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Leadership in Clean Energy

4x best-selling author and keynote speaker Allison Liddle consults CEO B.D. Erickson II about the importance of being a leader, the importance of clean energy, and valuing others.
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Allison Liddle is an experienced keynote speaker, corporate trainer and executive coach who brings energy, enthusiasm, and motivation to audiences large and small. She has written 4 best selling books which include: Life Under Construction: Designing a Life You Love, The Art of Imperfect Action: All Success Comes From Daring to Begin, Keep Going: How to Create a Champion Mindset and Reset Your Life in 30 Days: A Detox Guide For Your Mind, Body & SpiritAllison's companies have won national industry awards and trained leaders in the Top 10 of the Fortune 500, she's spoken to leaders in 70+ countries. Allison has shared the stage with John Maxwell and is a professor for Chalene Johnson's Marketing Impact Academy. She is passionate about helping high achievers launch to the next level in their lives personally and professionally. 

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Allison Liddle welcomed CEO B.D. Erickson II on LAUNCH with Allison Liddle Podcast, Episode 113: "Engineering Clean Energy with B.D. Erickson II". Over the course of the episode, B.D. shares his leadership development process and personal experiences at the Tony Robbin's Leadership Academy. He then shares his leadership philosophy and how he was able to inspire a high level of commitment from his entire organization. The leadership principles discussed in this interview will benefit corporations of any size who are looking to bridge the gap between leadership and production. 


Allison Liddle: “Welcome to the LAUNCH podcast. I’m Allison Liddle. Today’s episode is called ‘Engineering Clean Energy with B.D. Erickson II’. B.D. is passionate about the health and privacy risks associated with today’s wireless technology, smart meters and the dirty electricity they cause. He served in Anthony Robbin’s Leadership Academy for over a decade and is currently running the country’s leading clean power manufacturing facility and Montana’s most proficient solar company. He is a great public speaker who enjoys inspiring and educating with energetic presentations. Hello B.D. and welcome to the LAUNCH podcast!”


B.D. Erickson: “Hello! Thank you for having me!”


Allison: “Absolutely! So can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?”


