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Could Dirty Electricity Be Making You Sick?

Rita Savoia, owner of Savoia Self Care, sits down with Founder and CEO of Satic Shield, B.D. Erickson II to talk about the harmful effects of EMF and Dirty Electricity on our devices and our biological beings. 

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Rita Savoia, Founder of Savoia Self-Care Holistic Wellness, focuses on helping others adopt holistic lifestyle changes that will dramatically improve one's way of life, especially when it comes to energy, mental clarity and productivity. She also helps individuals and organizations deliver positive, measurable and sustainable behavioral and lifestyle habit changes for better performance in life and work through six fundamental beliefs: The power of self-healing once we remove the interference, Identifying the root cause is crucial for sustained wellness, We must consider the whole person and beyond, Prevention is key, Taking personal responsibility of your own health, Education is empowering. In this interview, she sits down with CEO of Satic Shield, B.D. Erickson II, to talk about how the harmful effects of EMFs and Dirty Electricity and how their subsequent radiation can interfere with our biological and cellular health and how Satic's award-winning PowerPerfect product line is the ultimate solution of protection for you, your home and your family. 


Rita Savoia: “Hello hello hello and welcome to another episode of the Self-Care Goddess podcast! Today we have a special guest talking about dirty electricity and how that is a term that you haven’t heard in a while or ever, so I’m excited to expand our conversation about harmful non-native EMFs and what to do about it. So I can’t wait to introduce you to our next guest! Today we have B.D. Erickson II. He was suddenly struck by tragedy and him and his son moved to Montana and without even thinking bought a house under the biggest power lines had to offer. A year later, B.D.’s son began to experience symptoms of something that was attacking him slowly and changing his overall well-being at a rapid pace. As a concerned father, B.D. began to search for solutions for his suffering child, and after many Google searches the symptoms that his son had aligned with were Electrohypersensitivity, or EHS. With the solution to this problem found, he was inspired to help others with this silent killer. Thus, the PowerPerfect product line was born. B.D. saw a need in his community and filled it, he noticed that the technology on the market at the time hadn’t been updated in over 20 years, so he went out and gathered the best team of engineers and a world-class team that began to design a technological marvel that would change the clean tech industry for the better. Their team is full of PhD’s and world class engineers that have high-level buy-in because it is their passion to deliver high quality goods to those who need it. I cannot wait to talk to you more about this! So welcome, B.D. and thank you for sharing your story with us!”



















As a man of science it took me a minute to do my research, meditate, think on it, to buy in. Yes, so what you said is correct, tragedy struck and so my son and I moved from Hawaii where we were living to Missoula Montana to be closer to family and people that could help, and we bought a house, very unaware obviously, under some huge power lines. And it was funny because I think we had been there a week or two and my son and I were sitting on the deck and we both had this a-ha moment of how did we possibly miss these huge power lines and we had a nice father/son moment and we giggled at ourselves saying mom would’ve never let us buy this house! And in that moment it was a little dis-concerning because I think you naturally don’t want your house under power lines but I wouldn’t call it fear, right? I would call it trepidation or internal knowing a little bit, but it did not cause me angst or concern for my son at that point. Now this little guy is a perfect student, he has A’s, he’s likeable, he had perfect attendance, he hadn’t missed a day of school in two years, and you know, when we got home to Montana in the first year that was true again! Student of the month, great grades, made new friends in the new community, didn’t miss school and things were great. Then he simply started suffering things that he in his life up to that point had never visually suffered or certainly not consistently, you know? He might have a sleepless night here or there, but sleepless nights became regular for him, he became anxious, a little more irritable, more trouble focusing, anxiety in that I would describe the strongest one, and as someone who is not anxious and don’t suffer a lot of anxious feelings, when someone is feeling anxious about something that isn’t real or something that doesn’t seem real it’s pretty easy to poo-poo it, it’s pretty easy to marginalize it or to say power through it, keep your chin up, that’s just the normal dad stuff that you go through trying to power your child through it, but once you’ve experience anxiety it doesn’t matter, it it’s rational it doesn’t matter, it feels how it feels, and your feeling is your reality. So as my son’s mental and emotional health and physical health truly began to deteriorate, you go to work as a parent, right? So being recently widowed, I had a couple of really strong feelings, number one-was it really just that we didn’t have my wife? Is it just that we didn’t have mom? Certainly that would have an impact on any little boy’s mental happiness. Secondly, a really strong feeling was now it’s just he and I, the strongest and most compelling feeling I have in my life is to care and protect this child. I love and care for him deeply, he’s my number one guy, he’s an important person in my world, and so caring for him is my duty on this planet and so immediately I began feeling terrible as a dad, so he and I began to suffer greatly emotionally at that point. So I began looking at his symptoms, what the school and doctors wanted to do was start experimenting with drugs and getting the little guy on pharmaceuticals, and that is not what I wanted to do as a parent, I thought the last thing that I actually want to do is start drugging my child, I don’t want to change his personality, or dull his personality or dull his experience on life. Rather then try to meet the symptom, I really want to find the cause of my son’s dis-ease, I really want to find what’s causing this because I want to stop it, I want to fix it, I don’t want to drug it, I don’t want to medicate it. So as I began to do the research, what do you do? You talk to family and friends, you go on the Internet, you WebMD and Google and all those things, and I found that his symptoms were rather common especially in his age group as something that is known as EHS, or Electrohypersensitivity, and consistently by cell towers, by strong Wi-Fi signals, by smart meters and by high-voltage power lines. I mean very consistently and geographically located were those symptoms matched geographically to these sources of electromagnetic fields and these high frequencies, and that, Rita, was when I started to put it together.”


