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protecting your home from emfs

B.D. Erickson II has a conversation with health influencer and nutritionist Caroline Fausel to discuss the harmful effects of EMFs and how our homes and overall health at risk and how we need to be more intentional about the technology around us.  

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Caroline Fausel has always loved nutrition. After many bouts of vegetarianism, she and her husband found the Paleo lifestyle. After making the transition, they never felt better! Now with a better understanding of what makes us healthier, Caroline create recipes for those striving to eat clean. Caroline sits down with Founder and CEO of SATIC Shield to talk about how EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, are endangering our healthy lifestyles every day and how we can mitigate these fields by protecting our homes and families. 


Caroline Fausel: “Today on the show I welcome B.D. Erickson II. B.D. is the CEO of SATIC USA which is a privately owned electronics manufacturer and professional engineering firm in Montana. If you have been on the fringe on the conversation on EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, then this conversation is for you! We specifically talk about EMFs inside of your home because honestly the conversation that I’ve been hearing about EMFs is all about our phones having EMFs and our headphones having EMFs and it’s all about the personal items that we’re using, but what we’re not really talking about is the EMFs in our homes and how to protect ourselves and our families. So this is such an important conversation and I immediately went to their website and stocked up and I think you will do the same. So if you are interested in getting products from SATIC USA, be sure to use the link in the shownotes and you can use the code ‘oliveyouwhole’ to get 15% off your entire cart and free shipping. So without further a due, let’s welcome B.D. to the show. Welcome to the show B.D. we are thrilled to chat with you today!”


B.D.: "Happy to be here, Caroline, thank you!" 

Caroline: "So can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you?" 

B.D.: "You bet! So I am a technical person, I own a manufacturing and engineering firm in Western Montana, where we are Western Montana's largest solar installer but we also made a line of products that we call Power Perfect, and Power Perfect products were designed to make electronics, solar especially, but anything electrical just work as efficiently as it can. And I've started several start-ups, I've been around the world three times, I was a leadership trainer for a guy named Tony Robbins for a few years.." 

Caroline: "Which is crazy, that's so fun!" 

B.D.: "...really great time to spend in my 30's, right? 

And met this amazing peer group and I learned a lot! And so I never got to be in university, I learned a heck of a lot more from Tony Robbins and that peer group in personal development then I did in university and most of that is how you choose to think, how you choose to move your body, create not destroy and draw good things to you because the quantum field is real and the law of attraction is real, there are a lot of things that are real but we can’t necessarily see but it doesn’t make them untrue.”


Caroline: “Sure, yeah! So you’re the CEO of SATIC USA, that’s an acronym. Tell us what that stands for because I’m going to butcher it.”


B.D.: “Okay, so it’s a really silly name and I probably didn’t think it through. The word SATIC doesn’t mean anything, it is an acronym for Sinusoidal Waveform Technology Incorporated, but I had to move some of the vowels and consonants to make it into a name, right? So the A in SATIC is that we are American made engineers and American manufacturers and our stuff is made in Missoula Montana with a lot of pride and a lot of joy, and we now ship them all over the world!”


Caroline: “Yeah! So you talk a lot about energy, power, electricity, and especially making the distinction between like dirty energy and power and clean. So what would you consider dirty energy and what makes it inefficient, wasteful, damaging?”


B.D.: "Yes! So a lot of people think about the word or the name Tesla now as having to do with Tesla solar walls, solar panels, Elon Musk, no no no no! Nikoli Tesla was the inventor, the discoverer, the creator that really took the alternating current and powered the modern world. A lot of people don't know that the electrical power plants that he created over 130 years ago are still running today! They're still making power! They're in New York state, Washington state, and they're running at 80 or 90% efficiency and have been for 130 years. So he is a leader in the field and a lot of his technology we haven't been able to use and because of the way society, technology and all that stuff has evolved or changed, not all of the electricity that we move through our home is useable. It's not all clean, good, useable power and you want things to use as little poewr as they can for all the reasons! Your power bill, the weight on the grid, natural resources 

