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Are Your gadgets wreaking havoc on your health?

B.D. Erickson II, CEO of Satic Shield talks with Aileeah Colgan and Irene Loveta on the Under the Sun Podcast to talk about the harsh truth that EMFs are indeed harmful to human health and our devices, but there is a way to protect ourselves from their subsequent radiation, Satic Shield's Power Perfect product line. 

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In a part two interview, B.D. Erickson sits back down with Aileeah Colgan and Irene Loveta, hosts of the Under the Sun podcast, to continue their conversation on the many dangers of EMFs and dirty electricity and specifically how they affect our environments. B.D. then shares practical steps that we can take to minimize EMF exposure in our homes, ensuring healthier environments for our families and loved ones. They dive deep into personal protection strategies and explore real-life success stories from families that have benefited from Satic Shield's award-winning Power Perfect product line.


B.D. Erickson II: “Yeah and I’ve been lied to so much lately you guys I’m not even sure the Earth is round anymore. I mean, everything that I was taught in school, I know right, and autism was exceedingly rare, it was like 1 in 11,000 and mostly striking males because it’s like one in six male children are born autistic that’s environmental my son was getting fried he could not experience peace it was driving him nuts. I can’t believe he held it together as long as he did whether or not it’s bad for you is really no longer a debate, you got to take your own power back, you got to be your own doctor, you got to be your own warrior.”




















will wake me up, either I have to go potty or I need water and I’m like oh it’s 3:00, I don’t have to look they’ve been waking up at 3:00 for years and that’s how I know it’s always 3:00 or 3:30.”


B.D.: “Something’s waking them up.


Irene: “Interesting..”


B.D.: “Little kids sleep the best, they can sleep like this, their arm is like that, you know, we all know little kids sleep half hanging off the bed, no they should be out is something or something is waking them up especially since it’s both of them.”


Irene: “Yeah, because I would just assume it’s oh they’re drinking too much water, but also like I’ve never met any other kid that has had to pee in the middle of the night as much as my kids do.”


B.D.: “I’m like, that’s 50 year old guy thing, that’s not a seven-year-old little boy thing. So Lily, my assistant that was just in here, when we did this game at her house when she moved into her new apartment, I immediately went over, brought all the toys and said okay we’re going to clean the house, and right beside her daughter’s bed, this was maxed, when we did it like half is bad, no it was maxed right where she was sleeping, and I was like why and I couldn’t even figure out what was causing it, we went outside there were probably 20 smart meters on a wall. Now that was the apartment removed those people in that apartment are they dying? I mean yeah I don’t, I don’t even know we thought about just knocking on their door and saying not to be weird but, are you okay? Left behind right? So what we did is we slid this right against the wall right she has a bunk bed she’s only one person, she’s a bunk bed she sleeps on the bottom and just right along that whole wall where she sleeps and plugged it in and it’s at zero, it’s at zero. So for 150 bucks, come on, let’s go.”


Aileeah: “Yeah, wow, I mean that’s incredible in this current climate, in this current world where we don’t value children as much anymore, I think like our kids are getting blasted with like it’s like oh hey here’s your like, go to school, here’s this iPad, here’s this laptop, do everything online and then they’re sitting in this tin prison of EMFs and they’re like oh your kid has hyper like ADD, oh no, he’s the one in six or whatever the statistic is now and it’s what a good thing this, I think this conversation is going to change a lot of parents minds, a lot of moms listen to us and they’re going to be like oh my gosh maybe it’s not my kid, maybe I wasn’t one of the unlucky ones maybe it’s their environment, yeah.”


B.D.: “Right.”


Irene: “So when I was, it’s good to know there’s something for, like, we can’t just move to the middle of the woods and even if you’re in the middle of the woods you’re going to get blasted with something or eaten by something but it’s nice to know where are things, like if you’re an apartment you don’t necessarily have to think oh great, now I have to move and uproot my family and move my house, like, right? It’s comforting to know there’s things out there to help.”


B.D.: “So we made a couple of videos, and in one of my videos with Satic lights, there’s I would love if you watch some of my reels there is, I only do the 90 second guy so I won’t bore you to death, a classroom and the little guy in the classroom is moving around, he’s climbing, he’s scratching his bottom, he’s hitting this kid, he’s up on the table..”


Aileeah: “I think that’s how we found you, that’s the one I think that, yeah, I think that’s the one I was like we should have these people on like, we should, okay.”