B.D.: “Yeah! I’m from a small town in Western Montana, I grew up and my family manufactured solar panels, so that put me in a couple of sectors, that put me in the green renewable energy sector and it also taught me about being and being in charge of a group of individuals who also have their own lives outside the workplace. One of the things that my father’s job was was setting up dealerships, so we would travel to these different cities, meet this brave entrepreneur and help them set up the business that was very foreign to most people, solar panels in the 70s and 80s, it was not as familiar as it is today, and then watch what made that entrepreneur successful. Was it the market? Sometime. Was it marketing? Sometimes. Was it his ability to lead his crew? Usually. So I got to, that was a great opportunity. It was hard for me as a kid, I went to 11 schools in 12 years, that’s challenging. You know, you love to find your tribe, do you fit in? Are you an athlete? Are you scholastic? Do you play an instrument? You get to fit in somewhere, I never got to, I don’t have a yearbook, I never had an opportunity in that 12 years to really be a part of a group, particularly that’s was hard. It’s the hardest when you go into lunch because when you go into the lunchroom and you get your tray everybody has their pals and their place to sit and you don’t have that. So navigating that was very challenging at the time. I know now that that served me as an adult because I can walk into an uncomfortable situation, manage my physiology and my state, put on a big smile, and be willing to meet new people, and what I found is even if you don’t fit, or even if they’ve already got their friends or their things, people want to be pals. They want to engage, for the most part people don’t want to judge you harshly, they’re hoping you’re not doing the same to them, they want to be friends. And so as soon as you smile big and engage them and let them know you want to be their pal and introduce yourself, you watch their forcefield drop, their smile comes out and a new friendship is born. So something that has served me, I guess, however painful at the time for a lifetime. I was in the music business as a youth, I had some big name rock-and-roll acts signed to our production company, and after planning a three day 30 band rock and roll music festival, it rained. It started raining on Thursday and no one wants to put their tent in the car and drive to a rainy venue and pitch their tent in the rain and listen to music in the rain. I mean sure, a few of them did, God bless them, but that rained out our show, and so we were in a lot of trouble because we owed a lot of money to Pizza Hut, Mountain Dew, to the security company and the fencing company and the bands, and we had no checkbook to draw from because all of our money came from the gate. This was very hard on me at the time, I just found out that my girl and I were pregnant, neither of us were ready for that, and she was a beautiful lovely girl, fabulous fabulous girl, she and I were just not prepared for that. So a couple of these things had stacked on me, I didn’t know my place in the universe, I was feeling very distraught and suicidal, you know, those feelings that you suffer, and yes looking back at it now I know it was silly, but when you’re 20 things aren’t silly they’re very real. Then, my dad kidnapped me, scooped me up and then dad drove me about three hours to Spokane, Washington to a Tony Robbins seminar, and my dad was like oh my goodness, kill yourself? You’re so silly! I love you and that’s not your destiny and that’s not your future, let’s go do this. And so we got there, and when I say kidnapped, they tricked me! My girl and my dad tricked me and got me in the car, and Tony Robbins wasn’t there, it wasn’t this big beautiful Tony Robbins seminar, it was at a chiropractor’s office and Tony Robbins was on the wall, right? But we did the exercises and I played full out and that stuff resonates with me, like I broke the board of limiting beliefs and that changed my life forever, so when I say that, I don’t say that haphazardly and half-hearted, it absolutely changed my life forever. So one of the things that my wife had said when I got back, and she’s my all time favorite person and the person that I most wanted to impress, the person I most wanted to see the most value in me, tell me I’m a stud, that’s who you want to hear it from! You want to hear it from your person. So she said that I’ve stuck with your dumb ass because I saw someone in you, I saw that there was a man in there, and you kept him hidden for whatever reason, you’ve kept yourself from allowing to be him, and the man that you’ve been and the way you have behaved since this last week you’ve been home, there’s even more in you then I saw. And she said that a little differently, but I’ll tell you that I’ll never forget it in the journey of my life, it’s the single most important compliment in the journey of my life, it surpasses all others. And so I knew that journey was for me. So we didn’t have the money for me to go to Tony Robbins, you know, UPW or Masters University, it’s all very expensive, and she just said ‘you know, we’ll sort it, we’ll find a way’, and so I was blessed to go to Tony Robbins Mastery University to get my degree and then I went to Tony Robbins Leadership Academy, and my team at Leadership Academy, we won, I don’t even know how it all happened it was just very surreal. Then I became a crew member and a leadership person, then I spent a decade traveling around the world with the crew with Tony Robbins doing that thing, and then I got an opportunity to be a team leadership building speaker all over the world. I have been around the world three times with the opportunity to coach leadership and teambuilding, but that’s past, I’m older now, you can only live on an airplane for so long. The last year, I slept in my own bed 65 nights, I was on the road for 300 days and so that passed me, but I got two things out of that that I will keep forever, number one is I learned those skillsets that as an employer at a tech manufacturing firm, we have 21 or 22 W-2’s right now, I get to use those skillsets as a dad, as a son, as a friend, as an employer, as a speaker every single day and I made an incredible peer group. I met people of every shape, color, size, ethnicity, nation that I get to call my friends and we are connected at a very deep level. So those are two blessings that I keep and hold tight.

Allison: “That’s amazing! What a journey, right? And here you are today just continuing to launch to that next level. And it’s amazing to hear people’s stories, that’s why I love to do the podcast because you just never know, you just never know what people have gone through, and the reason why I started with podcast was really to tell the story of how people got through the hard stuff, the obstacles, the challenges that, you know, when life throws you something you need to navigate it, what does it look like? And I think your growth has really led you to now running one of the country’s leading clean energy companies, manufacturing facilities. So tell us a little bit about the company, what do you do and how you help serve your clients.”