that are dwindling and all these things, and this dirty electricity that we will talk about, if it gets converted into heat, well man you don’t want the back of your fridge hot, that’s not good for it! You don’t want your phone all hot, that’s not good for it right? So it’s not good for your stuff, it’s not good for your power bill, it’s not good for your health! So electricity needs to be within some parameters. Now what the heck does that mean? Well, alternating current is what we use in our homes and we’ve all plugged a million things in our life and a plug has two little blades, and those two blades slide into two little slots in the wall, okay. Well, you’ve noticed that sometimes one of them is smaller than the other and one of them is kind of big, right? You’ve seen it! Okay, not all of them but a lot of them! The small guy, that’s the power coming from the wall into your device. The big one, that’s the neutral, that’s the return path. So here’s what happens, so this clean-ish power comes into your device on that little blade and then it’s distorted, it’s degraded by the use of that device and now the dirtier the less in parameter the electricity goes back on the neutral, and the other word for neutral is common and it’s shared, and here’s an example of that- when I was a kid I would get some from school and I would watch TV and I would watch Gilligan’s Island, Carol Burnette, and those were my shows! Now when my mom would vacuum, it would mess up the TV, I could see the lines and the distortion in the TV. Why? Clean power was coming into my mom’s vacuum, the motor in my mom’s vacuum was disrupting it and it was putting that dirty electricity on the neutral or the common which affected the TV clear across the room! Now my mom didn’t climb behind the TV to plug in the vacuum, that’s stupid! She plugged it into where she had lots of chord room, when you plug in, you want to unplug and change as few times as possible! But that’s a really good example of seeing a couple of things, number one- electricity being distorted effecting something else and effecting something else over a distance, right? So when you plug something in, that voltage is 120 volts. Well, you want that within that parameter, why not? Because what if you have high voltage? It’s a surge! That’s ruins your stuff! Your stuff doesn’t want 200 volts, it can’t handle it for the most part, it wants it at 120! And now so many things have a computer chip. Years ago, what had a computer chip? Your computer! And what’s got them now? Everything! Hi I’m your LG smart fridge, I’m your smart dishwasher, right? I’m the Maytag smart washer and dryer, right? These things are doing functionality, they’re communicating, wirelessly or over the electrical system and now they’re a lot more susceptible to this dirty electricity and things in our life cause dirty electricity. Well what the heck does that mean? Years ago we all used the incandescent lightbulb which is the lightbulb that Thomas Edison invented 150 years ago, it’s not hot, it had the little filament, and when the little filament broke or the light burned out you went new. Okay, so those lightbulbs by their operation cleaned the electricity. They’re what’s called a resistive load and they turn these abnormalities, this distortion, and you’ve heard these words-harmonics, distortion, interference, you might not know what they are but boy you’ve heard them! Like, you would have to have been living under a rock to not know these words. Well it turns those harmonics, distortion, interference, into heat. Okay, so it goes away. Well they took those lightbulbs away from us! And they gave us these new pinnacles of health, the compact fluorescent lamp, the curly-q, that poisonous bugger, right? That didn’t help anybody. Well what happens is that they no longer clean electricity, they dirty it! They add distortion, they add harmonics, they add electromagnetic fields, those buzzy rascals, right? And now they go into landfill and they’ve got mercury, don’t get me started on that…”


Caroline: “Right, yeah, so many problems.”


B.D.: “So many problems! And I think most of us have that inner feeling that inner messenger in our spirit that says hey this is good and this is bad and do you want your house under power lines, you don’t. Do you want your house right under the cell tower? You don’t. You don’t have to be taught that, it’s just internal in us. I don’t anybody that saw those lights ever said ‘Well this sure feels good, this is like basking in the sun’, you know, those were never said, they’re always buzzing and flickering and off and it was disease, right? So now we have what is called the LED, great! Lots of light, lots of watts, but they’re a diode. So it stands for Light Emitting Diode and those are strobing, they stroke 60 times per second, but it’s so fast that the human eye can’t see it, so it’s reeking havoc on your electrical system. So finally too we have all of these DC things, well what does that mean? Do you have a laptop? Sure you do. Do you have tablet, a pad? They have batteries. If something has a battery, it’s direct current. Alternating current goes through a capacitor, it doesn’t go to a battery. So anything with a battery is direct current. But wait, we just said that when you plug something into the wall that’s alternating current! Okay, they aren’t meant to mingle, they operate very differently. So what’s happening, and I’m not saying that this is nefarious, I’m saying by the kind of lighting that we use, all of our new technological things, all of our new DC devices have lessened the quality of electricity in the modern world. Through our own use of the modern world we have made tons of dirty electricity. Okay, so why is that bad? Because it makes your thing hot, which is bad for your thing and wastes electricity, it creates electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic fields have radiation and radiation is bad for you. Beyond contestation, it’s bad for the biological.”


Caroline: "Right. So we hear about EMFs all the time, I feel like EMFs are all the rage, the last few years it's all anyone could talk about. So tell us more about EMFs specifically and describe to us why they're harmful to human health." 

B.D.: "Okay, so you have come to the right place. EMFs are my life. They are real, they are measurable beyond contestation, and they are harmful to you. Now it's an electromagnetic field. So in the wiring of your home, you have two waves that are traveling through your electrical system-one is the voltage, which is the pressure, and the other is the amperage which is the current. And these two waves need to be in phase, they need to be harmonized in harmony and traveling peacefully and happily down your electrical system. Now I'm going to explain those to you in a real easy that you're going to get, okay?" 

Caroline: "Perfect! It's what I need!"