Rita: “Right, yes. And how old was your son at the time?”


B.D.: “My son was 11.”


Rita: “11! Wow! Very young.”


B.D.: “Yep. Just about to go into junior high. And so the next thing you do is you say okay do I get up and move tomorrow, and that’s on the list, and moving tomorrow is no problem when your kid is sick, I’ll burn that place down, right? But then you suffer with what happens to the family that moves in? Do you in good conscience as a healthy person, what, am I not going to tell them? And then the other people on my street! And so I really suffered as, you know, a good parent and being a good fellow human being that you don’t just pass this on to somebody else. So I began to look for products that were on the market that addressed this and indeed there were some, they had mixed reviews and were quite antiquated, and it didn’t seem like anybody had taken a leap to address it in the modern world, and the modern world has changed. I mean, dirty electricity is something that did not exist in the form it exists in now 25 years ago, it just didn’t! It was different! The way we use electricity, I know we’re going to talk about sources and we’ll get to that, this is more of a modern era problem, this is more of the electrified modern world problem, especially today then ever before, and it is getting more and more notoriety, traction, actually one of my prayers and one of my wishes and hopes was that EHS and this problem that we have in society is that we make the leap from pseudo-science, would make the leap from the tinfoil hat into mainstream science, into mainstream consciousness. And then something that is happening globally right now, we’re experiencing an awakening right now where some of the stuff that had been marginalized before, you know, is now beyond contestation.”








these things, and not all of them nefarious intentionally but let’s face it we’re suffering a lot of things lately, a lot of these ailments didn’t exist, in this extreme situation, 30 years ago because of this change in technology because then it’s always inescapable in some way. Then just moving isn’t the answer because then where do you move?”


Rita: “Yes, exactly. You could move to a totally remote area, but then what?”


B.D.: “I mean, now you’re in an off-grid cabin somewhere. Okay, so that led me to a brand new product that addressed the brand new situation in the modern world, and that’s where my journey really caught flight and where I knew I had to go. So as you said in your warm-up, I assembled a team of engineers and raised every dollar that I could to test products, put new products together, combining them and creating new things that would get a result, and once I had a combination that created the really outstanding result, a better result then I actually expected, then we had to make a business out of it! So you have to tool up and get certifications and have it tested for efficacy and all that stuff, it’s a 10-year journey that I’ve been on now the end of it terribly successfully because we’ve created a product line that works.”


Rita: “So are you still in that house?”


B.D.: “I’m still in that house! And I keep it on purpose, thank you so much for asking that! People ask me are you nuts?! No I keep it on purpose to show that I use the products, that the products work, that when we use our TriField meter, our electric field meter or magnetic field meter in our home, in my son’s room, it is zero. You can handle some, you can take a little bit, it’s kind of like fast food, I mean I tell people would you like to live on fast food? No! It’s processed, it’s full of sugar, it’s not good for you, but I think if you have a fry now and then, I think you’re going to be okay. And so not even to a French fry level do we truly have zero in our home.”


Rita: “Even with Wi-Fi and everything in the house?”


B.D.: “So that’s part of the conversation. So as a healthy person myself, I run Spartan races, I run triathlons, I run marathons, I’m fit, and as a parent, my son is older now so he makes his own decisions, you’re always going to be protective, but we’re conscious of things. I tell people a lot that I don’t consider myself the traditional hippie, I consider myself a technical person and I still want my iPhone, I still want to check Instagram occasionally and still want to buy sneakers off of the internet, right? But we are very intentional with it. So our Wi-Fi stuff has a button that turns it on and off, right? So we say okay let’s get on the internet! We use hardwire as often as we can, right? And so we say okay let’s connect! Let’s update our apps, let’s get things downloaded, let’s get our content, let’s get our media and whatever else, and then let’s turn it off. I’m not saying that a lot of people have done that with TV not necessary just for the EMF but we’re going to limit the bombardment that we get. So mentally we’re being very cognizant of what you’re letting in.”


Rita: “That’s a good strategy! So are non-native EMFs considered dirty electricity?”


