B.D.: “You changed the light and all of a sudden he’s sitting down in the front and learns to read and he’s the best student it wasn’t him, he’s not a naughty little boy, he was getting fried, he just more, he’s not in, he’s in trouble, he’s not getting an education and he’s not benefiting and now he’s the star student, this is life-changing stuff.”


Aileeah: “This is all like now, it’s just unraveling in my brain because for, this is too much information and nobody cares but, like, between homes between buying this homestead and selling our last house we stayed in a medium-term rental in the middle of town and like Leo, remember Leo’s sleep was just like terrible I was like what’s happening people like oh it’s the 18 month regression and I’m like what are you talking about? Like that’s just I think all these labels we just slap on like oh 18 month regression, oh terrible twos, all these things that we just slap these labels on kids it’s like, is it? Or is it something environmental? But then we like moved here and I was a, I’m a psychopath with my child a little bit, and I was like Dave I want a baby monitor but I don’t want any Wi-Fi so I went hardline so my blessed beautiful husband had run hardline internet all the way up to our TV in our room, to her baby monitor in her room, and then like just basically, he’s we just moved in here so it’s still going but like, it’s just now it’s unlocking my brain it’s like, oh yeah, we were in the middle of town where we had literally no protection at all, yeah. But also like what a blessing because like, you know, a lot of people like, oh yeah, you’re just trying to shame parents into purchasing things, it’s like no, like we, if we know better, we do better and if it makes you, like, it’s sometimes a hard truth to be like oh maybe it’s the environment I put my child in and that I need to correct something, you know? And there’s no shame in that, that’s just, let’s just do better.”


B.D.: “No, of course not, that, that’s nonsense. When I was a little kid, the only person that I knew that had autism was Doug Flutie’s son, little Dougie. So I love Doug Flutie because he was 5”9 division 1 quarterback, won a Heisman and he had a really great pro football career at 5”9 as a quarterback, it’s unheard of, right? I remember when his son got autism in the early 90’s and Wheaties did a special thing called Flutie Flakes and all the money that came from the Flutie Flakes went to autism research, and autism was exceedingly rare, it was like 1 in 11,000 and mostly striking males. Well then it went to somdemic to pandemic to there’s even another word past that right now because it’s like one in six male children are born autistic, that’s environmental, there’s something in our environment that’s causing that. And then, you know, since we are water and metal now, is are the lights exacerbating that? Are the Wi-Fi towers exacerbating that? Is the dirty electricity and wiring exacerbating that? I’ll argue how could it not? None of that stuff leads to ease. A lot of people when we plug these units in literally say they can feel it right then, I can’t, I don’t want to be..”



















you put this behind your dang bed, you put one by the smart meter, you plug a couple of these in, you swap out your lightbulbs, you did it! you got it! And now you walk around with your two meters and you read it and you’re good, yeah you’ve done it. And if you ever move, take the crap with you.”


Irene: “Oh yeah, yeah I’m going to order some lightbulbs for sure because my son is more sensitive than my daughter in certain ways, and we’ve talked about it before because it’s like, he doesn’t have any I mean he has heavy metals that he gets but he didn’t have any injected into him and he is just more sensitive to, like, emotion and even more so, that’s interesting that boys feel it more.”