B.D.: “Right?! So we’re going to make it really easy. So we’re going to walk outside, and you’re going to go with me on this adventure and we’re going to water my lilies. I grow the most beautiful star-gazers, I plant maybe over 100 bulbs by myself per year, my yard is gorgeous, right? So we’re going to out and we’re going to water my lilies. Now how far are we going to open the faucet on my hose? No! We’re just going to crick it, we don’t want to blow the heads off my lilies! We just want it dripping out, so we’re going to barely turn on the faucet, it’s just dripping out and now we’re going to go gently water my lilies. Now the chihuahua from next door, who I do love, he comes over and takes a dooky in my yard, right? Now because I’m a sinful man, what do I do? I put my thumb over the hose and I squirt him in the butt, right? Because when you put your thumb over the hose it could go farther, right? Okay! Alright! So when it’s coming out just dripping and I’ve put my thumb over it, I’ve raised the pressure, right? The pressure is the voltage. The 120 is a measure of how much pressure, that’s what it is. Now the other thing that’s happening is the current, we have voltage and we have current, well what’s current? What other thing do we use to describe current? A river! Water! Right? Electricity flows like water! That’s the actual water coming out, that’s the current! So the voltage is whether or not I have my thumb over it, low voltage or high voltage, and the current is actually the water, the actual electricity. So they say it’s the volts that kill you, it’s actually the amps because whether or not I have my thumb over it, that’s not what actually gets you wet, it’s the water that actually gets you wet, right? Okay! Alright! So here we go, so volts and amps equal watts. So volts times amps equal watts and that’s what you buy. Okay, now we’re going somewhere, now we’re getting somewhere, voltage creates the electric field, current creates the magnetic field. So together they create an electromagnetic field. So how are you billed on electricity? It’s just how far you open your faucet and how long you leave it on! That’s it! That’s your bill of electricity, how far you open it and how long you leave it on, okay. But now we know that we have this electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic fields have subsequent radiation which is bad for the biological. Now this field has two aspects- one aspect is intensity and the other is frequency, and we’re going to describe that really easy too. So imagine that I’m punching you in the arm, now I can punch you really hard and clobber you or I could lightly tap you, that’s intensity. How hard it is is intensity, that’s number one. The other one is frequency, how many times in a minute am I doing it, right? Okay so let’s go high frequency, now if I hit you in one spot and I’m hitting you in the shoulder and after a minute you’re going to go ‘Ow!’ because it’s building up! But let’s say I move it all over your body gently, that’s a massage! I’m charging you 50 bucks an hour!”


Caroline: “There you go!”


B.D.: “Right! So now we are exposed to this field, the closer we are the harder it’s going to punch us and the higher the frequency the more times it’s going to hit us. So the difference between 4G and 5G, you have higher intensity and it’s hitting us more times. Okay, now when I’m moving around, this thing that’s moving around, it’s kind of giving me a massage, it’s not really that’s bad for me. I stop now, I’m stationary, I’m at rest and I’m getting hit in the same spot, like I described that’s going to leave a bruise and that’s going to lead to cellular breakdown, that’s going to lead to cellular damage. Okay, so here are the problems- number one when you sit at your desk, you’re stationary, you’re close to it so you have higher frequency, you have a higher intensity and you’re at rest. Laying in your bed, okay, so where do you put your head at night? Do you put your head at the foot of your bed? No, that’s stupid, nobody does that, it’s just stupid, nobody does that. People put their head at the head of the bed which is by the wall which is by the electricity and almost the same height of where your outlets are! Come on! So you stick your head right by it and you don’t move your head. So you’ve got this very complex piece of biological equipment and you’ve put it right by the electricity where the intensity is greater and you’re going to get the frequency, and the higher the frequency the higher shots you’re getting! So it is absolutely bad for you, you would be a fool to argue it, and the electromagnetic fields are being intensified because we are, okay it was one cell tower, a FM radio tower, an AM radio tower, you pick it, and AM and FM radio are not terrible for you, AM is actually not bad for you because its frequency is so low, but now there’s DISH Network and DirectTV and 4G and 5G and LTE and you turn on your phone and you don’t see just your printer, you see everybody’s printer! You just see all this stuff!”


Caroline: “Oh my gosh, I know, I know!”


B.D.: "And so the reality is that EMFs are real, they're measurable, they're bad for you, and now we're living in an environment where they've become inescapable." 

Caroline: "Not only are they inescapable, but like, I don't know, 95% of people don't know they exist. So it's like so wide spread but also I feel like that's not real data but it feels like there's this niche in the Health and Wellness community that's aware and otherwise maybe people are not quite aware yet. So, before we go to how to fix it which we will for sure so keep listening, but I want to know within our homes, which things have the highest dirty power/the highest EMFs?" 

B.D.: "Love it, that's a great question! And I hope

people get my illustrations because it’s not that hard to figure out and..”


Caroline: “Oh I did!”