show! Well what was happening was that the motor in the vacuum was distorting that wave and putting itself in the TV. So you don’t see that today because the electricity is so dirty today that TV’s actually have filters in them, but that’s just an example. So when you charge your phone, Rita, it gets really hot. It charges slow and gets hot. It doesn’t all the time, but it does sometimes! And you don’t have to be an engineer to say that’s odd, that’s not normal, that’s not good, right? And so why does it do it sometimes and not others? We’ve all experienced the back of our fridge being hot, our DVR, our entertainment center, put your hand by that, that’s toasty! That shouldn’t be that toasty! In fact whenever you’re in there and you notice how hot your DVR is you try and stack them a little bit so they’re not one on top of the other! Who hasn’t heard their sister’s blow dryer on the radio?! Yes! There are things that you really experienced in life or, you know, when the refrigerator comes on you might hear a pop or tick in your speakers, these things are dirty electricity! These informalities to the electricity that are not clean that we experience in our every day lives but we didn’t know until most recently that most people is that if it can be hard on your equipment it can also be hard on the biological. EMFs have now been proven beyond contestation to be harmful to the biological, period. The argument then is not whether or not it’s harmful, it’s well documented, it’s how much and that really comes from two things, what’s your exposure? How much are you getting? What’s the intensity of it? And how is it negatively affecting you? And again it’s like smoking cigarettes or eating snack food or unhealthy processed sugary foods, right? If you live on it or do it for a long time you will have really detrimental health effects. It’s a lot like stepping off of a cliff or backing into a propeller. But these things are more cumulative, right? They don’t instantly kill you but they begin to cause illness, dis-ease, discomfort, those things and it happens overtime. And many years ago we lived with very little amounts of dirty electricity, subsequent EMF, so it didn’t hurt us as bad. Well now today, things have changed. Well what changed? So for over 120 years we used the incandescent lightbulb that was invented by Edison, right? There was a little filament and then when that burned out you went new. These things actually cleaned our electricity! When they got hot, they cleaned the electricity and we all had 20 of them! 30 of them! So we were all cleaning our electricity on accident just by this resistive product that we used. It’s called a resistive load. Well that went away and they gave us the curly-q lightbulb, the CFL, the compact-fluorescent lamp, well that operates very differently in the way that it’s not a resistive load, it’s an inductive load and it causes harmonics, distortion, dirty electricity, and I think every single person alive somewhere in their inner person felt that those weren’t healthy. I have never interviewed a person that somewhere with a check in their spirit just felt like that wasn’t the healthiest product, and we know that they’re full of mercury and in the landfill, don’t even get me started on that! We now change to LED, light-emitting diode. Well a diode is direct current, so what’s that mean? It means it doesn’t alternate so they’re actually flickering, every LED is flickering 60 times per second, it’s 60 Hertz, they flicker so fast that your mind can’t see it and your brain can’t see it, but if you use camera equipment and things like that you can see it. Okay, well the electricity doesn’t want to flicker so let’s add a few more things like your laptop, your tablet, your iPad, your phone, these add batteries so they’re direct current. So we’re adding these things that aren’t bad by themselves but they create dirty electricity. It’s not like we have one phone, Rita, everybody has all this stuff in their lives. Now let’s keep going further not to live in fear or doom here but now we add the Wi-Fi tower and the Wi-Fi in our home, but when you turn on your phone you don’t see your Wi-Fi, you see your Wi-Fi, your neighbor’s Wi-Fi, your printer, right? There’s so many! And then there’s the 4G tower and there’s the 5G tower and there’s the LTE, and so what changes is that it’s already been well-documented that it’s bad for you but it’s really about how much are you getting, and so with the list that we just discussed we all know while we’re getting a lot more then ever and so all the health effects are becoming more common and more visible because we are all being exposed to so much more. And the last thing, not to keep gushing energy, interrupt me anytime you want, a field has a different effect on you when you move then when you’re at rest. A field has two major attributes-one is intensity and one is frequency. What’s that mean? Well imagine that I was going to give you a little punch, so how hard I punch you, that’s intensity, I could punch you lightly or I could give you a sock, that’s intensity. Frequency is how many times I’m doing it, so the faster I do it the higher the frequency. Okay so let’s go there! If I am punching you in the arm, after a while you’d say hey stop it you, you’d begin to get sore, if I move that punch around that’s a massage, that feels good, that’s $45 an hour! So it’s the same thing, when you’re moving around these fields hitting you, with these frequencies hitting you, don’t have as much build up, they don’t have that cumulative effect, right? Until you do what? Until you sit at your desk, you’re not moving for how many hours? Right by all of these electronics, I’ve sat myself right where I’m getting more exposure and I’m not moving, now here’s the worst part-I’m getting into bed and when you go to bed you’re putting your head by the wall and that’s universal, I’ve never met a human being that puts their head at the foot of the bed in the middle of the room and puts their feet by the wall. That’s not a thing! It’s a universal thing, you put your head by the wall. Well, what’s in the wall? The wiring! So now you’ve put the most complex neurological system near the wall, you’ve put it right by the wall, right where the current is going by, where you’re getting the electric and magnetic fields and you’re not moving. Who has had a good night sleep in 10 years? I remember that if I got six good hours it felt like eight, but if I got six good hours I was ready to go. I interview people every day and it doesn’t matter if they get nine good hours and they never feel rested. Why? A big part of that is if your Wi-Fi is on, your phone is in the room, head by the wall, you’re being affected by these fields, these things are communicating, your brain is picking it up, a lot of it, your brain is probably having trouble getting into that deep, restful, REM sleep, in that theta, in that deep restful rejuvenating sleep, you’re always staying out in front, you’re always staying in alpha, you’re not getting good quality sleep! And that by itself can cause dis-ease!”











Rita: “So what are some options for people that said okay we want to do something about it because we’re having some of these symptoms. What are some of the symptoms actually? Are they different for different people? Or does it depend on the area that you’re exposed to? How healthy you are? Does that all factor in?”


B.D.: “Great questions! And absolutely! Some of us are more susceptible than others, like how my son and I lived in the same home and it affected him far greater than it affected me. Children in their developing years are more susceptible, right? Oftentimes female biology is more receptive to it, can feel it more, it doesn’t mean it’s more damaging but sometimes female biology can feel it! One of our products we plug into the wall and we like to play a game where people turn their back and we plug it into the outlet and we plug it into the wall and we ask people whether or not they can feel it when we plug it into the wall or pull it out. I’m telling you after 15 years, eight or nine women out of 10 can feel it, and you can play the game 100 times, you can’t trick them because they can feel it! It’s described as calmer when the system is in, quieter when the system is in. And you were asking to, yes part of it is your exposure, part of it is your own personal health and fitness, right? And for some reason that’s still unknown to me, some people are more susceptible to it than others. And the main symptoms are tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is very common, now that we’re talking you’re going to be amazed at how many people suffer because of ringing in the years.”


Rita: “I do..”








getting exposed to all of this RF and that diabetes has surpassed pandemic numbers.”


Rita: “Do you know why RF causes diabetes? Is it something with the insulin?”