B.D.: "Okay, so I am a serial entrepreneur, this is my third start-up, all three have made a million dollars in the first run, right? It's funny how you end up on your life path, right? You make these decisions in the moment, you 

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know, who will my friends be in high school, which group I’ll hang with, who will I choose to marry? Shall I purse in college or in work? And how do you arrive at those things? It is oftentimes, okay so I’m gonna say never, I’m careful when I say ‘always’ or ‘never’, I would venture to say it’s never a straight path. It’s this winding path of decisions that you make and the decisions that you make ultimately shape your destination or your destiny, right? So my wife got a full-ride to get her grad degree in Geology on the big island of Hawaii because she was a geologist and Manalo and Montokaya were erupting. It’s a once in a lifetime things and I believe at the time the big island of Hawaii was growing by 56 acres a year. It was the newest earth on the planet, right? And I was like ‘are you nuts we’re not moving to Hawaii! We’re from Montana, we’re cowboys, we’re so not moving to Hawaii.’ And she’s like ‘Montokaya is erupting and it’s flowing and they’re going to give me a full-ride’. So, you know, a couple sleepless nights and then you think, you know, somebody saying I’m going to change my life, they don’t unfortunately, potentially use most times, or I’m going to live my dream and oftentimes they don’t. I just thought how often does somebody get to live their dream? Of course we’re going, alright, of course we’re going! So you pack all your stuff into a mass container and you ship it to Hawaii and you do that. There was not a lot for me to do there, But, after her graduation ceremony, she was killed in an auto accident by a drunk driver…”


Allison: “Oh my gosh..”


B.D.: “Right? So right as we’re ready to start, there’s no start…”


Allison: “Ugh, I’m so sorry that’s horrible.”