B.D.: “…and what you can do is start looking for your culprits, and I like the way this interview is going because the answer to the question is not immediately buy stuff, that’s not. The immediate thing is education- be informed, you know, information is powerful, take your power back, be in control of your life, be in control of what’s around you, like we control our food all the time. Are EMFs bad for you? Yeah, but they’re not bad for you like walking into a propeller is bad for you. EMFs are more like eating a really un-nutritious unhealthy food. More like over-drinking, over-smoking, stuff like that. So do you want to smoke three packs a day? You don’t. But if you had two cigarettes in college, I think you’re going to be okay, you’re going to be fine. And we are durable biological beings. So what you want to do initially is just like we learned about clean water and getting the plastic out of our water and fluoride not being what we thought it was and all this stuff we’re learning right now, and so the first thing you do is just stop exposing yourself to them, right? So you start eating healthy, you start eating organic, you start with higher water content vegetables or whatever is right for your body makeup, right? So identifying the things that have the most, anything with a transmitter or receiver is going to have more because it’s communicating, right?”


Caroline: “So that would be, tangibly, anything that is connected to Bluetooth?”


B.D.: “Yes! It’s bad! Because they are sending and/or receiving signals and they are in communication. How do you communicate? With signals. And what’s a signal? It’s a field! And you’re phone is always looking for the cell towers, it’s always looking for LTE to connect to. So wireless devices that are communicating are a no-no, right? At least it’s something to be managed, and I want to talk to that too about managing responsibly. LED and CFL lighting are very bad, get incandescent lighting if you can. Cordless phones, I mean most of us just use our cell phone now, still have a cordless phone in the home, no no, it’s constantly communicating with the base. Baby monitors-awful.”


Caroline: “Yeah, you know what’s crazy? Our kids are so old, like we had kids so young, B.D., that honestly I think we were too poor for a monitor so we’ve never ever ever had any kind of monitor. And also it’s like we were so poor we didn’t buy one, number two- it’s like we had just such tiny living situations that I was like I could hear my baby crying in the next room over, right? But now I’m like what a blessing in disguise that I did it for one reason but it was a blessing for another. So yeah, I’m a huge fan of no monitors for sure.”


B.D.: “You know, we didn’t know! That’s where you have to start with education- number one you have to believe not doubt because, you know, the biggest corporations in the world make money on your doubting so they squish it. So Google makes tons of money, Apple makes tons of money, Verizon makes tons of money, Amazon, all of these guys, they make tons of money on you being connected. They don’t want anything being out there that would affect your desire to be connected, right? And then electronics for the most part aren’t that bad if they’re not on your person. Do not let your little kid sleep with their tablets, no! Do not let them sleep with their phone, no! That’s so common, right? They’re in the bed with the little person and the little guy, they don’t want to let go of that thing, trying to get an iPad away from a little kid? Oh my gosh you have to fight them to the death for that thing! It’s an MMA cage, you know what I mean? So you want those things out. So what we teach people is before you start buying our stuff, I mean, there’s plenty of time to buy stuff, but first of all, if you’re going to do Wi-Fi, then have a Wi-Fi, initially anything you can just plug in an ethernet, just plug in the ethernet, get a hard connection. Number two-manage it! Like would you live on fast food? No, but on a road trip occasionally, are you going to be okay? You are, it’s fine. It might hurt your tummy a little bit but you’re going to live! And so what we do in our family is that we’re very cognizant and conscious of when we’re going to do it, hey from 5-8pm we’re going to be on and we’re going to update our apps and download our stuff and download our content and then we’re going to do what we’re going to do and then we’re going to work offline. We’re either going to be on the internet hard-wired or we’re going to be offline and the most important time is when you’re asleep. You’re not on anyway, knock it off, you can get your texts in the morning, that thing constantly communicating affects your brainwaves, it’s well-documented, it’s hard to get into that good theta, it’s hard to get into that good REM sleep when you brain is constantly being bombarded with these communications. And yes your brain picks it up and yes your brain hears the smart meter. Like I know people that live in neighborhoods and the whole neighborhood is like ‘hey we’re waking up at 4:20 every morning!’ Why? ‘We’re being awaken at 3 o’clock in the morning.’ Why? Because oftentimes that’s when the smart meters do some kind of data dive, and everyone has a cell tower on the side of their house now, and people want to deny that it’s true, but it’s well-documented, it’s public knowledge because these things communicate! And it’s so harmful that most of them have a disclaimer on how many times per day they’re allowed to communicate with the tower and you want to believe that’s how they’re doing it, but with EMF meters, and we’ve got all brands of meters, you can see it, you can read it, you know exactly when they’re communicating and when they’re not. I’ve got pictures of these beautiful plants or trees or shrubs or bush by a smart meter and one side is bushy and its beautiful and its healthy, and then the other side is grey or brown or eroded. I mean, you know as we’re talking about this, I’ve seen so many great pieces done on grows, greenhouses, strawberries, tomatoes, marijuana, pick it, where you can see the plant growing towards the light or towards the water or the nutrition or the fresh air, and they do grow away from the dirty electricity, growing away from the Wi-Fi, growing away from the electromagnetic fields. In fact, if you have, let’s say we have two, we’re going to have two little plants and you, remember in like 5th grade where you take the bean and you put it in the wet paper towel and it’s starts to sprout, that’s a great experiment. Do that next to your Wi-Fi router! It will never grow! It won’t grow, it won’t sprout. That’s something that you could do in your own home!”