B.D.: “I do not know and I will not pretend to. But it is a very interesting testimony to watch because she’s very compelling and she’s very believable. She resonates with me while she speaks so I have a tendency to believe her, and also the numbers speak for themselves. And then again autism, what is that? There’s a lot of things being blamed for autism right now but we know something environmentally has created a change. Something environmentally has created a change, and we know the list of things that are certainly, it would follow the exposure to RF, EMF and dirty electricity, it would follow that same trajectory where there is more of one over the other. So is it absolutely conclusive? I wouldn’t call it absolutely conclusive. Is it a trend? Beyond contestation.”


Rita: “Right, we can infer, we can make an educated inference, right?”


B.D.: “Your deducive brain beings to follow that when there’s more of one there’s more then the other. So now since we know some of the places where it comes from and some of the more common things that it causes, fibromyalgia also being one of those, that’s something I talk a lot about to because, you know, since we get relegated to wearing tinfoil hats and the woo-woo sector a lot because we deal in something that we can’t see, smell it, you can’t taste it, whatever, but there are so many gases, so many poisons, there are so many things in our life that you can’t see, smell or taste that aren’t poisonous. The magnetic field itself, I love to play as a demonstration, I have two magnets, I have two really strong magnets, I don’t care how old you are or how many times you’ve done it, magnets are just interesting. When you put the opposites together, they push apart! And you move it around and feel the edges and it’s just fantastic! And then you turn one the other and they leap out of your hands and they snap together! You can’t see it but it’s self-evident! What, are you going to deny it? It’s reasonable contestation! It’s absolutely there! So just because you can’t see it doesn’t make it not real! It’s a ridiculous argument, right?! The magnetic field is absolutely real. So now we know some of the symptoms, and there’s more, you know, hormone imbalance, fertility imbalance, and we know some of the causes, I think some of the easiest solutions are not buying Power Perfect products, the easiest way to get there is not start buying stuff, the most power is in knowledge. Equip yourself! Don’t hide under the bed, don’t come from a place of fear, come from a place of faith and strength and bravery, protect yourself, protect your kids, protect your family by being in the know. Well guess what? Don’t buy a house under power lines!”








and then turn it off! Certainly don’t sleep with it on! Next…”


Rita: “Okay sorry hold on, going back to the Wi-Fi, what about this massive shift to working from home now? To where people need to be online the whole time, right? So that’s eight hours a day for sure.”


B.D.: “So let’s pretend you live in an apartment. You can’t turn your neighbor’s off..”


Rita: “Right, you can’t control what they’re doing. Right.”


B.D.: “Above you, below you, they’re on your left and your right, you are under constant bombardment. When your phone is on, we can take a field reading of it and it’s intensity, the minute you plug it in the intensity of that field goes up 10 to 100 X. People have a tendency to do this, charge their phone at night. So they go to bed, they plug in their phone by their bed, it’s their alarm, it’s the worst thing you can do. I’m going to give you one thing, if I’m going to give you one thing and swear it on all that I know and believe to be true, we can measure the intensity of that EMF, that harmful portion of the field goes up 10 to 100 times when you plug it in because you’re no longer running on battery, you’re running off the grid. You put it right by your head and now you’re not moving. If you love yourself to turn your phone completely off, and I’m not talking airplane mode, turn it off. And if you’re going to charge it, charge it in the kitchen! Charge it in the family room! Charge it in not near any of the sleeping quarters! And then get yourself a darn alarm clock that runs off of a couple of batteries and suffer through it! You know what I mean? Love yourself enough to turn it off! Don’t let your little kids sleep with their devices! Don’t let your kids because those things are always communicating constantly with the tower! Is there a text here for me? Do I have one ready to send? It’s not off, it’s constantly communicating! It’s knows all of this stuff, it’s constantly doing all of this. So number one be empowered with education and knowledge and don’t come from fear and doubt, come from faith and belief, right? Number two know that you have a lot of control in some situations at least over your amount of exposure. Now let’s go where you can’t, I live in an apartment and I do live under the power lines, I’ve got to work from home, I’ve got these things and now I need to buy some stuff. So start by turning your stuff off, you know, don’t put a filter in your cigarette, stop smoking!  Right? Don’t start eating less fast food, just stop eating that garbage and don’t microwave it, right?! It’s just the things that we know! So in your power, lessen your exposure and you now need to mitigate other things, then we have really great products. And we have two main product lines- one are filters, filters that can either plug in or wire in to your electricity, and they filter, clean and regulate that and they remove about 95%. Very effective! They’re 3rd party tested, we have over 100,000 installed, we’ve been doing this for 14 years, I mean, if you’ve investigated our company, we have an excellent reputation. Our products work, our products are an investment but so is healthy food!”


Rita: “Yeah! Like I always say to my clients, you’d rather pay now then later. And later, who knows how much you’re going to be paying, now you know it’s at least a fixed cost!”


B.D.: “Absolutely! Is health food more expensive? Yes because it has actual food in it. Yes, it is.”


Rita: “And because it’s all subsidized. But anyways, that’s another podcast.”


B.D.: “Our greens and the juicing and the things we know are healthy are a little bit more expensive, but we’re willing to trade that for our health because if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything, if you’re not sleeping then the quality of your life is poor, if your children are suffering your life can’t be happy because it’s almost hard to find a happy moment when someone you love is suffering, right?”


Rita: “Well of course! So you have these air filters that you recommend that you just plug in?”