B.D.: “So, it’s me and my son, it’s me and little guy now. So after eight months maybe, in a total trance, I’m like ‘what do you want to do?’ and he’s like ‘let’s get out of here,’ and I’m like ‘let’s get out of here!’ He said ‘everything reminds me of my mom, everything reminds me of mom!’ So we came back to Montana where we could be closer to everybody, and I had to start a business. Well what I had been doing in Hawaii since we didn’t have a big customer base there, I would sell a very expensive high-tech lighting system, lightbulbs and lights to the Middle East. We sold them in the Middle East because electricity is expensive so it made sense to sell this high-efficiency lightbulb. In the US, electricity is cheap, people don’t care, and people told me there’s no market really in the US, people go into Walmart or Walgreens, they grab the cheapest light bulb possible, that’s not really an item that they shop for, they simply grab to replace, maybe a color or a brightness that they like, that’s the limit to their shopping, there’s no market for it. I said I believe that there is a market for people that want something better. With the limited market, I think it might be high-end, I can do it. Okay, so anyway, he and I buy a house kind of in a haste, it fits our needs, and short time into living there, he and I are on the deck and we realize that the biggest power lines in Missoula, Montana go right through our backyard. And, Allison, my son and I look at each other like ‘did you see those?’, and he’s like ‘I didn’t see those’, so we giggled it away. Now, there’s something in your being, nobody has to tell you this, do you want your house under power lines? No, you don’t, right? Let me ask you this, Allison, do you want the cell tower on the roof of your house? No, you don’t! There is something inside of us that says that those things are bad, right? Well, we lived there for a year, and his first year it’s regular guy, straight-A’s which is all he had gotten, perfect attendance, he had perfect attendance the last two years in Hawaii, and the following year he does not have perfect attendance. He’s sickly, his grades are dropping, he’s not him, he’s restless, he’s anxious, and so I think it’s me, you know, that I’m not delivering for him. He’s missing mom, she was the best mom ever, and it’s me and I’m not the best dad ever and I’m failing my guy. That hurts, I mean you want some restless nights and cry some soggy tears that’s it, right? So I begin to Google, I begin to be my own doctor and that’s something we do nowadays, like ah my elbow hurts what do you do? You Google it! So this is pretty early in all that but I start looking at his symptoms, and his symptoms, one two three down the line are EHS, Electrohypersensitivity. My son was ultra-sensitive to the pollution, the e-pollution if you will, that comes from an electrified world. So we’re living in the same house and I’m not as susceptible to this form of pollution, he is. Within another year, and I’m starting to deduce all of this, it doesn’t happen overnight, anxiety, crushing anxiety, fearful sometimes to even leave his room, this guy is like his dad he’s a gregarious, funny, loving, out-going, he was student of the month for holding the door for some of the handicapped and special needs kids because that’s just his personality, right? I think he walked on fire 15-feet for the first time when he was 12! You know, this is my guy and he’s suffering that. So, I began down this journey of electric pollution. Is it real? Are you wearing a foil hat? Psycho-soma. Some things are and that’s real, there are some things that you think about, you can manifest in illness if you believe them to be true for you, right? So you think about those things and I realized that the grass is dead all the way under the power lines either side. Well, I’ve got a science degree, well maybe the trucks that put the lines up crushed it down, maybe gas or something was spilling out of the truck, maybe it wasn’t the electricity. So then I started investigating is the grass under power lines equal bushier or bushiless, Allison, and I was able to prove definitively that it’s bushiless, if not dead completely. So you have to be careful what you say what’s good for people and what’s bad for people because the FDA and all that so I’m very careful not to say, I love my career path and I don’t want to get in trouble, but you can talk about cows. It has been well documented Marigold, Dairygold, I mean, there’s big money in dairy, right? We’re talking about cheese, butter, milk, ice cream, ice cream is delicious, yogurt, and they’ve well documented that the quality, size, production, amount of dairy cow’s milk is in fact affected by dirty electricity. Grows, greenhouses, strawberries, ganja, you name it, plants grow towards the light, the water, the nutrition, right? They’re biological, they’re alive, right? And they grow away from dirty electricity. So without something that will get me in trouble, for my person it is beyond contestation that this form of pollution is detrimental to the biological. So I know that I’m not grass, I’m not a cow, but I am biological and I’m incredibly complex and I’m very sensitive, so these things do have an effect. So, looping around here for a minute, forgive me for just ranting on you, what made our lightbulb great was its very efficient conversion of watts, which is the electricity that you buy, into lights, into lumens, and a very small portion of it was wasted as heat or distortion, and these things now are, distortion and heat, are what cause dirty electricity. So now I had to use my leadership skills because now I’m wearing a foil hat and people are like ‘boy I love you but I don’t know if that’s the path you want to go down.’ And so I built an all-star cast of engineers, I have PhD mathematician, I have a PhD physicist, I have a PhD engineer from MIT, and then I had to get buy-in, right?, and get everyone working together and lead them on a path and invent something that for the most part didn’t exist in a sector that is pseudo-science. And now we are the leaders in the field and 85,000 wired in installed customers and tens of millions of dollars later, we get to serve and play a bigger game.”






















top one of two tips, what would say right now? I understand that they’re coming out of the pandemic, many of them have been in survival mode, they have probably dealt with pivoting their business or their organization in ways they thought would never happen, what would you say to them What would that message be?”