Caroline: "“So crazy! I was going to say, so when you say you’re using Wi-Fi from like 5-8pm, so first of all I crave that level of discipline, that sounds like a fun thing to try in the month of January for our family, but also are you using a plug timer for your Wi-Fi to make sure it’s off for those next 21 hours and then it turns on for those 3 hours? Like is it automatic or do you do it manually or how do you do it?”

B.D.: "“So great question! So no, we leave it in the off position, hell, we physically say okay I’m craving me some connectivity and it’s got a button on the back and it’s one that turns on and off and then we thoughtfully turn it on. And I know it’s really hard because TV’s are now smart! If you want your Netflix, you want your Prime and all that stuff, they’re really driving you towards leaving it on all the time and it’s really affecting people’s sleep. So most of our TV’s are hardwired and it was several hundreds dollars to have the cable company actually put connections there,

but then you can have the Wi-Fi off and still be connected. It’s a couple hundred buck but you can totally get the best of both worlds and then your Wi-Fi lives in the ‘Off’. It’s only when we intentionally say okay I’m going to get on. That only helps you if you live in a home. If you live in an apartment, you’re dog meat man! Then you’ve got to buy stuff! And I tell people I’m sorry, I’m not trying to live or trade in fear, I ideally trade empowerment and education and I come from love, but if you are living where you cannot be, if you don’t have the control to limit your bombardment, now you’ve got to start actively doing stuff. Now you’ve got to start shielding, now you’ve got to start blocking, now you’ve got to start doing stuff that you can do.”


Caroline: “Okay as an experiment, B.D., I just opened on my laptop my Wi-Fi. Guess how many things pop up as networks?!”


B.D.: “5.”


Caroline: “Ha! I wish. Okay, 39.”


B.D.: “Come on!”


Caroline: “I mean, granted I live in a neighborhood where we each get a tiny postage stamp, I’m in a townhome, we’re very connected, but that’s a freaking lot! 39! Yeah, so it’s one thing if you’re on two acres of land, it’s your house, you can manage your Wi-Fi, you can manage your devices, like me personally as an example, living in a community with lots of homes and not as much control even if I turn my Wi-Fi off or I turn my things off, I don’t have that level of control so we’ll get to the solution in a second, but I do want to know in the meantime, what is, and I know you’ve helped a lot of people who have this so I want to talk about it a little bit but what is EMF or radio frequency poisoning? And how is that different than just exposure?”


B.D.: “Okay, so it’s just like everything else, it’s a level of overexposure. It’s a level of overexposure and not everyone responds to it the same way. So we all know that smoking cigarettes, in the cigarette, is it the tobacco leaf itself that’s bad for you? I don’t know, I’ve seen some really applied kinesiology and they had this beautiful little girl holding a brand of cigarettes and with the kinesiology she went limp, right? And then they had this huge tobacco leaf and this thing was about the size of an elephant’s ear, it was just huge! And they draped the little girl in it and she was strong. Right? So it’s not that plant necessarily but they use things formaldehyde to help is not go bad and all these things and all these other stuff right? So where I’m going with this though is that some people can smoke half a pack a day and get emphysema and some people smoke two packs a day and they die at 95, right?”


Caroline: “There are just so many other factors, right?”


B.D.: “There are so many other things, but not everybody is the same sensitivity. So there’s electrohypersensitivity, EHS. Now my son has that really bad. That’s how I ended up on this journey, right? My son is hypersensitive. Like some people, like, even if you did their laundry and their laundry detergent makes them rashy and breaks out, right? Okay, see, but not me. So some people, some things just get them. So some people just reach that toxicity level a lot higher. Some people are literally getting out of the cities right now and driving away because of the e-pollution, and it’s all of it, it’s the dirty electricity, it’s the e-pollution, dirty electricity is part of it. Wi-Fi is part of it, 5G is part of it, smart meters are a part of it, RF, I mean there’s so many different components and frequencies that when you are being bombarded and you can’t get out of it, some people have to leave it.”


Caroline: “So what are some of the symptoms, like your son and some other people, experience when you do have that, either the sensitivity or the overload and that toxicity?”


B.D.: “So this is interesting. So with our plug-in model we really love to play a game where you turn your back and they’re all looking one way and then we’ll plug the device in or unplug it to play the game, and play can you feel it? 9 out of 10 times it’s the female biology that can feel it.”