B.D.: “You plug in the filters and that takes it off of the electrical system, and the electrical system is almost like an antenna if you think about it. So, you know, when we were young almost every car had an antenna, right? And you know most cars haven’t had antennas in years! They either have a little fin or something cool because there are so many waves now, right? And when we were young, it was AM and FM. You got FM in town and then once you got on your road trip you had AM out of town and then you had to switch to your cassette tape or your CD player, right? There weren’t that many signals. Now there are signals everywhere! Where do signals land? They land on antennas! Well what’s your copper wiring? Well it’s not two feet of aluminum on the hood of your car, you might have a half of a mile of electrical high quality copper wiring in your home, you’re living in a super antenna! You are living in a super antenna! So let’s get all of that off the antenna, let’s clean that antenna number one, then number two you might need a physical shield, we call this FieldShield because it shields you from the field. The two best places for this are either by your breaker panel or smart meter and your bed.”

Rita: “Is it like a blanket or something?”


B.D.: “So it’s like a poster, it’s 2 feet by 4 feet and wherever your smart meter is put it on that wall, hang it behind a picture or a poster or something and put it on the other side and hang it, you do have to plug it in, you do have the ground it, so we do have a small wire that has to be plugged in and grounded, and then one either in your bed or behind your headboard. Like mine, I like mine behind my headboard and plugged in, you will sleep, test me on this, it’s a 30-day money back guarantee, if you don’t sleep better after 30 days it’s a 100% refund and we pay the shipping both ways, you’re going to sleep better. And the way you know you’re sleeping better are the dreams. The long lucid dreams! I remember as a child when my mom woke me up every morning for school, the first few seconds of waking up were coming out of that dream-like state. Am I here? Is this my room? Where am I? Is this real? And then I realized that I probably didn’t have a good dream like that for 10 years. I went a huge, a decade or so, without having that experience. When you don’t have them you don’t think about them. Once I started cleaning my area and we’ve got survival kits and rescue kits and really cleaned my sleeping area, I needed less sleep and now I get incredible dreams, I dream every night, it’s just something that you’ll notice! So that can go two places, so it can go either behind your headboard against the wall shielding you now, or you can just lift up your mattress, slide it on top of your box spring and in between your mattress and plug it in and you got it! And now you’re no longer this electrical antenna in your bed, you’re no longer the path of least resistance. So we know that we are 80 to 90% water or whatever that number is. Water is very conductive, so I don’t know if you’ve seen chem trails lately but you’re also breathing in a lot of aluminum and a lot of heavy metals, aren’t we? We know that’s true, right? So now what am I? I’m water and aluminum. Okay great. Super. So now I’m more susceptible to frequencies, to Wi-Fi, to smart meters, and so here I am this six foot antenna laying in my bed, laying there, I’m highly conductive and I’m the path of least resistance. So they also ground, they can help you ground your bed, grounding is great for you, this is a great way to shield yourself and ground yourself so that you get better sleep. Those are the two offerings.”


Rita: “Yeah, those sound great. Do you have anything for your cell phone?”


B.D.: “So the phone needs to be off, and we also make smaller ones that can shield you from a device. Now some of them will block your signal, so if you want to get a text or something you have to pick and choose, and me of course, I’m very intentional like in this moment my phone is off and not near my person. Don’t keep your phone in your pocket, oh my goodness don’t keep your phone in your pocket. I heard a really great interview, it was a great radio interview that I probably heard 14 years ago, and there was a woman on there that was saying, you know, don’t keep your cell phone in your sports bra, and then there was this young oncologist, he was probably like 30 and he was brilliant and well-spoken, he spoke to her very harshly and he was very marginalizing her belief, he was harsh with her in the way he spoke with her, and he was smart, I mean, the studies and this and that and he waxed her britches, but I did listen to her and gleaned some points that made me believe well I shouldn’t keep my cell phone on my person. Well about 2 years later, they re-interviewed. And they were on that panel again and he was so humble and so beautiful and so gracious and he said I have to apologize for two things-he goes number one you were right and number two for the way I spoke to you. He said that I am ashamed to this day for the way I spoke to you. He had been taking out basically iPhone-shaped tumors out of healthy young female tissue at an alarming rate. Women would put them in their sports bra, they would work out, right? Yes!”


Rita: “And I see now that they’re putting them right next to their ovaries or their reproductive system and I’m like no because it’s a cool thing to do, right? It’s cool to carry yourself. Now let’s talk about the AirPods.”


B.D.: “Come on! Your brain becomes the connector! And, you know, a lot of that stuff is suppressed unfortunately, we’ve got to be careful about what we say but you know why we love your podcast and why we reached out to be with you is because you’re brave, I love you for that, because we need people that will speak and own the truth, even if it means being marginalized, even if it means being cancelled or whatever else, we need people that love humans enough to be brave and speak and own the truth.”


Rita: “Yes, thank you. And I like that though, being intentional, because who cares if you’re getting this text message, or maybe perhaps your calls don’t come through if you’re working, that you’re only accepting emails or messages or whatever. Like that could be an actual thing! I’m doing an audit for a client, a wellness audit, that could be policy to help minimize them at home, right? Would that be a, I don’t know how realistic it is, but in your personal life you could definitely do that! Like set an intention like you know what? A clock that said no more Wi-Fi, we’re just going to read a book or be out in nature, like that would be so amazing for people to actually engage in that, right? So this shield let’s say, is it for laptops?”


B.D.: “It can be! So I’m going to continue where you are, we call it a detox! Hey, right now I’m in EMF detox!”


Rita: “That’s right, like a digital detox!”








Rita: “Yes! Yes I love that, love yourself enough to be intentional about your health. That’s beautiful.”   