B.D.: “So business school teaches you it’s your money, are you over-capitalized? What’s your market? Know your demographic and your ability to reach them, and what’s the timing? I would say ‘Ehhh..’ to that. I think instead it’s the ability to get great buy-in from your team, to get everyone focused on the same goal, the same picture, the same vision, I’m gonna get real corny on you, Allison, I’m gonna start drawing that from the quantum field because the law of attraction is absolutely real, we manifest it every single day, so one of the first things we do is that we get our vision boards out and we draw it. What does it look like? What does it smell like? What does it taste like? What does it feel like when we finally get there? How are we going to feel when we’re finally there and we’re experiencing it? What can each of us do that we’re good at and that we enjoy and that has value and can get us closer to the goal? I tell everybody nearly every day ‘ I know you could be a lot of different places, thank you so much for being here and for helping me’, number one I can’t do it alone, number two I don’t want to do it alone. If it happens for me it will happen for you. And as company revenues grow, we give raises approximately every six months, every human here gets a raise, we do stock options, I’m always very careful to communicate to them that people want to come in and buy our corporation and do things and how it would affect them and I let them know that I will never make a decision for me, I will always make a decision for us, and that whatever happens for me will happen for them, but in a way that we all decide together. And then people will say well how do you find these great people? How do you recruit and headhunt these people? And oftentimes I find people that want to believe and want to share, contribute and add value. We’ve all said it but we forget it, it’s not about the money, you have to have some, man you want to be loved, you want to be heard, you want to matter, you want your input to count, you want your work to count, make sure they know it counts! And sometimes we get into our own head and yeah I really love you and I really appreciate you, do you tell them? Man, do you high-five them? Do you hug them and look them in the eyes and tell them? And a lot of times people say ‘how do you identify this great person?’ I don’t! It’s in there! I help drag it out. I don’t identify it, it’s in everyone, man! It’s in there! You have to drag it out so you have to find out are they auditory, visual or kinestitic? What are their needs? Have you sat down with them and really asked them what their needs are? Most leaders don’t. I do all the time! In fact we sit down every year and say have your needs changed? I mean if somebody says ‘you know what boss, I need to go live on an island. It’s been on my list I’ve gotta do it’ and I say alright, how do we get you there? Are you talking about tomorrow? Six months? A year? What are we looking at? Let’s get you there. You know, I really need to learn how to play the ukulele, okay alright, can you do that here? Do you need to go? What do you need to happen? So that everybody feels safe, and then during it, is there something here that you hate? Is there something here that you love? Is there a feeling that you need to experience that I’m missing? Because by golly, if you need a feeling, if it’s within my power or the team’s power to help you experience that feeling, we’re going to help you experience it. And one of the things about leadership too that people think leadership is out in front, no it’s not! You go first the first time to show them that it doesn’t kill them, that you don’t fall into a pit of fire and the tigers don’t tear you asunder, you go first a couple of times, then you say ‘okay you saw me do it, it doesn’t kill us, now you’ve gotta go and it’s gotta be you.’ And then I’ll tell you, Allison, you get to see what God made, you get to see that beautiful little spark inside of them that you’d never got to see if you hadn’t pushed them and allowed to go. And then some people really like that role, it’s not for everybody, but some people like that role, and if they do like that role then you say okay drag others along with you but don’t forget, once you show them it doesn’t kill them, it’s not about you and you have to push them. So one of my sayings, we all have a quote or two, one of mine is ‘Don’t pass the torch, light more torches’.


Allison: “Hmmmmmm, that’s beautiful! I love that! And I love how you have the perspective of leadership of really number one valuing the people around you and seeing their strengths and amplifying their strengths, and then also being a leader who is not afraid to go and be a part of the team. It sounds like you’re one of those people who are very hands on and wants to be working with your people. A lot of times when we look at corporations, there’s a division between their leadership team and the teams that are doing “the work” right? And I think that division causes a separation, and so what would you say to a large corporation that has this leadership team or this executive team and then has people that are out doing the work that are out on the field, how would you say to bridge that gap?”