B.D.: “Yeah, like we, you sit down and then females can tell whether or not it’s plugged in, but it’s the little boys who are tortured by it. Yeah, you know, so we want to do a special whenever we do a podcast we do a special, and I know you girls have asked for nothing, you’ve asked this is not quid pro quo, this is just doing a podcast, but when people hear, we want people to move to action because a lot of times you hear something, you go to a great seminar, you get all this, great information you mean, well, you plan to and you don’t. We will do a coupon, we’ll do a coupon code that you guys will pick the name of it, let’s pick a coupon code, we’ll do 15% off the whole store and we’ll do free shipping, and if anybody asks questions, I think what really sets my brand apart is that we’ve got a room full of people here that aren’t on some foreign land, they’re in Missoula Montana, they take these calls all day, they hear the stories, they are in touch with how people are truly suffering and we’ll take the time to listen to the story and prescribe exactly what you need and get you the thing you need on a discount, and we don’t just have money back guarantee, we give you a full month once you started testing it, not from the day you buy it because if you buy it today it’s going to take two or three days to get it, might be two or three days before you get at it, right? And then if you have to have something installed that could take time, that could dip into your return policy, we wait until you have it hooked up, then you’re invited to call and if you’re open to it, my team will call, okay, you got your meters, do you know how to read them? Do you know what you’re looking for? No, I don’t, and if you need one, we lend the meters all the time, here, here’s what you need, take this stuff, get your stuff installed, get it right, send it back, sometimes back say I want to have it. But, I mean, our customer care is top shelf, so that A what you get, what you need, and B you’re not hoping that it's working, you’re not hoping that the woo-woo crystal or the sticker is working, you can see it on a meter, you know, and not to marginalize those things, I’m just very male biology, I want to see it on a meter. I’ve just been lied to so much lately, you guys, I’m not even sure the Earth is round anymore, I mean, everything that I was taught in school, I know right? So I was taught that sugar was bad and aspartame was amazing but now we know it’s freaking involving fluid, it’s formaldehyde and it’s poisonous, that’s why you can’t cook with it, I was taught that coconut oil was fattening, cheap and the death and that I had to use margarine which is freaking seed oils, and coconut oils is a superfood and coconut and avocado oil is bad and it’s a superfood and that you should use sunscreen, when now we know the sun’s not bad for you, God put it there it’s not bad for you, it’s good for you, what’s poisonous is sunscreen, and when you read the ingredients on little kids’ sunscreen, they add three more ingredients and they’re nothing but poison! And then I found out, so I’m on my ski boat and I love to be brown in the summer, Western Montana, we don’t get a lot, I cover myself in coconut oil and people always tease that you’re going to fry like a piece of bacon and I never do, I don’t burn, I get super brown. I recently found out that coconut oil is SPF 7. Okay, come on, like who knew that?! So not to go on a tangent, it seems like so many things that I was taught that were good for me are bad for me, fluoride is in my waters for my teeth, right? And so many things that I know now are healthy like coconut and avocado oil, I was told those were poison, and I don’t think that my seventh grade teacher was nefarious, gosh darn Rockefeller Institute taught him lies that has passed onto me, that I passed onto my kid.”

Irene: “What I like the scientific approach too more than, because I’m not, I’m a girl but I’m not as like feely, I need to know if I’m going to spend my time and my money, I need to know it works not feel that it works but, and now with AI, it’s like I used to think with Photoshop I was like oh well if someone tells me I won’t believe it but if I see it in a picture I’ll believe it. Well then Photoshop, and now I’m like oh well if I see it on a video because photos lie, well now they have AI I’m like well, unless I see it with my own eyeballs I’m not going to believe a thing so unless you have the test in your hand then yeah, hard to believe.”


Aileeah: “What’s interesting thought, yeah, like, you’re not as feely, I’m, I’m not feeling in like oh I wear crystals around my neck and it brings energy, but I am highly sensitive, but I think my parents fostered that like my dad, like, I remember being like five and my dad taking me to business meetings and saying like hey what did you think of that man? And I was like he’s scary, I think he’s a bad guy and then he wouldn’t do the deal and he and it would turn out that he was like not a good guy, a shady guy, and he would always, I never knew it at the time, he’s oh I always listen to you, I always listen to your mom, when you said something is not right and like, it’s just a discernment thing that by the grace of God that we have it, but also, like, when it comes to sunscreen and coconut oil like, God doesn’t make broken systems! Like, we keep trying to interject, like, oh yeah here’s this thing, it’s like no, now we need to intervene, like, with, you know, shields and things because we have no other choice.”


Irene: “But, and I also really like to refrigerate my quarter cow that I get so, yeah. Yeah, that I like to really like to refrigerate my quarter of a cow that I get, so it’s like I don’t want to go so far that I don’t have a refrigerator but I also don’t want to die from the refrigerator.”


Aileeah: “So okay, let’s talk about that just real quick, microwaves?”


B.D.: “The devil.”


Aileeah: “Okay, I’ll tell my husband that. Okay, real quick, rapid question, where do you carry your phone?”


B.D.: “Not on my person.”


Aileeah: “David, my husband, do you hear that? I’m going to, I’m to send him this later.”


