has to get enough weight and get big enough with volume that gravity pulls it and it overcomes the surface tension and holding it till it drops, that’s how a capacitor works. It builds this charge until it’s heavy enough to pass through that permeable barrier. The drop has to get big enough to go. So in my mind’s eye, just being an average of intelligence human being, saying if I have one unit it’s going to do that and it’s going to release multiple smaller units, many times the same series, but lots of little ones, why? They’re not going to fill a discharge at the same time. So rather than boom, boom, boom, you’re going to smooth that out even more. Next if you’ve got multiple of something and one does go bad, if one does fail, if one came over not manufactured the best, you’re still at seven. You’re still at 94-95% efficiency. That’s why we can give our stuff a 10-year warranty because number one we use products that self-heal, truly so, and we use so many that if one or two was manufactured poorly from the manufacturer that we got them, if one or two of them don’t have life even as 10 years you’re not at none, if you’re at eight and you lose one you’re at 96% efficiency. So couple things, number one we have lots more components, we use components of different sizes and different manufacturing types and they do different things and we address both waves, the voltage and the amperage wave. The last part of that is when you add too much capacitive reactants, you’re going to affect power factor negatively in that you’re leading voltage. Some people believe that improving power factor will lower your utility bill, the way most utility companies bill it should have no effect on it because they don’t bill for reactive power, but you want your power factor to be 95-100 lagging, you don’t want it leading! Inductives will make those two waves, the second wave will start to lag and your capacitor is leading, what does that mean? It’s bad for your stuff! Your lightbulbs aren’t going to last as long, and now they’re in landfill don’t get me started on that, your phone is charging slow and hot, your power bill is up, there’s some things that it does. When we’re talking about filtering, Cathy, I tell people a lot if I’m smoking is it better to put a really good cotton filter on the end of that thing or quit smoking? So buying filters is not the end-all-be-all, stopping smoking and getting rid of the common culprits is the best thing for your health. When you can’t get rid of the culprits or you need some of the culprits, that’s when we add filtering. And less is more. When you’re seeing the packages from some of these companies of 20 or 30 filters, we don’t want you to have more than a couple! They actually create their own electromagnetic field! Anything that has a charged capacitor you’re also going to create its own field, don’t deny it! Be open to all of it and use your eyes and your ears and your powers of perception. To, number one, turn it off! Get away from it, remove it, address the culprits first and use as little filtering as possible. And even though that goes against me selling more stuff, that’s the way you’re supposed to do it! That’s the way you address it! Also rather than using one, lots of really big components in several places and put a lot more components on a very small circuit board, our products on the inside look a lot different than their products so that you can get more little guys and get one or two units and not use as many. Sorry that was long-winded.”



















the panel, and what we do is that we stage a lot of components in that panel. Why? Because we know that it’s going to create an electromagnetic field! It’s a charged electronic, it’s a capacitor bank, it’s a harmonic rectifier, it’s stored in chunks, it’s all of those things. Let’s place them, number one, in one spot! Let’s not scatter them through the house because some people are going to be affected and sensitive to that. So don’t put them all over the house, put them at the panel! Why the panel? Because there’s already a huge field there! It’s already there, it’s the 200 amp panel where everything is already being distributed from! They’re not going to put their pillow on that anyways! So number one, recognize that they will create a field that might negatively affect some people, address it, and then put it where there already is one! So with our units by the panel, we’re not really increasing anything, we tell people to get away from that dumb thing anyway, that’s all a part of the gig.”


Cathy: “Yeah and I agree with you too, I do not typically recommend that people spot filter throughout the home unless there is an extreme circumstance or they have a device that has to filtered or something, but I agree with you I’m always recommending that these filters get put in at the panel. And one last follow-up question, and again I don’t want to overwhelm the audience here, but what I’m finding is when these sensitive populations are reacting it’s usually because some of our filters will increase the dirty electricity down to like two kilohertz and below, and I don’t know if you’ve done any testing on that or not or what you’ve seen in that area.”


B.D.: “Yes you are correct and I agree with everything that you’re saying so far, we’re in harmony in that you use a line filter when you can, wire it in at the panel, but then use the plug-in units sometimes you have to sparingly in what we call hot spots. And so what you were saying is that there’s a unique spot, yeah sometimes you just have a hot spot, what’s a hot spot? Wiring errors create hot spots, and I’ll talk about that in a minute because filters exacerbate those. Or hey that’s right where your neighbor’s smart meter is pointing at your house, well where do waves land? They land on antennas. Every car had an antenna for 30 years and now it looks like a shark fin, right? Well what’s your wiring? Um, half a mile of high-quality copper, it’s a super antenna! So you might have hot spots because that’s where your neighbor’s smart meter is point or that’s where the LTE tower is pointing or 4G tower or god forbid the 5G tower, and so at some points sometimes you have to hot spot those and you have to address with the plug-in filter that is at that spot. However, if there is like a bonded or a reserved ground or neutral, unfortunately most filters, including ours, will make it worse. It will exacerbate it because it’s changing the natural functionality of the mechanism and the mechanism wants to filter it on the hot leg on the phase coming in and put that clean power back on the neutral which is going to return that, if that’s bonded to ground there at that outlet it can’t do its job and so you can actually exacerbate it. So one of the things that we like to include with our kit is just an outlet tester, they’re 19 dollars, it’s an outlet tester to make sure that, you know, your number might be, on a Stetzer meter, might be at seven or eight hundred and you’re really freaking out and you find out that that outlet is just wired wrong, you pull the cover off and you point your pen light in there and the ground and the neutral are reserved and you get an electrician for 40 dollars to change that, and now you don’t even need to filter because that was it. But then if you plug a filter in, I guess I’m being long-winded, if you plug a filter into that one, Cathy, you’re going to make it worse and you’re not going to know why! The average person who bought some plug-in units off of the internet, they’re not going to know why.”


