B.D.: “So on our website, you know, we have some products, lighting is a big cause of dirty electricity so we do have lighting, and we do have products that can help you shield yourself, your body and your equipment. So we bring our dogs to work, a lot of us here, and where your dogs like to lay oftentimes is under your desk which is right now up against all of your plug-in’s and you’ve got your power strip and you’ve got 30 things plugged into that things and it’s glowing, and so we do FieldShield right down there and so the dogs lay on those matts so the dogs are grounded and protected from the fields while they get their rest and I know it’s silly but who doesn’t love their pet, you know? Man’s best friend! It’s just about being intentional in that it's really hard, you might have to invest a little bit one time but once you’re there, you own it and you’re equipped. I also love the plug-in products that we have because I take mine with me! I was just down in Cancun and I had great 5G signal everywhere and I was in the hotel room like oh my goodness I’m getting toasted! Right? So I unrolled my matt and I plugged in my filter and I had my own little safety zone. I already own this equipment, it’s the same equipment from home, it didn’t cost anything else, the matt kind of rolls up like a yoga matt and the plug-in guy is maybe the size about two decks of cards so he fits right into your luggage. When I’m sitting in the airport and I want to charge my phone while sitting at the airport, that’s a place where your phone is going to get really hot because the electricity is so dirty there, that’s where you’re damaging or shortening the life of your battery! I plug my thing in, plug it into that, come on now! It’s easy!”


Rita: “So in terms of why, what are your thoughts on airplane mode? Why is it not as effective? Because that’s actually what I was told by another person.”


B.D.: “It’s absolutely better! It’s absolutely better, it’s not searching for, it’s going to have its own electromagnetic field because it’s still a charged device, but the communications back and forth are greatly limited. So you were told the truth on why airplane mode is far less, darn right it’s far less. Yep.”


Rita: “Amazing, I love this! This is amazing! I love the products and, you know, perfect time for a beautiful gift, for example, for someone maybe having unexplained symptoms, you know, maybe they’ve seen so many people and they still can’t figure out the cause, it could be this right? There’s definitely more people where this could be a root cause but it’s still, when I tell clients, they’re shocked in terms of EMFs and non-native EMFs and just environmental toxins so thank you for taking the time and making the effort! I love your energy, I love the mission you’re on, and I love that we’re helping each other like spread the world on this so I’m super grateful that you’ve shared this amazing knowledge with us and continue to make these amazing products! I’m definitely going to check them out and see because like I said I have tinnitus for sure and my elbow too, and actually today it started hurting me a little bit more because I’m in a different environment and it’s, yeah, it’s probably because there’s Wi-Fi everywhere. A lot more exposure than I’m used to for sure. But I do have another question in terms of LED lights, so what are we doing with these? Are we replacing them?”


B.D.: “Okay, great question. So again it stands for light-emitting diode, and diode basically means a one-way door. Well what’s that mean? Alternating current shifts, it alternates, it goes back and forth. What a diode does is let’s say it comes in and it shuts the door, and the next guy comes in and he shuts the door. It’s strobing, it’s clipping, it’s going to create more dirty electricity. If you can, if you can find them, you need to go back to the incandescent lightbulb, and they’ve made them very hard to find, isn’t that suspicious?! Nothing to see here! If you can find them then not only are you not dirtying it, you’re cleaning it! You’ve got some filters! So you really want to change that lighting! So we do make LED’s that have filters in them that create far less, in fact on the most common EMF filters, on EMF meters, they read zero. So I don’t think it’s mathematically possible to really be zero but we’re talking 99% less dirty electricity by our lights.”

Rita: “What’s your EMF reader? Are they accurate? The digital ones?”


B.D.: “They are! So there’s two major types- corded, which plugs in, what’s showing you the dirty electricity on your electrical system, or the wireless that are feeling the field over the air, and my favorite one for that comes from AlphaLabs, it’s called the TriField meter. It shows you the electric field, the magnetic field and the RF field. And we actually sell those on our website or you can get those right from the manufacturer, it’s AlphaLabs, we don’t mark it up, we don’t make a dollar on it, it’s the same price as them, but that’s a great meter and it’s a lot of fun to play with. The favorite corded meter is mine, there are two other ones that are great, there our competitors but they’re great, the first one is the Graham-Stetzer, and I will give Graham-Stetzer a lot of props, a lot of my research and a lot of my products were built on where they started. I mean, our product is better now but I stand on their shoulders. I stand on the shoulders of great men and great engineers for sure because they forged the way. They were brave, they went into a field and they speak and own their truth, their product is just outdated it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean that I have so much love, honor and respect for them, I do. Our product is simply newer because we’re sourcing some new components, a lot has changed in the last 30 years. When we started our company, the Stetzer filters were already 20 years old 15 years ago, and they haven’t re-engineered them in 35 years. That’s doesn’t mean they’re bad, I’m not saying that and I love those guys, again, I stand on their shoulders! It’s simply that we source newer components that didn’t even exist back then. But that meter might be the standard of the industry. The other one is the Greenwave meter and that’s our biggest competitor but that’s good because it works! I’m not someone that comes from fear or doubt or wants to disparage, but there’s room for all of us to exist..”


Rita: “A little ocean strategy, right?”


B.D.: “Right! And so everybody needs this stuff! In my opinion, everybody that lives in the electrified world needs some protection from it. And so I don’t care who you pick as long as it works. There’s plenty of room for everybody, there’s more people then we could make for anyway, so pick what is right for you, pick what resonates with you, I always tell people if you can use applied kinesiology and muscle test yourself, right? Why not? That’s what I do when I buy products! I muscle test myself if I use applied kinesiology and when I’m not sure my son does it to me and I do it with him, right, to see things that are good for us.”


Rita: “What’s your favorite muscle testing technique?”


B.D.: “My arm!”


Rita: “Yeah, amazing, I love it. So what’s the most common advice that you notice that you’re giving your clients?”