B.D.: “Not on my person, so we all have these little bags and do they work? Yeah, a little bit. They’re lined with this, so if I’m going to transport it, I’ll transport it in my hand and then put it down, it’s not going to be in my pocket, my phone is not, and maybe for one second when you have to pick something up, but I do not live with my phone in my pocket or on my person. One of the most compelling podcasts I ever listened to was probably 10 years ago, I don’t even know if it was a podcast, I don’t mean to be disingenuous, this was a long time ago, it was an interview and there was a woo woo gal and she was talking about cellular damage and tumors caused by iPhones specifically, and this handsome young oncologist comes on and he’s probably 35, he’s beautiful to look at, he’s well-spoken, and he’s intelligent, and he just waxes her britches and he really talks down to her, and she’s talking about Wi-Fi and EMF and all these things, and he said there’s no research clinically tested, blah blah blah, spoke harshly with her and burned her down. Well maybe 15 or 16 months later, they’re back on, they re-interview, and I watch it and he says first of all I’m ashamed at how I spoke to you, he said the fact that we didn’t agree on something and that I thought you were wrong did not give me the right that I felt that I had to speak to you rudely, he says I spoke down to you and when I hear that entire interview I cringe at the way I spoke to another person. He was very gracious and he said continuing on that I now remove one to two cell phone shaped tumors from healthy young breast tissue every day, they put their iPhone, my iPhones used to be little, remember? This is pretty old, used to be little living in their sports bras, and so they’ve got this totally healthy beautiful young vibrant 25-35 year old lady, she’s sporty, she’s doing all the things, you know, she is, she’s in California and yet she’s got that phone in that same spot and they were removing her breast, removing this iPhone shaped tumor, and he said it’s undeniable. He says it’s do not keep your phone there, and it was one of the most compelling things that I heard because it was very authentic. I loved how vulnerable he became. And then, so I got one more really fast, this young man was walking by the railroad tracks to and from work all the time and railroad tracks are that’s odd stepping right? It’s got the rocks and the things and he slipped and fell and landed on his hip and landed on his hip on the right on the metal track, it really hurt. Well, when he got to the hospital, it has shattered his hip and his femur shattered it and they’re like this guy is 25, he’s healthy, he walks to and from work, he had kept his cell phone right in that right back pocket all the time, that’s where he kept it all day, every day, and it had so deteriorated the bone that it crumbled it, I mean, will he ever walk the right way again? He’ll never run again, I doubt it. So again, whether or not it’s bad for you is really no longer up for debate, we know it is. And so now as a smart, intelligent person, you got to take your own power back, you got to be your own doctor, you got to be your own warrior and I always start with do what you can for free, empower yourself with knowledge to turn crap off, don’t charge it by you, and then, spend a couple hundred bucks and just like you would on organic food, just like you would on a water filter, just like you would on your vitamins and protect your family. The nice thing about our products, I believe, is that they’re not consumables, like I love the, I love a brand called Purium because it’s juicing without juicing, it’s one of the only supplement things I take, of course I take my vitamins, of course I try to eat fresh and organic, all of that’s very expensive, right? I do about and I work out all the time so I’m a member at a bunch of clubs, I do OrangeTheory and all that crap, I spend about a thousand bucks a month, you guys, being healthy, I really do, where a whole suite of our products might actually be a thousand bucks but you’re done, you’re done! They all have super long warranties, you’ve done it, yeah, it hurts the first time, but at least it’s not a consumable, it’s a one and done.”


Aileeah: “But you also have to, you invest somewhere either way, you either invest in your sickness or you invest in your health, like that’s when like people, like, oh you like eating organic is impossible, it’s too expensive. Trust me, like, we’re on a one income budget right now, like, because you know we chose to prioritize raising our daughter and trying to grow our own food and that stuff takes time, but like you invest, you invest in something either way ,you invest in your sickness or your health.”


Irene: “But ’m sure removing a cell phone shaped tumor is not cheap either, so no but it feeds Pharma but, right?”



















also criminal, that is criminal. People that got the shot, especially if they got a booster while pregnant, they lost the baby, they did.”


Aileeah: “Or the baby came out with, like, now a probably a long-term issue.”


B.D.: “Yep, and it’s that is so nefarious.”


Aileeah: “I’m so grateful for 2020, I know that there’s a lot of hardships that happened and it was like, it sucked for a lot of it, but and like our careers were derailed, like my career was derailed, like it has been such a blessing in disguise because it has propelled me into being a more informed mother that like less is more and also I’m her best advocate, no doctor, random doctor who sees her once a, I mean, we don’t do that, but, like, if we were to follow any form of like visit schedule, like, I’m not going to trust one doctor that sees her for five minutes to tell me what is best for her, like, I’m her mother, I see her every day, I know her, I know what her smile means, so anyways, yeah, taking back the authority of parenthood and being like nope I’m her advocate.”