Caroline: “Wow! See we’re just so in tune! Haha”


B.D.: “Hey, for me, so when I started down the road it was a little woo-woo for me, I’m a scientist, I didn’t just believe right away, like I’ve seen so many people. We’ve been in business for 15 years, we have 100,000 of our wire-in units installed into breaker panels, we get calls from the minutes we light up the office at 8:55am to 6pm when we go home, the phone rings all day with people suffering and can feel the before and after. Right? It’s the most commonly described as quieter. So for a lot of people, one of the main symptoms is irritability. Something is ringing in their heads and it’s frustrating! Anxiety, I’m anxious I can’t calm my heart. So my son suffers from terrible anxiety and it’s like he can’t calm his heart, he can’t relax. And how miserable is that? And at first I would say things like just try to power him through it, just think positive thoughts, you know what I mean? And until I really began to see its something that is beyond mind over matter, right? Or sleep, diabetes, heart disease, like when I was a little kid the number one killer was heart disease, that was the pandemic, everything got all about heart disease, that was number one. Well right now arguably the biggest pandemic, the thing that’s going around is diabetes! So many people have Type 1 or Type 2. Is it our diet? It probably contributes! How could it not? But I saw a really interesting testimony, a doctor is testifying in Michigan in front of some sub-committee and we’ve got this video on our YouTube channel so forgive me if I misquote, but she says you can’t say that we the scientific community, PubMed, didn’t know that RF causes diabetes. So let’s say you’re going to create a diabetes medication, okay? Well how are you going to test it? You need a rat darn it, that’s how we do it, right? So can you feed him twinkies for three months and them hope this guy gets diabetes? Nah, you can’t. You exposure him to RF, and in a month or two, he has diabetes.”


Caroline: “No! Okay so wait, what is the difference though between EMFs and RF? Like besides my, I mean, a straight-up radio, what is producing RF?”

Screen Shot 2023-02-01 at 12.05.19 PM.png

B.D.: "“Okay great question, so the EMFs specifically is that electromagnetic field, which a radio has, it’s an electronic device versus a radio frequency. And how big is the radio frequency? It’s a huge bandwidth. So usually it’s the higher frequency that’s damaging, not 7 Schumann hertz of frequency, the frequency of the earth. That’s a great frequency! That’s why grounding is important, right? Get your shoes off, get outside, get them barefeeties in the sand, get them in the grass and start and start resonating at that Schumann frequency, right? So that frequency is good. AM radio, that wave, so frequencies have a wave and the frequency is how many times the wave hits the beach. So you’re sitting at the lake and the waves are hitting the beach, that’s frequency. Now we’re in Hawaii, we’re on the North Shore of Oahu and that wave sucks clear out, it seems like it goes a block out, doesn’t it? It build up 20 feet high and then it crashes and that happens once every minute. That’s low frequency. Right?

That’s what frequency is, how frequently does it happen? So usually it’s these higher frequencies and smaller waves, the millimeter wave because the smaller wave the most often it crashes on the beach, these are the one that are damaging. Now an AM radio wave, it might be a block, and I’m not speaking exactly right here, but it is a very huge long wave so it’s only hitting you slowly and not a lot of times. A millimeter wave is literally a millimeter, so how many millimeters are in a block? So you’re absolutely in the buzzsaw, you’re in the chipper. Right? You’re just getting blasted by this guy. So, they have different sources and they have different frequencies but oftentimes the result is some kind of cellular damage, right? And so part of it is cellular damage where that little plant we talked about isn’t growing because it’s getting zapped by the Wi-Fi, but another part of it is that your brain just isn’t restful. You’re anxious, you’re not sleeping good, so that’s not maybe as biologically damaging in the moment but it can be biologically damaging in the long term. You can’t sleep, you can’t relax!”


Caroline: “Yeah, sleep is like such a foundational aspect of pretty much everything. It’s like you don’t get sleep, list the hundreds of diseases that you could get. Yeah, like long term I can see how that could be so damaging. Okay, we’ve talked about all of the negative because there’s so much of it, but I want to get to the solution. So talk to me about, and since you guys deal with homes and the EMFs in our homes, I want to stick in that lane and what can we do about it. So, how do we get clean power? Talk to me about your clean power products, like really, what do we need to freaking do? Like what am I ordering tonight?”


B.D.: “I love it! So the number one thing we’re going to do is we’re going to be really mindful and really intentional about things that are zapping us, that’s number one. Okay so if I take an EMF reading on my iPhone right now on my phone and I take an EMF reading with a meter which I could even do right now, the level is going to be X, and X is too high and it’s not great but if I plug it in and now it’s Z, well when you plug in your device it’s not only running off the battery now but it’s running off the limited power of the grid. So number one do not have your cell phone in your room at night especially not plugged in! And everybody does it!”


Caroline: “Okay so to clarify, plugging in is worse then just having it next to you. Is that what you’re saying?”