deduce where it goes, is it working and do I need an expert to do that? When you’re asking some of the entry superior and they’re asking what makes our products better, well, I know our products are better but what sets our company apart is our personal help because the average person needs a level of professional help.Ideally, yeah you’ve got Cathy in there because she’s jedi and she knows what she’s doing but not everyone can have that, we have people on the phone all day every day, and it’s not a call center, it’s my team! It’s my dad, it’s Val, it’s my son, my son suffered EHS his whole adult, we have people that will hear you personally, hear your story, understand it at a level that you probably never truly been heard before because we have 100,000 of our wire-in units installed, 100,000! We have thousands of people that call here, they have to tell their story, it’s somewhat unique to them, now we have to troubleshoot it. So the nice thing about our product, another thing is get our meter and a couple of plug-in units and you can initially find out what your levels are, find your hotspots, our kit comes with the things that we talked about, it comes with an outlet tester, it comes with a guide that shows you how the outlet could be wired wrong and how to identify it and how to change it. And a lot of people can do that themselves very easily, we don’t suggest that, but you could do it! You can certainly see it! Next you could take your clipboard and look at my lighting, my outlets, my culprits, all of these things and really deduce and really, 9 out of 10 people if they’ll buy the kit, they’ll follow the instructions, will get all of their numbers under 40. But there’s nine out of 10 that leaves a lot of people that say hey this outlet actually got a lot worse, hey this one thing didn’t go down at all and so they call and when they call you don’t someone Bengladesh, we love them, but you get someone in Missoula Montana that goes okay, are you seeing this? You are? Okay, here’s what it is. Oh you’re seeing this? Okay great and then walks them through it. And with our products, not only is satisfaction guaranteed, we don’t give you a three-day rite of recession, we give you 60 full days of getting the products, unpackaging it, playing the game, plugging the stuff in, finding out, and then sleeping in the new environment. And see if there’s a difference for you, and with that is unlimited calls to our tech team to make sure you get your numbers where you want them, and between the products and our tech team, you either get them where you want or it’s 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. You can’t lose! And in most cases, it’s pretty simple and I’m winding it up here, without some professional help it would’ve been pretty darn hard realistically to figure it out all on your onesie.”





B.D.: “Yeah, no, okay, he asked me for nothing but in my humble opinion when you’re out there swimming upstream, the more people that love you up and the more people that cheer you on, the more people that throw their shoulder behind your wheel, allow you and encourage you to raise your voice, and I love what you do, we’re kindred spirits, we love your website, but we love you and we appreciate you.”


R: “Yeah, we will put that code in the show notes and on the website. B.D., again, this has just been a wonderful conversation, talking about dirty electricity is sometimes not the most fun topic to get in to so I appreciate how you’ve addressed this today. Thank you so much for making time to come on the Healthier Tech podcast!”


B.D.: “You have a great show, thank you!”

B.D: “It’s interesting how life takes you where your journey, where your path leads as you follow your feet. Growing up in Western Montana, my family actually manufactured solar panels, so growing up not only did my family’s home have solar but they were panels made by my family’s facility. They did not make PV, they did not make electricity, they just made warm air, but they were exceedingly efficient. Later on in life I ended up in tech, green, renewable manufacturing in Hawaii and the Middle East, but upon moving to Montana I became very aware of EMF and electromagnetic fields and dirty electricity and how electricity, which I knew was damaging to electronics, I became aware of how it was damaging to the biological. And so personal interest and personal pursuit are really what has led me down this path, more than college or desire to be in a field or make money.” 

R:" So given the highly technical nature of your work and the clean energy sector in general, what are some of the biggest challenges you face in building your business and leading your team?" 

Cathy: “I just want to follow up on that real quick! So you’re installing filtration for the solar panel and I’m curious to, you know, I mean I don’t want to get too nerdy here for our audience, but what kind of results are you seeing, I mean I want to talk about specific frequencies but, what kind of result you’re getting from your solar with the filtration like a before and after if you have that.”