B.D.: “He was programmed by the Illuminati to say something and do something, and he’s not going to vary from that programming, he’s going to do the Illuminati programming.”


Aileeah: “I, we do, she had one visit just because my husband is not as deep into the hole as I am..”


Irene: “He’s done very well though!”


Aileeah: “He’s come so far, bless him, we, I broke him for sure, he’s deep in, like, we’re living on a homestead, we’re about to butcher a bunch of birds, yeah, like, we’re like, he’s invested. But like, our pediatrician that she visited once, and it’s her kids pediatrician too, like, he is a God-fearing man and he, we literally walked in and he was like, I was hella nervous, and he was like this child doesn’t belong to me, it doesn’t belong to the system, it doesn’t belong to this organization, it belong to you and your husband and God has given you the proper tools to raise it and do what’s right, so I’m just here to make sure you guys feel comfortable and that if you have any questions I’m here, and he like gave us his cell phone number and then we walked out and that it. Like, and he’s an older generation of doctor, he’s in late 60’s so I don’t think they exist that much anymore.”

B.D.: “Well, and they do exist and some people can get outside the programming, right? I mean, we’ve done it, we’re trying to The Matrix to the best of our ability, right? So it’s not like they can’t, like, they can’t do it, most don’t, for a lot of people to the cognitive dissidence, it’s too much, this idea that fallen angels rule a cabal of families that have been in power since Nimrod and Babylon, who now own the Federal Reserve and the IRS, the FDA..”


Aileeah: “We’re best friends!”


B.D.: “…and any three-letter agency is rouge and criminal and run by them and the politician is merely a bot and paid for puppet who has been filmed doing terrible things and paid gastly amounts of money and will do they’re supposed to do and then part of that is keep us dumb, keep us sick, keep us weak, get the women unfertile and get the testosterone numbers really low on men because turn this over is alpha males, that’s just that’s who it’s going to take, like, if someone’s harming you, you don’t scream for another girl, you just don’t, you need a man, you need a man to come stop that man, and it needs to be a formidable guy on a mission, and so they have soybean, manbun, kale chip, dust out of it and I see these young guys, he’s got a man bun, he’s in Crocs, he’s eating kale chips for energy with his yoga mat, and I’m like man he’s not stopping anybody yeah, right?”


Aileeah: “Like yes, because of all this deprogramming, like, I’m so grateful because like, and this is also a side tangent, but we were sold this feminist lie, like our generation was sold like oh you don’t need a man, like, you need to girl boss and do your own thing, being a stay at home mom is worthless, like you’re to smart to be a stay-at-home mom. We just did a whole thing of like, no no no, like, we’re being bred basically to not have a motherly instinct anymore and, like, for some reason we escaped that, thankfully, probably because our parents raised us in a sound household, as sound as they could because they did the best they could with what they had, but like, I’m so grateful that, like, because I could have very easily not gotten married and like, because I remember saying like I don’t want kids, it’s a death trap, oh my goodness, I don’t need a man, I’m going to be a girl boss, I’m going to make my own money, I’m never going to rely on my man, now I mean flash forward, I’m 31..”


B.D.: “Now they’re all 50 and alone and miserable. What did you win? For 6,000 years, you got to stay home, raise your own kids, and just tidy up the house 5 minutes before he gets home, and that’s my mom! I have a traditional family, my mom never worked and I watch my mom, she would read romance novels on the couch, eating a bag of Lay’s potato chips, the golden ones and drinking a Pepsi, and 15 minutes before my dad gets home, she’d go oh crap, she’d jump up, she’d vacuum, she’d sweep, she’d do the magazine, she’d do the Pledge, she’d do some cooking, and he’d come in, it would be clean, the candle was lit, shed’ be sweating like she’d been working all day, but I would go oh my god you’re such an amazing woman, kiss her, she’d wink at me and they, they’re still together!”


Irene: “I love that story so much!”


B.D.: “We said okay, we’re going to go to work too, what did they win? Nothing! You had a robot that will obey you and bring you food and meat, and men love it, programming, and the man would bring it home.”


Aileeah: “It's this whole long-term indoctrination of like, no men and women are the same, like, no, we have, we both have value, like, we’re not saying that women are lesser than or anything, it’s just that we have different strong suits, the multitasking I can do with our child around is unpar, like, it is so much more than what my husband can do and there’s a reason for that because he is designed differently and that is okay, you don’t have to be the same.”