B.D.: “Times 100X. So if it’s going to be by your face and plugged in, I mean if it’s going to be by your face or by your bed it better not be plugged in.”


Caroline: “Yeah, and also just don’t! Like even from a, let’s talk about the health and wellness things you can do in your life, I tell people all the time get your phone out of your bedroom even just from a stress management, blue light, like, the first thing you do when you wake up should not be scrolling Instagram. Take it and put it downstairs in your kitchen, put it somewhere else! Okay so let’s just say get it out of your room.”


B.D.: “Get it out of your room, get it out of your kid’s room, just get it out, that’s number one. Number two-turn the stuff in your room off or even unplug it because if your TV is off but it’s plugged in, it’s not off, the screen is off but that’s the only thing that’s off! Point the remote control at it to see if it’s off, no it ain’t! It’s waiting for that signal because they are constantly communicating! Turn on the Wi-Fi? No! Unplug it. Get your safety zones, get your sleep zones where everything of real connectivity is not only off, it’s not in airplane mode, it’s unplugged, powered down and not plugged in, that’s number one. Number two-your lighting. So we sell lights, we sell LED’s that have lots less of dirty electricity, that’s one way to go but we really want are incandescent bulbs! Like the old guys! If you can, that’s the best guy! So next, moving down the trail, there are two main product lines that we have: one is an electricity filter, so it plugs in or wires in, you can pick it, and when you plug it in or wire it in, it immediately filters all of the dirty electricity on that whole line of power, puts it back into a good frequency, good useable power without the harmonics, without the distortion, without the interference, the subsequent EMF and the subsequent radiation.”


Caroline: “And I’ve seen, I saw on your website a demonstration of this and it’s like this is at 1600 which is terrible and then you plug it in and it’s at 16..”


B.D.: “Correct.”


Caroline: “So it’s significantly better, but because electricity is not my deal, when you say on a line of power, like on my breaker I’ve got like 24 different things. Do I buy 24 plugs? Is it, how many do you need?”

B.D.: “You’re fun, you’re good! So in America, we have what’s called single-phase power in homes, but it’s not single-phase, it’s two phases! You have A and B. Okay, so A is 120 volts and B is 120 volts, you have these two big wires that come into your breaker panel and then the breakers cascade down and they go like this, they go A, B, A, B. Some people think they’re left and right and the left is A and the right is B because that is 

how it works because that’s how the power comes in. It’s A, B, A, B cascading down, but some breakers have two switches don’t they? Your dryer, your range, your hot tub have two, now this is the difference between 120 and 240. It’s two switches! So you’re getting 120 from A plug 120 from B so it’s 240. So every house is 120 and 240. So it’s just are you grabbing one or are you grabbing both? That’s all it is! It’s that simple! So you need two plug-in guys, minimum of two and you have to be thoughtful now, you plug one in on A somewhere in your house, anywhere in your house, and one in on B anywhere in your house and then you’ve got it! Now you might need more like we talked about, but you might have a lot of stuff you don’t want to turn off or you have a lot of dirty electricity or your brand of stuff, you pick it, but you want even numbers, you want them evenly sprinkled over A and B. When you buy the product in the instructions it tells you exactly how to know and how to test.”

Caroline: “Yeah because you would basically do two and then test it if it didn’t come down enough, your house is too big, you’ve got too much interference, then you get two more.”


B.D.: “You get too more, that’s exactly correct. So the more you buy the better deal you get. So let’s say you got two now and you realized you need two more, all you’ve got to do is call and we credit you for those first two and you get the second two at a discount, and free shipping. Or you could say this is awful I hate it and you send it back, it’s money back guarantee. And it’s not like three-day, we give you 30 full days to test it and make sure you love it and I’ve got the best staff in the whole world, they’re just so loving, they will hear your story, they will hear you out, they will walk through it with you, they’re friendly, they do not marginalize, they know it’s real, they know it’s what they do for a career. So another thing too is that we have areas where the number is higher, that’s called a hot spot, put them where it’s hot! Put them where you’ll get the most bang for your buck and also where it will get the most use for your family! So the electricity filters are a part of it. And the other product is called FieldShield. So your smart meter is frying you, your neighbor’s smart meter is frying you or the cell tower. So it’s the size of a poster, it’s two feet by four feet and you can put it up over your breaker panel, you can put it up where your smart meter is, I like it behind my bed. I put it right behind my bed and I plug it in because it’s shielding me now from that wall, the electricity, all that stuff going into my bed. A lot of people like one in their bed because it’s also a grounding mat, you’ve got to plug it in or else it won’t work. So just pick up your mattress, slide it in the middle on top of your box spring under your mattress you’ll never see it, plug it in and you’re good!”