B.D.: “Number one if you hold that space they’re afraid of you, they’re uncertain of you, they cringe, whether you see it or not, they cringe because they are not sure about their relationship with you. If we’re on a job site and we’re installing solar and that’s not my main role. Is my main role digging holes? No, but I do them sometimes, and I like to be out there with the guys. And when I’m out there and, you know, we’re humping panels up onto a roof, I’m not the boss, the lead installer is the boss and he gets to bark at me and he gets to boss me around just like everyone else. You know why? That’s his job, that’s his career path, he’s friggin great at it, that’s why he’s the lead installer for the number one solar company in the state of Montana. Is that a place where I need to have my big nose in it? No! And then I’m telling you when other people see you humping the panel up the ladder, it changes them, and then, you know, you hear the other side of it, ‘well, familiarity breeds contempt’. I think that’s misused and in a different place, people love to see you not being afraid to get dirty, people love to see you working alongside them and not thinking that you’re better than them, and people love to see you vulnerable. Every CEO needs to read a book by Brene Brown tomorrow, right? Tomorrow! ‘Daring Greatly’ or one of those about how, and one of the reasons I love Brene Brown’s work because I like a book that has a story, is well narrated and has a lesson. That’s how I get down, and you know I devour a book or two a month of Audible. And one of the things on her style is that she owns her vulnerability, she doesn’t try to be perfect but is also brilliant. And I think that is just what makes you fall in love with people and that’s a leader you’ll go anywhere with, and if you have a leader where they think they are above you, and doesn’t care about you, you’re going to follow them that far. That’s great Simon Sinek right there, right? Where if your leader loves you, cares about you, is worried about you, and if a real leader says ‘man this is dangerous’, I’ll tell you what, a poor leader says ‘this is dangerous, you go do it’, a leader would say ‘this might be dangerous, I’m gonna do it, have the phone on speed dial and get a rope if I fall in here.’ Right? A real leader says ‘I wouldn’t send you in if it’s dangerous, I’m going to go into it because it might be.’ And you only have to display that form of leadership a few times, and now you have people that will follow you into the hot gates of Thermopoly. These are people that will follow you into the hot gates of hell. And now with that team, Allison, I’ll build the pyramids.”

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Allison: "That's a beautiful story! I love how you took something that was, you know, disturbing you, it was frustrating you, it was a problem if your life and you really wanted to be able to help your son and how that investigation led you to what you're doing today to help people, like that's a beautiful story and that's really a beautiful way to, you know, find things. And as parents, we want to do anything we can to keep our kids happy and healthy, like, all the things right? You just want to do anything, and it sounds like you were just on that path to create something, and now here you are helping even more parents and people in general feel healthier and also have that clean energy and access to, and that's an awesome thing. As you've been leading and growing your company, if you were going to give our LAUNCH leaders, we've got leaders all over the globe that listen to this podcast, just the 

Allison: “Right! Isn’t that beautiful? And as soon as you build that repour and that trust with them, there’s something beautiful that happens. And I love how you were talking about your company and how you got some of the most brilliant minds, they aren’t all the same type of person, right? They all have different strengths and abilities that they are bringing to your team, and with that, you aren’t saying ‘hey, I know all the answers’, you’re saying ‘hey, here’s the vision, let’s create it, let’s invent it, let’s make something new’ and I love that innovation and that idea of taking all of these brilliant people together, putting their strengths together, encouraging them, creating that vision, and then you’re doing it, right? You created that product and that service and now you’re out there serving the world in a huge way and I think that’s a beautiful thing that many people, they don't stop and think about, you know, how that works and what that looks like and what can ahppen when we come together and tht collaboration that happens, I love being able to do 

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that and I’m glad you shared that. So what are two things that you’ve done in your life to launch to the next level?”