B.D.: “Yeah that’s a great question! So we use the standard meters that everybody does, like we walk in with our TriField, we walk in with our Greenwave meter, with our Stetzer meter, and you know SATIC makes its own EMI meter and we want really good readings before so that we get a baseline on what the utility is delivering and what it’s making because we know, as much as we want to complain about DE, that most of us are making it, right? We’ve got all of these DC powered devices, we’ve got a microwave oven maybe, CFL or LED lighting, dimmer switches, hey we’re making it. So one of the projects really is to inform the family on the causes of DE, where it comes from and how you can mitigate it at no cost because the best way to do it is either turn things off or use them thoughtfully, that’s the first process. Then of course we want to get them get renewable, we would like to help then go solar and maybe

R: “So you’ve mentioned a few times now dirty electricity, and for those who are members of my Shield Your Body community you’ll have heard about it from Cathy, but I don’t think that we’ve ever covered it on the podcast itself so can you, as layman speak as possible, define for our listeners what dirty electricity is?”


B.D.: “Sure, of course! And I’m going to rant for a second, I love your website! I’ve seen your stuff and I’ve actually been a fan because I feel that we’re kindred spirits, I really do, and I’ve navigated your website, I’ve seen your stuff pop up and I’ve always told my team that whoever this person is I love them because they resonate on the same frequency I do, I believe they are drawn from the quantum field, I really do, I’m corny, that when people resonate at a similar frequency the universe fantastically lines you up. So I’m a fan of yours and I’m truly honored to be on the show! I appreciate it.”

R: “Oh shucks, thank you very much! Flattery will get you anywhere!”

R: “So that was one of the best definitions of, I mean layman’s definitions of dirty electricity I’ve ever heard, and I want to get back to your products but before we do I wanted to ask, you know, because you’ve picked a career obviously and we touched on this a little earlier but you’ve picked a career, and I know this from personal experience where we’re talking about things that are difficult for people to visualize or understand then even when they do understand it it would be easy for them to not care or to think that they don’t have to care, how have you approached, because you seem very skilled in talking about this stuff, how have approached these challenges?”

B.D.: "You're exactly correct. We're poo-pooed many times in our genre or in our field by a couple things, number one this is a problem I can't see, touch, smell or taste, and as humans we really want physical evidence, we do. It's also something that's not so harming that we immediately notice it, what does that mean? If you step in front of a bus, that is immediately damaging to the biological. If you back 

Cathy: “Cool. No that’s great, and so do you find, you know in my work with really sensitive people the best of intentions with devices and shielding and all of the things we use can cause reactions in this population, do you get any feedback that people are reacting negatively to your filters?”


B.D.: “Of course. So, you know, I think some people think that you need to tell them yes all the time or tell them what they need to hear all the time, that’s not true, people can take it, people can be tough. It sounds disingenuous but here’s something initially that a lot of people go through, so let’s say that they’re living in a very high EMF toxicity overexposure lifestyle via their life, when you filter and really reduce that they usually have a really hard first couple days and nights, it’s not comfortable. A lot of times it's not just instant ease they can feel the shift but they almost have to have a detox, Cathy, sometimes there's a day or two where they have to adjust now to this new environment, and I think that would happen with any product if they do a good job, so that part of it is just a new environment. But also, some people will also become sensitive to the device itself! And so the placement of the device is very important, so the 95% of our products wire in at

R: “Yeah, I think this back-and-forth that you and Cathy are having now sort of answers my next question but I’m wondering what your thoughts are because it’s my experience and, you know, I don’t make or sell products like yours but people are often contacting Shield Your Body asking about dirty electricity, and my understanding is that it can be very challenging to remediate dirty electricity without the assistance of an expert like your consulting team or like Cathy, can regular consumers, or do you recommend regular consumers purchase these things and try to install them themselves or what’s the role of an expert in this equation here?”


B.D.: “So you’re a good interviewer because you just found where the muscle meets the meat, where the rubber meets the road, you really did. Okay, so dirty electricity is real, it’s measurable, it’s bad for us, we all agree with that, you can filter it we can all agree with that, now next we want to do it right and nobody wants to spend more money than they need to, we’re all on a budget right now, every single one of us and you don’t want to spend your money unwisely, how do I

R: “Yeah, well B.D. it’s been a real pleasure chatting with you, just getting to know you and hearing the way that you talk about these issues and then doing a little bit of a deeper dive into SATIC and what makes you guys special, where is it that you would like our listeners to connect with you?”


B.D.: “Satic Shield is our website, that’s S-A-T-I-C, Shield, regular spelling, dot com. And what we would really love to do a promotion for you guys, you know, we love your website, SYB, we would love to give a promo code, anybody that would buy from our store at SaticShield, if they put in the promo code ‘SYB’, they will receive three things number one they will receive free shipping on the whole order, they’ll receive 15% discount on the whole order, and they’ll get unlimited tech support with our team one-on-one to hear their story, to help them use what they’ve got, and then we will make a small donation to your website if someone buys..”

R: "Yeah, no, I appreciate that, but I just wanted to jump in here and just want everyone to know that we won't earn anything from this." 

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