B.D.: “So on a baseball team, you’ve got the pitcher, delivers the ball, you’ve got the short stop, when that ball is ultimately hit, this guy is going to stop it. Now if you’ve got the best pitcher on the planet but no short stop, you’ll lose every game, all 163, you’ll lose them all, you have the best short stop on the planet but no pitcher, you’ll lose all 163 games, you got a mediocre pitcher and a mediocre catcher, you’re going to the playoffs. Does it even matter who’s better or the roles? We’re a team, we got things we do well and we’re going to bring what we’ve got to the table and we’re going to do it and we are different, that’s how we have completeness. You got two pitchers or two short stops, it doesn’t make any sense, God created us man and woman to be a package and be a team, and in the Bible it’s pretty clear that when you marry your person you become one person, one complete person, and in Genesis when the living God gave Eve to Adam it says and she was a compliment to him, that was written in Hebrew and when you actually read compliment in Hebrew it reads more like she completed him, she was the girl beside to him. And so when you’re really a team, then you can say the man can share his feelings vulnerably I would like it on a bluff, so I could definitely defend it, yeah, and the woman could say I would like it with some shade where I can see my babies from wherever I’m at, I can see them, or if I’m going to get the water I’d like it by you know a nice water source and he might say it’s good hunting or whatever, it's not a competition, it’s this beautiful blend of seeing it through another set of eyes, it’s a advise that isn’t competing with you, they’re adding value, yeah, and you’re enriched by each other, you’re not diminished by each other, you’re enriched by it.  


Aileeah: “Yeah, man I think we’re best friends. I’m not, all of these, all of these things that I’ve been deep diving into since basically 2020, you basically brought up most of them, so I really, I really appreciate that. Do you have any final questions or anything we didn’t cover that you would like to cover because I know we’ve taken more time than we had planned but it’s been such a lovely conversation. Anything you want to cover?”


B.D.: “You guys are really easy to communicate with, thank you for having me on the show.”


Aileeah: “You’re welcome any time!”


B.D.: “For the most part, you know, just, we covered it, so I always like people to know they’re real, and one of the ways I show people they’re real is I hand people a set of magnets and I don’t care how old you are, playing with magnets is fun because you put them on the same pole and they push apart and you can’t see it, but not being able to see it doesn’t make it not real. You go like this and it’s real beyond contestation, you don’t need to be able to see something for it to be real. So the fact that the field like that exists is not, it’s beyond intelligent argument and unfortunately we’re simply being overexposed and it’s bad for us. So not to deal or trade in fear, fear is at our doorstep, you’re not alone, you’re not powerless, we’re going to, we’re going to band together groups like ours, we’re going to share knowledge, and then within each one of us, our own power, we’re going to do our best to help ourselves and then our families and share it, right? Because we are a community, there’s always more that we’re alike, there’s always more things that draw us together than the one or two things they poke to divide us because as human beings we don’t want to be divided, we want to be loved, we want to be loved.”


Aileeah: “Yeah, I wrote a song, because I’m a performer in my past life, prior to 2020, but I wrote a song but like one of the taglines is there’s more of us than there are them, and it’s like, it’s true like there’s more of us than we realize once we start having these conversations and start actually like navigating within our own value system instead of, like, compromising on a whole bunch of, you know, our values, it's just there’s a lot of us there’s a lot of us that are now waking up and making the difference whether it’s they’re just starting the journey or, you know, you’re four years in like me, slash my dad knew the moon landing was fake and he said that to me as a kid for a long time, so I’ve been growing up in this in a long time, I just thought he was whacking do and now I’m like oh my gosh dad you were right about everything, oh my gosh, yeah. Okay, one final question, thank you for that, we will get together with you on getting the code and we’ll put it in the description. I just have one final question..”


B.D.: “You’re fine!”


Aileeah: “Airpods”




















Irene: “Because my husband, long story I guess, my husband can always set off those little things for electricity, he was a carpenter so he has all these tools around, and he has this electric thing to see if there’s electricity when he’s going to go test an outlet or something, he always sets it off, like, I held it to my kids nothing happened, he holds it to me and it beeps, he also wore an Apple Watch for a little bit, it burned his skin, he has shut down hard drives, shut down computers, so does that make him more sensitive or less sensitive? Or does that even correlate at all? But it’s so weird he’s, he shocked everybody all the time..”