B.D.: “The last thing I’ll say about my team, I got them all at about half pay too. I got them all at way less pay then what the job market was paying for them then because I was able to say this is what we’re trying to create, can you help me get there?’ And everybody loves a challenge and being a part of a collaborative to get there. So I was able to get the best talent at less pay and total buy-in. You can pay them more, they’re just there for the check and they’re not really bought in. Are they really present or are they on Facebook like we all tend to be at times? Or are they coming early, staying late, working extra on weekends because they had an epiphany in the shower? Shower epiphanies are a real thing! I would say a third of the stuff we’ve invented or whatever have happened in the shower, I’ve called from the shower several times and I’ve said ‘I know how we’re going to do this rack’ or ‘this is how we’re going to design this’ or whatever, and that’s a real thing. So that buy-in now, that’s not about the money, that’s a really committed person and again, if you have several of those, then you’ll find the money, you’ll find the way, you’ll find your market and you’ll create the time, you’ll drag it into reality, and I believe that to be true. Okay so, one of the things that I find about seminars, so I love to go to persona development seminars, a lot of great names that people know and love and read, they’re in my phone, they’re on speed dial, I believe that they would take my call right now because I play full out, I engage, I hope I’m fun. One of the things that happens to all of us at seminars is that you go to this event, the speaker is fabulous, you feel the energy of the room, you make great notes, you go ‘wow that’s an epiphany’, if I would change this, I would change that, I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do that’ and then boom my life will never been the same. Well what happens, Allison? You get home, your life, your kids, your job, your phone, your friends, your bills, you anxiety, and very quickly for whatever reason the importance that those things had to change dulls really fast. And how you said always from now on or never again, you make these huge bold statements and they don’t, for whatever reason, for whatever reason, it fades really fast in the human psyche and you don’t do it. One of the things that I’ve been great at is forcing myself to do the exercises, forcing myself to use the things that Simon Sinek teaches me in the shower, I make sure, I don’t do them all, I have 50 things do I do them all? No I don’t do all 50, but I do a couple. A few of the things that David Goggins did when he’s becoming a Navy seal, right? I do them. You know, a couple of things that Brene Brown does, I do. Tony Robbins, Debrock Chopra, Denis Waitley, the list, I don’t do them all, but I pick one or two, I write it on my mirrors, and I force myself to take action. So I am not better then anybody else, I’m not any smarter, I don’t work harder or anything else, it’s none of that, it’s not it. It’s if I learn something great that I really feel is going to impact my life and add value to me and my business, I write it on every mirror in my house, I think about it continually, I put it on my to-do list, my person assistant gets to be in charge of me, she gets to be a tireless nag, that’s her job to make sure that I do some of these things, if you will, take action! I don’t care what performance book it’s in. If you’ll gravitate towards a couple things and do it, you will change your life. And what’s fun about that, I’m getting long winded, is your three month goals happen in two and a half, but your one year goal happens in seven months, and your three year goal happens in one and a half, and then that further powers you to keep doing these things because you’ve seen it in reality.”


Allison: “Good. Yes, I love that! And I like that you take and you actually pull out the best things, the best things will relate to you and you put them everywhere so that you are actually implementing the things that you’re learning. I think, for LAUNCH leaders, remember that! Put it everywhere! Put it on your schedule, have people remind you of it, have them hold you accountable to that action and apply it because that’s how we learn it, right? And you’re not going to be perfect the first time that you try something, it’s after repeatedly trying it and consistently doing it that you’re going to be able to keep that as a habit in your life and you’ll show up as that person, right? You’ll show up as that next version of yourself. Awesome! So okay, I know you have a favorite book, what’s your favorite book?”


B.D.: “Ohh!! Gee that’s mean!”


Allison: “I would like to say the one that you read the most.”


B.D.: “Awaken the Giant Within. But I’ve read ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ by: David Goggins probably 11 times, I’ve read ‘Think and Go Rich’ by: Napoleon Hill over 10 times, I refer back to Tony Robbins, and one of the things Tony Robbins is great at is not pretending like he invented it all, he scoops great stuff from a lot of people and then packages it in a really fun way, and he delivers it in a way like for my psyche, for my speed and tempo, my modality, I’m hyper-visual, it gets in there really well for me.”


Allison: “Well awesome, thank you for sharing that. This was absolutely amazing, we could talk for another five hours, I know we could, but we’ve gotta end so our listeners don’t fall of! How do people get ahold of you, B.D.?”


B.D.: “So our engineering and informational website is the name of our company, SATIC, S-A-T-I-C USA .com., we don’t sell anything, we have lots of videos, it’s informational, that’s our YouTube channel, saticusa. And our products are found at We invite everyone to visit our YouTube channel, saticusa, watch the videos, something to buy if you think e-pollution in any form from Wi-Fi or whatever might be real, please learn about it because it truly affected my son. And if you’re someone who thinks we’re wearing the foil hat, I’ll tell ya, Allison, boy if it’s your kid, if your child is suffering, then in a few minutes I think you can take some massive action and change your life.”


Allison: “Absolutely. Awesome! Well, thank you so much, B.D.! I appreciate you sharing your energy, your time and your wisdom with us. And for all of our LAUNCH listeners, if you enjoyed this as much as I did, make sure you share it. Thank you!”

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