Caroline: “Okay wait, so here’s the deal, so we’ve been talking this whole time about how all of this stuff that we plug in is bad for us, but you’re plugging your stuff in and is it because does it work, in very layman’s terms, it’s almost like it’s having an energy that negates another energy? And if this is too much…”


B.D.: “No, you’re going there! Let’s go! So it’s called FieldShield. When I think of a shield I think about some kind of combat, some kind of warrior, he pulls up his shield and then an axe bounces off of it and some arrows bounce off of it, okay, so imagine you’re wearing a softball mitt and you’re catching a ball, that’s very different. So what these shields do is they catch it, they don’t deflect it. So where do we put it? Put it on the ground. So it doesn’t plug in with the two blades like the ones with the outlets, but one with the round one, that’s the ground.”


Caroline: “And so it almost puts it back into that?”


B.D.: “And sends it into the ground, absolutely!”


Caroline: “So do you put it, because I bet these are not cheap, do you put one on your bad and one on your breaker panel? And if you have to choose like one place in your whole house where would you put it?”


B.D.: “So I hate to make people buy meters, but it’s sure fun to play the meter game…”


Caroline: “Oh, okay, so just put it where you need to put it?”


B.D.: “Just put it where you’re being fried. Put it where’s it’s coming from. Sure you want one in your bed because, you know, we’re water, we know that we’re like 90% water depending on what you hear, but know that heavy toxicity level is real, they’re chem trailing the crap out of us, don’t say they aren’t, yes they are, you’re breathing all of this aluminum and how we have mercury in our teeth and how we’re getting heavy metal toxicities, you were water now you’re not, now you’re water and metal, you’re a flipping antenna. And so having one in your bed area, it will improve the quality of your sleep, like beyond anything. So in my room I have a wire-in product on the wall but the smart meter is right outside my bedroom gosh darn it! So what do you do? What do you do? So I put a wire-in product there and then I put a piece of shield inside my room right where my smart meter, my electricity meter and my breaker stuff is outside and then I put one behind my bed. And the first night I almost didn’t sleep well because I could feel something was off, I’m saying the first night was bad I’m saying that the first night was different. The second or third night I began dreaming, like rich, deep, real lucid dreams! And I had forgotten about dreaming! When I was a kid when my mom would come and wake me up for school, the first 20 seconds of every morning were coming out of whatever I was dreaming. I hadn’t dreamed like that in 20 years. I had not been sleeping! Not really! Not really! And that’s something you’re going to know by day three! Again, we give you a month of testing this stuff, 100% money back guarantee and free shipping, you cannot get hurt by my stuff, you cannot! You’ll know, you’re going to feel it, it’s that real! You’re going to feel it.”


Caroline: “That’s so amazing. Awesome! I’m excited to check out your products! And you only sell through dealers, and so if we go on your website we can only buy through dealers, is that correct?”


B.D.: “No no no you can! You just have to use a dealer code.”


Caroline: “Oh, okay! So we have mine..”


B.D.: “We have yours, that’s what we’re going to use!”

Caroline: “Okay! Cool! So guys, if you want to get SATIC products, you can use the code ‘oliveyouwhole’, that like an olive that you eat, Y-O-U-W-H-O-L-E and you can get these products and you better believe that I’m going to be getting them too! Thank you so much for all of this knowledge! I only had a very fuzzy idea about all of this before this conversation and I just knew that this is not good! But I’m glad that you explained it for all of us today. I feel like I’m going to make a lot of changes like right after we hang up this interview. So let me ask you the final question that I ask everybody- so B.D. at the end of your life when you’re looking back, what will a successful life look like to you?”

B.D.: “That’s a heavy question. John Lennon said that we are here to love and you want to add more love then you took and you want to add value. I would love it if my life positively impacted, if not all, the vast majority of people I interacted with in my life and that my existence added value and added more love.”


Caroline: “Love it.”


B.D.: “So there’s one other thing I would like to say..”


Caroline: “Yes! Please!”


B.D.: “When our listeners use ‘oliveyouwhole’, we’re going to give a couple of gifts. Number one, they’re going to get 15% off their whole cart no matter what they buy no matter what they spend, they get 15% at check out, and all of your listeners are going to get free shipping.”


Caroline: “Yay! Okay, well I’m using my code too!”


B.D.: “Well, we really appreciate you doing your podcast and one of the first things when I got into this was something that I got relegated to the tinfoil hat wearing contingent and I don’t wear a foil hat and there’s so much pressure right now to not be honest, to not speak and own your truth, to not speak out and say something about our health or something that’s in our environment or whatever else, so we need champions like you that can be brave and speak and own your truth. So thank you so much for being a fellow brave soul that comes from love and helps people learn the truth.”


Caroline: “Aww, thank you! I know I always joke that I have so much bad news but I love conversations like this because I’m like, okay there’s a lot of bad news but we have a solution! So that’s what’s important. Well thank you so much for being here today, B.D., we will have to have you back soon.”


B.D.: “Thank you so much for having me!”

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