Aileeah: “He’s always drained batteries and watches, like even just regular old..”


Irene: “We were even at a museum once, my dad’s a civil engineer, very logical, and there’s this thing where you put your hands on and you two people you can see how high you can get this thing to go, he puts his hands on there, and it jumps, my dad was looking under the machine, he’s like you’re tricking it, there’s no way you’re doing that by yourself, and he’s like I don’t know why it’s just doing it, none of us together could get it as high as he could get it by himself, and he that he’s been that way his whole life. What does that mean? What does that mean?”


B.D.: “So we’ll go there a little bit, and first of all, I’ll say yep I meet them all the time and they they kill stuff, they can’t wear a watch they can’t be by your laptop, they fly things. Jessie in our office is one of them, not on that high of a scale, okay, but she, she’ll ruin it, it will start acting up when she’s got it, um, I can no longer wear metal and I don’t know why, I can’t wear an Apple Watch or even a regular watch anymore, it burns my skin, and I don’t know why that’s new, but we all electric. So and we work on electromagnetism, that’s literally how we work, okay, so if I, you know, move my arm, there’s no pulley it’s an electric signal, okay, so that electric signal is going to pass through my nervous system, how does electricity pass? So you’re a battery, we are a battery, and we’re DC, we’re direct current, what makes a battery work is chemistry. Battery has chemistry, so if someone says the battery is lead acid, that’s the chemistry or lithium ion, that’s the chemistry, lithium cobalt, lithium phosphate, that’s the chemistry. So if you overcharge it one time too high, you can kill it’s chemistry, undercharge it too much, kill its chemistry. Okay, where am I going? Our chemistry is a pH balance of .74. Is it 64? Is it 74? It’s .74, that is a slightly alkaline, goes from 1 to 14, 7 being the middle, 7.4 being on the alkaline side and the chemistry totally affects your continuity, your electric, conductiveness, how conductive you are. So nowadays we end up getting in a very acidic pH balance because of all the toxins, processed foods, sugar, pot, beer, alcohol, all the nummy things make us very acidic. When you become acidic, something happens, so your blood cells are supposed to have a negative charge. Why? Because magnetics on the same pole will bounce apart, right? So your blood cells have this negative charge, that’s how they bounce and can move one at a time and not clog. When your blood starts to get acidic, it scrubs that negative charge off, now they start to clump, now they start to tick, now you have less cellular health because every cell needs to be fed, watered, and it needs to eliminate, right? So doing that affectively, so I would be interested in your husband’s pH balance, and I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing, he just has clearly a really good electromagnetic charge, and I can’t explain it any differently than what I just did my best to do, but I see these people in real life and they exist, they are out there man.”


Aileeah: Yeah, people always said, like, oh you’re just making that up and he’s like no, like, I can’t do it.”


Irene: “Yeah, their family, so I married her brother, I don’t know if we said that, we’re sisters..”


B.D.: “Okay, all right cool, so you guys are good pals!”


Irene: “Oh yeah!”


Aileeah: “But their family, I’m trying to get them to move on our property in their RV, like, that’s how close we are, I’m like come here, let’s raise our children together compound style, let’s do it, I’m ready.”


Irene: “I’m ready! Yeah, but their family used to be able to, through her grandpa’s side, find water so I was talking with him one day, I was like I wonder if your ability to have that much electricity contributed to your family’s ability to find water with a stick.”


B.D.: “Yeah, my grandfather could do it. My mom’s dad, yeah, could do it, he would take just two pieces of welding rod, bend them into little handles, walk out and they cross, and you go right there.”


Aileeah: “Yeah, but it’s crazy because we’ve been inundated with the dysregulation in our, in our nervous system and that’s why we’ve lost these things that, you know, God gave us to survive and yet, right? Yeah, it’s all made, oh my gosh, we’ve taken so much of your time, you for us all this time.”


Irene: “Incredible!”


Aileeah: “You’re welcome on here anytime, I cannot wait to see the shorts that come from this! We will post all the links in the description below. Thank you so much, B.D., for being here we really appreciate you.”


B.D.: “My pleasure you guys.”


Irene: “In the podcast, you may have heard that we have a code, it is code ‘UTSP’, that will give you 15% off of your order from Satic Shield. That was so sweet of him because that wasn’t something we even talked about prior to the podcast, that just came about which was so kind.”