B.D.: “I think awareness. I think, you know, we really have two genres of clients. One is people who are suffering some sort of dis-ease, they’re suffering illness, unwellness, whatever are they’re searching for a cure, they’re searching for relief and then they stumble upon us on that journey. And so we like to start with a journey of discovery, get a meter, let’s find out where it’s coming from, let’s find your culprit, let’s find your cause, and my advice? Turn that dumb thing off! Don’t buy my crap, turn that dumb thing off! Get out of it! Change it! Take action if you can and then where you can’t, now buy the appropriate thing that fits you and it fits your need, it’s not one size fits all, you know, we want you to have something that is right for you, that’s where our company really stands out. We’ve got people in Missoula Montana that will take your call, hear your story, and hear it. They will listen to it and respond, learn it, and then help you identify what you really need, and then it’s 30 day money back guarantee if it doesn’t work, we don’t make you feel it in a day, you get a whole month from when you install it to actually feel it. And then a lot of times people they want to have some troubleshooting, they want to have a conversation with a person who understands EHS, we talk to people all day every day, we know the symptoms, oftentimes for a couple days people almost feel worse because they go through a detox, so you might have one or two days because you’ve changed your environment a little bit that might actually be worse. But, my most common advice is arm yourself with power, you know, kinesiology, test yourself, get a meter and let’s find out where your culprits really are so that you know how fast to attack it and protect yourself.”


Rita: “Thank you, that’s amazing, that’s beautiful. So what’s the best advice that you’ve ever been given that still holds true today? I love hearing these from my guests! They’re so powerful.”


B.D.: “So the best advice that I’ve ever been given was given to me by Tony Robbins and one of the things that he taught me was at the quality of your life is in direct proportion to the feelings that most consistently have. So it doesn’t matter your money or whatever else, if you’re afraid, fear feels bad. If you feel unloved, if you feel alone, if you feel disconnected, then no matter what your social position or your money or anything, your life stinks. But on the other hand, if you feel happy, if you feel safe, if you feel grateful, then your life is good. So you can control how you feel by deciding how you’ll feel, right? Watch your self-talk, watch what you’re focusing on and watch what you do with your body and love yourself enough when you feel yourself being sad, fearful, negative, to change your focus and what you’re saying to yourself and how you’re moving your body. And in that moment, you can feel better in that moment. And then you can constantly stack those up and have a better quality of life. Be intentional about what you focus on because also what you focus on, you will draw to yourself. The quantum field is real and the law of attraction is real, it is real! So love yourself enough to be intentional to be happy and come from a place of love and bravery, not fear.”


Rita: “Nice. Amazing. I love it! I could listen to you talk all day! But just to wrap up in the interest of time, what are your top 3 non-negotiable self-care habits? Daily?”


B.D.: “So number one daily is healthy fuel, to make sure that I get some healthy fuel, and these all go together there’s not just one of them or whatever else. I have 15 minutes to where I’m grateful every single day where I list the things I’m grateful for no matter how frustrated I am or how stressed I am, I take time to be intentionally grateful and list the things I’m grateful for, to be mindful of fuel that goes into my body, to get exercise, to move my body, to get out and get grounded with the earth, and to get some exercise, to get my heart beat up, and I love working out really hard because if my stress is at 100 or a 90, after a really great workout it’s always at a 50 or less and now you just feel a little bit braver about what you’re going to do, so you’re in a better emotional state to face whatever you’re going to have to face and a lot of stress is fear! Like oh I have to face this or I have to do this! So when you come from a place or strength or bravery, like fear is bad, fear is one of the worst feelings, right? But being brave? That feels good! And now I’m ready to start checking some of these things off of my list! So, you know, I make a to-do list and then I make a dragon list, and to-do’s are things that you have to get done, it’s a dragon list and wants to torch the village and take the virgin for whatever reason, right? So that’s something that you have to stop. I listen to Donna Karen, I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with her and she makes seven action lists every day and starts with the dragons, right? Starts with the most important things and then every night when she goes to bed she carries that list on of seven things, crossing off whatever she accomplished that day and then adding to it. So each day is purposeful and intentional and always make you feel like you’re making progress, and keep those lists so you can always see the progress that you had that gives you more power tomorrow.”


Rita: “Exactly. Amazing, thank you! That’s some beautiful self-care habits for sure! Anything else that you want to wrap up with that we missed or touch upon or you want to summarize?”








beautiful beautiful conversation. You can definitely tell that you’re doing all of this from a really good place and you’re offering so many different solutions for so many people who are struggling as we mentioned with dis-ease and it’s just beautiful to see that there are businesses, sustainable businesses, that can really be operating, you know, profits and everything else from a really good space so you’re doing amazing work, thank you. And thank you so much for being shedding light on this dirty electricity and giving us a solution as well, so this was a really beautiful conversation, I really enjoyed it, thank you.”


B.D.: “Well you’re very gracious for having me, thank you.”


B.D. Erickson II: “Thank you for having me!”


Rita: “So do you want to start with a little bit more expanding on why you’re doing what you’re doing and how you came about that? I know I’ve introduced you a little bit but maybe you could share a little bit more details on how you came to this a-ha moment and helped your son and now helping so many people.”


B.D.: “Your introduction was very gracious, I appreciate that. They say in invention that, you know, need and necessity, that you don’t realize you need something until you need it, right? And certainly for me, dirty electricity and EMF, which stands for electromagnetic fields, EHS, electrohypersensitivity, were not in my conscious sphere of influence, they were not something on my mind and they weren’t given any thought and they were something that I wasn’t readily and easily accepting of, they did seem a little woo-woo to me and some of the products that were on the market were a little woo-woo to me. 


Rita: “Yes, exactly!”


B.D.: “It’s beyond contestation. So, I said if it doesn’t exist, we will make it. We will make it for me and my family, and then I’m going to take it down the street and knock on every door on the street because they’re under the same power lines that I am, and then see if there’s a business model for it and the only business model to see if we can sustain it. Only a business model so that we can continue to help people out there. And then when I really poured into it I found out what a huge subculture this is! What a huge portion of society is suffering these things! And how easy it is that you can escape it! Rita, you can get away from it! You can move away from the power lines, once 5G hits your neighborhood, you can escape it! It’s the 24-hour day bombardment that you cannot get away from. You’ve got Wi-Fi and the cell towers and 4G and LTE and you have DISH network and all of 


B.D.: “Great question! So dirty electricity is a cause of EMF, or the electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields can come from a lot of things, they come from one major portion of it is the transmission of electricity. Electricity and alternating current travel in two waves, and volts create the electric current and amps create the magnetic field, and those two waves are the electromagnetic field. And so dirty electricity has several definitions, and if oftentimes depends on who you’re asking, but dirty electricity is electricity that is not within a certain standard. So here's an example of it in my life that maybe people can relate to but I’ll give some examples, when I was a kid I would come home from school and watch my programs, that might be The Carol Burnette Show, Gilligan’s Island or something and my mom would vacuum and when she was vacuuming there were lines in the TV. When she was vacuuming there was static on the TV. There wasn't before or after, it was absolutely correlated to my mom's vacuum and I would say hurry up hurry up because I'm missing my

Rita: “Of course! Yeah, catapults so many different things! Right? Because that’s when we restore and replenish is when we sleep, and if we’re not getting that antiquate sleep, it’s not going to happen, right?”


B.D.: “Right! If you’re not getting that good, deep, restorative sleep! We spend a lot of our time sitting on our devices, with pride, it’s a little dramatic but it’s true, right? It’s a microwave oven! 5G is a microwave. What’s a microwave? It’s a small wave, a micro-wave. A small field that has a wave, right? So we’re being exposed to these, you know, so one of the things that we want to talk about is where does it come from, that’s really where a majority of it is coming from. The Wi-Fi, the things that send signals, and our devices that also send and receive signals. How does your tablet or your phone send a text? It sends a signal! That’s an EMF! It’s in your hand!”

B.D.: “That’s a big one! Not getting that good restful sleep. Another one is diabetes. Now on our YouTube channel, you can see a really great video where a doctor who is testifying in front of a sub-committee or some kind, she’s in Michigan, and she says well you can’t say you didn’t know that RF, radio frequency, can cause diabetes. I had never put that together, when I was growing up it was heart disease. Heart disease was the one that was the big killer. And right now the big pandemic, there’s two really big ones, autism and diabetes, right? Those are the two biggies, right? I’m listening to your testimony and I’m not a medical doctor, my degrees are in Business and Science I won’t pretend, but I sure have ears and she’s very compelling because she’s a doctor and she says you can’t say we didn’t know that RF causes diabetes, I have worked in labs, testing and developing diabetes medications so we need to test them on rats. Well you can’t feed the little guy Twinkies for two months and then hope that he gets it, you expose them to RF and now we can treat them. The cat is out of the bag. It’s interesting that we’re all now 

Rita: “Right, if you have the option! They’re actually cheaper! Have you noticed in Canada they’re cheaper! And it’s because they’re under power lines! Is that the same in the US?”


B.D.: “Yes absolutely! It’s because they’re unhealthy!”


Rita: “Yes, but there are some people in different situations financially and they don’t know and they go for it, right?”

B.D.: "No, I didn't! So I won't be disparaging, I certainly didn't know. Be mindful of your Wi-Fi use, if you can connect hardwire to the internet, and if you want your Wi-Fi, that's okay! You can eat a couple of fries, you know cigarettes are poisonous, if you smoked on cigarette in college, I think you're okay! I think you're going to be alright, right? So it doesn't have to be the juristic, maybe turn it on for an hour or two and cognizantly use it, shop around, have your funsies

B.D.: “I’m not going to subjugate myself, who doesn’t want to do a detox? Who doesn’t want to do a cleanse? Who doesn’t want to do intermittent fasting? If you’re in the know you do all of these things. So what we do at our office is that we take off our shoes, we go outside, we stand in the grass, we ground because that frequency, 7.36 Schumann frequency, the earth frequency is good for you, it’s a healing frequency, you say right now that I’m in a detox! For this moment in time I am not exposing myself to things that break down my cellular health, I am right now in a detox and I’m going to ground myself with frequencies that heal me. Period. And just love yourself a couple times a day to be intentional about your health! Because we’re doing all this other stuff! We’re drinking good water, we’re trying to get fresh air, we’re at OrangeTheory, we’re at the gym, we’re running, we’re doing all of these different things so why not add it to your regimen! That’s what you do!”

B.D.: “Well I have two things! Number one I want to gift you with a survival kit for you and I didn’t want to do it before I spoke to you on this podcast because I didn’t want it to be quid-pro-quo, I wanted to do this first and keep our integrity, but we want to give you a package for your house. And then my company would like to offer something to your listeners, we would like to offer 15% off and free shipping for anyone that listens to the podcast. So if you’ve listened to the podcast, we have a dealer code for you, but you’re not a dealer yet so this is a love code. SCG15. If anybody puts in SCG15, they’ll get 15% off the whole cart and free shipping and it’s all money back guarantee and if you don’t love it we don’t want you to have it, and I mean that from the depths of my heart.”

Rita: "Thank you! Thank you so much! That's lovely! My heart definitely feels warm right now and it's smiling, it's been such a

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