Aileeah: “Yeah, generous company! We want to guide people to use companies that are, you know, American made, real people, not just made in China, random places, like these are real salt of the earth people and we’re really excited to, you know, partner with them on this episode. So, ‘UTSP’, and you’ll get 15% off, 15% off your first order, is that what you said?”















Aileeah: “I bet you I could, I could hella sensitive.”


B.D.: “I believe you probably could, and so what a lot of our influencers and our dealers will do is they’ll have the family sit in the living room, sitting Indian style, get peaceful, get kind of grounded, and when they’re facing one direction, plug it in or unplug it and then ask the family can you feel it? And nearly all the females in the family can feel it almost 100%, sometimes the males not as much, female biology more, but, you know, he can plug it in, unplug it, they get it right 100% of the time, they can feel it, and when we’ve interviewed them, like what’s that, what’s that feel like? The words that they use are calmer, quieter, peaceful. Well who doesn’t want calm, quiet, peaceful? Yeah, that’s, we’re searching for that. And then for the little people and usually it’s little, it’s oftentimes, little boys who are affected by it, they then can’t experience calm, they can’t experience quiet, they can’t experience peace. My son was getting fried, he couldn’t experience peace, it was driving him nuts, I can’t believe he held it together as long as he did! Shoot man! Yeah, so I don’t like to deal or trade in fear but it’s upon us, I mean, the death dealing and fear, it’s been forced at our door, we’re not trading it, it’s been forced at our door, but this one you can win, 

Aileeah: “But there’s also like, there’s this problem that we see, and this is again a tangent, but when we post stuff, whatever the topic, people are like I need scientific study, and it’s like, do you need a scientific study to take a dump in the morning? No! It’s like, it is like why do you need it, like, just common discernment and reason and logic, but that stuff’s dead today, like, that’s people can’t think for themselves, they need a scientific study or a doctor going to read the scientific study really pours over the research, and I try, it’s so boring and like I’m like oh my goshl but I try to look at, I mean, you know, back when everybody was trying to force the jabby jab like I was in the scientific journals, like, I was pregnant people, like, you have to get it to protect your baby and I was like you, oh yeah, oh yeah for sure and like, I like it, it gives me goosebumps and it sickens me because I’ve never wish this upon them ever, but there are people I know personally who got it, when they were pregnant and at every single stage lost their child and they’re like oh no, it’s just a fluke and I’m like no it wasn’t, like, but then what are you supposed to say to that? Like, it’s just, anyways, makes me sick, but people..”

B.D.: “The numbers, the fact that they didn’t report all those miscarriages properly is 

B.D.: “Bad, you know, bad. So the way, the way they work is they literally use the water in your brain to send the signal through. I like to be a person of moderation, again, like I said, you wouldn’t smoke two packs a day but if you have smoked one cigarette in a hot tub one night in a weak moment at the ski resort, I think you’re okay. We are pretty robust creatures. So occasionally for a few minutes a day, maybe while you’re on the tread, you bet, but you wouldn’t want to live in it, you wouldn’t want you wouldn’t want to live in them because you know a little exposure is probably fine, not for someone like for my child, no, but for people that aren’t over sensitive a little bit of some stuff is probably okay don’t overdo it just like anything else moderation.”


Aileeah: “B.D., this has been such a great conversation, thank you so much for being here. Do you have anything else you’d like to say?”


Irene: “Kind of, but it could start a long conversation so it depends on timing, but, have you ever met people anybody that are more, I don’t know how to say but, like electric than others?”


Aileeah: “Oh I know what you’re getting at..”

Aileeah Colgan: “Welcome to the Under the Sun Podcast! I’m Aileeah..”


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Aileeah: “Happy Monday everybody or whenever you’re listening to this! This is part two of our conversation with B.D. of Satic Shield, an EMF protection company that we found on Instagram, and now we are absolutely in love with them, like our house is going to be different now especially if you heard the first episode. He just gave us like helpful tips of even things we don’t have to necessarily buy, you know, like, they give us things we could buy and things that we could just do today to change our life, yeah, lots of great resources so this is part two of that conversation, you’re going to freaking love it, let’s go.”


Irene: “Well even like at my house, my kids are three and five and they’ve never slept through the night, and now at the point well now I’m wondering I can always tell my kids

Irene: “I think so!”


Aileeah: “Let’s not, let’s stop radiating our families, woohoo! Okay, we’ll see you guys next time, bye bye. Why do we always say bye? I love it, I did too, but shirts but the bees goes like it.”


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